Taking Charge

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She sat on his lap; he could feel her wet crotch pressed against his semi-hard cock. David kissed her passionately and began bucking his hips to meet her pussy. She clambered off, lifted her red mini-skirt, and removed her skimpy black g-string exposing her luscious mound. She climbed back on top of him, sitting just over his knees so she could undo his belt buckle. She reached into his pants and fished out his now hard cock. The sight of his raging hard-on always turned her on. She loved knowing this big, strong man was reduced to putty with just a touch. She gently began stroking his cock. It felt so smooth and silky, kind of like snakeskin. He grunted with pleasure as she bought him closer to climax. Not yet, she thought, I want to have some fun first.

She stopped stroking and bought her hand up to his mouth. He licked her fingers; he could taste his pre-cum on her hands. She suddenly stood up, grabbing his tie, pulling him off the couch. She hungrily began pulling his clothes off his body, but remained fully clothed.

“Lie on the floor, on your stomach.” She demanded, tonight she was going to be in charge.

He obediently lay on the floor. She walked over to the stereo, her voluptuous hips swaying invitingly, her tits begging to burst out of her top. She put on some music, and walked back over to where he was lying. She started to strip for him, teasingly slow, removing her shoe-string top, her bra, and finally her skirt. She knelt down beside him, and put a blindfold over his eyes. He could now only sense her near him, but she wasn’t doing anything. Just illegal bahis staring. The suspense was killing him. She knew he loved to be teased. She reached down and started to massage his back, his shoulders, his neck. She stood up, walking out of the room, where she went, he didn’t know, but it was at least 4 minutes before she came back. He didn’t hear her come back, and jumped when he felt her warm hands touch his taut arse. Her hands were silky, she was using the edible massage lotion he had given her, it felt so arousing, it was warming with her touch. She slowly began to massage his back, leaving a warm trail of kisses, just behind where her hands had just rubbed. She licked off the lotion, getting all his sensitive areas, he moaned with pleasure.

“Roll over onto your back.”

He rolled over, and immediately felt her hot lips pressed against his in a passionate kiss. Her tongue massaging his, he could taste the oil on her lips. Her lifted his hands up to her hips, wanting to reciprocate her touch. She removed his hands, and lifted her lips off his:

“You’ll get your chance, for now, only I can touch, you must lie still, and enjoy.” She gave him a smile that would have made his heart stir….and his loins.

She languidly kisses down his neck, massaging his chest and nipples. She tweaked his nipples, until they were erect and proudly standing upright. She flicked her tongue back and forth over his right nipple, her right hand still massaging the left nipple, her left was drifting down his warm, athletic belly, circling his belly button. He squirmed illegal bahis siteleri at her touch and moaned, he could feel his cock engorging with blood, stiffening with anticipation. She continued to tease, deliberately avoiding his cock. She wanted to torture him with pleasure, until he begged for release.

Her soft tongue and mouth drifted to the other nipple, it craved for attention. She sucked, at first lightly, but gradually increased the pressure. She teasingly bit at the areola, licking off all the lotion. She sat upright, staring at his face. He stared back, hungry with passion and desire. He wanted to feel her soft hand stroking his cock, until he came, cum shooting out, covering her tits and belly. She smiled, as though she could read his mind, and began to gently rub his inner thighs, though not touching his cock or balls. Her right hand continued rubbing his thighs, while her left tenderly cupped his balls, gently rolling them between her fingers.

“Fuck…..” he said breathless, his eyes shut tightly, involuntarily arching his back.

Her right hand moved up towards his waiting cock, its head now shiny with pre-cum. She stroked his shaft, barely touching the skin; her touch was feather light. His cock involuntarily jumped at her touch, she knew he was close. She lightly liked the tip, lapping up the pre-cum. She didn’t want him to come yet, she wanted his come inside her.

She stood up, over him, straddling his hips with her feet, and squatted down until the tip of his cock was pressed against her hot, wet love hole.

“Is this what canl─▒ bahis siteleri you want?” She asked, seductively.

“Oh fuck yeah. I wanna feel me inside your hot cunt.” He moaned breathlessly.

She slowly pressed her weight down his shaft, he moaned, watching her impale herself on his rock hard cock.

“Oh fuck….you feel so good” He moaned.

She stopped moving once he was deep inside her, watching his reactions, his eyes shut tightly, his breathing shallow. She slowly began moving her hips, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. Her fingers stroked her clit. His hips were bucking against her, and she knew he was close to cumming.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum.” She started playing with her nipples, stroking her breasts as her own desire increased, her clit now hot and exposed from under it’s hood. His hands pulled harder on her hips, grinding her pussy into his cock. A reddish blush was creeping onto his chest, his pleasure escalating to almost unbearable heights.

“Uh….it wont be long…..I’m so fucking close….” he said huskily.

“Uh fuck…..I’m going…..to cum….fuck this feels so…..fucking…good” he said, almost out of breath.

“Fill me up baby….please fill me with your hot jizz.” She almost begged of him. Her hips moved faster and faster, “God-damn….I’m going to come too”

He grunted loudly, unable to contain his pleasure any longer, cumming deep into her pussy. He moaned, he’d never come that intensely before. His cock continued to twitch, and spasm, shooting his load into her womb. She came then, her pussy milking his cock, sucking his essence. She collapsed into his arms, removed his blindfold, and they kissed passionately, panting breathlessly. They closed their eyes, holding each other, unable to talk. But the night was far from over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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