Stories of a College Coed Ch. 03

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Matt and I have been seeing lots of each other since our first hook up a couple of weeks ago. We still have that brand new relationship, fuck three times a day thing going on. God I love that. I’ve hardly gone 12 hours since I got to campus without having an orgasm. Talk about heaven.

Unfortunately, Matt had to go home for the weekend. That left me without anything, or anyone, to do for the first time since I arrived on campus. I was sitting in my room Friday afternoon trying to decide what to do when my roommate, Kelly, came in.

“Hey Amanda, have any plans tonight?”

“No, not yet. Matt went home for the weekend.”

“Oh, I’m going to miss listening to you two fuck while I fall asleep,” she said laughing.

“Ha Ha, very funny. But I guarantee I’m going to miss it more!”

“I’m sure you will,” she said. “Is he as good as your moaning makes him sound?

“God yeah. He’s so much better than any of the boys I hooked up with in high school.”

With a naughty looking grin on her face, Kelly said, “I know. Matt’s definitely all man.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Oh, not what you’re thinking. I just saw him walking around the room naked one night when you two thought I was asleep,” she said with another smirk. “Damn girl, what a body. And he’s hung too, I almost fell out of bed!”

I was starting to blush now. I’m not used to talking quite this openly. But I figured, what the hell. She’s my roommate and I want to bond. We’re supposed to share our secrets.

“Yeah, he’s definitely the biggest I’ve ever seen. I thought I gave pretty good head in high school, but I couldn’t deepthroat him at first.”

“I’m glad to see that you can now though,” she said with a giggle.

Now I was really turning read with embarrassment. “Oh my god! We always thought you were asleep. I’m sorry! Just how much have you seen?”

“Don’t be sorry. You put on a good show.” We both laughed at that one.

“I think we’re going to get along well, Kelly.”

“Me too. So, you don’t have any plans tonight?”

“No, what about you?”

“Well, have you met Ethan and Kurt down the hall yet?”

“Not really,” I answered.

“Well, they’re gay. Not a couple or anything, but they both like man meat. Almost as much as you,” she said laughing again. “And they’re both really fun. They’re going to a gay club tonight and I’m going with them. You should come.”

“I’m not sure, I’ve never been to a gay club before. Won’t we be out of place?”

“No, lots of girls go just for the dancing. Besides, you know how cute all of the gay guys are!”

“OK, I’m in!”


We hung out with Ethan and Kurt for a few hours after dinner before going out. Kelly was right. They were fun. They even helped us pick our outfits and do our hair! I guess having gay ataşehir escort bayan neighbors can have its benefits.

“Oh Amanda, you look super sexy,” Ethan said. “If only I wasn’t gay…”

“MMMM, you aren’t kidding,” Kurt interrupted. “You both look almost good enough to turn a gay boy straight. At least for one night.”

“Almost? You know we both look just that good,” Kelly boasted.

“Yeah, I bet we could turn the two of you straight for a night!” Damn. Those words came out of my mouth, but who said them? These first couple of weeks of college has really changed me.

“We’ll just have to see about that,” Ethan answered with a sexy smile.

I had to admit they were both very cute. Preppy and stylish, well groomed and smelling good. And hooking up with a gay guy could be fun. Wow, another new thought. I like the new me!

We got to the club around 9 p.m. It was just starting to fill up.

“Damn, you were right Kelly,” I said as I looked around the room. “This place is jam packed with hotties!”

She just laughed and pulled me out to the dance floor. We jumped right into the middle of the crowd and started dancing with each other. Ethan and Kurt joined us. Soon I was dancing with Kurt and Kelly with Ethan. We were having a great time dancing, and laughing.

Eventually the guys left us to start dancing with other guys. Kelly and I split up also, moving on to dance with whatever random, cute guys that we could.

Then I saw an extremely good looking guy standing near the bar by himself. He kind of looked like James Van der Beek. Not the geeky “Dawson’s Creek” version, but the bad boy super sexy “Rules Of Attraction” version.

For all I knew his partner could have been getting a drink or in the bathroom, but whatever. I didn’t care. I moved up behind him and without saying anything started dancing, grinding my pelvis into his hot, tight ass.

He started to turn around, looking surprised. I’m not sure if it was more because a random person was grinding into him, or because it was a girl. Either way, I still didn’t care. He finished turning around, but didn’t move away. I took that as a good sign and grabbed his ass with both of my hands, pulling his groin against mine. Hard.

I kept dancing and soon he joined in. I could feel his package pressing against my stomach and hips. Damn it felt good. And big. I was so tempted to just grab it, but I couldn’t bring my self to do it.

After a few minutes of very sensual dancing I pulled his head down.

“Are you gay or bi,” I whispered into his ear.

He didn’t respond. Instead, he roughly pulled me closer to his body, wrapped one arm around the small of my back and used his other hand to pull my face to his, kissing me. Damn what a kiss. Hot, passionate, and aggressive. This guy escort kadıköy knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to take it. I knew what I wanted also, and I could feel it hardening in his pants, against my stomach.

We broke our kiss and he took me by the hand. He led me to the back of the club, down a small hallway to the bathrooms. He let go long enough to go into the men’s room, look around, and come back out. Then he took me by the hand again and pulled me inside, then into the last stall on the right, closing the door behind us.

He pushed me against the door and started roughly kissing me again. At the same time I was desperately trying to undress him. I was able to unbutton his shirt and get my hands on his body. He wasn’t big, but he was very well defined. Rubbing my hands all over his hard body was such a turn on, but there was something else even harder that I wanted to rub my hands all over.

By now, his hands were under my shirt, massaging my breasts. He had such soft, yet strong hands. I reached down and undid his belt, then unbuttoned his pants. I reached one hand inside, rubbing the outline of his rock hard cock through his boxers. It felt like I was right about the size. I had hit the jackpot, again.

I pulled my hand out just long enough to unzip his pants and drop them along with his boxers to the floor. I followed them down, falling to my knees, and devoured his cock. Holy shit, this thing was a monster. Definitely longer than Matt’s, probably 8″, and probably just as thick. I tried to deepthroat him right away, but started to gag. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though. After a couple of more deep thrusts with my mouth I was able to fit the whole thing in.

That must have turned him on, as he started groaning. He grabbed the sides of my head with his hands and slowly started to fuck my mouth. This was something new for me, I was always in charge during oral sex with Matt, and I loved it. I totally gave in, relaxing my mouth and throat as much as possible.

Soon he was thrusting harder and harder, in and out of my mouth with the whole length of his magnificent cock. This was such a turn on for me, I could feel myself getting wet. Then suddenly he stopped. I started to whimper, but before I could say anything he pulled me up off of my knees and pushed me forward, bending me over the toilet.

He pulled my skirt up over my waist and just about tore my panties off. He took his giant cock in one hand and rubbed the head up and down my slit. Then he quickly thrust forward, deep into my pussy. A month ago I would have been screaming in pain with a cock this big. Now, thanks to all of my practice with Matt, it was heaven.

He slid in and out of me with long, slow strokes while he worked his entire cock deep into me. It felt so hot, so tight, bostancı escort so deep, it was almost like I could tell when he reached virgin territory. I’d never felt so full and so satiated before.

After a few minutes he worked his pace up so that he was slamming in and out of me. I couldn’t control myself and started screaming at the top of my lungs. My body was shaking and my pussy walls tightening and contracting around his cock as I reached my first orgasm.

I vaguely heard the bathroom door open, but neither of us cared. He kept fucking me and I kept screaming. I overheard two voices laughing. One said, “Holy shit, listen to that dude scream like a girl.” Then, “Damn, the other dude must be fucking the shit out of him!”

I almost laughed out loud, but I was quickly brought back to attention by the rock hard rod pounding in and out of my pussy. Amazingly, my orgasm seemed to inspire him to fuck me even harder. He was now fucking me harder than I’d ever been fucked before. Each thrust was accompanied by the sound of his body slapping against mine, a loud grunt from him, and an even louder scream from me. I was getting close to a second orgasm and I could tell he was getting close also. A minute later he grunted even louder and I felt his hot cum start to fill me. I’ve missed that feeling with Matt since I always make him wear a condom. God I love it. He pumped spurt after spurt into me until I felt him relax and pull out. I was totally exhausted and stayed in that position for a moment.

I felt him reach two fingers into my now overly sensitive pussy and pull back out. I slowly stood up and turned around to see him lick his fingers clean, then lean forward for another kiss. I tasted the mix of his cum and my pussy juices on his tongue, savoring every bit of it.

Finally we broke our kiss and got dressed again. He turned and walked out of the stall without a word. I was a total mess, so I headed to the women’s room to clean myself up. I washed the sweat off of my face and fixed my hair. I still looked like a mess, but I could pass for someone who’d been dancing like crazy instead of fucking like crazy.

I made my way back to the dance floor and found Ethan, Kurt, and Kelly. We all decided we’d had enough and headed back to the dorms.

“Kelly, you and Amanda won’t believe what Kurt and I saw, well actually heard, tonight,” Ethan said excitedly.

“What was that?” Kelly asked.

“We went in the men’s room and heard two people fucking like animals,” Kurt took over. “One guy was screaming like crazy, almost like a girl. The other guy must have been amazing!”

“Holy shit that’s funny,” Kelly laughed.

I laughed along. Luckily, it was too dark for them too see how much I was blushing. I guess I wasn’t ready to be TOO open yet.

“Did you have a good time, Amanda?” Kelly asked. “I didn’t see you for the last half hour that we were there.”

“Oh, I was off dancing. I had a great time.”

“Enough to take your mind off of Matt for a little while?”

“Yeah, for a little while,” I answered with a laugh.

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