Solving My Little Problem Ch. 02

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“Hey, wait,” I suddenly found some courage for once in my life. Maybe losing my virginity suddenly made me more of a man and a little more bold.

“What for?” Angie stopped just before she made it to the hallway.

“Are you going to go downstairs with the other girls?”

“Yeah, why?”

“With no panties on underneath that skirt?” I couldn’t believe it. She had no shame whatsoever. First, she showed her friends (which included my sister) where I came on her face. Now, she was going to go downstairs in a short skirt with no panties on right after I’d fucked her.

“Yeah, why?”

“Are you going to show the girls my cum on your pussy?” I asked sheepishly.

“Now that you mention it, maybe I will,” The wicked look on her face led me to believe she definitely would show the girls the mess I’d made on her pussy the same way she’d gone downstairs with my fresh cum on her face after she gave me a blowjob.

The thought of her going down those stairs, lifting her skirt, and showing off her pussy to the other girls turned me on. I could only imagine them commenting on how much of my cum was in and around her hot pussy and mixing in with the juices of her pussy.

Even though I’d just had my first piece of pussy and had shot a fierce load of cum only a few minutes ago, the thought of her showing herself off like that immediately turned me on again. I would have thought my cock would be too fatigued to cooperate, but every heartbeat pumped more blood into my growing cock as I lay there on the bed naked in front of Angie.

My growing little erection didn’t go unnoticed. Angie raised her eyebrows, “Oh, you’re getting another little stiffy, aren’t you? You’re going to be ready to go again soon, aren’t you?”

“I could go again right now,” My cock continued to stiffen. I sat up on the bed. “Come back in and close the door, please.”

“Make me,” Angie said. “Make me come back in.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Be creative…”

“Okay, come back in and shut that door or I’m going to make you sorry you didn’t,” I said with mock anger. I’d never tried to pretend to be tough before.

“How are you going to make me sorry?” She stood there with her arms crossed, defying me.

“I’ll lift that skirt up and spank your ass so hard, you’ll get a blister.”

“Eww! You’re nasty,” she grinned, slamming the door shut behind her without locking it. She walked over to the bed, then placed herself canlı bahis on top of it on her hands and knees. With no panties on beneath her skirt, I could see her bare pussy, which was still wet from the load of cum I’d shot into it.

Angie looked over her shoulder to make sure she was positioning herself properly in front of me.

“Here I am, sir, just as you requested,” She shook her ass at me as she spoke. “Are you ready to fuck my little pussy again, mister?”

I walked on my knees until I was in position behind her. Gripping her by the hips, I flipped her skirt up over her back to give me a view of her beautiful naked ass, then I pulled back a hand and smacked her smartly on her bottom.

“Ouch!” Angie flinched, then reached back to sooth the part of her ass that I had smacked. “That fucking hurt!”

“Don’t sass me next time,” I warned, trying to sound serious, but not angry.

“No, sir,” Angie laughed. “I learned my lesson. Ow…” I had smacked her a little harder than I’d meant to. I could see her ass cheek turning red in the shape of a handprint.

I slid my cock up to Angie’s awaiting pussy and slid it into her narrow slit, wasting no time to bury it in as far as it could go.

“Oh, shit!” Angie exclaimed. “Wow, your little dick feels good like that. Mmm…”

“You like that?” I asked, both amazed and pleased I could give her some pleasure with my little cock. I pulled it out until just the tip of it was inside her, then thrust it in again, this time a little harder and faster than the first.

“Yeah, that’s pretty good,” she said, collapsing her body in front of me and pressing her elbows to lay flat with her head, shoulders, and breasts resting on the bed. She kept her ass and pussy pointed at me.

I gripped her hips tightly and slid my cock in and out of her again and again, pressing my pelvis against her ass as hard as I could to penetrate her pussy as far as I could with my little cock.

“Mmmm… yeah, that’s it,” She moaned. “You’re hitting the right spot. If you keep that up, you’re going to make me cum.”

Her comments on my performance excited me even more. I could feel my cock throbbing in her pussy. I was going to cum again soon, too.

“Do you like that?” I asked. “Do you like how I’m fucking you?”

“Oh, yeah,” Angie groaned. “Your little dick feels so good in my pussy right now. Mmm… I didn’t think you’d make me feel this good. Keep fucking me.”

I kept bahis siteleri pounding her, thrusting my short cock in and out of her pussy as fast and as hard as I could, gripping her hips on every stroke. Looking down at Angie’s ass in front of me, I could see the purple starfish between her ass cheeks. I couldn’t resist looking at it. I wanted to touch it, too.

I continued to grip Angie’s hip with one hand, then moved my other hand around her hip to the small of her back, then down the length of the crack of her ass. When my index finger found the rear entrance, Angie flinched, then looked back over her shoulder at me, apparently aware of how close my finger was to making a backdoor entry.

I swirled my finger around Angie’s asshole a little, just making little circles on the outside of it. From her little squirms and movements, she appeared to be tickled by it, but also reluctant to allow me to stick my finger in her tight rear hatch. Each time I touched the center of it, she clamped down hard, making it clear she didn’t want me to press my finger in. I decided I wouldn’t chance ruining a good moment and slid my hand back over to grab her hip again, then continued to fuck her with a renewed vigor.

Angie closed her eyes. She appeared to be enjoying what I was doing to her. She pressed her hand to her lips, then parted them to take in her middle finger, which she sucked on like a cock while I pounded her pussy as hard as I could with my little member.

“Mmm…” She moaned with her finger in her mouth. “Keep fucking me. I’m going to cum.”

I didn’t need to be told to keep fucking her. I already was. I wasn’t going to stop.

Then, Angie reached down with her other hand, placing it between her legs in front of her. From my position, I couldn’t see her hand, but I could feel her fingers rubbing across the shaft of my cock as my cock sawed in and out of her pussy. She was using a couple of fingers to frantically stimulate her clit as I fucked her. I could feel her nails slightly brushing against me on each stroke.

Angie started breathing heavily, then her fingers made even more frantic movements and her hips bucked back and forth against mine.

“OH, fuck!” Angie screamed, startling me. She was so loud, I was sure her friends (and my sister) heard her. “I’m fucking cumming! Shit! Shit!” She screamed loudly. I kept fucking her, but I hoped the other girls didn’t hear it.

There was a bang at the bahis şirketleri door. I suddenly stopped, afraid the door might open. “You okay in there?” Came my sister’s voice. I was so embarrassed. I was hoping to God that she wouldn’t open that door!

“Fuck off!” Angie yelled. “I’m busy!” Then, she turned to me and said, “Keep fucking me.”

My sister giggled and mumbled something at the door. I think she walked off because I didn’t hear anything after that.

Despite being embarrassed by my own sister interrupting me fucking one of her friends, I resumed my thrusts, slamming my cock into Angie’s eager pussy, which was clenching and pulsating at the end of my cock.

“Yeah, that’s it!” She groaned through clenched teeth, sounding like she was on the verge of crying or screaming again. “Oh, fuck!”

Then I felt it myself. Her tight pussy clenching on my cock was sending me into an orgasm of my own.

“I’m going to cum, too,” I announced quite a bit softer than Angie’s words had been. My words appeared to turn Angie on, though. She clenched down on my cock even tighter, but kept bucking back and forth on my cock with her pussy. Then, I felt it happening. My balls were rumbling and spewing cum into her awaiting pussy. I wanted to look down at that beautiful pussy as I fired my cum into it, but the feeling was so intense that I couldn’t open my eyes for very long. I even held my breath as I came, shooting several streams of cum into Angie’s pussy again.

“Oh!” I grunted, gritting my teeth and burying my cock up to the hilt in Angie’s hot pussy. I felt the final drizzle slip from my cock and into her pussy as my orgasm subsided.

Angie, sensing my completion, slid her pussy off of me, then rolled over on the bed. Sitting up, she asked, “Where are my panties?”

I picked them up and handed them to her. Angie looked down at my cock, glistening with her juices.

“Let me clean you up,” She suggested, taking her panties in her hand and wiping the shaft of my cock clean with them. Then, she looked at my face, seeing the sweat dripping from it, she wiped my brow with the same cum and pussy juice-soaked panties. “That’s better,” she announced. Standing up on the bed in her boots, Angie braced herself by placing a hand on my shoulder as she stepped back into her panties, then lifted her skirt to pull them into place with a little snap of the elastic. I enjoyed the close-up look at her dripping pussy.

“I think you’re the kinkiest girl I’ve ever met,” I told her.

“Thanks, sweetie, but you haven’t seen me do anything remotely kinky yet!” She stepped off the edge of the bed and disappeared into the hall.

To be continued…

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