Surfing Lessons Ch. 03

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The following is a work of fiction. Certain places and events are actual, but the names and relationships are all a work of imagination.


I had a momentary flash of guilt. I thought I heard a sound outside, but after hushing him, I listened and all I could hear was the shallow breaths we both were taking after the workout. He was still at full-mast while I was starting to deflate. Not like usual, but definitely not rock-hard still. The stimulation of the experience was tremendous and I know he enjoyed it too.

“I’ll need to go crash now.” I told him

“Yeah, me too in a bit, I need to clean up some more.” he told me.

I told him goodnight and left the bathroom. I stopped at the foot of the stairs and listened but there were no sounds from upstairs. Then I policed the den, shut off the TV, cleaned up some glasses and turned off the lights.

Going back by the still-shut bathroom door, I heard the unmistakably familiar sound going on inside. Clark was undoubtedly still turned on by everything and decided to rub another one out.

“Good for him, I remember those days” I thought to myself, and wishing I could see inside; watch him when he thought he was alone. I wasn’t so busy earlier that I couldn’t see how enraptured he was while jacking with me.

I stood quietly by the door, listening to the squishing get into a steady rhythm until he softly groaned and I heard the splatter of another load blasted. The boy did have a porno money shot for sure! I was hard again too; my shorts getting uncomfortably tight and still just a bit sticky from earlier. It was almost too much to take but I headed upstairs for bed.

In the morning, I got up at my usual time, put the coffee on, check the news online and basically puttered around. Clark was usually about 30 minutes behind me and I checked the bathroom for any trace of last night’s fireworks. When he finally emerged, he slapped me on the back and asked how I slept.

“Fine,” I told him, “after that workout I needed some zzzz’s to recuperate!”

“I hope we can repeat sometime.” he winked at me and said. “I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“Enjoyed it so much you had another round by yourself?” I asked? “You missed a few spots cleaning up!”

Clark grinned sheepishly, “Yeah I guess I had a little more left in me.”

I told him we’d get another chance sometime soon since it looked like him mom was having a rough time, health-wise, we’d have plenty of time by ourselves.

I went on to work, he to school, but my mind was racing all day with the memory of how he looked, we looked, side-by-side in the bathroom mirror. I probably spent more time with a semi-hard that day than I had in many years. But it was my son! Maybe not the fruit of my loins, but still! I wondered how it was going to happen again, or when.

I managed to make it through the day and called home to see what was going on. My wife was in the midst of packing when I called. Her sister had called and she wanted her to come visit for a few days. Something about the kids and a school pageant or musical and costumes and blah, blah, blah. You know how it is. I asked when she was heading out and she told me right after I got home. It was about a 4 hour drive and she wanted to get in before too late.

“I’ll come see you off.” I told her, “Tonight’s a workout night but I’ll blaze out of work right now and spend some time with you before you hit the road. I can go to the gym afterwards.” What a loving husband I am, right?

“Just so long as you skip the titty-bars afterwards.” she joked with me. This was sort of a long-standing joke between us, not that I went to them (that she knew).

“No worries, I’ve decided I’m not into tits anymore!” I joked back. So I packed my briefcase and headed out the door to see her before she left. When I got home, her SUV was already packed and gassed. We ducked out in my car to grab a bite from Chick-fil-a and talk about what she was going to do while she was gone.

“You stay away from those single teachers.” I warned her. “Some of those boys canlı bahis fresh out of college have a thing for soccer moms.”

“Right, like they’d know what to do with me.” she replied.

After about 20 minutes, she checked the time and announced she need to hit the road before traffic got too heavy. I took her back to the house and kissed her goodbye, just as Clark came in from practice. She had sent him a text message earlier telling him goodbye, so he knew what was going on.

“What a good son, coming to tell your mommy goodbye!” She cooed at him. He blushed and kissed her before she closed the door.

He leaned against me as she drove off and I playfully pushed him down “Get your sweaty soccer ass off me, boy!”

How got up and made a show of brushing the dust off himself. “Hey, I’m going back over to Donald’s, we’re working on this damn project and he has more room to spread out. Eric and Brandon are coming over too”

“What class is it for?” I asked.

“Economics,” he said. “we’re setting up a soccer league website and have to create ads and games and game stories and shit.”

“Sounds fun; almost like real work or something. Well, I’m going to hit the gym for a while, work some kinks out of my back and shoulders.” I told him. “Don’t be too late tonight, you were up late last night!”

He grinned, “yeah, I know what you mean!”

Gold’s Gym was too fucking hot tonight. It smelled like a gym, only there was an extra funk of Indian summer and god knows what else. I finished my shoulder, back, chest and abs routine and hit the shower. While I was there, I spotted this college kid that I’d seen before. Today, I caught him glance at me while I was on the roman chair but I couldn’t be sure. Instantly, I was comparing his body to Clark’s. Both were about the same height, his hair was darker and curlier. His muscle development was more filled out than Clark, who was still very lean, although he had some good beginnings in some muscle groups.

I felt a little stirring down low and instantly turned the shower to cold. Almost too late and I had to turn towards the wall to avoid showing this kid some hardening cock. After finishing the soapdown, I started to rinse with my head under the shower and through the streaming water I could see the kid with a semi-hardon of his own staring over at me. I had to shake this image out of my head or else what was asleep was going to wake up, plus, I wasn’t prepared to make an ass out of myself in a gym I’ve been a member of for a few years.

But, damn, he was hot looking!

I retreated to the sauna to relax and soak some heat in my weary, old muscles. Even though I had one at home, it felt good to stretch out in this one. Hardly anyone ever used it so I could just about count on some alone time. It felt great, the scent of eucalyptus smelled better than the gym and before long, I was dozing (yeah, I know, not a good thing to do in a sauna). I heard the door open and sensed, rather than saw, someone come in and sit opposite me on the other bench tier. Yeah, right, my shower buddy. This was going to be rough.

He lay on his back on the top tier and draped his towel over his groin. I don’t think he even dried off from the shower as he was still soaking wet and before long, I could see some steam rising as the shower water evaporated off him. His hair was in wet ringlets and dripped onto the teak with a little sizzle every time. I kept glancing over, peeking out of my left eye as I lay on my stomach, which was a good thing, since I was fully hard by now. I shifted my hips around to give my cock some room and the towel slipped off me, and dropped to the floor.

“Fuck” I whispered and reached for the towel, and when I did, I noticed his towel was starting to poke skyward. I retrieved my towel and flipped it back over my ass and shifted again to find a slot in the teak deck for my already, uncomfortably squished cock. At this point, I was stuck until it subsided or he left, and he wasn’t showing any signs of doing that.

“Damn this heat feels good to me,” I heard him say bahis siteleri “I love this room when I’ve had a bad day”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but I’ve never seen you around here this time of day.” I said back.

“I finished my last final this afternoon, and I thought I was going out with some friends. I usually come here either first thing or last thing.” he continued.

This conversation wasn’t helping me. I’d heard a story a while back about some college kid who would hit on some of the older gym members. Some of the guys were calling him a “rent boy” but there was no proof he was doing anything for money. Could this be him?

He was silent while I was musing. I glanced again and could see the head of his cock under the end of his towel, which appeared to be a little further up from where it was before. I groaned inwardly and shifted again, trying to block out the sight of this gorgeous stud and my overwhelming urge to sit up and show him just what state I was in. I heard him moving around and assumed he was shifting like me or moving to cover himself better.

Suddenly, I felt him sit below me and then stretched out like he was on the other side. We were head to foot, but me on the upper level, him on the lower and me with my cock jammed between the boards on this bench.

“Is this your normal time here?” he asked me, just like a natural continuation of our conversation. “It seems a little dead in this part of the gym, I’m used to more guys in here, I almost never get to stretch out like this.”

As he said that, I glanced at his towel and saw the exposed head of his hard cock sticking out of the top part of the towel. The head was red and oozing just a bit of precum back onto the “happy trail” leading to his belly button. I squeezed my eyes shut and lightly shook my head.

“Yeah,” I answered through clenched teeth “this is about par for the course this time of day.”

Suddenly, like an electric shock, I could feel fingers caressing my cock, wedged below me in the sauna bench. It felt magical, exciting, scary, sensual and thrilling all at once. I raised my head to look back at him and saw him wink.

“I couldn’t resist,” he said with a grin “you look like you needed some attention”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Less than a day after I had jacked off with my son in the bathroom, this stud was stroking me in the sauna of my gym! And I wanted it! And I wanted to stroke him too, I wanted him to blow me and I wanted to blow him . . . . . . . what the hell was I thinking? Someone could walk in at any minute and we’d have our pictures on the news for sure! But the simple fact of the matter was, I wanted this to happen, and I knew damn well that no one would come in. Not in 5 years had I ever had someone else in the sauna with me at this time of day. This was perfect!

Perfect, yes! Perfectly hot, yes!

“Let’s get a little more comfortable,” I head him say “can you get up from there?”

“I just hope I’m not wedged in too far.” I joked. And with that, I raised up and popped out of the gap.

“Not a problem, but I would have had to use some saliva as lubricant if needed.” he said smugly and resumed his gentle stroking. He spun around on the bench, letting his legs dangle underneath while he positioned himself between my legs and started rubbing with both hands, his left alternating by caressing my balls and then my shaft. I leaned back and moaned, enjoying the sensations of what he was doing.

“I’m Bryson, by the way.” he said. I muttered my name to him but was so caught up in the sensations I have no idea if I actually said it or just thought it.

“Enough of the intros,” I heard him say “I’ve got something I need to do.” and with that, he leaned forward and pulled my hips toward him and swallowed my cock all at once.

“Holy fuck!” I said and looked down at this beautiful cock sucking boy who was expertly taking me down to my pubes like he was born to it. It must have been minutes, or could have been hours, I don’t know. It was heaven. Yeah, I’ve been blown by guys before bahis şirketleri but this kid was en fuego. It wasn’t long before I knew what was coming and I could tell by him slowing down that he knew it too.

“I’m not long.” I whispered. I saw him look up and me and wink and then focused back on what he was doing. His pace slowed a little more until I felt the swelling, my balls tightened up and he pulled off till just the head of my cock was between his lips and the flood began. He let the first two jets coat his tongue and then dived onto the cock again, sucking greedily, pulling every drop of cum out of it, not wasting a drop.

I could feel my cock pulsing and twitching as he pulled off finally. He had one hand in his own lap and was tugging on his cock.

“Sit up next to me” I told him. “Let me help you out” He sat next to me on the top bench and I reached into his lap and started a slow stroke on his drooling cock, using his precum and my saliva to glide across the shaft. He closed his eyes and leaned back as I took care of him, hips gently moving in rhythm with my stroking. The dry sauna environment meant I needed more saliva so I leaned over and dribbled some on his cock as I stroked. I looked down and decided “what the hell” and leaned over to take the head of his cock into my mouth.

“Mmmmm” he moaned as I slowly moved up and down on his shaft. His cock was not as thick as mine, but certainly as long, if not longer. The neatly flared head fit perfectly in my mouth and it felt natural to be leaning over and giving him head in return for his marvelous demonstration of oral talents. While it was a bit darker in color, the shape looked just like Clark’s and as I was swallowing more and more of it each time I bobbed lower, I wondered if this was how Clark’s would be.

I didn’t have time to speculate any longer as he tapped my head and whispered “I’m about to cum!”. I gave him the “thumbs up” sign and kept sucking. In seconds I could feel the shaft pulse and spurts of warm, slightly salty-sweet liquid coursed into my mouth and throat. I was a bit shocked and the intensity of the pulses and let some leak out of my mouth and onto his balls and thigh. I made sure he was finished shooting before I pulled off but I kept stroking, out of habit, I guess. To my shock, he pulsed one more time and a jet of cum shot over his chest, landing on his chin.

He reached out and scooped it up into his mouth, remarking “tastes NOT like chicken”.

I laughed at that and then leaned back, releasing his cock and off-handedly rubbing mine. I could still taste his cum and he was right, definitely not like chicken. He leaned over and gave my hand and cock a little caress and looked up at me.

“I may have to come back thins time of day again!”

“Hell,” I replied “I may have to change my hours to late night.”

We both sat there for a little bit, towels wrapped back around us and on opposite sides of the sauna. Finally, I got up to leave, suddenly remembering that Clark might be home in a while and I had no clue what to do about dinner.

“I’ll see you around.” I told Bryson.

“Yeah, enjoyed the cock, dad!” he joked with me, but I got a slight chill from it. He reminded me a bit of Clark, and the similarities were so striking that it was almost like I had just traded blowjobs with my son in the sauna . . . . . . .

I drove home euphoric from Gold’s. I really hoped Bryson and I could meet again, but even if we never did, this had to be one of my hottest experiences ever. The similarities with Clark were there, but Bryson knew exactly what he wanted from the moment he stepped into the sauna. I really doubt Clark would be as bold.

The house was dark when I got there. He still must be at Donald’s, working on their project.

Or were they???? My mind wandered, easy to do after tonight’s encounter. What if he was already toying around with his friends? They were all as damn hot as Clark was, in their own different ways. Donald was tall and rangy, pale skin and all lean muscled, dark hair and eyes. He looked like he craved attention. Eric was painfully thin, with dark olive skin and long streaked hair that always seemed to fall over his green eyes. Brandon was a fireplug of muscle, all Italian boy it appeared.

I wondered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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