Taken In Ch. 07

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“Do you love me Hal?” I stared across the dinner table to see Hal nod. “I have a huge favor to ask of you.”

Hal’s look turned serious, “You know I would do anything for you.”

“Would you take my mom on a date or two?” I sat in silence trying to read his expression.

Hal sputtered, “Sure? Why?”

I explained that my mom was quite lonely and hasn’t really been out with anyone or anywhere for that matter. It was genuine concern for her wellbeing that led me to ask Hal in the first place. They were roughly the same age which didn’t hurt.

Hal smiled, “Absolutely, I would love to take your mother out on a date.”

“Great!” I beamed with excitement.

After dinner, Hal popped home to get some errands done like he usually did. I took the opportunity to call my mother.

I got straight to the point, “My boss wants to take you out.”

“On a date?” Mom’s voice was shocked. “Why?”

“Maybe because you’re a beautiful woman with a lot of life left to live who is wasting it alone at home?” I rolled my eyes and parroted her with a mocking voice, “Why?”

My mother squirmed and tried to tell me about plans she had and being too busy but I would have none of that nonsense. “I already told him you said yes. He will be picking you up on Friday night.”

“You what?” My mother’s voice was stern

Softening my voice I appealed to her, “He’s a terrific man with a big heart; do it for me.”

“One date!”

“Oh mom, you may enjoy yourself.” I poked at her, “you need to get back on the horse.”

On Friday after work I climbed in the shower with Hal and helped clean him off then gave him a blow job before drying off. Hal wasn’t very talkative as he dressed himself.

Reaching for his shirt I began to button it up for him, “Have fun tonight.”

“I’m still a bit confused, are you letting me go?” His face saddened at the thought.

Looking up into his eyes I kissed him, “I’m yours Hal. When you get home, I will be here just like always.” I smiled as his face lightened. “How many guys get to date a mother and a daughter?”

Hal just laughed, kissed me again and grabbed his keys.

Alone in the apartment I kept myself busy as I waited. The place was clean; I finished painting my nails. My laptop called to me and within minutes I found myself chatting with Doug and Marie to kill time. Doug reminded me about what a great time they had {had}, especially him and they were looking forward to seeing us again. We had still not set a date and it was obvious they were getting antsy about it.

Laura: I’m pretty sure we are free tomorrow night.

D it was 1:24 AM and Hal still wasn’t home, so I climbed (in to) (into) bed. The next morning Hal came in holding a box of donuts and two coffees.

“Fun night?” I smiled at him devilishly.

Hal beamed, “I think your mom enjoyed herself.”

“Do tell.” I grabbed my coffee and a cruller before propping myself up in bed impatiently waiting for all the details.

Hal explained that dinner went well and mom had a clear turning point where she was enjoying herself. When they went dancing they laughed and talked like old friends.

Hal smiled a coy grin, “When I pulled up in front of her apartment to drop her off, she invited me up for a night cap.”

“And?” I anxiously awaited the details

“One thing led to another and we were having sex.” Hal’s face froze waiting for my response.

I sat quietly for a moment to torment him. I had known fully that the possibility was there and was fine with it, similar to the way he was fine with me and grabby hands, even though nothing happened.

I finally broke a huge smile, “You dirty dog. I ask you to take my mom out and you fuck her?”

Hal couldn’t tell if I was joking or not, so I threw my arms around him and kissed him, “I guess you don’t need me anymore.”

Hal threw his arms around me and pushed me back on the bed kissing me deeply.

“Was she good?” The question was meant to be rhetorical.

Hal kissed me quickly before responding, “Let’s just say you come by your talents honestly.”

“When are you seeing her again?” I was excited for both of them and myself too. I wanted all of us to be happy even if it meant sharing him with my mom.

“She’s making me dinner tonight.” Hal noted a change in my demeanor. “Is that okay?”

“No, it’s fine. I made plans for us to go out with Doug and Marie tonight. I will send them a note and say we will have to meet them another time.”

As I finished up breakfast it occurred to me that I was upset about not getting out to play with Doug and Marie tonight; the fact my boyfriend was fucking my mom didn’t bother me at all. What was I going to do alone on a Saturday night?

Picking up the phone, I made the obligatory follow up call to my mother, “How was your date?”

“I was skeptical at first, bahis firmalar─▒ but Hal is a terrific man. You were right about me needing to get out more.” My mom’s voice sounded more alive than I could ever recall.

“Are you going to see him again?” I smiled in anticipation of her response.

In her most nonchalant voice she responded, “I’m cooking him dinner tonight as a matter of fact.”

“Oooh” I teased

The familiar sternness returned to her voice, “Oh hush, I’m a grown woman who has some time to make up for!”

Hal grabbed the laptop and was typing away in the living room when I flopped down beside him after hanging up the phone. He was chatting with Doug and had just explained that something came up and he wouldn’t be available.

Doug: I didn’t want to see you anyway. Laura can still come over.

Hal: Who would look after Marie?

Doug: She’s right here and said send her over now!

Hal was about to respond when I placed my hand on his, “Would you be okay with me going over without you?”

“I would let you do anything that makes you happy.” Hal kissed my ear.

Hal: Looks like my little girl enjoyed herself with you. She is interested.

Doug: You better not be playing games Hal!

Hal: Seriously! But you will need to pick her up because she doesn’t drive.

Doug: Deal

My heart raced with excitement and uncertainty about the events and possibilities of the evening.

Marie arrived to pick me up as Hal was making his way out on his date. After a brief greeting and conversation, I climbed in the passenger seat of Marie’s champagne colored Cadillac CTS. We chatted for the 40 minute drive to Marie’s house. Traffic was always silly right after dinner in the city; this trip would take 10 minutes at most without the traffic, but it was just part of living in a big city.

Without looking over Marie spoke, “Doug is pretty excited.”

“Oh is he?” I glanced over taking in her face. She was beautiful and definitely did not look like she was in her 40’s.

“Very!” Marie continued, “He hasn’t stopped talking about you since we first met.”

“Wow. I will take that as a compliment.” I smiled when she glanced over.

Marie’s smile was warm and inviting, “I’ve never seen him like this and we have been swinging a long time.”

I released an audible gasp when Marie pulled in to the circular drive of an enormous house, “You live here?”

Marie laughed and put the car in park, “Our house is a little smaller than this one I’m afraid.”

Looking back out the window at the mansion, “whose house is it?”

“It’s not a house sweetie, it’s a club. Doug will be here any moment.” Marie reached over and pushed a lock my hair behind my ear. “I’m meeting a dear friend of my own tonight so you and Doug can spend time together.”

“Oooh! A new friend or…”

Marie cut me off, “An old friend with a huge black cock that fucks the hell out of me. He also owns this club.”

My eyes bulged out of my head at her explicit response and the fire that burned in her eyes thinking of this man.

Marie continued, “He’s as thick as Doug and as long as Hal!” her hands gestured the enormity of this man’s cock. Closing her eyes her voice hushed, “and he knows exactly how to use it.”

We both jumped when someone knocked on the passenger window; it was Doug. In a flash he had my door open and his hand was guiding me out into the cool evening air.

Marie was left to fend for her own door and made her way around the back of the car, “You two have fun tonight!” Without another word Marie hurried up the six marble steps leaving Doug and I alone.

Doug looked impeccable with his grey tailored slacks and black dress shirt. His smile was contagious and I watched him devour me with his eyes.

“Are we going in or are you just going to ogle me out here all night?” I tilted my head to find his eyes.

Doug held me at arm’s length and looked me over one more time before offering me his arm.

Once through the reception area where we signed in and Doug paid for our entry I found myself slack jawed at the palace sized rooms and d├ęcor. Deep cherry wood and dark earthy furniture adorned the dimly lit room. Couches, chairs and lounges littered the room while soft music played drowning out the details of the hushed conversations the inhabitants were having.

“Want the tour?” Doug chuckled as he watched me take the room in.

There was a large stone patio out back with a hot tub the seated at least 20 people. A couple swam past us as we walked around the large in ground pool to a side door. A long dim hallway lined with identical doors stood before us.

“These are all bedrooms for lack of a better word.” Doug grabbed the handle of one of the doors and slowly opened the solid wood door. Immediately I could hear a woman screaming with pleasure ka├žak iddaa and was surprised at the how it couldn’t be heard until the door opened.

Peering in I saw a naked woman bent over a bench as a large man fucked her roughly from behind. Doug quietly closed the door , silence again filled the hall and Doug looked down at me, “Wild isn’t it?”

“Very.” I pulled myself closer to him.

“Each room is similar. They have benches, showers and of course beds.” Doug picked up his pace and guided me to another large room.

Sheer drapes hung from the ceiling separating each mattress that was sprawled across the floor. The drapes offered no privacy and I watched couples and small groups of people engage in sexual pleasure as we weaved our way back through the main foyer to the other side of the house.

Doug pointed to a door, “This is the dark room. You go in and can’t see a thing. It’s all by feel and you have no idea who you are with.”

My curiosity took over, “Can we take a look inside?”

Doug laughed, “Sure, but it’s just black in there.” He opened the door and we stepped in to a small room that was so dimly lit I could barely make out the racks and lockers along the wall.

“You leave your belongings here, and then you enter the dark room.” Doug pointed to another door.

Grabbing the handle I opened the door; it was an abyss of blackness. The sounds and smell of sex filled the room. Standing at the open doorway peering in Doug put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me back in to him letting the door close.

“You have to be naked to go in there.” Doug smiled.

I took his arm, “Maybe later.”

Doug pointed out a large window where a couple of men were standing. From their vantage point they had full view of the mattress laden room, “Do you know what that is?”

Looking at the men I tried to understand but it escaped me. I could see men from the belly button up but there was a large wall and stage in front of them, “Dancers?”

Doug burst in to laughter, “Go in that door and walk to the end. I will wait here.”

Opening the door there were three steps down into a dimly lit hallway. Cautiously I made my way down to the end unable to distinguish what I was seeing until I reached a wall at the end. It was a dead end. When I turned around I realized what it was; padded benches and holes in the walls where the men above offered their cocks to an unknown mouth.

When I returned to Doug he was dying of laughter, “Glory holes!”

I shook my head and laughed, “I noticed.”

As we walked I found myself looking for Marie. Secretly, I wanted to see this stud that I was sure had her on her back somewhere in this place. “Where is Marie?”

“She’s most likely in Terrance’s lair stuck in a swing getting the shit fucked out of her in the snow bunny club. No clothes are allowed when you go back there and the word no cannot be in your vocabulary.

“Seriously? You can’t say no?” I was in awe.

Doug was dead serious, “You go through that door, and you don’t come back until they are done with you.”

“They?” I shook my head unbelievably.

“I’m serious Laura. Only white girls and black guys are allowed in Terrance’s lair.” Doug shrugged. “Come on and I’ll show you the dungeon.”

My mind was still racing at the thought of being prisoner and unable to leave or say no. Doug pulled a big steel door open and we stepped in to a stone stairwell. Candle sconces lit the way and every step felt cooler.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, a medieval vision filled my eyes. It was like something out of a movie. Whips, cages, leather, ropes and chains filled the room. A large shirtless man in leather pants flailed a tiny blonde woman’s already crimson ass cheeks. Two naked women kneeled at the feet of a man sitting regally in a wooden throne chair.

“This isn’t my cup of tea.” I looked up at Doug with pleading eyes.

Moments later we were in the lounge area sipping wine.

“So.” Doug looked eagerly in to my eyes.

“So?” I smiled and batted my eyes, “I suspect you want to take me to one of those places now?”

“I do.” Doug flashed a big smile

“And which room did you have in mind?” My voice was flirtatious.

Doug stood up, “I want to fuck you where everyone can see and hear us.”

I took a big gulp of my wine and stood up, “where to?”

“Right here.” Doug unzipped his pants and pulled his thick meat out.

Finishing my glass of wine I sat down on the lounge reintroducing myself to his fat cock. As I kissed the head it occurred to me that he hadn’t even kissed me yet. Holding his cock inches from my mouth I stared up disapprovingly.

“What’s wrong?” Doug placed his hands on the sides of my head.

I flopped his cock back and forth pulling my head free from his hands, “You don’t even kiss me and you want me to suck your ka├žak bahis cock?”

Doug fell to his knees and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue pushed itself (in to) {into} my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck in appreciation while his hands caressed every part of my body. Once sated by his lips, I grabbed his rock hard cock and pulled it towards me.

As I sucked on his thick cock I stroked it slowly. My hand danced delicately over the length of his shaft catching my saliva and using it to lube him little by little. Doug moaned loudly as I worked him.

“Mind if I watch?” An elderly man pointed at the spot beside me on the lounge.

Doug guided my face back to his cock so I couldn’t respond and slowly fucked at my mouth.

“Sure have a seat.”

I could feel his weight as he sat down beside me, but he was out of my peripheral vision.

Doug reached down and tried to slide my dress off my shoulders, but it was form fitting with a zipper. His big hand fumbled with the zipper as he leaned over me before giving up. With a gentle hand, the stranger beside me grabbed the zipper of my dress and lowered it to the crack of my ass.

“Let him see your beautiful body.” Doug said softly. The stranger slid my dress off my shoulders exposing my naked breasts. “You are stunning my dear.” His hand cupped my naked breast gently before slowly squeezing it. In a panic I looked up at Doug who nodded his approval.

The stranger took his queue and within minutes was seated behind me squeezing both my breasts and tugging at the nipples. His experienced hands felt great and I occasionally lost track of the task at hand. I had never had a stranger watch me let alone touch me while I was having sex; it was exhilarating. Every once in a while the stranger would give a compliment or his approval.

His hot breath danced in my ear, “You are a sexy little thing aren’t you?” He squeezed both breasts firmly.

I sucked Doug’s cock harder and picked up the pace of my stroking. Doug’s eyes were wide open watching every move of the stranger with an excited smile.

“Are you going to be able to fit that thick cock in your tiny little pussy?” The stranger gently kissed my earlobe as he finished his question.

Electric shocks raced through my body at his touch and I couldn’t help but turn and look at him. He had kind eyes and a gentle presence about him. He was considerably older than I originally thought. Before I turned my attention back to Doug he slowly leaned in and kissed me. His lips were soft and loving; I couldn’t pull away and let him explore my mouth while I stroked Doug’s cock. It was only a moment, but time stood still when he kissed me. When he broke our embrace, I returned to sucking Doug’s cock and starring up at his enormous smile.

“You’re having a good time aren’t you?” Doug mouthed the words to me.

I nodded and did my best to smile with his big cock in my mouth.

“Let’s get you naked beautiful.” The stranger’s voice was in my ear again; this time his lips danced on my lobe before delicately sucking it in to his mouth.

I could only nod.

Doug stepped back and I pushed the dress over my hips leaving my cheeky white lace panties in place. The stranger took my dress and delicately folded it before placing it over the back of the lounge seat. Making his way to the end of the lounge with an arm, Doug motioned for me.

It was the perfect height; when I kneeled on the lounge I could rest my elbows on the arm as I worked Doug’s delicious cock. My attentive stranger relocated himself so he could reach my breasts. His hands slowly explored my stomach, waist and ass cheeks with a firm yet gentle hand.

The stranger wasted no time touching my pussy through my rapidly moistening panties. In this position it was readily accessible as I sat on my heels. At first he played with me through them, but it didn’t take long for them to be pulled aside so he could fondle my naked flesh.

Doug took it all in enjoying every moment; it would appear he enjoyed it as much as I. The stranger tugged at my hips, as I moved he guided me until my knees moved further back for him. When his tongue touched my pussy I almost bit the head of Doug’s cock off; I was now riding the strangers face.

His tongue pushed deep inside me and his fingers danced over my bean causing my hips to slowly grind the man’s face. I had never had my pussy eaten so hungrily; my orgasm developed rapidly catching me off guard. I pushed my face in to Doug’s stomach as my pussy exploded on the strangers face. His tongue and mouth tirelessly licked and sucked at me until I could take it no more and begged for reprieve.

The old man slipped out from under me, “She’s ready for that big tool of yours son.”

Doug cupped my chin, lifting my eyes to his, “stay just like that.”

Climbing behind me I could feel Doug’s enormous head slipping up and down my wetness. His thick head pushed at my opening causing all the air to escape from my lungs. His cock was splitting me in two and it was barely at the entrance.

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