Suits Your Purpose

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I must thank my dear friend Dulcis for editorial help on this story. Your kind comments and gentle editing helped tremendously.

* * *

“Library information desk. May I help you?”

“Yes, I hope you can help me. May I please speak to the manager?”

“Of course! I’m the manager. What can I do for you?” I feel the muscles in my shoulder clench. This kind of call could mean a few hours more work than I’d planned for the day.

“Cat?” That one word sends away my concern that this is a dissatisfied customer, and brings in a whole new barrage of feelings . . . I know that voice.

“This is your lover,” you say in your ohhhhhhh so sexy voice.

“I am in the hotel room as I’d promised, and I’m ready and waiting for you. Do you still have the afternoon off?” You give me the address and room number, and my hand shakes as I write it down. I am instantly so excited I can already feel that telltale moisture on my panties.

“Yes, I have the afternoon off. I have a few more things to finish up here and, barring catastrophe, I can be there within the hour.”

“Good . . . I’ll start shaking up the can of whipped cream now.” You chuckle.

“That sounds like an excellent plan.” I am blushing as I try to maintain my professional demeanor in front of the customers milling around, waiting for my help. I notice a staff person glancing at me and pray that my voice hasn’t given anything away.

We hang up quickly, and, with a mounting sense of urgency, I finish my work. The whole time I’m at the library my mind is already with you, imagining the marvelous new adventure we’ll be having today. Once I’m finally in my car on the way there, I squiggle out of my panties at a red light leaving my stockings and garter for your enjoyment. I’ve dressed in one of my professional “be a grownup” suits today, with heels. I look the part of librarian, but for the stylish cut of my jacket and hair. I can’t wait to see your face as you undress me.

I arrive at the hotel quivering with excitement. I quickly locate a parking space near your room, check my hair and makeup in my mirror, and step out of the car. I smile as I feel the silky lining of my skirt slide along my bare skin. Scenes from commercials and movies flash across my mind as I slowly lower my legs from the car and imagine you watching me. I glance up at the room’s window to find that it’s not my imagination. One of the curtains is pulled slightly open and I can see you spying. My smile increases, knowing that the game is afoot.

I haven’t felt this sexy in a long time. I straighten up and pose for an instant, feeling your eyes on me like the heat of the sun. I know that I am looking good today, and that you will be especially pleased. I consider rushing into the room to make the most of our time together, but I know that our time has already begun. I know that this beginning is as important a part of every touch and kiss we’ll soon share.

I slowly walk across the parking lot toward the stairs, swaying my hips. At the edge of the lot, a new thought occurs to me and I drop my keys. I step over my keys, and slowly turn and bend at the waist to retrieve them, giving you a great view of my behind. I school my face with innocence (from the evil grin it contained as I bent over) before turning to face the building again. I love torturing you this way.

Having made my little show, I smooth my skirt down over my body, enjoying the feel of the fabric under my hands and over my thighs. I walk to the stairs and ascend, grinning at what is about to happen.

I knock lightly when I reach the room, and notice the curtain at the window beside the door as it closes.

You open the door with a glass of wine in your hand. We smile as our eyes meet, each blushing slightly at the decadent electricity flashing between us. We each sip our wine as the door swings closed, our eyes locked together. I lean back and close us in our den of iniquity.

“Hello” you purr, as your eyes leave mine to slowly caress me head to toe. Your smile warms me, but it’s your deep sigh of satisfaction that starts warmth pooling in my core. You reach out your free hand and take my cheek. The heat of your skin on mine further fuels my desire for you. Slowly you bend your sweet lips to meet mine.

Aaahhhhhhhhhhh. The tenderness of your kiss turns my knees to liquid. Thankfully, the door is still supporting me. You kiss me again, this time more firmly. And again your lips come to mine, this time with insistence, your tongue demanding entrance between my lips, your thumb smoothing my skin, your body moving closer to mine.

“It is so good to see you,” I remember to breath.

“Yes, my love. It is good to see you, too.” And yet again you kiss, leaning your full body against mine, taking my mouth captive completely as you sweep it’s depths with your tongue, nibble on a lip, and allow me the same privileges with your own mouth. You taste of wine and passion and … is it chocolate?

“Now, then, my love.” You take my glass from my hand and set it and its companion on the nightstand.

“You illegal bahis look so delicious in that suit. I don’t know if I should take it off you or ravish you with it on.” You growl as you walk back to me, your hands reaching for my jacket.

“Yes, I think I need to feel your flesh. It’s so much warmer than this fabric. “

“It’s up to you, my darling,” I respond. “I dressed for your pleasure, I’ll gladly undress for the same.”

Under the lapel, your hot fingers smooth the jacket over my shoulders and down my bare arms. My heartbeat is clearly visible under the light Silk shell I’m wearing beneath.

“Yes, you will do as I say today, won’t you?” Chuckling, you toss my jacket to the dresser with one hand, and pull me toward you with your other hand in the small of my back. Pressed against your body I can easily feel your erection in your slacks. Hard and insistent, your rod presses into my hipbone, sending shivers up my spine to spill over in giggles.

“Don’t I always do what you say?”

“Mmmmmm” You chuckle ironically. Your other hand comes around to my back as we kiss again. Your movements are so fluid as to be a dance, starting my mind on a fanciful flight of ecstasy. My own hands go to your back and we kiss again as I grind into your hardness.

“Sometimes, Cat, I like it when you are in charge, but you’re the boss at work … it’s time for you to let someone else decide what’s to be done and how.”

Explosions of joy and lust exploit my brain, flashing through my normally ordered thoughts, scattering logic and wisdom. Your hot tongue swirls around mine, wrestling for control as we both groan. My head falls back for a breath, and you, seizing this chance, lower your mouth to my neck. Nibbling, licking, kissing my neck and jaw and ear, you whisper words of love and purpose. My own hands are now feeling your backside, still pulling you closer to grind your cock into my abdomen.

“Yes, this suit feels so good. What is this fabric?” Your hands are slowly pulling my skirt up, along my thighs, over my buttocks, the back and front of my skirt evenly making their ascent.

“Micro fiber, I think,” I say into your ear, where I’m lightly licking the lobe. “I like the way it feels, and it’s lined with something silky . . . probably rayon.”

“Ooooooh Cat,” you growl when your hands touch the warm flesh of my ass.

“You took off your panties … but … oh lord have mercy . . .”

You found that I’m wearing stockings and a garter. Your hands fumble slightly as they unclasp my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

“You DID dress for me today, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, my darling . . . I chose this all just for you.”

You step back a bit and survey my body again, this time covered by only a silken sleeveless shell and my garter belt and stockings, still leading down to high heels. I pose with one leg bent, letting you look your fill. Your eyes rest on my wild, hairy mound, natural just as you like it. Then I slowly turn around and bend slightly at the waist, giving a view of my legs and butt to you at their best.

“You look delicious, my love.” You reach out one hand slowly and almost reverently to fondly my slightly clad rear. One finger dips under the strap holding my stocking up.

“You feel even better. If I don’t take you soon, I’m going to explode in my pants.”

I turn around again, hands on my hips, still posing for you.

“I’m glad you like what you see!” Then I remember the role I’m to play, and lower my hands, and dip my head.

“What would you like for me to do for you today, my darling?” I’m rewarded by a definite surge of activity in your crotch. I smile to myself, seeing you adjust your pants for the new growth.

“Undress me, Cat. NOW.”

“Yes, my lord. I will undress you gladly. May I play while I work?”

“Oh god, yes.”

I unhook your belt, unbutton your slacks, and slide your pants down your legs. Your shoes and socks are already off, so I help you step out of your pants quickly.

“Is this right, my lord?” I ask as my hands slowly wander up your legs.

“Yes, Cat, that feels wonderful.”

My hands eagerly feel your hard shaft as I reach it and I grin, seeing it quiver under my touch. I push my fingers gently under the waistband of your briefs, and pull them down. Your cock springs free and you give a gasp of relief. Still grinning, I flick my tongue over the end, and then place my lips gently over the head. My tongue swirls around the head and I suck lightly, moaning softly in my throat.

“Oh Cat, your mouth feels so good. Do that some more.”

My hands work to take off your briefs as I continue to suck on you. When my hands have tossed aside your underwear, I bring them back up to stroke your cock. I’m drooling all over you, stroking and spreading the moisture around. Long hard licks up your shaft, small soft nibbles around the base, stroking and nibbling and kissing every bit of skin I can reach. I take one ball into my mouth, gently sucking and licking, and am rewarded with another groan from you. Your body shifts slightly illegal bahis siteleri as you reach for the wall to steady yourself.

“Are you ok?” I ask, feigning genuine concern. “Do you need to sit down?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine . . . you must continue your work.” Your hand grabs my head and pulls me onto your cock again. This time I have no choice but to take you deeper, until the tip of your rod is touching the back of my throat. Slowly, as my muscles adjust, I take you further in. Soon my lips are around the base of you and your whole cock is down my throat. I clench and unclench my throat, sending you into a groan so strong and loud that I’m certain any passerby on the street could hear. I reach my hands around to your ass and pull you tighter to my face. One small finger starts to work your anus as my other hand moves down between your legs to fondle your scrotum.

I start to quiver with expectation, as your cock grows harder and larger in my mouth. Liquid anticipation starts to drip down between my thighs as my finger goes into your tight hole.

“Yes, Cat. Yes, that’s it, baby.” You start to direct me.

“Suck me off, honey. You are so amazing. Oh god, don’t stop. Your finger in my ass is so good.”

You grunt these words to me as you pump my head, fucking my mouth and throat hard and steady.

My own reaction to this is hardly significant, but I must share with you, my darling, how this feels for me. When you pull me to you like that I want so much to please you. Your groans and words send me careening along a molten path of erotic sensations that are difficult to describe. I can feel my own juices dripping from my bared labia, and know that your own climax will bring mine. I am tempted to position my feet so that one of the heels of my feet will rub my clitoris . . . but I am enjoying the sweet torture of denial.

I am not to be denied too long, though, since your climax is imminent. Soon you are bursting forth with long, hot loads of cum down my throat. I gladly take each one and swallow, wanting to get more. And yes, I quiver in my own climax, and can feel my own juices echoing the river that pulses down my throat.

“Oh no, my love. You can’t swallow all of it this time.” You grab my hair and pull my eager mouth off your throbbing cock. I pump your shaft, milking your cum onto my face and blouse.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I shout with glee. “Cover me with your hot cum, my lord. Thank you for this gift! Oh god, this feels so good. You taste so good!”

“Take it all, baby. Take all my hot cum on your skin.” You look so triumphant, shooting your load all over me. Your anus contracts around my finger deliciously as you pump.

“Yes, my lord. Thank you! Let me taste the last bit?” I look up questioningly into your eyes, tongue poised to take that last sweet drop.

“Lick it, but don’t swallow it. Bring it here for me.” You are trying to sound stern, and it sends another shiver through my frame.

I flick my tongue out, gently taking that last drop of nectar and rise up on my feet carrying the treasure in my mouth. Your lips come down to mine again, and your tongue sweeps in to take its dessert. Our groans join in harmony.

“Is my lord satisfied?” I ask with mock sincerity.

“Oh no, my slave, I am not satisfied. There is so much more you must do. Take off your blouse.”

I step back from you and slide my blouse up over my head. It is damp with your semen, so I carefully toss it to the floor to avoid my suit. I bend over at the waist and pick up my skirt, putting it carefully over the back of the chair.

“Stop cleaning, and lay down on the bed. I want to have my way with you.”

There is laughter in your voice, but I know you are serious, too. I lie down on my back and scoot to the top of the bed, still wearing my garter, stockings and heels. You approach with one hand behind your back.

“What do you have in your hand?”

“I thought my next treat would need a little topping.” And you produce a can of Reddi Whip.

I burst out laughing. “You were serious about shaking up the whipped cream?”

“Oh yes, I’m always serious, my dear. Now, if you lay back and cooperate, you’ll get to play again later.”

“MMmmm” I mutter, enjoying the taste of the whipped cream you’ve put in my mouth.

You distribute little mounds of whipped cream down my body, covering my nipples, my navel, my mound, and place the can on the nightstand.

“Now you need to lay still while I enjoy my treat. This should keep you from interfering in my task.”

You say, pulling some silk scarves out from your hiding place. You wrap them gently around my wrists and tie them to the headboard.

I laugh again.

“I can’t believe you brought all these things, my lord. I am so impressed with your planning!”

“Shhhhhhhhhh, be quiet my love. I have work to do.”

You lean over to lick my breasts clean. Sweeping your rough hard tongue across my breasts, my stiff nipples, lapping up the cream and gulping. Your breath feels warm against my skin, moist from your tongue and lips. canl─▒ bahis siteleri My eyes close, enjoying the delightful sensations of your mouth on my nipples. Tongue flicking, stroking, lips sucking, kissing you work your magic in me, sending me into a delightfully peaceful reverie.

My arms are spread now, above my head, hands gently denied their usual caressing powers. I am at your mercy, and it feels marvelous! I had never thought about this kind of gentle bondage before, but your ministrations make me adore lying still. You are acting the role of my master, and yet I am the one being spoiled with your attention. The irony is delicious and amazingly sensual.

Your hands follow your mouth, squeezing my breasts and roughening my nipples, as your mouth moves south to my navel. I try my best not to squirm as you lick my navel clean, groaning slightly. My own groans and little noises cannot be contained, though.

“Delicious” I say. “Your mouth feels so good on my skin.”

“Oh no, Cat. It is you who are delicious. Your skin smells so sweet and hot and sexy. I love the way your nipples pucker and your belly quivers.”

“It is you, my lord. You make me quiver. Oohhhhhhh” I sigh as you go lower still to my anointed mound.

I can feel your tongue slowly licking the whipped cream off my pubic mound. Your mouth is working its way to my swelling folds as you enjoy your treat.

When the tip of your probing tongue finally grazes my hairs, I can’t help but moan aloud. I try not to squirm but your tongue is licking my slit now, playful, teasing strokes. Then your hands push my thighs further up and out, and your tongue slips between my moist labia. Our groans are in harmony as you start licking in earnest now. Steady, firm strokes of your hard tongue go up my folds, separating and engorging my private area.

I’m humming now, a tuneless chant of ecstasy, while my hips involuntarily start to move under your face. You place the palms of your hands over my hipbones and gently encourage me to be still, using your thumbs to open my private lips wider.

“AH!” I shout. My eyes (when had they drifted closed?) snap open at the startling sensation of your tongue crossing my unprotected clitoris.

“Oh god, YES!”

You laugh aloud, trying in vain to still my hips from their primal motion. I come quickly now, leaving you wave after wave of moisture to devour. You move one hand down along my slit, teasing me with your fingers – stroking and coaxing another orgasm from me. One of your broad fingers starts to work on my cunt. You prod into my hot, damp canal and start to speak again, raising your head to watch my restricted gyrations. Deeper and deeper your finger ventures, swirling and bending as if wanting to touch every little bit of my insides. Another finger joins his brother, working in and out. Your mouth comes back to my clit and starts licking and sucking.

The sensations become overwhelming, now. I throw my head back, groaning and coaxing you to keep going. I know I’m talking, but I’m beyond comprehension. Your hands are on me, in me, over me, coaxing and prodding and inspiring me to higher heights of ecstasy. Your mouth is licking, nibbling, sucking, and stroking me around, over and over.

My body becomes untamed, bucking and grinding and begging for more while my wrists remain tied. My entire existence is reduced to a throbbing beat of coming. Over and over you send me, clenching and groaning, like fountains on a rhythmic timer, up in spurts, one after another. With your fingers and lips and teeth and tongue flying and crawling and stroking, stimulating me relentlessly, my orgasms soon become so quick and numerous as to seem like one long, amazing, mind-blowing ride. There is no separation from one to the next, no time to catch my breath. My vocalizations are coming out in animal-like squeaks and screams, uncontrollably following the pounding of my orgasms.

Suddenly all sensation stops but one. Your fingers are deep inside me, as your hand, palm up, starts to make that “come here” motion, dragging your finger tips slowly across my g-spot. My eyes snap open and my hips stop moving, suspended in the air from the tension in my calves and your other hand under my buttocks. Slowly, you drag along my G, looking up at my face and pulling all my sensation to a quivering point. Our eyes meet and seem to connect beyond the animal level our bodies have reached. Everything seems to have stilled and gone into slow motion. Your fingers are still pulling my G, your other hand is clenching my butt, and your tongue flicks out, over my labia and past the hood to my tight clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” I yell, throwing back my head again suddenly.

My entire body joins me in careening over the high cliff, down quickly while every muscle shouts in exquisite bliss. Clenching and squirting, my loins shower you with an amazing fountain of juice, coming for what could be seconds or days. You eagerly swallow, opening your mouth wide to catch it, gulping my cum like a man dying of thirst in the desert. Both hands on my buttocks, now, you continue to swallow and lick and suck until this massive orgasm passes, and then gently lick me clean, causing aftershocks for me. You lay my lower body back onto the bed, kissing my swollen lips and mound a few more times.

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