Starting the Affair

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He had known her for years. The immediate attraction was she was married, clearly not happily, but due to her strict Catholic upbringing divorce wasn’t an option. He had suggested it plenty of times when they were seeing each other at the start but it was a non-starter. Life got in the way and they had drifted apart. They had kept in touch, messages at birthdays and holidays. The odd phone call here and there, both wanting more but neither knowing how to ask or even confident to ask. Both burying their heads to the true feelings they had.

It kicked off again when she had found out that the husband had been having an affair with their lodger. She had gone without for years thinking it was down to medical reasons. When the truth came out she was devastated. But again her upbringing wouldn’t allow her to divorce but something inside her changed. She rang him and asked to meet. She wanted revenge. Hatred burning inside her. The need to get back and regain her femininity drove her back to his arms.

He was wary of her reasons to meet, she wasn’t fully honest with herself to start. She wanted some of the passion from 20 years ago, when they had both been younger and full of life. He thought it was just revenge and was happy to help her as he too wanted some of that youthful passion. She was warned by him that if they met for “a drink” to catch up he would want to bed her. She went along knowing it was part of her plan. That she would get fucked by another man and go home to regale her husband with the fact she’d been picked up. She wanted to feel wanted again.

The day arrived and he had booked a hotel to stay, he no longer lived locally and had a family. She wasn’t sure if he would deliver but tingled for most of the day in anticipation of getting her revenge. Even if it was just once she told herself that would be enough. She told herself bahis firmalar─▒ it would only be once, she’d told him it would only be once. She would go home with another mans seed inside her and tell him she’d been fucked. It couldn’t be a stranger to her but that detail didn’t matter it was the act.

He looked a lot better than she remembered, confident, smiling and clearly happy with life. She had a moment of doubt as she thought could she go through with it, that getting revenge with another woman’s man would make her as bad as her husband. They had a drink and made chit chat and she quickly, without noticing, drank her wine. He noticed this and thought what the hell, she’d been warned and took her hand and led her to his room.

Once through the door he grabbed her and forced her against the wall kissing her and probing her mouth with his tongue. Something inside of her snapped. Something deep and hidden, fuelled by anger and hatred and she kissed him back. He felt the change and knew he could do anything to her. Anything at all. He knew she’d be back for more no matter what he did to or with her. He knew that they both needed this. He felt her lust, her desire and her need.

He practically tore off the dress she’d spent hours selecting to reveal the new lingerie she had bought for the occasion. His fingers reaching for her sex, the slickness and wetness surprised them both! He slid a finger in and tasted it for himself. Then slid it back in and offered it to her, she sucked hungrily on it. He dragged her to the bed and pushed her back, climbing between her thighs and lapped at her wetness making her purr and start a river of juices flowing. All thoughts of anyone else were gone for her, all she wanted in the moment was him. She wanted him to make her orgasm. She wanted him to make her feel like nobody ever had before, including him. ka├žak iddaa She wanted to be devoured. She screeched as her first orgasm hit her. It surprised her that there had been no warning or build up it just hit her. This didn’t stop him he kept on feasting like it was his last meal. He wasn’t stopping until he was ready.

Finally he could take no more and lifted her legs up over his shoulders and positioned himself ready to enter her. Putting the tip at just the right spot he leant forward to kiss her, so she could taste her juices on his lips and face. He grabbed her arse firmly and just rammed deep into her. She had forgotten how big and the girth he had. He bounced straight of her cervix, that delightful pain/pleasure that had her orgasm immediately. God that felt good. Years of denial for her had built to a point that she couldn’t stop the orgasms coming. Her husband hated how wet she got but he loved it. She could feel he wanted her to be soaked, he wanted her squirting all over him. He wanted to last hours inside her. He built up to a tempo and depth that she damned near passed out from his cock alone. He sensed this and could see it in her eyes. The way her body was shuddering and arching up to meet each thrust. The dominant mean streak he hid from everyone surfaced momentarily and he decided to stroke her clit and finger her arse.

This was too much and he sensed her lose consciousness below him. He stopped and pulled out, hoping she would come round quickly he was almost at the point he couldn’t stop. Soft murmuring came from her as she slowly regained consciousness and he thought fuck it let the dominant come out a bit. She opened her mouth to say something only to find the words caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe it his fat throbbing cock being pushed up against her gag reflex. She sucked hard on him to stop the pushing ka├žak bahis tasting herself on him. The salty taste of pre cum filled her mouth. She was worried he’d cum in her mouth. There had been an incident when she was younger that had put her off ever trying it again. She sensed and felt that he was on the brink, she felt his hands in her hair. He grabbed the hair tightly and said to her “Swallow it you fucking slut. Suck down my seed. Taste it and savour every last drop so you can tell your husband after you’ve kissed him about it” she orgasmed again at his words.

The moaning sensation from her tongue sent him over the edge. Jet after jet of salty hot cum was fired into her mouth. She thought she could get away with holding it in her mouth and spitting it out when he’d finished. This was not to be. He seemed to cum for minutes and the combination of her mouth full of his cock and his seed erupting she had to swallow. Swallow hungrily. Sucking harder and harder to get every last drop to swallow it down. Gulping it down like some cheap tramp she imagined herself to be for doing it. When he’d gone soft in her mouth and there was nothing left to swallow no words were said. Not one.

She dressed and went home. Kissed her husband lovingly like the dutiful wife, she allowed his probing tongue. She felt a warm glow of release and relief that she was doing something he had no idea about. She wasn’t going to tell him now. She was going to text her lover and go back in the morning when she should’ve been going to work.

For now she was going to sleep with another mans seed in her mouth, her belly and in her thoughts. A fire had been lit. It left her wanting more. Knowing she’d lovingly do for another man the one thing she refused to do for her husband. For now that would be revenge enough. For now texting her lover she’d be back in the morning at 7 filled her with joy. She’d phone in sick to work and lie to her husband to have another of those orgasms she’d been gripped with earlier.

He laid on his hotel bed reading the message that she would be there at 7.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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