Suzie and Dave

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Dave was my on and off fuckbuddy for about two years in college. I met him under less than lady-like circumstances, (See Suzie gets more than she expected) and we hit it off. He was nice, funny, reasonable looking and pretty good in bed. He was not anyone’s idea of a superstud, but he took making a girl happy seriously. There was never going to be anything serious between us, since he was raised in a small town 80 miles from campus and his goal in life was to get his degree and go home and run the family business and never go more than 80 miles from home again. I was not like that. Still, when he was not seeing anyone and I was not seeing anyone he was nice to go to a movie with, or have lunch with. Or fuck. He liked sex a lot. He used to jerk off three times a day when he was between girlfriends. We would hook up every now and then, and while he sometimes claimed to feel guilty for ‘taking advantage’ of me I would always point out that he was saving me from going out and getting myself in trouble while screwing everything in sight. It worked out.

I only ever got him to do anything kind of risque once. It was junior year in the summer, and I went to a pretty straight laced sorority house to see somebody about something, I forget what. There, sitting in a room next to a pile of clothes was Dave. It turned out his little sister was coming here in the Fall, and was going to stay in a room that belonged to a cousin or something while she took some classes. She and her Mom were out shopping for something, and Dave had come by after they were gone and was waiting for them.

“Dave, I never thought of you as a Gamma Girl.”

He snorted “Hey, I’m closer to one than you are, and I’m a guy.” This was true. They were pretty straight laced. I was not.

“I’m hurt.”

He grinned at me. “Yeah, I find that likely.” As he said this his eyes locked on my tits for just a second, and I knew what he was thinking of. And I knew I was going to try and seduce him.

He was sitting on a little desk chair on wheels that I guess they had brought from home. I walked over, straddled him, and sat on his lap, my breasts right up in his face. I gave him that ‘I want to fuck you right now’ look. He put his hands around my waist, but he looked at the door.

“Suz, c’mom, now is not the time.”

“Who are you and what have you done with Dave? ” I asked. Actually, while he was -always- willing, anything risky was not his style at all. Which was why the thought of doing him right here was turning me on.

He twisted a bit to get his face out of my tits, and looked over my shoulder.

“The door is open.” It was open about bahis firmalar─▒ six inches or so, although you could not see us from the hall.

“Of course. In sorority houses you need to keep the door open when you have a man in your room. That way people know he is not taking advantage of you.” I ran my hand down his chest and down to the top of his shorts. He was not a weightlifter type, but he kept in shape and he had a nice body.

I whispered into his ear “And I have a man in here, and I think he is about to take advantage of me.”

He looked up at me like a was nuts. “You have got to be kidding. My Mom and my sister could walk in any time.”

I smiled. I was wearing a guys shirt knotted right above my waist, I leaded back and untied it and undid my bra, which opened in the front. I pulled my bra back and put my breasts right up by his face.

“Well, if your sister is going to join us that might be too kinky even for me, but right now it is just the two of us.” I put my hands on his knees and arched my back. “You like what you see?”

He did, naturally. Dave liked naked women a lot. And he liked my tits a lot. They were only a bit above a B cup, but they had cute little brown nipples, and I had been sunbathing topless that summer, so they were even browner than normal. They were nice and firm, and right in his face. Not many guys could resist my tits in their face, and Dave was not one of those guys. He reached up with both hands and lifted them up and fondled them.

“How ’bout I take you to dinner and then we have some fun after?”

“I’ve got plans for dinner.” I said, “And for after dinner, but I know what I’m about to do right now.”

He kept feeling my tits, but he was looking over my shoulder, so I moved my body in front of him, reaching around to play with his hair. “C’mon, I need it, you want to give it to me…” I kissed his forehead.

“Somebody will hear us.” he said, although he did not sound like he expected that to stop me.

“That’s for me to worry about. I’m always the one who gets loud when you put that thing in me.” I brushed my hand across the his shorts.

“You only get loud when you cum.” I said. “Remember that night in my room, after the Kappa party?” He nodded. “You were so loud when you came that Jennifer heard you three doors down. She called the cops because she thought there was some sort of pervert on the floor.” He looked confused, but also, like a guy, proud of himself.

“There was a pervert on the floor, a Dave who just can’t get all the Suzie he wants.” I pushed my hand into his shorts and his dick was, as I expected, hard as a rock. He never ka├žak iddaa took long to get ready.

He rolled his head like he could not believe what he was doing, and slipped his hand down to my hips.

“O.K., but really fast. They could be back any time now.” He pushed me up and quickly pulled his shorts down a bit, letting it flop out. I was a bit surprised by how quickly he had switched but I was ready to take advantage of it.

I stood up and held my arms out, showing him my tits. He wanted a quick one, and, of course I wanted to tease him. I pulled his shorts down past his knees, then stood up again and slowly took off my top and bra.

“Boom ba doom, boom ba doom.” I said, like for a stripper.

He rolled his head again. “C’mom, if you insist I will, but stop trying to get me in trouble.” He was getting pissed, and I did not want to make him unhappy, (quite the contrary) so I quickly slid off my shorts and sandals.

“Well, here I am.” I turned around. “I don’t insist though. Do you want to?” I looked him him and he nodded. Dave liked sex a lot. He looked a little sad though, like he was not sure why he was doing this.

I rubbed his cock and balls with my hands. “Don’t look so glum sweetie, It’s not the end of the world” I turned around and looked at him over my shoulder.

“On the bed? On the floor? On the chair? When I get a serious stud I let him pick what he wants.” I turned around again. He seemed shocked, which excited me even more, and I bent over and lifted my ass up towards him. “Does this look nice?” I put my hands on the desk in front of me and leaned over further.

He didn’t say anything, but he did smile, and stood up, and grabbed onto my hips. His cock was hard and warm as he pressed it up against my pussy.

“You like controlling me, don’t you?” he said. I lifted my ass up a little higher. “I love controlling you, but right now you are the one running things.”

He slid his cock into my wet slit, and as always it felt great. He had pretty much the perfect dick, 7 or so inches, thick enough and attached to Dave. He always was good at fucking. He could go for hours, and he could see what you wanted. Slower, faster, harder, whatever, you just had to think it and Dave was giving it to you.

I did not have much time to think about how much I liked Dave doing me, however. He stared stroking me slow, but he sped up in a hurry, like he was trying to make me cum as fast as he possibly could. His hands had a firm grip on my ass, and his cock was going in hard and lifting up as it came out.

I could tell I would not last long and I did not care much. I reached back ka├žak bahis and grabbed his ass as he fucked me, pressing my face down into what I guess was his sister’s pillow. He felt great as he slid it into me, spreading my legs apart with his knees and putting it in deep. It only took a bit for me to cum, with the pillow swallowing the sound, and he was right behind me. He groaned a bit as he came, but not loud enough for anyone to hear him.

He fell back in the chair, and I turned around a knelt in front of him, sliding forward on my knees as I did. He looked at me funny till I took his cock in my hand.

“You are not done yet stud. Takes more than that excellent bit of fucking to make a Suzie happy.”

He had already wiped off his dick with some Kleenex, as if he was in a hurry to get dressed, but as soon as I started licking his shaft he focused on me again.

“You can’t be serious,” he said, “I just came.”

I ran my lips up and down his shaft.

“Mmmm but I want you to cum again, in my mouth.” I slipped my mouth over the tip.

“If you don’t cum in me I bet you will tell all the other men Suzie is losing her sexy.” This was total bullshit, as Dave would never talk about me to other men, but I looked up at him like I was begging, and he relaxed his hips a bit and I slid it in. It was still a little soft, but it felt great as it went in, and as he rested his hands on my head. He was a bit slow (He had just cum.) but by licking his shaft and feeling his balls I got him hard in the end. I lifted my head up and pushed down, feeling his cock push deep into my mouth. He did not say anything, but he held his hips rigid and other than that left the work to me, rolling his head back and no doubt thinking happy thoughts.

It did not take long. I sucked on his dick while my tits were rubbing up against his leg, and my hands were feeling his balls. I could see him getting more and more excited, and his hips started lifting up into me, and he was loud enough I was almost sure someone could hear us.

I kept pushing my head down on him till I could feel him getting ready, and I slid my hand up under his balls, pushing him up towards me.

He came more than I expected, squirting two big loads into me, and I only just managed to swallow it all. As I was sitting there on my knees, getting the last of it down he was quickly putting on his clothes and handing me my shirt. I put it on.

“Sorry to be a bother.” I said.

He looked sheepish. “Sorry, not trying to be a pain.”

I put my arms around him. “No pain at all, I liked it a lot.” I kissed him on the cheek. “I owe you one, be sure and come by and collect later.”

I helped him clean up a bit, and I was gone maybe 30 minutes after I walked into the room. One of Dave’s many good qualities was that he was good for a quick fuck. I never did meet his Mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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