Sporting Goods in the Fitting Room

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We decide to go shopping and you somehow, some way convince me to go inside. We began the day with sex and still haven’t seem to have gotten over it. We are both really hot all day long. We occasionally stop to press our bodies up against each other, kissing and rubbing. Occasionally we seem to forget that we are actually in a public place.

The store seems a little empty tonight as only a scattered few remain shopping. You tell me that you are going off to try on some clothes in the fitting rooms at the far end of the store.

Handing you a pair of black lace panties I say, “I think you’d look great in these babe.”

You take them out of my hand and smile, “I guess we’ll just have to find out.”

I see you going in and out of the dressing room. You grab clothes and run it, come back out, and then grab some more. You come back out of the dressing room and grab a nice, short, tight, black skirt that you think I might like and return to the dressing room, locking the door and turning around.

You glance up to see me standing there with a grin on my face. You stand with your back against the door, “Here baby? I don’t know. Maybe when we get home you can tie me up and make me beg for mercy.”

I step forward, moving very close to you, “Well, I was more or less thinking we could bahis firmalar─▒ do that right here, but I was going to make you beg for something else.”

With that I pull some rope out of my jacket. Immediately, you begin to get very hot, “W-where d-d-did you get that from?”

I begin to kiss your neck and lift up your shirt, whispering into your ear, “Sporting goods department baby.”

Your shirt hits the floor. My lips locked against your neck. You continue to talk, “I don’t know about this baby.”

“I think you do,” I say as I slide my hand down between your thighs and rub my palm flat against your wet pussy.

“Let me see your hands.”

You hold them out and I begin tying them together, and then bring them above your head, hooking them to the coat hook above your head. You soon find you are unable to move your arms and hands. You are unable to touch my body as I slowly begin to strip in front of you.

Shirt, pants and socks all lie on the floor in front of me, as I move towards you. Still in my boxers, I press my hips against yours. I drive them against as if I were driving my hard cock inside you.

“Please take those off and fuck me with that hard cock of yours,” you moan out.

“I see you have figured out what I wanted you to beg for,” I say with a grin as ka├žak iddaa I slowly start to kneel down in front of you.

You feel me undo your pants and helplessly let them fall to the floor. My finger begins to tug at your panties. I drag them down your thighs, down to your knees and finally to the ground. Then I rub my face up against your pussy, spreading your wetness over my face.

You stand helplessly, pulling and trying to free your hands futilely. You moan even louder, “Oh baby…please, please!”

I place my tongue against your clit, tracing up and down it, just teasing you. You feel yourself get wetter and wetter. You become uncontrollable. You jerk hard at the rope, writhing your head back and forth. Soon you pull your legs up and wrap your thighs around my face and begin squeezing, yelling, “Fuck me now!”

I look up and thrust my warm wet tongue inside your cunt. You scream out and your legs spread apart. I stand up in front of you, “Now baby, you didn’t say the magic word.”

You moan out, “Please…p-p-please. Oh fuck me please. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

I slowly slide down my underwear and remove you from the hook. Your arms (hands still tied) wrap around me as I hold you up against the wall. My hips start driving up ka├žak bahis against yours. My hard cock begins to pound inside you. Your head leans back against the wall in ecstasy as my hard cock pounds and thrusts up inside you.

“Oh it feels so good baby. Yes, fuck me hard!” you pause and say, “Please.”

You feel my balls starting to slap against you. I’m sure people in the store can now hear us, but I don’t care as I slam my hips up against yours again and again, harder with every thrust. You scream out countless obscenities. The fitting room begins to rattle as my hips smack against you, driving you against the wall. I look into your eyes and begin to pound relentlessly. My cum begins to rise as your juices begin to run down your legs. I start ramming, pumping, thrusting my hard cock into your tight cunt. Your head tilts back all the way as you scream out loud. I drive my hips against you hard and feel myself exploding inside you. My warm cum just shooting into you, letting it flow inside you. My eyes look deep into yours as my lips meet yours, kissing you passionately.

I set you down on the bench after a few moments and I grab the black lace panties sitting next to you. You hold your legs out and I slide them onto you. You stand up and I look at you, “See, I told you that you would look good in them.”

You smile and giggle as I untie you. We leave the store with your new clothes and I look over to you and say, “I really think I can get into this shopping thing.”

We both laugh and walk on out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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