Study Buddies – Charlie and Suzie

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I have written a trilogy. Each story is perfectly readable and understandable on its own, but if you want to read them in order, start with Charlie then Gary and end with Mark. It will give you a bit more context and continuity.

I was sitting in the back row of class, idly doodling while Dr Green – off subject due to a carefully crafted question from Charlie- regaled us with a story about the ash from his cigar blowing into the back of his station wagon, setting a number of paper bags containing dried plant samples on fire as he blithely drove across one of the Dakotas. The wind from the open windows fanned the flames, well you know where this is going. We all did. It was a great way to spend the last 15 minutes of class. It was a typical day in Plant Identification class. Dr Green was easily distracted.

I have a degree in agriculture. During college I had several classes where I was one of maybe two or three women. The rest of the class was filled with cowboys as far as the eye could see. What’s not to like?

“You wanna study tonight, Miss Smarty Pants?” Charlie leaned over to whisper to me. The plant id midterm was looming in two days.

“What time?”

“Let me see when the guys can get together, probably about 7. That work for you?”

“Sure, just let me know.”

The guys Charlie was referring to were all in the back row with us. Our study group was an interesting combination. Three cowboys, a Hawaiian and me. It sounds like a joke: “Three cowboys and a Hawaiian walked into a bar. The bartender asked, ‘what’ll you have?’ The cowboys each ordered a draft beer. The Hawaiian said, ‘I’ll have an okolehao.’ The bartender just looked at him so he ordered a draft beer too.”

Charlie came from a team roping dynasty. If you follow roping at all you have certainly heard of his brother. Charlie was not particularly tall, but bowlegged and had a perpetual twinkle in his eye. He was a few years older than us, but that didn’t affect his judgement in any way. He was the ringleader and we willingly followed him because where Charlie went, fun was sure to follow. Charlie was a playboy- but he had a certain charm that made women find it impossible to say no to. I was pretty sure Charlie knew my name, but I had never heard him use it.

The twins, Matt and Mark were tall, quiet and studious. I never could figure out what they saw in Charlie, except that he had an infectious personality and he got them to go out from time to time. They were identical, with similar taste in clothing. Their wardrobes consisted entirely of t-shirts, Wranglers and a King Ropes hat to match each shirt. The only way I could tell them apart was that if I tried to visit with one of them Mark would visit back. Matt was too bashful to say much. Mark was a gentleman, polite to a fault but he also had a playful side. There was something about him I just couldn’t put my finger on. I was convinced he had a secret hiding somewhere. Matt was dating someone from back home and he had plans to get married to her.

Throughout the college of Agriculture, Gary was largely considered an exchange student from Hawaii. Most of the guys I went to college with probably knew Hawaii was part of the US, but nobody could figure out why Gary had chosen a college with a 75 day growing season to study plants. I thought of him more as a refugee from the botany department. He didn’t fit in there at all, and we just adopted him in our department. He was good company and exceled at identifying obscure plants. Gary was pretty laid back and game to try anything new.

These four guys were my friends. Don’t get me wrong, we flirted like only people who know each other very well can, but mostly we operated as a team of five friends.

Several of my classes through the years involved identifying plant samples. The herbarium held thousands of specimens. The best way to study for a test was to go over several examples of each plant, looking for the tiny parts on each sample that made its species distinctive.

There was a student lounge with a large table in our department. Between classes you could usually rustle up a game of cribbage or ten-point pitch to go with the bad coffee. The air was heavy with BS, lies and laughter. In the evenings it was usually empty and a great place to spread out and study.

Charlie showed up with a paper bag that had a distinctive clink as he walked into the lounge. Beer bottles. This was going to be more fun than our usual study sessions!

“You want to keep that cold?”

“Uh, yeah, what do ya got in mind?”

“This way,” I beckoned and he followed me down the hall to Dr Varney’s office. I slid the key into the door and paused for effect.

“You have the key to Varney’s office? What, are you sleeping with him?”

“Ick, no! I work for him. I am doing some data analysis on one of his field studies. He gave me his key so I could get his research data when I need it without having to hunt him down for the key all the time.”

“By the way, I am not buying that story, bahis firmaları but he has a fridge under his desk, and that is what’s important here.” We carefully stepped through the piles of papers and theses on the floor to the desk. I sat on the floor and opened the fridge to find three cans of Slimfast.

“Ho ho! Varney needs that for sure,” Charlie chuckled.

I set the cans carefully on the floor by the chair and Charlie handed me beer after beer until the fridge was full.

“You are a smart one, Cupcake.”

“Okay, study time.”

By the time we made it back to the lounge the twins and Gary were looking over plant samples. We spent an hour poring over dried plants glued to paper and discussing the distinct characteristics of each species.

Charlie seemed a little friendlier than usual that night, he would place a casual hand on my hip or shoulder in close to me as we looked over a specimen. With all the accidental brushing and bumping, I was feeling kind of hot towards Charlie, a feeling I had not really had before. Charlie’s verbal flirting had turned physical.

“Break time!” Charlie announced. “Follow Girly-girl there,” he indicated me with a grand gesture. I led the way to Varney’s office and unlocked it. The room was long and narrow with a wall of windows across the far end overlooking the college of Education. One side wall held Varney’s desk, the edge against the window and a bookcase. The wall behind the desk was file cabinets. He had two chairs that were not covered in papers; his desk chair and a stool. I crawled under the desk and grabbed five beers. Charlie opened them and passed them out. I perched carefully on the desk, which was covered with several data sets and what appeared to be someone’s thesis awaiting a final review by Varney. Charlie took the office chair, the twins leaned against the file cabinets and Gary took the stool.

“Okole maluna,” Gary said raising his beer towards the rest of us before taking the first swig.

That was the Hawaiian coming out in Gary. We assumed it meant “cheers.” We tipped our beers to him.

“You reckon we are supposed to be drinking in here?”

“I am pretty sure we aren’t.”

“Then I don’t feel guilty about not sharing with anyone else.”

The beer went down easily and the conversation turned to whether or not Varney had some kind of grade book stashed in the mess. (This was the early 1990s). We searched half-heartedly for several minutes then when our beers were gone, we made our way back to the lounge. Charlie took this opportunity to grab a handful of my ass as he followed me down the hall. I let out a little squeak of surprise which I tried to disguise as a cough.

A handful of other students were also reviewing the plants, so we focused on the plants we were having problems with.

Normally friendly Charlie became quite a bit more friendly than usual. If his hand wasn’t on my knee under the table, he was running his fingers along the inseam of my jeans. Once he leaned over from behind me and managed a quick cup of my right breast. When I leaned over a specimen he would run his fingers across my lower back. He had no idea, but this is a huge turn on for me, by the end of our study session, my pussy was sopping wet and my nerves were on high alert.

After a heated five-way discussion about the differences between cedar and juniper we decided we had enough studying for one night.

We still had seven beers left so we made a bee-line back to Varney’s office again, settling into our usual places.

“Whatcha doin’ this week?” Mark asked Gary.

“I’m in a pool league down at the bar. I don’t know what’s going on with my partner, though. It is a mixed league and she has a new boyfriend. I might be looking for a new partner before too long.”

“She’s getting ready to leave you, huh?”

“Nah. We just play pool together.”

“Uh huh,” Charlie said skeptically. “So, anybody going on that extra credit field trip for Bucks and Ducks?” This is what we called our wildlife class. It was a requirement for our major, but Gary, as a botanist, wasn’t in the class with four of us.

“I need the extra credit, but I don’t have a tent,” I offered.

Mark and Matt shared a glance. Mark spoke, “You can share ours Suze. We even have an extra sleeping bag.”

“Oh, ho! Make sure they bring it.” Charlie added for my benefit.

The twins blushed identically, “We aren’t you, Charlie,” Mark replied.

“Are you going then, Charlie?” Matt asked.

“I have a ropin’ at that new indoor arena. My brother’s bringing my good horse.”

The more I thought about it the more I decided I needed the credit. “I really should go. She didn’t like my last paper, but I need to check my work schedule first.”

“Let us know. We have plenty of room in our tent, and the weather isn’t supposed to be too bad.”

Matt glanced at his watch then glanced again. “It’s getting pretty late, isn’t it?”

The twins tipped their beers back with identical gestures then kaçak iddaa returned the bottles to Charlie’s bag so he could take the evidence home.

“Can I catch a ride with you guys?” Gary asked, handing Charlie his empty bottle.

“Yep, but you get the middle. I’m getting tired of sitting next to Matt.”

“Alright then. See you guys tomorrow.”

“Okay, good night then.”

The Hawaiian followed the two cowboys out the door.

Charlie stepped over to close the door, “I thought they’d never leave. Let’s finish off those last two beers.” He grabbed the beers and replaced the Slim Fast back in the fridge. He then scooted the desk chair closer to me. By settling between my legs he kind of forced me to spread them. He casually set his beer down on the desk, resting his arm on my thigh. This position put him just under eye-level with my boobs.

I took two long drags from my beer to put off what I was pretty sure was coming next.

“You’re pretty smart, for a girl, know that?” Charlie idly ran his fingertips along the inseam of my jeans.

“I always thought you were smarter than the average cowboy, but now I am beginning to wonder.”

“Watch it,” Charlie warned with a smile. He idly fiddled with the bottom button on my shirt. “Whatta ya say you lose the shirt, Hot Stuff?”

I glanced over my right shoulder out the window at the building across the way. Several rooms had lights, but I couldn’t see anyone. “I am thinking not.”

“I wanna see if you are as smokin’ hot under those clothes as I think you are.”

“You are going to have to take my word for that Buckaroo, but I am.” I took another pull on my beer. It was nearly gone, and I was starting to feel more than a little horny.

Charlie’s fingers were working their way up the thigh of my inseam, into territory that was not what you might call public access. All of a sudden, Charlie stood up and kissed me. It took me by surprise and I found myself returning the kiss, enjoying the feel of his mustache, and the riskiness of making out in my professor’s office. He clearly had a lot of practice at this and his kisses set off fireworks behind my closed eyes

I put my arms around Charlie’s neck. Charlie slid his hands to my waist, under my shirt and began working his way up my sides. Every touch of his fingers left a trail of tingles on my skin. I squirmed, holding in a giggle as he tickled my ribcage. He bit my bottom lip with enough force to cause me to jump a little in surprise. Next thing I knew, the sneaky bastard used the opportunity to work his fingers under my bra and shove it over my breasts. I shivered and gasped a little as he rubbed my nipples with his thumbs. My entire body was pulsing with sexual electricity.

I gave up all pretense of not wanting him. I leaned back on my arms and arched my back, pushing my modest breasts into his hands. Charlie responded by thumbing my nipples into hard nubs, pressing them into my breast then releasing them and giving them a quick pinch before cupping my tits and enjoying their gentle weight in his hands.

The fact that I had to pee heightened my sense of urgency and I found myself grinding my hips into Charlie’s. He released my tits and began unbuttoning my shirt from the top. When he got a good visual on my bra, he unhooked the snap that was now located between my nipples and continued his unbuttoning to the bottom of my shirt. I shrugged out of both and sat topless on my advisor’s desk, in front of a wall of windows. I felt naughty, and oh-so-turned on.

“Damn, woman,” Charlie said in appreciation. I was sporting a perky B cup in those days. Charlie kissed his way down my neck, stopping to nibble on my collar bone. He slid his hands under my breasts, cupping them in his work-worn hands. Charlie set upon my breasts with his hungry mouth as I tilted my head back, arching my spine in sheer enjoyment. He first pulled at my left nipple with his lips, then he nipped and pulled with his teeth. I jerked my head up to glare at him but his twinkling gaze melted any ire I had. This triggered the mysterious connection between my nipples and my clit. Electricity shot back and forth between the two. With a sharp nip, Charlie moved to my right nipple and repeated his routine. My pussy throbbed with longing.

When I didn’t protest the nibbles he got rougher yet and actually bit me. I responded with a gasp of pleasure. “Charlie, maybe we should go to your place…”

“Naw, my roommate is too nosey. It’s after 10. Nobody’s around now. This’ll be fun, I doubt Varney’s baptized his office and somebody has to do it.” (We later learned that Varney was screwing one of his grad students and had very likely baptized his office before we did. Suddenly the Slim Fast make a lot more sense.)

After a slobbery kiss on each nipple Charlie wrapped his arms around me and moved back to my mouth. My nipples were cold and wet, causing them to pull together into hard little nibs and rub on Charlie’s shirt. Charlie covered my face with kisses, paying special kaçak bahis attention to my jaw bone and eventually moving down to my neck again. Charlie held my hips and dry humped me a few times while sticking his nose into my neck, breathing my scent.

I clung to him for a moment, enjoying the sensations of my skin on his shirt and the pressure in his jeans pushing against me, then I placed my hands on Charlie’s chest and moved him back. I hopped down from the desk and fell to my knees in front of him. He got the hint right away and unbuckled his jeans, letting them drop to the floor. I pulled his boxers down to reveal a very nice sized dick. Charlie sat in Varney’s chair, and I leaned forward to take him into my mouth.

I was relatively new at giving blowjobs, but I was eager to try my skills on my friend’s dick. Looking up at him from under my hair, I tentatively took his dick in my hand and gave his head a timid little lick. Finding the precum to have a tangy taste, I licked again then gave the tip a little kiss. Charlie nodded. I opened my mouth and moved it down just a bit and took his head between my lips. I pushed down and took a bit more of his shaft in my mouth.

Charlie pushed his fingers into my hair and held my head gently. I opened my mouth further and got a bit more into my mouth. I knew there was no way I could get it all in, so I began stroking with my hand at the base of his shaft while bobbing up and down on his dick. Charlie helped me by moving my head at the speed he wanted. I tightened my mouth around him while using my tongue to keep him nice and wet. I got a good rhythm going and just when I was enjoying myself more than ever, Charlie pushed my face away. His dick bounced off my cheek and stood at attention while Charlie pulled me up from the floor and fumbled for the waistband of my jeans.

With a tug he got the button open and slid the zipper down revealing my white cotton panties. If I had any idea Charlie would be seeing them I would have chosen something more exciting. He didn’t seem to mind. He put his thumbs in my waistband and slid his hands down my hips, catching those whitie tighties on the way to the floor with my jeans. I kicked off my boots and I was standing there in my advisor’s office, naked and suddenly quite nervous.

While he was bent over I had grabbed the bottom of his shirt, and when he stood up, I slipped his shirt off, revealing the upper body of a roper, with strong biceps and ropy forearms. His stomach was that of a roper as well, a little on the paunchy side.

With a hand between my shoulder blades, Charlie pushed me face-first up against the window at the end of the room. He entered me from behind with no warning. I was surprised, not having been taken from behind like this. I braced myself against the window with my hands, facing into the night as Charlie began slamming into me with nearly violent thrusts. I clung to the cold glass as Charlie found his rhythm pushing into me with a fervor that took me by surprise. He was not a tender lover, but his urgency was contagious.

My nipples hardened to pebbles against the cool glass. Charlie continued shoving into me from behind, pushing me forward and flattening my breasts against the window. Only the thigh high radiator kept my pussy from being mashed into the window as well. In self-defense, I began to push my backside to match Charlie’s determined thrusting. Turns out this was a great idea, as it created a satisfying smacking sound every time Charlie’s dick found its way to my depths.

After several minutes of rough thrusting, Charlie braced himself against the glass with one hand and shifted to a steady rhythmic thrusting. He slid his other hand down my side and across my hip to my pussy. Parting my lips with his fingers, he stroked the edges of my pussy gently, teasingly close to my clit but always just out of reach. After a bit he began flicking my clit with a fingertip every other pass. This was driving me crazy. I squirmed in the hopes that his fingers would concentrate on my clit so I could have some release. He was adamant about teasing me, going so far as to spread his fingers, so they were further from my clit.

“Charlie,” I begged, “please let me cum!”

“You’re so much fun when you beg, Hot Stuff!”

“Please, please, please!”

I squirmed more and began moaning loud enough that I think Charlie was worried a janitor would come to see what was going on. Finally, he pushed his fingers together, flicking and rubbing my clit until I came with a groan.

“I wanna see your face when I cum in you,” Charlie said hoarsely in my ear as I came down from my orgasm. He withdrew and had me sit on the desk again. I scooted to the edge of the desk and moved my legs so my ankles were behind Charlie’s head. I laid back on the desk and watched Charlie slip his dick back into me. This position does magical things for me, and it seemed to work for Charlie too.

Charlie pushed into me, completely unprotected and unapologetically. He held my eyes with a fierce gaze, not allowing me a chance to look away for a moment. He came with a big thrust which left him collapsed on top of me. Charlie caught his breath as his cum dripped out of my pussy on someone’s life work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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