Swinging and the Single Woman

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Big Dicks

I was in heat again. I could feel the urges building up and my thoughts drifting to dark sensual images of sexual abandon. The craving to indulge in a very deep hedonistic experience of total sexual abandon.

I am a divorced, professional, middle aged woman with 2 college aged children. I had a nice career, with a nice income. I had no material complaints. I was 49 years old, five foot two inches and 140lbs. That sounds a bit heavy, but those pounds were in all the right places. C cups in a size four dress and athletic legs – I ran. I was built for fun. Not the super model thin but rather I was a woman who went to bed for Olympic style sex – lots of events. Since my divorce sex had been sporadic, mostly around those times when I just got so horny I had to have some. Then I would dress a little slutty, head to a local club, look available and pick the one I wanted to take home. It was mostly routine sex. Fun, transient and sometimes satisfying but I always felt like I had needs that were never met.

My sex drive had been on the rise recently and the age of internet porn had graphically illustrated for me the ways a woman could enjoy herself that only a decade ago was simply rumor or scandal. Browsing through the videos I came upon one of a women who fucked for over 20 men. I was captivated, how could she walk the next day?? I watched the video over and over, she was built like me and she was voracious. A man would mount her, her legs would go over their thighs and she would urge them to fuck her hard and fast. All the while she sucked on any cock near her face.

This wasn’t a professional video; this was purely homemade. She was the eager participant. When one guy finished in her, she would pivot her body to put her legs opened to the next man to fuck her. She was in charge. She had cum all over her face, her body glistened from sweat and cum and the cum dripping out of her was amazing.

I couldn’t get that video out of my head. She was suddenly my total slut role model.

Frankly the idea absolutely captivated me – but it terrified me too. The idea of having a lot of men who craved my body and who I eagerly wanted in me send me into erotic day dreams. To feel a man climaxing inside me and then to have that man replaced by another eager to again cum in me was so hot.

But I would be one women among all those men. If they decided to do anything they wanted with me there would be nothing I could do. I was not sure I was ready to put myself at that much risk. A mob of horny men can do a lot a damage to a woman. They key I decided was to get the “right” kind of men, only to realize that was kind of trying to find a herd of unicorns at the strip mall.

But I had no idea how to find men for a gang bang. I pondered this and shelved the idea as a fantasy never to be realized. One night, cruising on the net I ran across a swingers web site. On the web site there was a link to a retreat for couples and single women. I used an anonymous email address and asked about the rules and understandings. The owners wrote back a very nice reply explaining their site was a private club open to members to enjoy as they saw fit. Once a month that had an event where people could join and play if they chose. There was no obligation to participate and nudity was optional. The next weekend was three weeks away.

After work on Friday I jumped in the car for the almost three hour drive. I had the small bag in the back seat, the destination in my GPS and a full tank of gas. I was set.

I packed lightly. I have my favorite five-inch strappy sandals, a demicup bra and matching thong. I opened the glove box and pulled out the plain brown package I had placed there in the morning. A bottle of lubricant and a set of fur lined hand cuffs. The cuffs were an impulse buy. Not sure what I planned to do with the pink fuzzy handcuffs but just knowing I had them excited me.

I arrived at the address, a non-descript house off a quiet road. Frankly I was a bit alarmed. Was this the real thing or was I getting in over my head. I parked next to about five other cars and headed to the door. Jeans a tee shirt and runners didn’t portray the lust I was in but made me feel safer. I hesitated at the door for a while and almost turned around but eventually I knocked.

The door was answered by a woman much like myself, similar age and build, blond hair and a touch too much makeup. She smiled warmly at me and I introduced myself.

“Sandy” she said as she held out her hand. “Jeanette” I replied as we shook.

“I called about and event here I found on the internet” I stated. How do you ask a total stranger if this is where sluts can get fucked all night??

She laughed. “Yes, it is honey. We are a swingers club and love single women visitors.” She stepped aside and let me enter. Sandy showed me around her place. The main floor was just like any house but with mostly couches and overs stuffed chairs. A small kitchen, clean and neat.

“I think you want to see canlı bahis the upstairs, don’t you?” she asked in a leading fashion.

I nodded. Climbing a steep flight of steps, a short hall let to a series of rooms. The first room was two large beds – that’s all. The second was mattresses covering the entire floor.

“Room one is for couples or groups who want privacy. They will close the door when they are occupied. Room two is for those who like to join in or to play in public. Room three is for a more adventurous type and room four for is for submissive and their dominants.” I noticed that room three was a room with no lights at all, a padded floor and what looked like a few oddly placed walls. I later discovered it was called dark room. Room four held a couple of what looked like thrones and a small bar – I was confused and it must have showed.

“Let’s go downstairs and chat before the regulars get here,” said Sandy.

Sitting at the kitchen table she began to tell me the rules.

“We get all kinds of people here. Mostly couples but occasional single women. We limit the number of single men so we have a nice balance of women to men. In here – no means no. If you don’t want their attention say no – and they will leave you alone. If they don’t, tell anybody and Bill will send them home. I guess you have never been to a swing club before” asked Sandy.

“No. But I read a lot about it. I really want to try it. I can’t seem to ever get enough” I confessed.

A reassuring chuckle from Sandy “that won’t be a problem here” she said. “There are condoms in bowls in all the rooms.”

“Are you from around here?”

“No – I drove almost 3 hours to get here.”

“We have a room in the back you can rent. $30 and it has two locks on the door if you don’t want to drive home.”

“Thank you so much. I was wondering if I should go get a room someplace nearby and come back in a bit.”

The offer appealed to me. It saved me so much running around.

“Let’s go look at it. Why don’t you get your bag on the way?”

We stepped outside and I pulled my overnight bag and hand bag out of the car and followed Sandy. Around the side there was a flight of steps up to a door with a small light on. Sandy went up and unlocked the door.

The room as neat, homey, clean and smelled fresh and airy.

“I keep the windows open a crack. I hate the smell of a musty room,” she said.

“This would be lovely. Thank you so much.”

“One rule – no playmates in here. This is for you to rest and feel safe. You can lock the door from the inside.”

“That sounds just fine with me” I smiled at her.

“You can shower in there” nodding to the bathroom, “and come down when you’re ready. I think other guests are starting to arrive” She began to head to the door.

“Casual, slutty or just heels and panties?” I asked.

“Jeannette – dress in a way that makes you feel sexy and ready. Don’t bother with heels, you won’t have them on long anyway” she said as she winked at me.

I showered, did some light makeup, mostly just a bit of eye shadow, mascara and my favorite, almost crimson red lipstick. Looking through my bag I chose the light blue sheer sleeveless, button up top. My breasts aren’t very large but they haven’t lost their shape even after two children. I decided to do without a bra. I did pick out my black lace thong to wear. I had shaved myself and sometimes the lace is a bit rough, but like the bra I didn’t think I would be wearing them long.

A dark blue skirt that fit my hips tightly, very short finished off my outfit. I slipped into my flip flops and looked at myself in the full length mirror. My hair was short, dark and a bit wavy, a curl came over my forehead. I could clearly see my nipples against the sheer fabric and I was aware of the movement of my tits inside the blouse when I moved.

“Here you are girl – you going to do this?” I said out loud to nobody.

I felt my excitement rising – I knew I wanted this. The fantasy has only grown stronger in time. I knew if I didn’t go down to the club, I would never work up the courage to do this again. Turning the handle, I opened the door, down the steps and into the front door with a mixture of fear, desire, a touch of guilt and anxiety.

As I entered Sandy looked up from a card table that had been placed in the entrance. She looked me over and grinned a wicked grin and handed me a stick-on name tag.

“You are going to suck all the attention away from the other women Jeanette.”

I felt a bit of anxiety – “Is that bad, is this too much?” I asked.

Sandy giggled. “No baby – it’s what you need to do to get what you came for.”

I nodded and went into the main room.

A few couples stood around. Mostly dressed but one or two people in short dressing gowns. A man approached and I smiled at him. He was large. 6 foot something, big shoulders and hands. He was smiling.

“Bill – Sandy’s husband”. He said as he stuck his hand out.

“Sandy bahis siteleri told me to help you break the ice a little and get to know a few people.”

As he said this his eyes never left my breasts.

“Thank you. I am a nervous but really horny,” I said to him.

I didn’t know if making a pass at the host was permissible or not so I waited to see what he did next.

“May I kiss you?” Bill asked.

“Is that ok?” I said a bit hesitant.

“Sandy and I have been swinging for over ten years Jeanette. If I didn’t make a pass at you Sandy would think I needed to see a doctor or something.” He said with a wolfish grin.

Bill strong arms pulled me tightly against him and kissing me with a soft, urgent, hungry kiss. My entire body feel like it had just been plugged in. Standing in a room of total strangers, passionately kissing a tall rugged man who I met only a few minutes ago. His large hands made their way from the small of my back to my ass and I enjoyed that sensation. I was on my toes and his kiss was electric.

“That should do it” Bill said as we broke our kiss.

Puzzled by the comment I looked around – and we had the attention of the entire room.

He patted me on the ass and said quietly:

“Have fun” – then walked into the kitchen.

I felt suddenly exposed but quite excited. Bills kiss had lit the fire.

I saw both men and women looking at me. Once couple came over.

“My name is Olivia and this is Teddy” she said extending her hand.

“Jeanette” I replied.

She took my hand, shook it then lightly pulled me in for a quick hug. She then, without any warning, passed me over to Teddy, who also shook my hand, then hugged me – in a much more suggestive way. His short bathrobe was beginning to tent out a bit.

“Eager but unsure. Needy but don’t know the ground rules. Is that about it?” Olivia asked.

I nodded. And grinned.

“Do you find Teddy attractive? Would you fuck for Teddy?”

The bluntness of the question caught me off guard. I looked Teddy over – like he was a prize bull. He wasn’t handsome, but he was well shaped and he seemed gentle enough, though I was wondering if Teddy had a voice of his own. He smiled a warm smile at me and I saw what appeared to be a very large, getting hard, cock poking out of his robe.

“Yes – I would fuck for you.” I said looking directly at Teddy.

“Why don’t you two go upstairs and get better acquainted.”

“You don’t mind me taking him from you?”

She laughed quietly – “oh Teddy isn’t mine and I am not his. Teddy is just a bit shy and we are good friends. I come with him to these to help him find partners – and then I get some too.” She said with a bit of a grin on her face.

So much to learn I thought to myself.

Teddy took my hand and we went upstairs. He was headed into the first room – for privacy. I wasn’t here for privacy so I moved to group room. He followed. The room was empty. Teddy took me in his arms and kissed me – and I returned the kiss with heated enthusiasm. I shrugged off my top and slid my skirt to the floor. I hung them on a convenient hook near the door and returned to Teddy. His bathrobe was gone. He had broad shoulders, a thick chest, thick legs and a very nice, now fully erect cock.

I dropped the thong and fell into him. He picked me up with great ease and I put my legs around him. I felt his cock pressing against my wet pussy and almost came right then. He carried me to a padded, raised platform in the middle of the room. He gently sat me on the platform and stood between my legs. We never broke our kiss. I could feel him probing with his cock but I didn’t want to go that fast.

I slipped away from him, laid back, but then pivoted around so my head was at the edge. I put my hands on the backs of his thighs and pulled him to me. I felt his cock on my face. Letting it slide over I began to lick on his balls and he moaned. I could see a few figures standing in the doorway watching us and that just put fuel on my sexual fire.

I took his cock into my mouth and used my hands to indicate I wanted him to fuck my face. Teddy didn’t talk much but he sure understood what I wanted. He began to move in and out of my mouth. I let his thighs go and put my hands out on the edge of the platform for all to see.

Teddy was going deeper each trust, his hands started to explore my tits. He pinched my nipples and I moaned a bit but didn’t resist. He was taking my cues and began to take more control. He pushed his cock deep and I gagged slightly. Teddy reacted to my gagging by pulling his cock out but I kept my mouth on this cock and my fingers hooked his thighs again.

“I like to be used – so take me” I said.

So he stepped forward and pushed all the way down. I felt his head pop into my throat and felt his balls covering my face and I was completely consumed by lust. He began to pump into my throat. I gagged a few times but he paused then resumed fucking my face. In my mind I saw bahis şirketleri myself, naked body laid out on this platform, head off the edge with a man pumping into my mouth and throat and I willingly letting him. It was an image I had had for a long time – but now it was real – and it was better than the fantasy.

Teddy pulled out, I whimpered when is cock left my feeling empty.

Without any effort he spun me like a top and my pussy was now facing him. I looked up and saw two other men at the edge of the platform watching. All of them were silhouettes. The faint light in the room was behind them and I couldn’t make out anything more than a body shape. It was so thrilling.

I put my feet on Teddy’s shoulders and he pulled my hips over the edge.

He went down on me. He stuck his face into my dripping wetness and lapped it expertly. I began to writhe and moan. Teddy was very good, but I wanted to put a bit of a show on for my spectators as well. I felt a hand on my breast. I looked up and a man had touched me and then pulled back. I realized he was waiting for me to say it was ok. I grinned up at him and put his hand back on my breast. At that point the other man also reached in and I smiled up at him as well.

Teddy was licking me expertly, and my entire being was vibrating with sexual tension. I looked up at the two men above me and saw their cocks just inches from my face. The larger of the two men put his huge paw on my head and pulled my face to his cock. I resisted slightly – because it excited me to see if he would take me anyway. He paused – looked down at me and I realized that here – there was no forcing anybody. Consensual or nothing. I smiled up at him and opened my mouth. His hips moved forward and his cock entered my eager, wet, warm mouth.

Without realizing it was coming I came. It was a sudden rush of an orgasm. It washed over me, making my legs vibrate and my entire body tense. I am sure I have a wave of pussy juice flooding Teddy’s mouth but he lapped it up anyway.

The other gentlemen guided my hand to his cock. It felt really long and thick. I pulled off the first man and turned my face to the other gentleman – they both deserved my attention. It was then I realized this was a very large black man. I had never been with a black man. He smelled muskier, sexier. I took his cock in my mouth and couldn’t get more than half of it in me.

Teddy’s tongue had stopped as I was sucking my first big, black cock (a very long standing fantasy) when I felt a cock at my pussy. I looked up and Teddy was standing, eager and ready to fuck me but he wanted my approval before he entered. I put my feet behind him and used my heels to pull him into me as I guided his cock to enter me.

Here I was – 30 minutes after I arrived and I am having EXACTLY the experience I wanted. I felt Teddy’s cock enter me, with a cock in my mouth and I was stroking another cock. I came again – I think mostly because I could see myself in my minds eye and I looked the part of a complete slut – focused only on making herself cum. And I loved it – I had surrendered to my every lustful thought and I reveled in my freedom to chose my partners, and letting them use me as much as I wanted to be used.

I heard Teddy begin to grunt and then I felt his cock swell – and he came. He had a condom on and it felt like the reservoir tip swelled like a balloon. As he pulled out I grabbed his cock and pulled his condom off and on an impulse – poured the contents on my stomach. I looked down at his cum pooling on me and that excited me that much further. The big black cock left my mouth and appeared between my legs. I was about to have two men fuck me back to back – something I had fantasized about for years. I saw Teddy and mouthing a – YOUR AMAZNG to him. He smiled and nodded and moved out.

It was then I felt somebody pushing a sewer pipe into my dripping pussy. I looked up and this beautiful man was pushing his thick black cock into me. It felt huge, bigger than anything I had ever had. His skin was a shiny ebony color with broad shoulders, at least a 4 pack abs, big hands and some really cool dreadlocks. He took my breath away – literally because his cock made me gasp as he continued to slide into me. I looked around – there were two new men and a number of women standing around me and I was completely enthralled thinking they were watching me – watching this wonton slut fuck and suck with abandon. His cock was deep in me but looking down I realized there was more – and I wanted it. I pulled his hips into me and he plunged all the way it. And he hit bottom – I gasped – actually yelled a bit because it hurt. But I didn’t let him pull back. I held him that deep in me, fully impaled on him until I relaxed a bit.

“Fuck me – fuck me like a whore” I said to him.

He began to pull out and then back in. Each stroke all the way in with an increasing tempo. I held the edge of the platform as he began to set up a rhythm. But I could tell he was holding back.

“is that all you got? Can’t you fuck harder?” I egged him on.

The next stroke almost killed me. I almost screamed and tears formed in my eyes.

“Just like that you magnificent fuck – just like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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