Summer Camp Pt. 04

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Chapter Twelve

For the next few days the young lovers did not have much time to be alone together. Bryan was quite busy getting ahead on his correspondence courses. Due to the holiday, and the ensuing preparations and all the time spent with family he had gotten a bit behind the schedule he had set for himself. Keionna, meanwhile was working hard at the Lodge helping her Uncle Cormac. She felt a bit guilty for abandoning him during the American Holiday. She had not realized how busy things got around the lake during this high point of the summer season.

Cormac assured her that it was okay. He heartily approved of her developing relationship with young Master Bryan Andrews. Keionna immersed herself into the various tasks that contributed to the success of a restaurant like the Lodge. She had begun to think she might like to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, maybe even opening a place similar to Uncle Cormac’s Lodge.

Bryan would call her each morning after his workout on the lake. They would chat briefly about their day and then Bryan would get focused on his school work. In the evening after he had finished the chores at the cabin he had assigned for himself, Bryan would head over to the Lodge. Often taking the Maristar, occasionally biking, he would arrive just before the dinner hour. He took to helping Cormac at the bar, serving drinks and seating diners. Keionna was busy waitressing or helping Little John in the kitchen. The other staff would smile at how often the two young lovers would brush by each other. Touching a shoulder, patting a waist here, grabbing an arm there, or just mooning at the other. Their flirtations never got in the way of their work, yet the obvious fascination with the other was quite humorous to the older, experienced adults.

At the end of the evening Cormac would often have to shove the two out the back door. “Now you go and have some quality time with that bonnie lass, boyo. Show my niece here how nice us simple Americans are. Eh?” With a twinkle in his eye, he would firmly shut the door and shut off the porch lights.

The couple would wander down the path towards the pier, inevitably ending up dangling their feet in the water on the end of the pier. A lot of cuddling and kissing would go on while the two basked in the growing warmth and seriousness of their relationship.

Keionna told Bryan more about her life back in Ireland, her childhood, school stories, girlfriends, and her growing interest in managing a place like the lodge. For his part, Bryan talked a lot about his family and similar stories of school experiences in the states and how that contrasted to Keionna’s. Not that talking was the main thing that occupied their time.

Bryan always marveled at the changes in Keionna’s eyes as the moonlight reflected off the water and played with the shadows on her face. He often stopped her mid-sentence with a light kiss on the mouth. One kiss was never enough. Bryan would try and hold back, yet the sweet sensation of her lips under his drove him crazy. He would lean back slightly, see the smoke rising in her eyes, and press his lips to hers again. Her mouth would part slightly inviting his tongue to explore her mouth. Soon the light kiss became a hungry devouring of each other. Hands that had sat quietly in their laps would soon be pulling at the other’s shoulders. Bryan would cup the base of Keionna’s skull and pull her tighter to him. His mouth sucking ravenously at her, slowly trying to inhale the completeness of her essence. Keionna would run her hands back and forth on his chest. Sometimes seizing a fistful of fabric as the need overcame her. She wanted to surrender herself completely to this strange, gentle, and scarred American boy. Memories of his manhood buried in her body reminded Keionna this was no boy, this man had captured her body and soul.

One weeknight in mid-July they found themselves firmly dismissed from the Lodge much earlier than usual. The dinner crowd had been very light that evening. Cormac and Angie insisted they had things well in hand. After walking the path along the shore, Keionna and Bryan found themselves on a secluded little cove just off the main swimming beach by the town. While they could hear the light noise coming from the main drag, there were no streetlights illuminating the water. Trees and bushes grew right down to the water’s edge. Just across from them was a small island on the lake. Too small for any buildings, it ws covered in old forest growth. Looking around Bryan noticed that he could not see the piers or windows of any of the houses nearby. Despite being 50 yards from Lodge, they were completely isolated.

Keionna found a comfortable deadfall to sit on and taking Bryan’s hand, they sat down to watch the setting sun’s reflections dance on the waves. Sensing the change in mood, Bryan straddled the log so that he could pull Keionna closer. Leaning in, he slowly inhaled the clean female scent of his red-haired princess. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she turned towards him eyes closed. Their lips met in a shock of canl─▒ bahis electric current. Keionna’s hands rose to bury themselves in Bryan’s hair. Their lips locked in a pulsing, playful battle; they soon lost awareness of the outside world.

Bryan’s hands stroked Keionna’s ribcage as their passion heated up. She had on a thin patterned blouse with many tiny buttons down the front. Bryan’s fingers trailed lines of liquid fire up and down her sides. Tracing patterns on her back and shoulders as Keionna’s full lips demanded more and more from her lover.

Not taking his mouth from hers, Bryan began to trace lazy circles and curlicues over Keionna’s stomach. His hands worked their way up her torso, exploring the curves of her bust. She could feel the skin over her breasts tighten and flush. Her nipples grew engorged as Bryan’s hands tantalized her heaving chest. Never actually landing on the erect points, he would sketch out erotic paths over her bosom.

Catching his lower lip between her teeth, Keionna grimaced, “Stop slaggin’ me already and take hold of them diddies!” Bryan just chuckled deep in his throat and kept his touch light. He worked his way up to the top button and popped it open.

“Yes!” declared the vixen, rewarding Bryan with another dart of her tongue into his mouth.

Bryan took over five minutes, gradually loosening each button, finally reaching the bottom of Keionna’s blouse, by this point she was panting with desire. Her hands were filled with fistfuls of Bryan’s hair. She leaned into him, trying to press her aching nipples against his chest. He held her back, still keeping his lips firmly engaged with hers.

His nimble fingers found the clasp of her bra in the front. He paused and looked her closely in the eye.

“Well? Don’t wait for an invitation boyo,” Keionna panted back, her lips eagerly seeking to regain contact with his.

Bryan resumed his assault on her bosom. Deftly releasing the clasp, he freed her breasts from the support of her bra. Keionna’s nipples were hard little points. The cool night air pebbled the exposed skin of her torso. As his warm hands captured her blushing breasts, Keionna sighed in abandon.

Hefting the soft forms in the palms of his hands, Bryan left a trail of warm kisses from her mouth down the side of her face till he found the throbbing vein at the base of her neck. His mouth formed a seal over the spot and his tongue flicked in time to her racing pulse. His hands began a gentle kneading of her ample bosom. Again he focused his attention to the whole quivering breast, yet deliberately avoiding her nipples.

Keionna laid her head on Bryan’s shoulder, her hair cascading forward, covering his hands that were tormenting her body. She yearned for him to land on her engorged nipples. The pain of desire in them was reaching an unbearable level, when she felt Bryan’s mouth moving down the slope of the right side of her chest. She held her breath, waiting in anticipation for the moment when his lips enclosed her nipple in a warm, wet embrace.

She felt a flood of moisture in her pussy. Bryan used just the firm grip of his lips to milk the tip of her breast. Thinking it couldn’t get any more intense, a thrill shot through her body from her left nipple to the core of her sex, as Bryan’s thumb began to flick against her exposed left breast. Keionna’s clit began to throb in time to the sucking ministrations of Bryan’s mouth on her bare chest. Throwing her head back, she let out a feline purr of contentment. Bryan’s mouth popped loose. The shock of cool air on the exposed nipple caused Keionna’s eyes to flit open, until she felt her left nipple surrounded by the warmth of Bryan’s lips. His thumb went to work on the wet nipple of her right breast.

Wanting contact with his bare skin, Keionna’s fingers tore at the hem of Bryan’s polo, pulling it up over his head. Before he had a chance to latch onto her breast again, she suckled first on Bryan’s right nipple then the left, using her teeth to lightly scrape the skin.

They sought each other’s mouths again, as Bryan slipped her blouse and bra off her shoulders. They each placed a thumb over a tight nipple and flicked back and forth as their tongues did as similar dance.

Now fully aroused and wanting to take charge, Keionna pushed Bryan back on the log and reached for his belt. Planting wet kisses all over his torso, she unbuckled, unzipped, and tugged his shorts and briefs down past his thighs. Feeling his erect penis flop out and brush her tits, she sandwiched his delicious cock between her breasts and gyrated back and forth. The feeling of his manhood caught in the valley brought a gush of pre-cum to the tip of Bryan’s penis.

When he felt the wet roughness of her tongue licking the moisture from the end of his raging hard-on, Bryan almost exploded. His cock was twitching of its own accord, until Keionna slowly sucked the full length of his shaft into her mouth. She gagged a little as the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She held the fullness of his manhood there as she relaxed to the feel of bahis siteleri his hard cock in her mouth.

She looked up at Bryan. He was overwhelmed with the sight her big green eyes looking at him with adoration, as his rigid penis was engulfed by her wet lips. He couldn’t remember seeing a sight so perfect, yet so naughty. Keionna pulled her head back. Bryan could see the hollowness of her checks as well as feel the firm suction as she let his cock just about pop free. With deliberate slowness she pulled the fullness of him back into her mouth. Bryan laid back and focused his thoughts on the exquisite oral attention his lover ws giving to his penis.

Keionna bent forward to her task. She cupped Bryan’s testicles in her small hand, gently massaging them as she sucked up and down the shaft of Bryan’s cock. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his member. When she would pull back, she would let her teeth just catch at the ridge of the head, not enough to hurt. Then she would thrust the whole thing back into her throat. Up and down the length of him she sucked and nibbled. Sensing the buildup of his passion, she released her suction and took a grip around the base of his scrotum. Pulling his balls gently away from his body, she leaned lower and licked his balls, taking first one, then the other into the warmth of her mouth.

The firmness of her grip on his ballsack kept Bryan from tipping over the edge. With her free hand she began to massage the muscles of his abdomen, playing in the curls of his pubic hair until she sensed that he was past the brink. Whereupon Keionna resumed her meal of Bryan’s cock.

She brought him to the edge three separate times before backing off the pressure and keeping him from climaxing.

Bryan finally had enough and pulled her face to his. Devouring her lips he could taste the salty pre-cum he had been steadily leaking for the past half hour. He greedily tugged at her shorts, pulling the waistband down. With her help, Bryan got Keionna wiggled out of her shorts and panties. Still lying on his back he pushed her hips up his torso until her thighs were straddling his face. Holding her gaze with an intense look, Bryan wrapped his arms around her thighs, pulled them wider as his open mouth landed on her sopping pussy.

When she felt Bryan’s warm mouth envelop her cunt, Keionna leaned back, thrusting her cunt tighter against his face. Her hands grabbed his head and pulled him to her raging sex.

Bryan’s tongue began an assault on Keionna’s labia that surpassed the ferocity with which she had tackled his cock. Not caring if he brought her to orgasm, Bryan’s tongue made invasion on her inner entrance. He traced the length of her pussy, from anus to clitoris. He delved into the inner and outer folds of her flesh. Sometimes sucking on the knob of her essence, sometimes pushing his tongue into her deeply. Keionna rocked back in forth in time to his molestation of her womanhood. She felt an additional throbbing and realized that Bryan was humming as his mouth worked over her sex. The vibrations soon had her entire body thrumming. With a gasp she locked her thighs tight to Bryan’s head as the dam broke loose and she was convulsed with waves of intense pleasure exploding out from her pussy.

Afraid she had suffocated Bryan, Keionna jumped up as soon as she had a semblance of control. Bryan’s grinning face, soaked with her juices beamed up at her while she tried to catch her breath. Bryan sat up and pulled a shaking Keionna onto his lap. She grabbed his head and covered his wet mouth with hers. Licking up the wetness of her cum from his face, Keionna wanted more. Noticing that he was still plenty hard, she stood and straddled Bryan and eased her enflamed pussy onto his cock.

She pushed down slowly so as to revel in the feel of his manhood entering her body. She gasped loudly when she finally felt him hit bottom. She looked down between their conjoined bodies amazed to see his cock fully buried into her wet snatch.

“That feels so wonderful,” Keionna looked deep into Bryan’s eyes. She wrapped her slender legs around his waist and tried to pull him even deeper into herself. Bryan took a cheek of her ass into each hand and helped pull her tighter to his pelvis.

“You said it, girl,” growled the man, then began a slow rocking motion to build up the friction between their entwined genitals. Her oral ministrations earlier had Bryan on the brink of ejaculation and the time he has spent eating her out had maintained his state of arousal. It was only a few moments before he could feel the impending pressure building in his balls.

Keionna was right behind him. The feeling of his cock deep in her pussy, just after her first orgasm, started another wave of pleasure building in her belly. Grinding her pussy against him, she encouraged Bryan to let it go, to fill her up with his cum. As the first pulsing throb of his cock announced his orgasm, Keionna felt her second explosion of the night hit. Each squirting pulse of his manhood in her throbbing tunnel jolted a wave of release throughout her enflamed bahis ┼čirketleri body. Keionna came hard and long. Bryan’s release was over as he continued to thrust into her pussy; he could feel the waves of pleasure release with each stroke. His cock maintained its firmness as he slowly sensed Keionna’s orgasm come to a shuddering conclusion.

Panting for breath, they clung to each other as the throes of their love-making cooled down. Bryan cast a guilty look around the little cove, but could see they were still quite alone. He could feel the hard little nubs of Keionna’s nipples burrowing channels across his chest as she fought to control her breathing.

“Oh my God! I think I am falling in love with you!” Keionna breathed into his mouth as she caught his head for a long, thankful kiss. Bryan’s response was equally heartfelt.

It was some thirty minutes later that they stood outside the back porch of the Lodge saying goodnight. They lingered there just leaning against each other, hands interlocked at their sides.

Angie and Cormac watched from the inside the darkened kitchen. They too were wrapped in each other’s arms. Angie looked into Cormac’s face and was delighted to see the look of happiness and contentment there. “They are good for each other, no?”

Cormac just nodded and then pulled her after him to the stairs to the bedrooms.

Chapter Thirteen

Alicia came home from work exhausted. The last few weeks after the 4th of July holiday were the busiest weeks of the year at her firm. She had never quite understood why, but her boss always gave the entire staff the month of August off, so despite the breakneck pace of work during July, Alicia and her co-workers were quite happy to persevere knowing they would be rewarded in a short time.

Dropping her purse on the counter, she paused long enough to pull a bottle of wine from the rack, put in the fridge to chill, and then headed for the bedroom shower. She left a trail of garments behind her at the top of the stairs. First her shoes, then her belt, then the blouse, skirt, slip and bra dropped to the floor by the bed, her panties the last as she turned the water on for a hot bubble bath.

As the tub slowly began to fill, she poured in an assortment of oils, salts, and soap. She went into the bedroom and rummaged through her toy drawer looking for her newest water safe vibrator. Joe had bought her this one earlier this year as a way to help her relax and “get in the mood” when he would have to stay longer at the office than usual. Finding the pink vibrator she switched it on to see if the batteries were charged. The hum assured her all was in working order.

Slowly settling herself in to the steaming water, a sigh escaped her lips as she finally immersed herself in the fragrant water. Her muscles began to loosen up from knots she had barely noticed. Laying her head back against the folded towel she just let the tension melt.

When the Andrews had remodeled the house a few years back, Alicia had insisted the put in a large bathtub for just this reason. Though it didn’t take Joe long to discover the advantage of a tub large enough for two people to enjoy time together. The accompanying shower stall was also oversized. An advantage the adult Andrews had frequented often, and not just to save time, though that was Joe’s excuse the first time he climbed in with his petite wife.

The long soak was having success in eliminating the stress headache Alicia had been fighting all day long. Taking the vibrator off the edge and turning it to its lowest setting, Alicia began making lazy circles over her abdomen with the length of the device against her skin. She did not have any specific fantasy in mind for her afternoon play, she just enjoyed the sensation the wand encouraged in her belly.

Rubbing the vibrator along the inside of her thighs, Alicia let her legs spread open in preparation for her masturbation. Her breathing gradually sped up. She sensed her nipples harden. Taking the tip of the vibrator, she circled her swelling nipples and increased the speed of her toy a notch. Feeling her juices begin to flow between her legs, she traced a slow path down to her crotch. As she began to manipulate the folds of her pussy, a memory of Keionna’s smile came to mind. The more stimulated she became the more her thoughts centered around mind pictures of her son’s girlfriend. The sunlight on her hair while swimming. Her smile after kissing Bryan. The curve of her butt when walking out to the end of the pier. Alicia went through a detailed slide show of the Irish red head changing clothes that time they had gone shopping. The slope of her young breasts, her pink areole, the flatness of her belly, the slight mound of her sex.

When she was picturing the sight of the foreign girl’s pelvis, Alicia realized how sexually charged she was. She was grinding her own sex hard around the vibrator buried deep inside her. With one hand she started pinching and tugging her clitoris, the other increased the speed with which she fucked herself. She couldn’t control her thoughts. She remembered the kisses she had shared with Keionna. The wet warmth of the younger woman’s mouth, the feel of their tongues meeting. Kissing the girl was so different then kissing Joe. So, wonderful…

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