Step-Yellow Fever Ch. 02

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Author’s Note, before I begin: I thank everyone for their comments on the first chapter. Due to the upset of some from my use of non-authentic names I re-considered the possibility of continuing the story. But as some people did request a sequel I then figured screw-it, it is a story and names are never my strong suit whether remembering them, spelling them, or creating them and at this point the names are already set. Just pretend that the names are created to protect the innocent. Now where was I?


I woke up not believing the night before was true, but the two sleeping female forms curled against me proclaimed the truth clearly.

On my left was Hoshi; she was apparently one of those more restless sleepers, since while we had all gone to sleep with her lying on my left shoulder she was now curled on her left side. He ass lay lightly against my left outer thigh with the soft skin sending erotic messages straight to my crotch.

On my right was Sun-Yi and she had not apparently moved an inch. She still laid there with one hand on my chest, her head on my shoulder, and her soft black hair flowing over my arm. Her soft even breath tickled the hair on my right nipple, and the smell of her hair rose to my nose and I took a deep breath to inhale it.

I could not believe my luck! Never mind they were my stepsisters, two hot Japanese twins were laying here with me naked, and I had just had sex with them the night before, and there were promises of more to come. I was tempted to pinch myself to see if it was real then figured if it wasn’t real I didn’t really want to find out.

I laid there contemplating the new found dimensions of our relationship, trying to figure the best way to express my enthusiasm to both of the girls now that I could actually move again when I noticed Sun-Yi’s beautiful brown eyes suddenly open and looking directly at me.

“How you feeling today?” Sun-Yi asked quietly.

“Better.” I said simply and quietly, then with a smile, ” and better than ever.”

“You liked then?” Sun-Yi asked, now her voice seemed uncertain.

“Are you kidding? Like is not strong enough a word. You two are more than I could ever imagine for myself and it was better than I could possibly dream of.”

“We were worried that you might be mad when you woke up. That you might feel differently.” Sun-Yi said her eyes turning bright.

“There is no way I would be unhappy with any of that, except that I could not return favor last night.”

“I go and make breakfast, if you feel better then perhaps you could wake Hoshi nicely?” Sun-Yi said with a smile that seemed canl─▒ bahis knowing and innocent all at once.

I smiled back and as Hoshi sat up I did the same and gave her quick kiss that caused her to smile and skip out of the room.

I looked at Hoshi’s sleeping form wondering what would be ‘nice’. Thinking of what Sun-Yi’s tongue had done to pleasure me the night before I knew what I would do.

I bent down and let my tongue slide down Hoshi’s butt crack. I heard a soft moan from above me and I let my tongue circle her anus.

I slowly pushed my tongue into her ass and began to let my tongue slide in and out until I felt Hoshi’s hips bucking back into my probing tongue.

With my right hand I gently pushed her so that she rolled over onto her stomach. Then I used both my hands to spread her delicate checks apart allowing me easier access. She spread her legs beneath me improving my access.

I let my tongue slide out and around her puckered hole and Hoshi’s ass danced in my face trying to get my tongue re-centered on her anus. I returned my tongue to the center of its circle and pushed back into Hoshi with her answering sigh.

I continued to use my tongue to fuck her ass before I reached my right hand underneath her spread legs to her warm and wet slit. I used my finger to probe the length of her slit and then I rubbed her button, which sent her hips bucking into me instantly.

I slowly developed a matching pattern between my finger stroking the length of her vagina and my tongue pushing as deeply as possible into her ass.

I wasn’t taking much note of my ass, which was way up in the air with my face buried in Hoshi’s sweet ass so I yelped a bit in surprise as I felt a soft tongue slide from my balls to my anus.

I continued to lick at Hoshi’s ass and finger the lips of her pussy as Sun-Yi’s hand reached around me to grip my shaft and her tongue began its probe of my ass. I was really enjoying myself as I suddenly felt Hoshi shudder beneath me.

I slowly crawled forward and lifted Hoshi’s ass off the bed. With her face still buried in the mattress I pressed the head of my cock into her warm wet pussy.

I sank in deeply in one thrust and she moaned into the bed with the penetration. I pulled back and pushed forward again which got me balls deep into her and she began to push against me.

Sun-Yi climbed onto the bed and sat beside her sister facing me. She leaned forward and began to kiss me as I continued to plunge my cock into her sister’s pussy.

Suddenly Hoshi began screaming into the mattress and I felt her whole body shake and her bahis siteleri pussy squeeze my cock. This was more than I could take and with a final thrust I shoved my cock as deeply into her as possible, I then shot my load of cum as deeply into her as possible.

Hoshi collapsed out from beneath me. Sun-Yi gently pushed me into rolling over onto my back.

As Hoshi recovered Sun-Yi began licking her sister’s juices off of my still hard cock. As she drew my cock into her mouth I pulled her hips toward me until she was straddling my face.

I ran my tongue along the length of her slit getting my first taste of her pussy; she was wet and very sweet.

I began to let my tongue slip deeper into her folds until my tongue was doing figure eights around her love button, then down and around her pussy hole, and back up.

As she rocked back and forth on my tongue trying to get it to make direct contact with her clit I slipped one of my fingers along the back of her pussy hole causing her to shiver.

With my finger now wet with her juices I slid it towards her anus, she immediately bucked back into it encouraging me. As I pushed my tongue against her clit I pushed my finger into her ass.

Her reaction to that was very strong and I felt the vibrations through my cock as she practically screamed into it. Her body bucked and rocked into my finger and face as she came.

Once she calmed down a little I let my tongue slide around the folds of her pussy lightly, allowing her to regain her strength. I continued to slide my finger in and out of her ass with her pussy juice providing the lube.

After several moments she resumed sucking my cock and I slowly pushed a second finger into her ass.

Sun-Yi rocked back slowly into the two fingers for several minutes as I licked her pussy and she sucked my cock, then she suddenly took her mouth off my cock and pulled herself off my face and fingers.

Not immediately understanding I looked up at her questioningly as she crawled forward.

She grabbed hold of my cock and I saw her eyes close as she rubbed it along her slit, she shiver again when she pressed it against her tip.

Hoshi was laying on her side watching us with a hand between her legs, which turned me on even more causing my cock to harden in Sun-Yi’s hand. Sun-Yi immediately smiled.

Hoshi looked up at me, and seeing me watching her, she spread her legs a little more and gave me a shy smile.

Sun-Yi lined the tip of my cock with her back door. Her eyes remained tightly closed as she pushed down onto my cock.

Both Hoshi’s and my eyes became bahis ┼čirketleri instantly glued to Sun-Yi’s ass and for a moment it seemed an impossible fit but with a gasp her ass gave way and the head of my cock popped in. Sun-Yi held very still breathing deeply a moment, before she began to push down again.

Slowly my cock pressed into her tight ass and I could not believe the grip on my cock. Her ass was so tight and warm it was difficult to keep from immediately shooting my load.

With more than an inch to go she began to moan and she paused as I felt her ass convulse around my intruding shaft.

I thought there was no way she was going to take all of me in, but she seemed determined.

She lifted herself up a little bit and then she forcefully slammed her ass down on my cock. In an instant my entire cock was buried in her ass, she screamed out and suddenly her ass began to convulsively squeeze my cock.

I had thought she was in pain but she continued to yell and scream as she lifted her ass up and shoved it back down my cock.

I could only take this for a few heavenly moments before I suddenly grabbed Sun-Yi’s hips and yanked her down as hard as I could onto my cock as I blasted my seed deep into her bowels. Sun-Yi let out a few more whimpering moans as my cock twitched inside her convulsing ass.

I suddenly felt Hoshi’s mouth on mine thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she moan yet another orgasm as her sister collapsed forward.

As Hoshi disengaged from the kiss I reached up to roll her sister, Sun-Yi, off my lap. My cock popped free of her ass and she gasped again.

I wondered if ‘quiet’ Sun-Yi would be back after that episode as Hoshi crawled down to my limp cock to lick it clean of her sister.

Just as Hoshi seemed to complete her self set task Sun-Yi slowly got up and got a tray she had left by the bed. On the tray were small finger sandwiches and fruit.

“You don’t think me dirty do you?” Sun-Yi asked tentatively.

“I think both of you are fabulous.” I answered with a smile.

“You love us good.” Hoshi said with a smile as she placed a grape at my lips.

I opened my mouth and accepted the offering. ” You both made me feel wonderful.” I responded, wanting to let them know I felt I was getting the better end of the deal.

“You are not taking advantage.” Sun-Yi said, somehow sensing my thoughts. ” We want to take care of you until you are all healed.”

“I think in our excitement we are taking advantage of you who should be recovering.” Hoshi said with a big smile.

“Trust me, I do not want anything other than to be taken advantage of, in that case.” I answered feeling a little more at ease.

“Then we are all happy.” Sun-Yi said with a nod as she held a sandwich out to me.

I took it with a smile.

The End

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