Stormy Night Of Love

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Female Ejaculation

It was a stormy night and Presley was alone in her house. She was just about to settle down to watch a movie when the phone rang, stirring from the cough she grabbed the phone and to her surprise it was her boyfriend Aaron on the line. Presley was so happy to hear Aarons voice she forgot about the movie.

You see Aaron was away on the road with his band and had left Presley at home, something he hated having to do, because Presley is the love of his life and as he puts it smoking hot.

Presley is a total goddess standing 5/7′ sandy blonde hair and blue eyes as bright as the ocean, and has a body that could stop traffic in the next county.

Aaron asked Presley what she was doing, she told him about the weather and how she was going to relax and watch a movie. She asked him how the tour was going, he said it was going good but he wished he was home in her arms. He hated not being with her when the nights were cold and stormy, he pictured the two of them curled up on the cough holding each other close, arms around her tight little body catching a feel of her firm ample breast maybe even touching her warm tunnel of love to tease her. God how he hated being away but he knew it’s the price you pay when you’re the lead singer of a band.

Presley told Aaron how much she missed him and wished he was there especial now that the weather was bad, she hated being alone on stormy nights and was carving the strong arms of Aaron. She loved the way he would hold her tight and kiss her lips as he traced his way down her neck to her breast and ever so gently he’d make it to her soft warm pussy. Just thinking about his mouth on her skin was making her hot which only made her long for him to come home.

Aaron told Presley he had to go but that he’d be home soon as the last show was done. She said she couldn’t wait and said she loved him he told her he loved her back.

Presley put the phone down and got up to make some popcorn, when the popcorn was ready she put in one of her favorite DVDs about the boy meets girl, girl falls in love with guy type thing.

The rain was really picking up that night but Presley was getting into her movie that she really didn’t notice it. She shivered once and grabbed a blanket near by, she was wishing Aaron was there to keep her warm, just then she was remind about the thoughts she had of him earlier on the phone. She started to softly run her hands up and down her body ever so gently, her breathing was picking up and she softly squeezed her firm breasts and pinched her nipples the slightest touch made them spring to life and rock hard she continued to squeeze her breast and rub her nipples while she thought of Aaron. bahis firmalar─▒ She glanced over at the movie and noticed that the scene was showing the love interests in bed together this only added fuel to Presley’s already burning fire. She slowly moved her right hand down her body and slowly stroked her warm almost wet pussy. Enjoying the feeling she removed all her cloths and started getting herself off.

She was so involved in herself that she didn’t hear the front door open, Aaron was home early from the tour and wanted to surprise her but instead he got the surprise, there on the cough was Presley fully naked and rubbing her breast and pussy moaning loud and proud. Aaron just stood there and watched her.

Finial he spoke out and said can I help you out there, she jumped and opened her eyes to find Aaron standing above her, her face was red as she left embarrassed about what she was doing. Aaron kneeled down and kissed her passionately on the lips then slowly ran his hands along her body. Presley moaned with delight and began removing Aaron’s cloths. Once they were both naked Aaron wasted no time and sank his head between her legs and started licking her wet hot pussy. Presley moaned with pleasure and ran her hands through his hair as he continued to eat her out.

Presley slowly pulled Aaron away from her pussy and drew him up to her breasts where he started to pull and suck on them like he had never sucked before. He stopped only to kiss her lips a few times. By this time his cock was hard and ready from action, he positioned himself over Presley and entered her warm pussy again she moaned and accept the full length of him in her. They held each other tight before making any moves. The warm embrace was what she needed the most but having his hard cock in her was the topping of all.

Presley ran her hands along Aarons back and pulled him in closer to her pushing his cock deeper into her wet pussy, Aaron let out a moan as he felt his cock slide deeper into her.

Aaron started picking up speed and was thrusting his cock in and out of Presley as she screamed for more. Aaron drew back his cock and then with force pushed his cock deep into Presley causing her to orgasm on him. Aaron drew back and kissed and caressed Presley then began sucking and licking his way around her body, until Presley rolled him on his back and slowly slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She was so wet from her orgasm that his cock moved in and out of her pussy with ease and gave her the best pleasure. She picked up speed and rode him hard and fast, Presley could feel Aarons cock getting harder and knew he was close to cumming so she slowed her pace and ka├žak iddaa savored the feeling of his hard cock in her warm hot pussy.

Aaron was enjoying the feeling to and knew he was close, he sat up a bit and started playing with Presley’s breast needing them and pinching at her hard nipples all the while Presley was moaning and slowly riding his cock and rubbing his balls. Aaron couldn’t take much more of this and knew his going to cum so he flipped Presley on her back and started thrusting slow and steady and with one long hard thrust he cum hard inside her, he bent forward and kissed her hard on the lips as they held each other close.

Presley and Aaron wrapped themselves up in the blanket and sat together on the cough, stealing kisses now and then.

Presley was still coming down from her orgasms but felt the burning need for more. Aaron was fixed on the TV and didn’t noticed at first that Presley had slipped under the blanket and was now stroking his cock, he pulled back the blanket just as Presley was taking his semi hard cock into her mouth he let out a low moan and watched his angel of love engulf his hard cock. Presley slide up and down his cock while squeezing his balls, she’d slide all the way down then come up and tongue the head of his cock. Aaron was able to reach Presley and started fingering her pussy which was getting wet again, he inserted two fingers and was stroking her G-spot and rub her breasts Presley was moaning loud as she hand job Aaron. Presley positioned her body so that she and Aaron were in the 69 position, as Aaron lend into lick the wet warm pussy of Presley; she lowered her mouth on his now ever harder cock and started sucking him hard.

Aaron was licking her clit and rubbing her breasts with his left hand while he fingered her with his right, he could hear her muffled moan as she continued to work his cock with her mouth.

Aaron slide himself out of her mouth and proceed to mount her from the rear pushing into her ever so slowly, he’d pull back so just the head of his cock stayed in her then he’d pushed himself back in with more force all the while Presley was fingering her clit and moaning that it drown out the TV not that they cared at the time.

Aaron continued to thrust Presley’s pussy from behind until he felt his balls tighten and his cock harden and as he drew back and slide back in him came hard sending Presley into total ecstasy, they both fell forward with Aaron still inside her they lied there for awhile savoring the moment.

Aaron withdrew himself and cleaned himself off and sat back on the cough and cradle Presley in his arms till they both fell asleep on the cough.

The next ka├žak bahis day Aaron got a call from his manger saying that there wouldn’t be any tours for at least 6 months. He was so disappointed but happy that he’d be home with Presley. He told Presley the news and she kissed and hugged him and promised him that she’d make the time off the road worth while for him, he liked this offer.

For the rest of the day they went for a walk as the weather was nice, they walked along a very secluded path that led far into the woods and fields, they knew they’d be totally alone there. Aaron lend Presley against a tree and started kissing her and pulling at her thin t-shirt until he pulled up and revealed her bare breast, Presley’s nipples were already hard, Aaron sucked them hard giving little bites now and then.

Presley was enjoying the feeling of her breast being suck on out in the open. She slowly pushed Aaron back and lend him against the tree and began to undo his jeans and remove his semi hard cock and with one swift move she engulf him and sucked him hard sending waves of ecstasy over him. Presley worked every inch of Aarons cock till he couldn’t hold back any longer and blew his load down her throat.

Not wanting to be the only one to feel good, Aaron took Presley and placed her against the same tree and pulled up the little mini skirt she was wearing and stripped off her panties and started working his magic on her pussy, he circled her clit with his tongue, licked every fold of that sweet pussy, he enter two fingers and pumped in and out of her ever growing wet pussy, Presley was moaning with every stroke of Aarons fingers and tongue, just as Aaron sucked all of her clit into his mouth and fingered her G-Spot she came in waves of hot sticky pussy juice all over Aarons face, he didn’t bother to stop he continued to suck and finger her wet pussy driver her to another wild orgasm that left her shaking and gasping for air.

Once they were done pleasuring each other the weather started to turn and rain was about to fall they rushed home and just beat getting rained on. Once inside the house they found they had no power so they lit some candles and decided to take a shower to wash away the day’s fun, only this time a shower was just a shower.

The power was still off when they got out of the shower so Aaron and Presley settled down on the cough and watched the flames from the candles dance across the walls. With no power this was surely going to be a long night but either mined as long as they were in each others arms.

Presley shifted a bit and the flames caught her face making her even more beautiful to Aarons eyes. Aaron reached out and held her face in the candle light, then softly kissed her lips.

The rest of the night was spent making love by the light of the candles. This was truly one of the best stormy nights ever.



Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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