Summer with Grandpa

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18 year old Suzanne decided to spend the summer on her Grandfather’s farm before going off to college in the fall. She knew her grandfather had been lonely since her grandmother died 2 years before. Her parents weren’t to keen on her spending the summer so far away but since she was 18 now, they figured she was old enough to make her own decisions.

She caught the greyhound in Portland, OR and three days later arrived at the station in Kansas City, Missouri.

She threw her slender body into her grandfather’s waiting arms as soon as she got off the bus. Her 38C breasts pressed tightly against his chest. Her grandfather Peter stood 5’10” about 2 inches taller then her own 5’8″. His salt and pepper hair still showed signs of the dark brown hair that matched her own. His ice blue eyes sparkled as he looked her over. “Damn girl. You really grew up.” He said with his southern accent that had never quite gone away. Grandpa had grown up in Mississippi but moved to Missouri when he met her grandmother in school there. They had married right out of college and were together for over 50 years when she suddenly went to sleep one night and never woke up.

Suzanne’s green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. “Thanks. You look great to grandpa.” He had put on a bit of weight but it was more muscle from working the farm then fat.

Peter smiled at her as he rubbed his mustache and beard then picked up her duffel bag she had dropped when she hugged him. “Come on darling, I gotta get back to the farm.”

She wrapped her hand through his arm as he led her out to the pickup.

“Gee Grandpa; it’s sure hot in here.” Suzanne said as they headed towards the road and out of town. Both windows were wide open with a strong breeze.

“The weather man predicted almost 100 degrees today.” Peter said not taking his eyes off the road in front of him.

Suzanne pulled her soaked halter top away from her skin. “Ah…that’s better.” She moaned as she pulled it down her chest until her breasts were free to feel the wind.

Peter glanced over at her and gasped. “Suzanne.” He cried as he suddenly looked back at the deserted road. “Pull your shirt up.” He ordered.

Suzanne had her breasts lifted in her hands, letting the wind cool them with her eyes closed. “Why, this feels good.” She opened her eyes looking at her grandfather. “Besides, it’s not like you’ve never seen a pair of tits before.”

Peter tried to keep his eyes on the road, but they kept glancing over at her. “You are my granddaughter.” He said hoarsely. “You have no business showing me your tits.” He groaned inwardly as he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans.

She smiled at him then lowered her eyes until they were resting on his crotch. Her eyes widened as her smile brightened. “Grandpa, you’re getting a hard on.” She said with a chuckle.

Peter just growled but concentrated on driving. This seemed to work for a couple of minutes until he felt Suzanne hand opening his jeans.

He stopped the car, and then looked at her as she brought his 8 inch cock out in the open. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked her.

Suzanne had moved onto her knees and was just about to take his cock into her mouth when he stopped the car. She looked up at him innocently. “Ah grandpa, I’m hungry.” Then before he could protest, he felt her lips enclose him.

Peter sat there in shock as she bobbed her head up and down over him. Her tongue moved all over his flesh. “Oh god,” He moaned throwing his head back as he tangled his fingers in her hair. He felt her push him against her throat then pull back, he wondered if she had ever done this before.

Then it hit him just who was sucking so nicely on his shaft. He gripped her head, trying to pull her off of him but she just held on with her lips. “Suzanne, this isn’t right. You shouldn’t be…Oh god.” He groaned when he suddenly felt himself slide into her throat.

Suzanne held him for a minute then slowly pulled back up. She had never done any of this before but always wanted to try deepthroating. She jacked the base of Peter’s cock while her tongue moved over his piss slit. When he suddenly spurted precum into her mouth, she tasted it, then smiled as she swallowed it then looked for more.

Peter was having a hard time remembering that it was his granddaughter who was giving him a blowjob. It had been so long since anyone had sucked on him or he had bahis firmalar─▒ been inside a woman and her mouth felt so good around him. His hand tangled once again in her hair, as he pushed her up and down over his hard cock. “Oh baby. Suck grandpa’s cock. Make me cum in your hot mouth.” He groaned giving up and enjoying her mouth on him.

Suzanne moaned around him as she sucked harder at his shaft. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and the way he was pushing on her head while he cried out in pleasure, told her it wouldn’t be long. She slipped her hand down under her body until she found her bare pussy leaking like crazy. She hadn’t worn any panties on the bus, determined that her grandfather was going to take her cherry.

She slipped 2 fingers into her virgin hole, sliding them in and out as she continued to suck at Peter’s cock. Suddenly he gripped her head hard as he slammed her repeatedly up and down over him.

“Fuck…Gonna…Cum…” he panted as he forced her head hard over him.

Suzanne let him move her head as she moved her fingers harder in her pussy, trying to bring herself off when she got him off in her mouth.

Peter slammed hard upward with his hips, driving his cock deep into her mouth as he shot off. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg.” He screamed.

Suzanne moaned around his shooting cock, swallowing as fast as she could while her pussy spasmed around her flying fingers. She drank all his juices then dug at his piss slit looking for more before she finally let his spent cock slip from between her lips. “You taste good grandpa.” She said with a smile.

Peter, who was resting his head against the back of the seat, slowly opened his eyes. “You shouldn’t have done that darling.” He panted as he fixed his jeans.

Suzanne sat back in the seat as he started driving again. “Why not? I liked it?”

Peter looked at her. “You are my granddaughter Suzanne.”

She fixed her skirt as she sat back down on the seat. “Yea, so?”

He looked at her as they pulled into the driveway leading to the farm. He was silent until he had pulled up to the house, and then looked at her again. “Its incest darling, Family members don’t have sex.” Then before she could protest, he got out of the truck and headed towards the house.

Suzanne lay in her empty bed a week later working her pussy into frenzy as she thought about her grandfather’s cock and how she was going to get him to fuck her. She had tried pressing herself against him while they walked over the farm, but he just pushed her away.

When she kissed him on the lips, he pushed her from him so hard that she landed on her butt in the dirt. He had given her a dirty look then went back to work.

Now as she pushed herself towards orgasm, she was wracking her brain trying to figure out how to get grandpa to fuck her. She had even purposely left the bathroom door open when she went in to take her shower. He had just closed the door without looking at her.

As Suzanne body convulsed in orgasm, she wanted to scream in frustration. She was determined to have grandpa fuck her and she wanted him to fuck her now. Pulling her fingers from her pussy, she moved out of bed and down the hall. She stood outside her grandfathers closed door then slowly opened it.

Peter was lying on his back, naked with the moonlight shining over his body. His cock was half hard lying against his stomach. She walked quietly to the bed, then onto it. She froze when he snored loudly then when she was sure he wasn’t going to wake up, continued moving towards him.

She watched his eyes as she lowered her head, taking him once more into her mouth. She felt him harden as she ran her tongue over him. When Peter moaned in his sleep, she knew she had to have him inside her.

She knew from girls at school that it was easier if the guy was on top when you lost your virginity, but since grandpa was being such a poop about it, Suzanne decided it was time to take matters into her hands.

She straddled his hips, and then rested on hand lightly on his stomach while she guided his hard cock to her entrance. When he was lined up, she took a deep breath then slammed her body down over him, impaling him completely into her body. She gave a small cry as he shot through her hymen, but other then that she loved the fullness of him inside her. “So far so good,” She said quietly as she looked up into his sleeping face. He was ka├žak iddaa buried inside her and none the wiser.

Resting her hands on his stomach, she slowly lifted her body over him until he almost left her pussy, then slowly moved back down, taking him inside her again. “Oh…that feels so good.” She moaned as she rode him, massaging his cock with her inner muscles.

Peter came awake slowly, feeling Suzanne’s pussy pulling at his cock was pulling him from his dream. Slowly he opened his eyes to see her moving up and down over him. Her breasts bounced with her movements. Her breath was coming in pants as she fucked herself on him.

Suddenly Peter was wide awake. “What the fuck?” He growled watching her.

Suzanne opened her eyes to look at her grandfather’s. “Well you wouldn’t fuck me.” She said matter of factly even as she continued to slide over him.

Peter groaned as he felt her pull him deeply inside her. Her pussy was tighter then her mouth and felt great sliding over him. “This isn’t right.” He growled even as he thrust up into her.

“I don’t care.” She cried when she felt him slam into her. “I love you grandpa and I love your cock. I don’t care if it is right or wrong. I want you to fuck me.” She stuck out her lower lip as she moved faster over him, pulling him deep inside her.

“Suzanne…Baby…Please.” He begged grabbing her hips to pull her off of him. “Don’t do this to me. I can’t fuck you. It’s not right.” He pulled at her but she just held on, keeping her pussy moving up and down over him.

“I’m not leaving grandpa. You’re cock is already in me. You might as well enjoy it.” She took his hands from her hips, moving them to her breasts as she rode him hard.

“Oh god…Fuck…Oh no…” He panted even as he slammed upward into her.

“Fuck me grandpa.” She screamed bouncing her body over him even as she held his hands to her breasts. “It feels so good.”

Peter was fighting inwardly with himself. He wanted to fuck her so bad, to show her just how good it could be. Her pussy was milking at his cock, pulling him deep inside her. But at the same time, he knew it was wrong.

When she suddenly tightened around him as she came, Peter knew there was no question. She would get her wish. He had to fuck her and he had to fuck her now.

Suzanne gasped in surprise, when she was suddenly thrown onto her back with her grandfather pounding her from above. “You wanted my cock you little minx. You got it.” He growled as he thrust hard and fast into her gripping hole.

Once the shock was over, Suzanne squealed with joy. “Yessssssssss…Fuck me grandpa. Ream my little pussy with your hard cock. It feels so good.”

Peter didn’t respond; he just took one of her nipples between his teeth, sucking hard on it as he ferociously took her pussy. He pounded her hard and fast, making her squeal with pleasure. He could feel her juices flooding him as he slammed repeatedly into her body. “You like that baby?” he growled against her ear as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. “You like grandpa’s cock deep in your pussy?”

“Yes grandpa, oh yes.” She screamed as she dug her feet into the mattress so she could push herself up against him. Their bodies rocked together as the mattress groaned under their movements. “Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She cried digging her nails into his back as she shoved herself madly against him, pulling him deeper inside her. “Fuck MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as she came again around him.

“God, you have such a nice pussy baby.” Peter grunted fucking her hard. Suddenly he pulled out of her body.

“No…” Suzanne cried trying to pull him back.

Peter just laughed. “Relax little girl. Just wanna change positions.”

She looked at him in confusion for a minute, then smiled when he pulled her to a sitting position then pushed her over onto her hands and knees. “Push your face into the pillow baby, and stick your ass up in the air.” He said as he moved in behind her.

Suzanne spread her legs wide, as she rested her head against the pillow. “Oh grandpa,” She moaned as he filled her with his length. “That feels so good.”

Peter just chuckled as he fed her his length. When he was buried in her completely, he pulled out to the head then suddenly slammed forward again. “Oh god,” She grunted at his sudden invasion.

Peter just laughed again and started fucking ka├žak bahis her furiously, pushing her head towards the wall with each of his violent thrusts. “You like that little girl?” He asked as he pummeled her pussy from behind while he gripped her hips in his hands.

“Oh yes. Fuck me grandpa. It feels so good.” She moaned whipping her head back and forth as she shoved back against him. “Make me cum again grandpa.”

Peter rammed her pussy with his cock as one hand moved beneath her body, gripping her clit, while he wet a finger of the other hand and shoved it into her virgin asshole. “What the fuck?” She asked looking over her shoulder as he slowly fingered her ass while he fucked her.

Peter chuckled, “That’s your ass baby. Feels good with my finger in it don’t it?” He pushed his finger further into her as he pummeled her pussy with his cock.

Suzanne tried to ignore his cock in her pussy for a minute while she felt his finger in her ass. It was strange but didn’t hurt. “I like it.” She moaned as her shoved his finger deep. “Finger my ass grandpa while you fuck me.” She moaned lowering her head back to the pillow.

Peter shook his head as he filled two of her holes at once. Her ass was pulling at his finger while her pussy milked his cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was filling her pussy with his juices. He pulled his finger from her ass, wet it and another one then slammed both into her. She whimpered in pain for a minute then fucked back against him. As he watched her sucking at his fingers, he got an evil idea. She had pushed him into her fucking her and it had been a long time since his cock was shoved up a sweet ass. He pulled out of her suddenly, making her moan in disappointment. “Why did you stop? I was so close.”

Peter didn’t answer. Instead he spread open her ass-cheeks then pushed his cock against her virgin hole. “What are you doing grandpa?” She asked looking over her shoulder at him when she felt him against her other hole. “That’s not my pussy.”

He smiled at her as he dipped his fingers into her pussy, coating them with her juices, which he spread over his cock. “Believe me sweetheart. I know.” Then before she could do anything, he pressed forward with his hips, spreading her open as he slowly slid into her ass.

“Ugh…” She groaned digging her nails into the pillow as she felt her ass slowly being opened by his hard cock. “Grandpa, I don’t know if I like this.” She whimpered.

He ignored her as he held her cheeks open with his fingers while he watched his cock slide into her ass. “I don’t care. You wanted me to fuck you, I’m fucking you.” He hissed through clenched teeth as he slowly penetrated her.

Suzanne whimpered in pain as he continued to push into her. “I wanted you to fuck my pussy. Not my ass.”

He just laughed. “It’s just another hole.” He pushed forward a little bit harder making her cry out as he shoved the head of his cock into her.

“Grandpa, it hurts.” She cried clawing at the pillow.

Again Peter ignored her. He closed his eyes, enjoying her tightening around him. “Oh yea,” He moaned. When her cries penetrated his lust filled mind, he slammed three fingers into her pussy, fingering her hard and fast as he continued to slowly slide his cock into her ass.

Suzanne was on the edge of a precipice. Her ass was burning, from her grandfather forcing himself into it, but her pussy was spasming like crazy as she came forcefully around his fingers. “Grandpa…” She screamed as she shoved herself back against his thrusting fingers and in the process buried him completely up her ass. “Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…” She screamed when she felt him buried inside her.

When she slammed him into her, Peter lost his control. When he felt her take him completely he growled low in his throat as he started shooting deep into her bowels. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” He screamed even as he slowly thrusting in her ass, coating his way with his cum.

“Oh grandpa,” Suzanne moaned as she felt him shrinking then slowly leaving her. The few thrusts he had given her when he was coming had felt good and she was sure if she was lubed up, she would love to have his cock up her ass again.

Suzanne didn’t sleep in her room for the rest of the summer. She spent the night in her grandfather’s bed. She would suck him to hardness; while he ate her out then he would fuck her both in the ass and pussy while she begged for more.

As she caught the bus back home at the end of summer, she had a bright idea. Grandpa had initiated her into sex. Next was daddy.

But that dear readers, is another story.

The End

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