Sunday Rendezvous

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For a number of days, both had been anxiously waiting till this moment, a few rare stolen hours where they could finally be alone, together.

Escaping the family gathering, they excused themselves as they slinked into the car, fingers crossed that they could actually leave. As the car leapt into life, they briefly celebrated their success. Then the realisation of where to go where they could be alone and ravish each other’s bodies.

With no private space to savour, they headed to a forest 20 minutes away in search of solitude. As they drove, they spoke of their days since their last encounter. Innocent talk that hid their carnal urges and the hand drifting over to his crotch, rubbing in firm, long strokes. As they drove, she could feel him grow and press against his clothes, the tension increasing as she continued to caress and rub over his clothes. Although he denied it, she could hear his arousal as he stumbled over his words and his breathing slightly quickened. Knowing that she was creating such sexual tension for him, in turn made her also respond. She could feel the heat rising in between her legs, her underwear trapping the heat making her hot and wet. She was tempted to slide her hand down to feel that moist, welcoming space, but not yet. Tonight, she wanted to hear her man moan and plead with her.

The car snaked down a few country lanes to a deserted car park, deep in the forest. No-one should disturb them. The cold weather confined them to the car so they slid the car seats back and reclined, eager to explore each other. First kissing, their breath rapidly increasing in shallow gulps as their tongues explored and hands roamed over their bahis firmalar─▒ aching bodies.

The need to feel and see him took over and she undid his jeans, sliding them over his toned arse so that she could clearly access his hard cock. First her hand stroked up and down, massaging and sensing his eagerness. Then, without a word, she leant over, taking the tip in her mouth, flicking her tongue. She felt his body tense, his back arch and a low moan rumble from his throat. Excited even more now, she went straight down, taking him all in her mouth, sliding her tongue up and down while massaging the base of his shaft. She could feel his penis starting to throb and the small veins pulse in response. This just encouraged her more and she sped up her movements, sliding up and down, now wet and hot.

Overcome with passion, his moans increased in volume and he found himself calling out “Oh god, yeah baby”. Now she could barely ignore the heat in her own crotch, her undies wet with desire. Pulling her legs up so that she was kneeling on her seat, she fumbled to undo her own jeans. Seeing her response, his arm slid down the back of her jeans, sliding over her bum, fingers exploring her pussy. Finding her wet heat, he moaned his approval before thrusting 2 fingers in, sending her into appreciative moans, muffled by his hard cock still sliding in and out her mouth. Spurred on, his fingers explored and pumped her, matching the speed of her mouth, spreading her juices over her lips and clitoris. Flicking her clit with his finger, she quickly spasmed, her pussy clenching on his fingers still in her pussy as she was overcome with her first orgasm. Her back arched, ka├žak iddaa throwing her head back as she braced against the dashboard and door of the car, crying out as the wave of ecstasy washed over her body. Her voice ragged and hoarse “Oh baby, I’m coming!” He paused to watch her beautiful body arch and react to the intense pleasure riding through her. As she came down, his fingers quickly resumed entering her pussy, feeling the extra juices spreading and inviting his body to join in.

Hunger and passion was now overtaking her mind and she stopped briefly to take off her shoes and jeans before climbing over onto his seat, straddling his body with her hips. But not yet, she wasn’t done with his magnificent cock. She needed to taste him and feel his hunger, feel his need to fuck her take over his body, just like the orgasm that made her body shake. Running her fingernails down his torso, she arched her touch around his member, trailing down his inside thighs before circling to underneath his balls. There she teased and trailed her fingers around his thighs while her tongue started licking and kissing down his abdomen. His body stiffened as he watched her head sinking down his body, eager to see how she would take his penis. Her tongue circled his tummy around his cock, laying still and glistening. Then she slid further down to his thigh before slowly, gently sliding up to his scrotum where she roughly kissed him.

Looking up at him to watch his reaction, she then licked the full length of his cock like a giant lollipop, smiling as he gasped for breath, another moan escaping his throat. Now her desire overtook her and she needed to feel him rocking and straining ka├žak bahis as she again took him in her mouth. This time, she couldn’t help it, she was going down on him fast and deep, her saliva making him slide faster. She could sense his body stiffen and react while his moaning got louder and he lost control, calling out how good it felt. She stopped briefly to flick his tip rapidly with her tongue before again plunging down his shaft and sucking harder, scraping her teeth along his skin. She could feel him losing control as a tiny bit of pre-cum squirted and she eagerly tasted it before continuing to suck his hard cock.

Now she couldn’t ignore it. Her pussy was so wet and excited, she needed to feel him enter her and feel him throbbing in pleasure. Climbing back up on his seat, she straddled his hips, her hand grabbing his member before guiding him to slide into her pussy. The release was intense and they both moaned out loud before grinding in unison. Bracing against the car seat and door, she guided her body up, savouring the full length of his cock before sinking back down and taking him hard and deep.

Her body was responding quickly and she was swept up in the movement of riding his body and feeling his cock rub against her g-spot. Her hand braced against the car roof as she exclaimed, “Oh baby, I’m coming again”, straining to keep the momentum as her back arched and she felt the spasm shake her whole body. Her pussy clenched his cock and she rode him with the wave of her orgasm. He found he could no longer resist. He grabbed her hips and called out as he too, rode an orgasm that shook him and emptied his body.

Their bodies slowed as their orgasm’s ebbed out, finishing with their exhausted and satisfied bodies pressed against each other, her head on his chest. They stayed like that for a few more minutes, soaking up the satisfaction of their joint orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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