Sucking My Daughter’s Nipple

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Abby lay in her bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She kept thinking of how her mom had treated her dad that evening. She had heard her mom say some hurtful things, and she could see on his face that he had been embarrassed, not because of what her mom was saying, but because she was saying it in front of their daughter. That kind of stuff ended in divorce, and Abby knew it.

Thinking back, she realized that her mom had been treating her dad that way for a few of months. The only reason he would put up with it was because of his daughter. She had gotten pregnant a couple of months after she had turned 18 and would finish high school in a couple of months, a couple of months after that she would have her baby. She now realized that her parents had only stayed together for her. A knock on her bedroom door brought Abby out of her thoughts, “Come in.”

Dan opened the door and stuck his head in, “I thought I heard you awake.”

She saw her dad walk in and gave him a big smile. Holding her arms open for him she was rewarded by her dad sitting on the bed and hugging her. He gave her a short father/daughter kiss.

“I’m sorry you had to see that today.”

“That’s all right. Why is mom being so mean to you?”

He got a sad smile, “I think you all ready know.”

Abby shook her head, “You two are splitting up. Why?” Dan put his hand on her stomach and wouldn’t say anything. She figured as much, “Because of me?”

Dan ran his hand lightly over her pajama covered stomach, “No, because of me. I won’t throw you to the wolves.”

She started to tear up, “Then, you’ll move out and I’ll live with her, knowing she hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you,” Dan bent down and gave her another kiss, “I’ve wanted to talk to you about that anyway. You could move out with me, and live with someone that you are sure doesn’t hate you.”

Abby rose up and hugged him, “Thanks dad.” Her actions made his hand brush against her breasts. She saw his embarrassment and lay back down, “Huge aren’t they.”

“What do you mean? You’re perfect.”

“Dad, I was big to begin with, now everyone stares.” She grabbed his hand and put it on her pajamas, over her breast, “That is not perfect; I was a small girl with large breasts, now I’m a small girl and have relatively huge breasts. I know it’s because I’m pregnant, but now I look like I have implants.”

Dan’s mind was full of the problems he was having with his wife. He was worried about Abby after he left. Without thinking, Dan instinctively ran his fingers over her nipple and automatically started to play. He saw her face as her nipple reacted to his touch and moved his hand away, “Honey — I’m so sorry, I guess your dad is a dirty old man.”

Abby, smiled at her dad, grabbed his hand and placed it back on her breast, “You just surprised me.” She felt him start to play again, “I didn’t realize that you noticed me — well, that way.”

Dan shrugged, “I didn’t either.” He brought his other hand up and played with both of her breasts.

She bit her lip as her nipples got rock hard. It was strange that she didn’t feel all weird with her own dad feeling her up. “I know it’s the hormonal changes during pregnancy, but my breasts feel very sensitive to touch.”

“Can I see them?”

Abby started feeling something else and it raced through her whole body. She knew she should feel uncomfortable or something and she didn’t. “What about mom?” Moving his hands she raised her shirt and pregnancy sleeping bra up and felt another charge.

“She knows I came in to check on you.”

“I’m sorry they aren’t attractive to you. I have stretch marks on them and you can see veins under the skin.”

He smiled at her, “I’m never going to think of you as anything but perfect, so you might as well stop beating yourself up.” Her nipples were a dark, red and huge and his fingers were drawn to them. His eyes were drawn to the milk oozing from them, and he gently rubbed his fingers in it.

Abby closed her eyes and bit her lip again, “Oh my.”

“I can’t stay much longer, but — ah — can I have a taste?”

She couldn’t believe they were doing this, but nodded, and watched him lower his mouth. She felt all tingly as he ran his tongue over the milk on her nipple and then started licking. She saw his mouth close and felt him gently start to suck. “Mm,” her own dad sucking the milk from her breast was so erotic.

Dan loved the feel of her big soft breasts next to his face as he used his lips and tongue on her nipple. The taste of her milk was so intoxicating. He switched to the other breast, sucking some more, and then reluctantly stopped. He knew it wasn’t the same milk she would produce when the baby was born, but at that moment he didn’t care.

He put his lips to hers, “Thank you baby.”

A warm feeling had started between her legs, and Abby passionately returned his kiss. bahis firmalar─▒ As her dad got up, she saw the bulge in his pants and reached to touch it. “You better calm down before you have to explain that to mom.”

He chuckled, “I never thought I would have that reaction with you.”

She smiled as her hand pressed against his pants, “I like it.”

Feeling her fingers lightly playing, he sighed, “Uh, baby, I’m not going to calm down with you doing that.” He bent down to give her a gentle peck and wound up receiving another intense kiss.

When he finally stood back up, Abby had a mischievous smile, “You should leave before I ask you to stay.”

Dan knew good advice when he heard it. He walked into the hall and shut her door behind him. He turned to go to the kitchen instead of his bedroom. It would never do for his wife to see that their daughter had given him an erection. Not that he really gave a shit, he was going to be her ex-husband in a few months, but he didn’t want the bitch to take it out on their daughter.

The next evening at supper Dan’s eyes kept straying to his daughter’s chest. He couldn’t help himself as he kept remembering sucking and licking on her nipples. He finally made himself stop looking when he felt himself starting to get hard. It took a few minutes for him to calm down.

Abby saw where her dad was looking and the warm feeling between her legs returned. As she remember what had happened the night before she kept getting warmer and wetter. She managed to get her dad alone while her mom was on the phone. As he walked down the hall, she came out of her room, threw her arms around him, placed her lips on his and left them there. Their kiss lasted longer than she thought it would and to her delight her dad put his tongue in her mouth.

Dan had never had any sexual feelings towards his daughter before this. He really didn’t know why he did now. “Baby, how long have you felt this way about me?”

“I didn’t know that I did until last night.” She raised her shirt and bra and gave her dad a nervous smile.

Dan saw the milk wet nipples and closed his lips around one. He had never even thought of doing this before with anyone, his daughter had given him another erection.

Abby knew they didn’t have much time, after he sucked both of her nipples; she pushed him away and straightened her clothes. She then opened his pants and took his hard cock out. She had wanted to touch him since last night. Wrapping her fingers around it, she started stroking him. Hearing him softly moan she saw him close his eyes. “You better go to the bathroom and calm down, I hear mom coming.”

Dan groaned, gave her a quick kiss and slipped into the bathroom. He could hear his daughter still in the hall when she started to talk to his wife. “Mom, how come you don’t love me anymore?”

“It’s not that I don’t love you, I’m just embarrassed. I see how our friends and neighbors look at us when they see you like this.”

“So, what they think means more to you than I do?”

“Don’t you put this off on me; you’re the one that got pregnant. I told you that boy was no good. I tried to keep you from making a mistake. But no — you had to go behave like a tramp.”

Dan slammed the bathroom door open, making his wife jump. “That’s enough! I’m changing our plans. You can have the house in this uppity location. All of your friends have their heads up their own ass anyway. They are arrogant and conceded and think they are better than everyone else. You want to be a snob like them you can have it. I’m moving out and taking our daughter with me.” He looked at Abby, “Get some things together, we’ll leave tonight and come back for the rest of our stuff in a few days.”

Father and daughter went to their rooms. Dan was throwing clothes into a suitcase as his wife watched. “I can see the relief in your eyes. I guess this is best for everyone.”

Terry shrugged her shoulders, “Don’t expect me to stop you; you never did fit in with the rest of us anyway.”

“What kind of job are you going to try to get?”

“I’m not; you are going to be paying for me for a long time with a nice big alimony check.”

“Think again princess, this is a non-alimony state. I pay for maintenance only until you get training and a job, and I will make a point to tell my lawyer that you already have a college degree.”

“I can’t work!”

“Then go find a boyfriend to support you. You’ve always had your eye on our next door neighbor, go be his mistress.”

She got a sensual smile, “No, I think I’ll be the other woman. Once he has me, he won’t want his wife anyway.”

Abby popped her head into her parents’ bedroom and heard what her mom had said. “And you are worried about what they are going to think of me.”

Dan just shook his head, “What changed you? You didn’t used to be this way.”

“I saw how our friends are better ka├žak iddaa off than us, and I wanted more than you could give me.”

Abby tasted the tears that slid down her face, “So my getting pregnant is just an excuse, you would have gotten a divorce from dad anyway.”

Dan and Abby drove off totally dumbfounded as to where the woman they had lived with for so long had gone. He drove to the bank and took out as much from the ATM as he could. Then he called the banks after hour number and froze the checking and savings accounts. The bills still had to get paid. He also froze their credit cards except the one he had that didn’t have his wife’s name on it. She had one like that too, and he couldn’t have closed that one anyway.

When he had finished he looked at his daughter, “She can have the house. After she sells it she should have money for sometime.” He smiled, “Baby I guess you are stuck with me.”

Abby actually felt freer than she had for some time, “I like being stuck with you. I love you dad.”

“I love you too. Let’s get a room for the night and worry about tomorrow later.”

They registered at the Holiday Inn and Dan made sure they got a room with two beds. He made a show of it too, announcing that he would sleep in one bed and that she could sleep in the other.

They took their things to the elevator, and pushed the button for their floor. Abby was disappointed as the door closed, “I was hoping that we could be in the same bed.”

Dan kissed her, “I’m hoping that too. In case anyone checks, we slept in our own beds.” When the elevator door opened, father and daughter walked out as if nothing had happened, or was going to.

Once inside of the room, her dad carried their suitcases and placed them on one of the beds while she went to use the bathroom, something that was happening to her more and more often. When she came out she found her dad sitting on the side of the other bed, waiting for her. Sitting next to him there was an awkward feeling between them. “You don’t want to do this do you?”

Dan smiled, and put his arm around her, “I’m just a little nervous. I’ve never felt this way toward you before, at least I don’t think so, and I’m in unfamiliar territory.”

Abby had another warm feeling start, this time it was in her heart. She hugged him, “I love you.” Her lips pressed to his. The roles had reversed for them; she was giving comfort to her dad instead of the other way around.

“Honey, it’s just that this is going to change us forever, and I’m worried that you aren’t ready for it.” He kissed her again.

His insecurity and concern for her had made Abby realize that she had never loved her dad more than she did right at that minute. As they continued to kiss, her hand dropped to the front of his jeans. Feeling him react to her touch, she knew, “Dad, I want you.” She felt him pushed away and expected that he would start to take her clothes off. She was surprised when she felt his lips and tongue slide across her face.

“Close your eyes.” Dan slowly and delicately used his tongue to outline all the parts of her face.

When her dad had finished he had touched her lips, eyes, eyebrows, cheek, ears and neck. He had kept his touch light and slow and that light contact had driven her wild. Each part of her face tingled and had sent out an electric charge that had coursed through her entire body. Abby had always had to sneak to do anything with her boyfriend, and even the few things she had done with her dad. She didn’t want that anymore. She wanted to be able to do anything. “Can we take our clothes off?”

Dan opened her shirt and saw her smirk as he fumbled with her bra. “Sorry.”

Abby could feel her grin on her face, “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” She unhooked her bra and let it drop. She saw her dad’s eyes drawn to and pushed her chest out. The very air in their hotel room was charged as father and daughter hurriedly finished undressing themselves. Finally winding up in each other’s arms, their lips pressed together.

Feeling her dad push away from her she was surprised when he lay with his head in her lap. She had never had anyone do that and was somehow filled with feelings of love and trust. Her first instinct was to bend and kiss him but she couldn’t, so she gently ran her fingers through his hair and lowered her nipple to his mouth.

Dan felt his daughter’s soft breasts against his face as he sucked the milk from her. As he tasted the first drops on his tongue he could feel himself getting hard. He softly moaned as he felt her fingers around his cock.

Abby felt odd, her dad had his head in her lap sucking milk from her breasts as she stroked his hard cock. She had never thought of doing either thing with him and she liked it. Finally squeezing the head of his cock and making it turn purple, she pushed away from him. “Dad, I need to move.”

Dan sat up, “I’m ka├žak bahis sorry.”

“It’s all right; I just can’t sit in the same position for very long.”

“That must be tough at school.”

“I keep moving around some, but it is hard on my back.” She saw her dad lie back on the bed and hold his arms open for her. She lay next to him and snuggled back against him. A feeling of being secure enveloped her as she was surrounded by his loving embrace. “This is strange. I love the way your arms feel around me but I like you being naked against me too.”

Dan pushed his head cock between her legs and let it slide against her pussy. “Too bad you don’t feel anything else. I guess you don’t want me in you.”

Abby felt his hard cock slide between her thighs and rub against her sensitive areas, “Mm.”

Dan reached around her and cupped her breasts. Feeling her start to move against him, he stopped her, “Just relax.” Being next to her was wonderful.

She felt her nipples becoming harder even as she felt his lips against the back of her neck and his clock continuing between her legs, “I could get used to this.” She loved the way he was making her feel. Her pussy was so wet and positively tingled as his cock rubbed against her.

Dan felt her pushing back against him again. Shifting his angle, he used his hand to guide himself inside of her.

Abby felt him fill her up and pleasure raced through her. She was so wet and he slid inside of her easily. Maybe because she was doing it with her dad or maybe because she was pregnant, she didn’t know. It felt way better than any sex she had ever had. “Oh — yeah dad.”

Dan heard his daughter enjoying herself with him and it was like sweet music to his ears. He wished they had done this before now. His soon to be ex-wife had stopped doing anything months ago, at least with him. Being inside of her was wonderful and felt so wet and warm.

She had never done anything except in the back of her boyfriend’s car. Being like this was so cool. Her mind started drifting to all of the other positions she might like while pregnant. She had been a little apprehensive about him going in too deep, but in this position it wasn’t painful at all.

It had been so long since he had felt anything. Abby’s young body was so much more than he could have imagined it would be. His wife had been the only woman he had ever had until now. The differences were startling. All men might be created equal but women were obviously not. He would be happy discovering his daughter intimately. He only hoped he would never hurt her. Dan bit her ear and rammed himself into her harder. That didn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun with a little pain.

Abby sucked in her breath as his cock started moving faster and harder. It was wonderful. The heat was building in her and his hard cock slid in and out. The pleasure was making her feel light headed. She shoved her butt back at him.

Dan had been as careful as he could, but he needed a release. He bent around her making his cock go just a little deeper. He started using long strokes into her hot body.

His cock slid in, stayed and then hesitated before going almost all of the way out, only to repeat the trip again and again. Her arms reached behind her, grabbed his hands and placed them on her nipples. She giggled as she felt his balls slap against her.

Dan felt her nipples slick with milk and trapped them between his thumbs and fingers. He started twirling them. He wanted another taste so bad.

Her body exploded as waves of pleasure from her orgasm blasted through her. She couldn’t believe how intense t was. The more he pushed into her the more she pushed right back at him. Her body kept on with one long orgasm, or maybe it was several. She wasn’t sure and it didn’t matter.

Abby was dancing all over the bed making his hard cock feel things he had never experienced. He held his cock in deep and emptied shot after shot of cum into her.

Abby felt his cock jerking in her, “Um, cum for me dad.”

Father and daughter just lay there, shattered, unable to move. The room was filled with sounds of their trying to breathe. Finally, she got off of the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back, her dad started to get up as she got back on the bed. “Where are you going?”

“I thought I would go to the bathroom.”

“Do you have to use the bathroom or are you just going to get cleaned up?”

“I’m just going to clean up.”

Abby sat on the bed, “Stand in front of me.”

Dan did as she asked and his teenage daughter started licking the cum off of his cock.

Abby had never done it but it just sounded like something she might want to try. She could taste his cum as well as her own juices and licked his soft cock and balls until he was totally clean. “How was that, as good as mom?”

“Are you kidding me, your mother would have never even thought about doing that to me.” He kissed her, “You are fantastic.”

Abby lay back on the bed. With her father’s arms around her, she fell asleep. She fully planed on having him again before morning.

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