Super Moms Ch. 02

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Thanks for all of the kind words and encouragement. I’ll likely add another 2-3 chapters, depending on the feedback. As with most multi-part stories on Literotica you should read the previous chapter(s).


Katie Martinson and her son Rick were face to face, legs entwined, nearly dozing in the bask and then waking with a mellowed energy. Both caught glimpses of the other’s closed eyes, hearing breath and sighs – Katie’s soft, dreamy, Rick’s guttural, cheeks blowing out the relieved pressure. Rick loved his mother’s curled smile. He’d never seen her so relaxed. It was like seeing her face as young girl, the wear of life and time gone. Both of them were now totally dried by the sheets and the heat of their first fuck.

She stroked his cheek. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed.”

Rick laughed, wondering if this place made them mind-readers, too.

She tweaked his nipple. “What’s funny, mister? You laughing at me?”

“Ow! No. It’s just I was thinking the same thing.” Rick’s right hand roamed, rubbing his mother’s full ass. “It’s like this place is magical or something.”

“Well, they definitely know something about all of us here. I bet every couple here is fucking the way we just did. We know about Cyndi and Beau, that’s for sure. I can’t wait for what’s next.” Katie came in to kiss her son’s lips, palm pressing his face. “I love you so much Ricky. I hope we always have this, each other. This way.”

“Me too, Mom. I love you.”

“I know that, baby. But… that doesn’t change everything, Rick. I have to say this to you. You’re still going to see Sandy, or whomever you want. And if I want to be with someone, I’m going to be with them. I never want to lose this, right now, Ricky. You’ll always be the first man in my life. But not my only one. And you need to find the woman that going to make you happy. Or however you want to live your life. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Rick moved his hand from her ass, stroking her tangled brown hair. He looked into the depth of her green eyes and felt breathless. This was love – poem love, song love. What people talk about. “I do, Mom. And I really like Sandy and I want, well…yeah, other women. But you’ll always be first for me. Always first.”

Katie slid over, rolling Rick onto his back. She put her head on his smooth chest, listening to his heartbeat. “Good. And I’m still going to kick your ass when you don’t listen to me.”

“That’s fine. I’ll take it out on your ass later.”

“Oh, you little shit.” She pinched him again and he jolted. They laughed and Katie’s hand slipped down. Her son’s cock responded instantly, growing hard again. It had felt so perfect in her pussy. Thick but not too thick, big but not too big. Her breath quickened at the life-force pulsing through it. She threw the sheet back, moving down to put the now rock-hard meat in her mouth. She let her spit pool, lips pushing it down the shaft. Katie pulled back and slurped, tongue licking its sides, over the squishy head. Katie moved to straddle her son’s ankle, sliding her pussy, teasing it along the bone and muscle.

Rick’s hips bucked, wanting to grab her head, fuck his mom’s face, it felt so fucking good. But she was in control, hand pushing him down. She grinned, dimples popped. She winked and stroked him, hand so slick and wet. “No. This is MY blowjob, sweetie.”

“Aww, fuck yeah. Suck my cock, Mom.”

Her head bobbed, taking almost the whole length, popping off it to breathe in, then back down, tickling the back of her throat. Katie’s hips rocked on her son’s leg, pressing her clit. She moaned, slurping, swallowing.

“Would you like a big cock fucking you right now, Mom. Beau’s big cock, smacking into your ass, fucking you while you sucked my cock?”

Katie moaned around Rick’s cock, the thought tingling down her spine, juicing her pussy. She popped off the head. “Oh yes, Ricky. I’d love to be fucked while I’m sucking my boy’s big cock.”

“I can eat Cyndi’s pussy, right over my face. Do you want to watch me do that?”

“MMMM.” Slurp. “Yes. Baby.”

“Beau and me… ah, fuck, yes. We can fuck both of you. You can both…”

Katie rose up and sat on her son’s cock, sliding down, into her pussy. She leaned in, belly flattening against him. Her hips rotated and lifted, pussy clenching to milk her son’s cock. Her lips near his ear. “You want us to kiss? Me and Cyndi? You want me to eat her little pussy, lick her little asshole and suck her tits, Ricky? Do you want to see Mommy do that?”

“Oh, fuck yeah Mom. I want to see you eat pussy, see you get fucked.”

They met for a hard, suckling kiss, tongues rolling. Breaking, eyes open and inches away, Rick was stunned by the intensity in his mother’s eyes, hot breath on his skin. Katie marveled at her son’s possessed face. Fierce. She wanted to serve him, be taken. Fucked by her man.

“Good, baby. ‘Cuz I want that too. I want to watch you fuck Cyndi…and Carmen. I watched you. Watched her big, sexy ass. bahis firmaları Yeah? Fuck them good for me, baby.”

Katie pushed upward, higher, pussy clenching him, her hands braced on each side of her boy’s head. Rick lifted to take her tits into his mouth, sucking, nibbling. Cumming hard, Katie’s hips shook as a sloshing squirt of juice sprayed onto her son’s crotch.


With the lowering sun, Rick and Katie walked to the reception. Katie wore a short black cocktail dress, off the shoulder and low heels. Rick in a colored sport shirt and thin, tan trousers. The other couples in the large dining area were dressed similar – lots of color, lots of skin showing on the women, sensually casual. The lights were low; rhythmic, sensual music under the mingling conversation. The stage area toward the back of the room was lit brighter, in a subtle blue, set a few feet above the height of the round tables. Rick noticed a slow roil of fractal patterns on the stage’s back wall, similar to the video Rick and Katie watched at home weeks ago.

The waitstaff knew everyone’s names, bringing anything requested, mostly wine and prosecco for the Moms, mostly beer for the sons. Rick and Katie saw their own satisfied, well-fucked expressions with all of the other couples. Boys being boys, the women mostly carried the conversations. All of the couples spanned every corner of the country and profession. Katie loved meeting Jill, a tall, dark-haired and athletic San Francisco police detective and her daughter Sasha, a smaller version of her mother with spikey plum-dyed hair, a lip piercing and a full sleeve of tattoos.

Monique was a black high-school principal from Philadelphia. Her son, Julian, was tall and fit with a sly smile and soft voice. Rick and Julian talked a quite a bit about photography and movies. Rick loved the contrast of Monique’s dark skin with her short yellow dress, showing off her shiny, thick thighs and arms. She had a flirty white smile and long, wild black tresses, reminding Rick of a thicker and softer Serena Williams. Kate and Rick also spent time talking to Hailey and her son, Sean. Hailey was a plump business owner from Des Moines, all boobs and wide hips with an edgy Midwestern-librarian look. Her black-frame glasses and natural, no-make-up face were balanced by a cocked-eyebrow naughty smirk and purple/pearl-dyed tips in her shoulder-length, straight brown hair. The 44+ cleavage of Hailey’s short purple dress drew Rick’s attention as much as Sean’s large, roving hands along his mother’s hips and the fat bulge in his black jeans drew Katie’s eyes and warming pussy. Hailey was asking if Katie and Rick had enjoyed their hot tub yet when Carmen Stone took the stage.

Carmen’s platinum hair was down in soft waves. She changed to a silver dress that made her curves flash and boom under the stage light. Rick muttered under his breath, gobsmacked.

“Welcome, everyone. It looks like everyone’s been having a great first day. All of our Super Moms and their special, great kids. I see a lot of smiling faces and affection out there. Cheers to that, huh?” Carmen raised her champagne flute.

Laughs and a few cheers and hoots. Rick and Katie clinked glasses with Hailey and Sean.

“My mother, Veronica, will be out to speak in just in minute. In the meantime, our staff is setting out the table designations for dinner. It’s two couples to a table. We’re going to rotate through the week, so everyone will get a chance to dine together. So, before you sit, grab another refreshment if you’d like and I’ll see everyone after dinner. OK?”

After a spate of applause, Rick and Katie moved with the others toward the tables. They found themselves off to the right side, seated at the round table with Monique and Julian. Each mother and son sat together. Rick and Katie’s hands found each other under the tablecloth. Across the room, Katie saw Jill and Sasha share a brief tongue kiss.

Veronica Stone strode onto the stage in a black pantsuit, with a collar halter top and loose-legged black pants, showing off her shapely ass. Her exposed arms and shoulders were tan and well-toned. The wireless mic was unseen, not mussing her coiffed ash-blonde hair. She was in incredible shape, her firm C-cups cored in muscle. Rick smirked, remembering an old Dave Chappelle comedy bit, about some people actually having a glow coming off of them. Rick James…

“Hello hello everyone,” Veronica said under the sustained applause and cheers of the eight couples. “You have no idea how happy I am that you’re all here. This is our fourth Super Moms week and I knew this was going to be the best.”

She prowled the stage, looking everyone in the eye as she moved. “I see a lot of happy faces. A lot of satisfied faces, kids full of love and appreciation for their Moms. Moms for their new awareness of their kids. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking you all learned something new about each other today in your first day at our compound. And it’s our kaçak iddaa compound – yours now as much as mine. It’s pretty invigorating to take a leap of the heart, isn’t it?”

“OK. So, a couple of things to get out of the way. No, I’m not a witch. No, I’m not a mad scientist. No, I’m not a hypnotist. No one is going to stand up and start clucking like a chicken or run around and start acting crazy. Well, maybe a little crazy, but in fun way. Right?”

Laughs from the crowd.

“I will admit we employ a few scientific and mental suggestions to our selected Super Moms couples. But they will not work if the desire to love and explore isn’t already there. We don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. We couldn’t. And we would never want to. After careful scrutiny, you were chosen to join us because you’re all remarkable people. People we believe can reach a happiness that everyone in this world deserves, in whatever way they can find it, which is what we pursue through the foundation – our schools and job programs, food programs, medical programs. But you Super Mom’s couples have the something extra. A sexual force as powerful as anything in nature. That something I’ve been enjoying with my son’s and daughter for years. A gift that has sustained me, us – “

Veronica gestured to Carmen and her two sons seated side-stage.

” – and lets us go that further step. To lead and do our best work. Experiencing a divine joy of ultimate love and the joy in helping others. And that’s what we’re hoping for all of you. Incredible sex leads to incredible things.”

Cheers, laughs, pussies grew wet, cocks hard…

“So, let’s all have some dinner and I’ll see everyone later tonight and all week long. And if you’re shy about coming to say hello, don’t worry. I’ll be coming to you, OK?”

During the meal, conversation became flirtation between Kate, Rick, Monique and Julian, from warm to simmer. Compliments and references to the great sex each mother/son couples had been exploring spun thoughts and savoring looks at each other.

Monique reached out, the tips of her red nails tracing Rick’s jawline. “You have the most incredible blue eyes, baby. I could just eat you up with a spoon. I bet you just get lost in those, don’t you, Kate?”

“Mmm, I do, Monique. I can get wet just watching Rick. Actually, looking at Julian gets me pretty warm, too,” Katie said, looking at the young black man. Katie took a forkful of her desert cake, winking at Julian. He smiled at Katie. She licked her lips, swallowing. “Plenty to eat, I bet.”

“Mmm, you know that’s right, Kate.”

Rick and Julian’s grins split their faces, heads shaking at each other. How lucky…

Monique sipped her prosecco. “You boys have no idea. Fine ass is not easy to find.”

“And I see two fine asses at this table, Monique.”

She smiled, nodding. “Damned fine. I’m thinking we should take these two young men back to our room and try out that hot tub. What do you think about that. Kate?”

“Sounds wonderful to me. How about you boys?”

Julian laughed. “Yeah. That’d work.”

“Well, I’m game. But what about our suits?” Rick said, touching Monique’s hand as it still stroked his cheek.

“No, no, Rick. Monique wants to see all that fine pink skin of yours, baby.”

Katie stood, taking Julian’s hand. “Then let’s go.”


Back at Monique and Julian’s room, Rick and Katie stripped outside on the patio. Upon entering the room earlier, Monique requested “Ashley”, the audio assistant, turn on the hot tub and some music. Rick and Katie stepped into the warm, soft-lit bubbles.

Katie turned to Rick, kissing him. “You’re OK with this, baby?”

“Oh yeah, Mom. Monique’s fucking hot.”

“I know. And I really want to fuck Julian, too.”

“I love you, Mom.”

As they kissed, Monique and Julian walked out from the sliding glass doors with beers, wine and waters.

“And what kind of nastiness is this? A naked sexy mother tongue-kissing her naked son. My word.” Monique dropped her purple silk robe to reveal her dark, naked form. Huge, heavy breasts capped by jutting, near-black pinkie-thick nipples. Her strong thighs V-d to a shaved pussy, a soft droop of belly over it. As Julian set the drink tray next to the hot tub, Monique’s hands turned him and they embraced, tongues dueling. Julian was bare except for a pair of boxers, which Monique dropped as they kissed. Julian was lean, tightly muscled at his stomach. His cock hung long and low. Katie inhaled seeing it, pussy twitching.

Monique and Julian slipped into the water, Monique sliding close to Rick while Katie crawled over on top of Julian, kissing him, hands roaming his shoulders as if sculpting them.

Monique’s grasped and stroked Rick’s hard cock under the bubbling, warm water. “MMM. I’ve found a new friend, I think.” She leaned over to kiss the 18-year-old, pausing a moment to stare into his eyes. She grasped the back of his head, pulling him close as their kaçak bahis tongues met. Rick’s hands moved up to caress her tits, rolling his thumbs on the nipples.

She broke the kiss, a hefted breast flowing over her hand. “You wanna suck Momma’s big titties, Rick? I think you should.”

As Rick lowered above the water’s surface to nurse on the thick, dark nipples Julian was reaching back, spreading Katie’s ass, his big hands gripping both cheeks. Kate moaned in his mouth. Julian’s cock now rock-hard, pressed wetly against her, up to her belly button.

“Oh yeah, suck on those titties, baby. Feels so fucking good.” Her hands massaged Rick’s scalp as Rick’s right hand reached to Monique’s pussy, playing over the smooth skin, lips parting for his touch.

“Oooooh. Fuck baby. Mmm yeah.”

Katie slid her face to Julian’s ear. “Sit up on the side, Julian. I need to suck this big cock.”

“Yes Ma’m.”

Monique looked up at the splash, seeing her son’s long, gorgeous piece of meat tall and glistening wet before Katie plunged her mouth down on it.

“Stand up, Rick. Your momma’s got the right idea. We need to get the first one out so you boys can fuck us all night long.”

As Monique took his cock in her mouth, Rick looked over at Julian, head thrown back, groaning. He knew what Julian was feeling when his Mom was twisting her head like that, stroking as she sucked. Suddenly, both of Monique’s hands grabbed Rick’s ass cheeks and jerked him forward. He looked down to her big brown eyes staring up at him. Knowing what she wanted, he started thrusting. Fucking her face. Monique gagged as she swallowed all of him, taking a half-dozen of his full length thrusts from his balls to the tip of his cock head. She pulled off, gasping breath, strands of white spit dripping off his bobbing cock and her thick, supple lips. Monique slurped and drew in Rick’s cock some more, hands grabbing his ass, pulling him in. Rick loved the contrast of their skin. She was a tigeress, consuming him…

“Oh, fuck. Monique. Oh my God…”

Katie slurped on Julian’s cock, sucking hard. She could wrap both of her hands around it, jack, and still suck the wide, purple head. It pulsed in her mouth, so alive. “Oh you’re like candy, Julian.”

“Fuck yeah. Keep sucking. Suck that dick, baby”

Within another two minutes both boys were treating the mothers to explosive, ropy streams of cum. Monique swallowed all of Rick, moaning at the sweet taste, while Katie enjoyed the first splash of Julian on the side of her face, giggling. It was like Julian’s cock was this little creature, the cum some kind of happy, loving kiss for making it feel so good. Julian leaned back as far as he could on the edge of the tub, groaning while Katie swallowed the last two syrupy pulses. He reached for a water bottle and chugged.

Everyone took some water and dried off from the stack of towels next to the tub. The trade continued, with the black and white mothers carefully drying the other’s son. The sons taking care of the other mother’s curves. Kisses exchanged, hands caressed, gentle moans in the warm nigh air. The light and dark skin above the glow of the hot-tub, mixing, mingling…

In the room, Monique lay back across the bed near the headboard, tossing the pillows to the floor. She spread her big legs, red-tipped fingers spreading her pussy lips, big clit like a pink jewel. Rick slid forward across the bed, burying his face into her pussy, tongue licking up the juice, swirling the clit. Her pelvis pushed upward as she moaned.

“Oh yeah. Eat Monique, baby. Eat that pussy up. Such a good boy.”

Katie kissed Julian and eased him onto his back near the foot of the bed, parallel to Monique and Rick. She squatted her pussy and ass above his face and she leaned forward to suck more life into his cock. She wanted this in her pussy soonest. As she ground on Julian’s face she was delighted at his lips and tongue toying with her pussy lips, clit and asshole. His big hands spread her cheeks, tongue going deeper, licking. Monique or someone had taught the boy well.

Rick licked all around Monique’s lips, finger inside, sucking her clit. A shot of fluid covered his face, Monique screaming out. The taste was sharper and different for his Mom’s but he licked it up all the same, gulping. Fuck it was good. Monique’s big thighs pressed against the side of his head, her hands massaging his head.

“Oooooooh fuck me, baby. Soooo good, oooh. You eat pussy like champ. Get up here.”

Monique pulled as Rick climbed her big frame, mashed against the black woman’s big tits. They kissed, Monique licking the squirt from Rick’s cheeks. She grabbed his recharged cock, licking his ear. “Now you fuck this pussy, baby. Fuck it like you own it. You hear me?”

Rick glanced to his right. His mother, Katie, was grinning at him with a mouth full of thick black cock, her dimples popped, brown hair a wet mess, plump ass twerking on Julian’s face. She winked. Rick smiled and started thrusting into Monique. Owning it. The way she wanted. He put the woman’s thick legs up on his shoulders, grasping tight, up and down.

“Oh yeah. Fuck it. Fuck that shit. Tear that pussy UP. Oh my God. Fuck fuck FUCK!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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