Sorority Sweetheart Ch. 01

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It was hot and muggy inside the trailer, even though the small window air-conditioning unit was going full blast. The weather reports all said the state was in the middle of a heat wave, though as far as Jeb could remember this time of year was always hotter than hell. A couple summers back he had worked on a roofing crew and on a few occasions had been convinced that his clothes were either going to catch fire or simply melt away. But he didn’t subject himself to that sort of torture anymore. No, at this point in his life, Jeb was kept.

Everything had started one autumn Saturday night when Jeb had picked up a tipsy little sorority girl at one of the local watering holes. He had never gone to college — he couldn’t afford it, and didn’t have much interest in it even if he could — but he tended to frequent some of the college hangouts on the weekends to try and get laid. He had been successful on a number of occasions before, but this time he had unknowingly picked up the treasurer of one of the largest sororities on campus, and had fucked her so well that she started making regular booty calls. Then one day she had introduced him to another one of her sorority sisters, and Jeb had fucked her brains out too. The rest, as they say, was history.

Since that day, all sorts of girls from the sorority had started making house calls on Jeb. He didn’t really know how they all got his cell phone number, or what they all liked about him, except that most of them told him he was the best lay they ever had. Jeb didn’t really understand what made him so special. His dick was good-sized but definitely not huge, he had an athletic build, and he had always been good in the sack, but he didn’t think he was that much better than the average guy. In fact, he knew that he was probably a dime a dozen when it came to a large university campus full of fit young men. Of course he had learned to control his ejaculation from an early age, and so could go for hours without blowing his load. But he figured most guys who practiced could eventually do that too. So all in all, Jeb just didn’t get how it added up.

For whatever reason though, gorgeous little college girls showed up at his single-wide trailer almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. A few fucked him once and never came back, but most of them dropped by every so often with takeout, a bottle of wine, scented massage oils, or a dirty sexual fantasy on their minds that he had to pry out of them with booze and humor before they would let him fulfill it.

He discovered during the last spring semester that he was something of a legend within the sorority house, and that word of his exploits had spread between the sisters like wildfire. Of course most of them were too dignified to ever want to date him, so Jeb eventually came to realize that they seemed to consider him their own personal male concubine. But, as most guys in his situation would conclude, that was fine by him.

Over the summer the steady queue of young coeds dissipated somewhat, though Jeb had a few regulars who were taking summer classes. They occasionally invited him over to their house to hang out at the pool where he usually ended up fucking one or two of them. Once he fucked a dark-haired girl named Deanna outside in the pool while a handful of her sisters tanned, drank, and grilled burgers. That fuck session reached a sort of mythical status among the other sisters when they returned in the fall, and earned Deanna the in-house nickname “Pool Slut.” Eventually her sisters had a t-shirt made that commemorated the occasion, though instead of wearing it she hung it on her wall next to a poster of Taylor Lautner. Jeb had actually planned the incident as a bit of advertising, and had been rewarded with a handful of new girls calling on him afterwards.

A few weeks ago the sorority had accepted a new class of pledges, as they did every Fall semester at the college. Jeb had actually been invited to the house during Rush Week, and the girls had paid for him to wear a fine dark suit and have his hair professionally styled. He had felt a bit like a trained monkey that night, but had enjoyed himself much more after having a few cocktails. At one point while she was making her speech, the president of the sorority had acknowledged him to the hundreds of eager rushees as the sorority’s sweetheart. Jeb hadn’t really known what to make of that, but he had sheepishly smiled and raised his glass to the hundreds of young vibrant faces that had turned quizzically to gaze upon him.

Many of those glances lingered a good while, he noticed, and more often than not morphed into a bashful little smile when he made eye contact with the wearer. That night he had been incredibly horny after the ceremonies, and had fucked the lithe little mocha-skinned president in her suite upstairs as a post-rush party raged in the common area below.

Today, though, he was fucking one of the new pledges. The members of the pledge class had all just been assigned big sisters who were responsible for teaching them about the sorority and helping them acclimate canl─▒ bahis to Greek life. This particular pledge’s big sister, Reagan — who was a frequent visitor of Jeb’s — had brought her to his trailer after finding out that she hadn’t had many enjoyable sexual experiences in her life to this point. Her name was Julie-Beth, and even though she had been relatively popular and on her high school dance team, she had apparently dated some dickhead baseball player throughout most of her high school career. He had supposedly been a careless, selfish lover, who also happened to suffer from premature ejaculation.

Julie-Beth seemed to be having fun today though, as evidenced by her many girlish squeaks and moans as she bounced up and down on Jeb’s rock-hard cock in the cowgirl position. She was a petite little thing, with long platinum hair that shone brightest in the sunlight, hazel eyes, and a radiant, toothy smile. Her breasts were small but firm, as was the rest of her slender frame, and each of them was crowned with a dark pink nipple. Her soft, tanned skin was virtually flawless, and her angelic young face was dotted with perspiration and set in a mixture of concentration and desperation. Jeb sat on his old worn-out plaid sofa, which had been repeatedly stained over the last year with many different kinds of bodily fluids from many different bodies. Today both of their bodies were covered in a bright sheen of sweat, and when Julie-Beth rested her forehead on Jeb’s, a few drops fell lightly onto his face.

She told Jeb before they started fucking that she only turned eighteen over the summer. That made Jeb about eight years her elder, though he was used to fucking younger girls at this point. He had allowed her to call the shots today, had submitted to being her personal plaything, though Reagan, who was seated in the armchair across from them drinking another bourbon and coke, had also done some of the directing. Jeb made eye contact with Reagan now as she sipped her drink and fondled herself with one hand wiggling freely down the front of her white cotton shorts.

Jeb closed his eyes as Julie-Beth’s sopping wet pussy slid up and down his length and listened to the rhythmic slap of her butt against his thighs. She was extremely tight, but at this point in their fucking was well lubed with her natural juices. She had already multiple orgasms this afternoon, during the course of which she had discovered that she preferred fucking him from on top.

He held her firm ass cheeks in his hands and also thrust his pelvis upwards every time she came down, reveling in the feel of her moist internal warmth. She wore a black choker necklace adorned with a small pendant around her neck, and it bounced merrily in unison with her perky breasts as she rose and fell, huffing and puffing and gasping, her fingernails occasionally digging in to his shoulders as she moved closer to another climax. Her moans and squeals of pleasure rose above the clatter of the air conditioner as she ground his rigid manhood into her tiny bald pussy with the sort of fervor that only comes from impending ecstasy. Instinctively she pulled up on the folds of her reddened lips revealing the tiny pink nub beneath, and allowed her most sensitive of areas to grind into his trimmed pubes for as long as she could stand before she melted suddenly in orgasmic bliss.

Jeb pulled her into a bear hug as her tiny body went rigid with pleasure and she trembled and wheezed her way through her hardest orgasm yet. Her young elfish face, shoulders, and perky breasts all flushed red in color as she came, and Jeb held their sweat covered bodies together tightly so that her young, soft breasts were pancaked against him. She drew shallow, ragged breaths and ran her hands through his sandy-brown hair as her orgasm subsided, then kissed him deeply with her eyes shut behind long, girlish lashes. When they broke apart she panted lightly as she once again rested her head on his. Her hot breath still smelled faintly like the spearmint gum she had accidentally swallowed during her third orgasm. Jeb’s rock hard dick was still firmly planted in her steaming vaginal canal, which continued to convulse subtly around its long fleshy intruder.

“God, your cum is absolutely dripping off his balls this time,” Reagan said from her perch in the armchair, her drink held loosely in one hand while the other stayed buried in her crotch.

“That was incredible,” Julie-Beth panted. “My clit is still throbbing.”

“That was fun, girlie,” Jeb said as he brushed the curtain of long blonde hair behind her ears. “See, I told you that once you stopped being so nervous we’d both have a good time.”

“Yeah, you did,” she responded as she playfully rubbed her tiny nose against his, giving him Eskimo kisses. “And you were right.”

“He’s always right when it comes to fucking,” Reagan chimed in from across the room, her speech only slightly slurred. “He’s the fucking Greek god of fucking!”

Jeb watched with a grin as she raised her glass to him in a sort of mock toast.

“I think I need a break. bahis siteleri I’m starting to feel a little light headed, and I think my feet are cramping,” Julie-Beth said as she wiped beads of sweat from her innocent young face.

“Not just yet, little darlin’,” Jeb said. “First let me taste that sweet pussy sauce. Bring it up here where I can get at it.”

She giggled bashfully, but did as she was told. She stood awkwardly on the old dilapidated couch so that she was still straddling Jeb and lowered her reddened, sopping pussy onto his waiting mouth. She felt a little strange and exposed this way, but was starting to trust and enjoy Jeb’s sexual instincts. When her tender womanhood was in range, his rigid tongue immediately entered her and gently probed her sweltering flesh, though he also took some time to suck out the last few drops her remaining nectar. She squealed and giggled loudly when he did this, though her giggles turned to moans when his tongue started to expertly flick her little hard clit.

“Wait, wait!” she pleaded, trying to delicately pull his head away from her glistening swollen lips. “I’m gonna pass out if I don’t get something to drink.”

“Ok,” Jeb said reluctantly. “There’s some Gatorade in the fridge, and some green tea too.”

She dismounted from the couch and walked from the living room into the kitchen. Jeb watched her as she went, his eyes glued to the red handprints he had made on her sleek, firm ass.

“Oh God, look at the mess she’s made,” Reagan said with mock disdain as she rose from the arm chair and made her way over to Jeb. She was pointing at the creamy sheen of girl goo that still covered Jeb’s hard cock from its purple head to his smoothly shaven balls. “Don’t worry; I’ll clean it up for you.”

She parked herself on her knees on front of Jeb and took his cock in her tiny, soft hands. Without another word, she began to lick and suck Julie-Beth’s cum from his twitching manhood. Jeb held her head lightly with his powerful hands as she did so, and watched through half-closed eyes as she took time to suck on each of his balls. Reagan loved the taste of a girl’s cum, especially a girl as gorgeous as Julie-Beth. As she sucked on Jeb’s cock, she wondered vaguely if her new little sis would ever let her go all out bull-dyke on her little pink snatch.

“Mmm…when’s it gonna be my turn?” she said seductively while her tiny hand worked Jeb’s thick shaft. She moaned and bit her lower lip, knowing exactly what really turned Jeb on.

Reagan was one of Jeb’s favorite lays, and he felt his green eyes drawn to the skin-tight yellow tank top that hugged her slender abdomen tightly and clung firmly to her soft, freckled breasts. She wore her white cotton shorts with the elastic band folded over, which made them squeeze her feminine hips even more securely and also exposed a couple inches of her perfectly slim midriff. She was only twenty-one, Jeb knew, but she carried herself with the sexual maturity and authority of someone at least a few years older.

Jeb often thought that she had one of the cutest faces of any of the girls in the sorority. A grouping of freckles seemed to cluster around her thin nose and spiral outward to the rest of her upper body. She wore her wavy auburn hair so that it ended just above her shoulders, and brushed it so that it swept delicately across her forehead. Today she was also wearing yellow loop earrings that went nicely with her top, and an agonizingly cute pink shade of lip gloss.

Reagan was also one of his most frequent visitors, and they had spent many sleepless nights exploring each other’s bodies and deepest sexual passions to the point that Jeb had really developed a soft spot for her. She had a fun, quirky sense of humor, and often had him laughing long after they were done fucking, when they were eating fresh grapes in bed or rinsing each other off in the shower. Sure, he’d fuck any of the sisters who wanted a go, but sometimes it actually felt like he was making love with Reagan.

“Anytime you want, it can be your turn,” Jeb said mischievously. She smiled bashfully at him and felt her cheeks burning pink as she ran her palms along his firm, fuzzy abdomen. She used her teeth to nibble at the sensitive skin on the underside of his shaft and looked up, hopeful that she was pleasing him.

“Yeah darlin’, you know what I like,” he said encouragingly. “And I know what you like.”

She sighed affectionately and locked his eyes in her own as she worked his purple cockhead between her taut, thin lips. By this time Julie-Beth returned with a bottle of blue Gatorade and took Reagan’s old seat in the arm chair, which just so happened to be the closest seat to the air conditioner. She sat Indian-style with her slender legs pulled up underneath her so that her swollen, reddened pussy lips parted slightly. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders until she pulled it upwards and shook it out. She held it in a makeshift ponytail behind her head and pressed the perspiring bottle of Gatorade against her temple as she tried to cool off. Jeb licked his bahis ┼čirketleri suddenly dry lips as he stared at her young faultless body, but then quickly returned his full attention to her big sis.

“Come here,” he said to her as he pulled her in for a long, wet kiss, and then pulled her to her feet once more. When she was standing he wasted no time in grabbing the elastic band of her tiny cotton shorts and pulling them down her smooth, tanned legs. She was wearing a peach colored thong underneath, but a moment later she was stepping out of that too.

“I think it’s time for a little Reagan Special,” Jeb said with a grin as he gently pushed her down on her hands and knees on the couch.

“Oh, my favorite!” she cooed as she lowered herself onto her elbows but left her firm young ass pointed towards the heavens.

“What’s your favorite?” Julie-Beth asked between gulps of Gatorade.

“Getting her butthole licked,” Jeb said with a devious grin.

They both laughed at Julie-Beth’s sharp intake of breath, and watched as she stared wide-eyed at them.

“What, you don’t think you’d like it?” asked Reagan playfully.

“Well, I dunno,” Julie-Beth replied. “That’s just so…dirty.”

“Yeah, that’s why I like it,” Reagan said with a wry smile. “It’s such a taboo. Plus it feels A-mazing when Jeb does it.”

“I’ll do you next if you want,” Jeb said, still grinning.

Julie-Beth didn’t answer but instead looked away flushed and took another large gulp of Gatorade. Jeb and Reagan grinned knowingly at each other, amused that they had so easily embarrassed their adorable young friend.

“Oh, almost forgot,” Jeb said as he pulled out one of the lamp stand drawers that stood next to the couch. He rummaged around inside until he pulled out a thin purple vibrator.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed it to Reagan.

“Thank you, kind sir,” she cooed playfully as she took it from him and batted her lashes.

She quickly switched it on and suddenly the clatter of the air conditioner was competing with the low hum of the vibrator. Gently Reagan pressed it to her own smoothly shaven pussy lips, and gasped slightly as it made contact. Jeb situated himself on the couch behind her upturned backside and tenderly caressed the firm relaxed muscle of her butt cheeks. He pulled them gently apart revealing her puckered pink anus and the underside of her womanly mound. She felt a flutter of excitement in her belly when she knew that she was completely exposed to his wandering eyes. Though she wasn’t sweating, her skin was sticky to the touch due to the heat and humidity, and there were small droplets of sweat forming at the top of her butt crack. Slowly, Jeb lowered his face until the sharp, pungent odor of her asshole reached his nostrils. A sort of primal urge took over as he inhaled deeply, and his cock felt so hard that its insides seemed to strain against the outer skin. He could restrain himself no longer, and so lowered his slippery tongue until it touched the warm, wrinkled skin of her anus.

Reagan moaned softly as the vibrator buzzed along happily against her tender clit and Jeb’s tongue painted wet circles around her tiniest orifice. He pulled the soft flesh of her cheeks as far apart as they would go and started lapping at her puckered star like a cat at a bowl of warm milk. As his slimy tongue gently massaged her sensitive skin, it also began to work its way past her relaxing ring muscle. Reagan felt her cheeks flush anew as Jeb’s slippery tongue methodically violated her tiny anus. Paired with the constant buzzing of the vibrator against her tender pussy, his tongue felt like some wonderful little slimy creature trying to pry its way into the core of her being. She felt a sudden pang of intimacy towards Jeb in that moment since he had helped her to accept and embrace this part of her, this depraved nymphomaniac who was more perverted than most of the guys she had ever been with. She knew then that part of her loved him for that.

Jeb pressed his warm lips against her wrinkled star as well, and used the opportunity to push his tongue even deeper into her vice-tight opening. Reagan gasped with pleasure as Jeb tongued her asshole and the purple vibrator sang its hum-drum song against her throbbing pussy. He pushed down on her back so that she arched it sharply and he could really bury his tongue in her forbidden zone. When he withdrew it, the tiny pink ring would stay open for only a split second before puckering shut once more. He held his tongue rigid in his mouth and knifed into her asshole repeatedly, until finally he watched with glee as a strand of glistening saliva hung from the tip only to disappear as her tiny anus winked at him.

Jeb glanced over at sweet little Julie-Beth, who was watching the scene unfold in front of her with what seemed a mixture of embarrassed interest and intense curiosity. He made a mental note to incorporate a rim-job into his future fuck sessions with her since she would be likely to consider it after seeing her big sis enjoy it so tremendously. In truth, tonguing a girl’s asshole was one of Jeb’s favorite things in the world. He loved to see the looks of apprehension and disapproval they gave him when he first proposed the idea melt into pure excitement and pleasure once they finally agreed.

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