Summer Fun Ch. 2

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As the weeks went on at cousin Mark’s house, they began experimenting. Jenny was always pleased with the two big cocks she had, and the boys were happy to share her.

One day, Chris’s mother said she was going out shopping and would be back in a few hours, and his father said he was going over to his friend’s house for a while. All three of them hurried into Chris’ room and began undressing each other. Vanessa laid down on the bed and began fingering herself. Her brother bent down and began licking her sweet cunt. Chris sat on the bad and put his cock in Vanessa’s mouth, which she sucked hungrily. Mark lapped at her pussy, sucking gently on her clit and flicking his tongue quickly against it. Mark turned Vanessa over and began rimming her beautiful ass hole.

Soon Vanessa was in complete bliss and began to orgasm. Chris slammed his cock down his cousin’s throat, and he too began shooting his load rapidly. Vanessa was then pulled onto her hands and knees where Mark pushed his cock into her mouth, and Chris went behind her and shoved his cock into her dripping pussy, where he quickly stiffened again. Mark pushed and pulled his sweet sister’s head up and down his cock, she was such a good cock sucker. Chris jammed his cock deep into her pussy, making her moan against Mark’s big meat.

She wanted both of them, and they knew it. Mark laid down underneath her and took out Chris’ cock and replaced it with his own. Chris gently rubbed the head of his cock around her tight puckered asshole, pushing gently and sliding the length of him up her butt. Vanessa love having to cocks pounding in her pussy and ass at the same time. She remembered the first time her brother and cousin did it to her. The pain was intense, but the feeling of having her ass and pussy stuffed with cock made her orgasm over and over. Mark was the first to begin rocking his massive cock in and out of her, Chris then followed slowly. Soon they were all in orgasmic bliss, coming and coming until they could come no more.

Little did they know that Chris’ father had been watching them the whole time. He would wait to get Vanessa alone bahis firmalar─▒ and then he’d show her what getting her ass fucked was really like. He knew that all three of them had been screwing all through the summer and had watched them countless times and had never been caught. But he wanted Vanessa all to himself to show her what sex was really like from an experienced man instead of two teenage, fumbling boys.

Chris’ father’s name was Bill, he was quite handsome for 41 with dark brown hair, good build, and blue eyes. The plan he came up with was to catch her by the pool when the boys and his wife were out and seduce her. His 12 inch cock throbbed just thinking about fucking his young niece. And very soon he would.

That night before he went to bed, he crept to Vanessa’s bedroom and watched her undress through the crack in her door. She had such a lovely body, large tits with beautiful nipples just waiting to be sucked. And her delicious pussy looked good enough to eat. He wanted her now, and he knew she would fuck him. He opened her door and walked up behind her, her room was dim and was only lit by the small lamp on the bedstand. He wrapped his arms around her little waist and began rubbing her stomach. She turned quickly and found that it was not one of the boys but her uncle touching her in such an erotic way.

He explained to her that he knew about her and the two boys, and that he wanted to show her what real fucking was like. She began kissing him, letting her tongue wonder into his mouth. Her pussy became soaked as her uncle closed the bedroom door and locked it. Vanessa was wearing only a little white tee-shirt and her hard nipples were visible underneath. Bill laid her on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head, cupping her large breasts in his hands. He gently sucked her nipples, making her moan.

Vanessa could not believe her own uncle was doing these things to her. It made her even more hornier. Bill slid down her belly, stopping at her glistening pussy. He kissed her swollen clit, spread her with his fingers, and dipped his tongue into her wet slit. ka├žak iddaa She grounded feverishly against his face, wanting more and more of his tongue inside of her. Her began to finger her dripping hole, with two, then three fingers. He knew she was about to come and he pulled his fingers out. He kissed her clit again, and gently lapped at it with his tongue. This was driving her into complete bliss. Bill slipped a hand between her ass cheeks, and found her little, puckered hole. he ran his finger around it in circles as he licked her stiff clit.

Vanessa raised her hips to give him better access, and rubbed her butt hole harder. His turned her onto her hands and knees and spread her ass cheeks. he rubbed her ass hole with his already wet finger, and then slowly pushed it into her twitching backside. She pushed back gently and his finger slid completely in. He began pumping it in and out, putting another finger in. Vanessa loved having fingers up her ass, when she was younger and used to masturbate alone in her room at night, she often would play with her ass and finger it like she had seen in pornographic movies. But she had never had her ass fingered like this before. Her uncle was an expert at ass, and he had only gotten started.

Bill added yet another finger in, which made it three. Her butt was stretching tightly around his fingers, but Vanessa loved every second of it. He put another finger in her ass, and she moaned a little from the discomfort, but soon relaxed. Bill’s fingers pumped in and out of her ass smoothly, he could only imagine what her ass would feel like around his huge cock. He soon began thinking about shoving it into her little butt hole, what would people think if they knew he had fucked his little niece up the ass, but he didn’t care, he would have her any way he could.

He pulled his fingers out and began licking her beautiful, puckered ass hole. She had gotten rim jobs, but nothing like this. He shoved his tongue deep into her butt, and she moaned from the pleasure. Her ass tasted so good, he had never seen anything so pretty. It was firm and round, and her ka├žak bahis butt hole was even nicer. he couldn’t wait to fuck it.

Bill took off his shirt and pajama bottoms and turned Vanessa over onto her back. He laid between her legs for a while, rubbing his hard penis against her slit. He kissed her gently and pinched her nipples, taking one into his mouth and biting gently on it. he took his cock and rubbed it against her pussy opening, and slowly pushed every 12 inches of it inside of her. She moaned, but his mouth muffled it. He pumped it hard in and out of her, so hard that tears soon formed in her eyes. Vanessa had never been fucked so well, the pleasure was amazing.

Bill pulled out of her and turned her onto her side where he laid behind her and pushed his cock into her pussy again. he fucked her more gently this time, while watching her pretty little ass shake with each thrust. He began rubbing her butt hole again as he fucked his niece’s pussy. Her pushed a finger in and matched his trusting cock with his fingers pumps. He wanted to be inside her ass so bad he could taste it. he pulled her head close to his and whispered, “Are you ready for my cock in you ass now”. Her reply came instantly that she would die if he didn’t stick his giant cock up her ass.

He pulled out of her pussy and rubbed the giant head of his cock against her tight, little butt hole. Slowly he began to push against the tiny opening. The head popped in, and soon followed every inch of his massive cock into his niece’s tight, little bum. She had never had her ass filled with so much cock before, and it hurt like hell, but soon her butt relaxed around her uncle’s meat.

Her began to pump it in and out of her butt, turning her onto her stomach and laying on her back, he fucked her ass harder now, slamming his cock into her. She held back screams of pleasure, and could come any second. Her uncle held on to her tits and pushed his cock farther up her ass hole.

Vanessa began orgasming as her uncle’s cock shot jets of hot come into her ass. She moaned as low as she could, but it was hard not to at all. He rocked his cock into her ass gently, and then pulled out of it. Vanessa had just been fucked better than she had ever been fucked in her life. She knew her and her uncle would share many nights of hot ass fucking that summer.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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