Social Isolation – Stuck at Home Ch. 02

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In the short walk from the downstairs living room to the guest bedroom, my mind was reeling. My young neighbor Amanda, dressed only in a pair of my old boxers and a borrowed T-shirt, was leading the way, holding my hand with a backward trailing arm. Her phone was in her other hand-I hadn’t seen her pick it up, but like most young people, it went with her everywhere. Walking into the dimly lit room, I admired again the lithe shape of her body as it moved in front of me. My heart was still hammering from the explosive orgasm she had given me, and the prospect of exploring every inch of her was already arousing me again.

A few short hours ago, I saw her sitting on a bench in the pouring rain. Her volatile mother had brought over another boyfriend, willfully ignoring the social distancing idea entirely. I had gone out to see if I could help, and when I saw it was Amanda-a young woman I had seen growing up-I offered my home as shelter. At that point, I had no designs on her. Once she was inside, however, I was irresistibly drawn to her, and she noticed my lustful gaze. Instead of getting angry, though, she confessed to similar feelings and one thing led to another.

The bedside lamp was on, and its soft, yellow light illuminated the bed. Amanda turned when she got there and let go of my hand. Her eyes were shadowed, but I could see an excited gleam reflected in them, and her lip was caught between her teeth.

“I want to be naked with you, Steve…do you want to see my body?”

“Oh my God, yes!” I gasped in response.

“Sit down, then.”

I edged past her and perched on the edge of the bed. My hands went behind me for support, and I leaned back to watch the show. She leaned down to set her phone next to the lamp, and my mouth fell open when I saw the golden light fall onto the length of her young frame. It highlighted the fall of her hair past her cheek. The smooth skin and downy hair on her arm. The silhouette of her breast as she bent forward. The firm muscle of her thigh as she planted her foot for balance. She was so young and beautiful and breathtaking, and I wanted so desperately to touch her!

Her fingers, though, were busy on the phone, as as she straightened, a song I didn’t recognize began to play. When Amanda straightened up, her body caught the slow, sensual rhythm of the music and with small motions, she began to dance in front of me. Her shoulders went one way, her hips another, and her arms crossed in front of her, pushing her breasts outward hypnotically. My eyes roamed from the lustful pout of her lips down to the swaying breasts and lower to see her knees rocking forward, showing off the smooth lines of her thighs.

Without speaking, her lips curled into a knowing smile and she leaned forward, still swaying. Her hands came to rest on my bare thighs, inches from my stiffening erection.

“Do you want to see more?” she asked in a provocative tone.

“God yes!” I replied, too horny to elaborate.

With a firm squeeze, she pushed upright again. Her arms crossed in in front of her once more, but this time, she grasped the hemline of my old white T-shirt and began to lift. Each throb of the music brought another inch or two of elevation. The waistline of my boxers appears, and then the smooth, firm skin of her belly. My eyes were locked on the rising edge, savoring every inch that came into view. The top of her hip bones. The enticing well of her navel. The bottom of her ribcage…all coming slowly to light in front of me.

When she reached the lower curve of her breasts, she stopped to tease me awhile. She pulled the fabric tight across her chest, her nipples prominent through the cotton, and each lateral movement caused her breasts to bunch and swell. I wanted so badly to reach for them, but I didn’t want to break the spell she was weaving.

Finally, she took pity on me and eased the hem up another inch. The pale half-moons of the undersides of her breasts came into view. I was thrilled, and a little voice inside my head expressed its awe at the erotic power of this young woman. How was I so entranced that a simple peek at part of her breasts left me gasping?

While those thoughts flickered through my mind, though, Amanda was still dancing. Her thighs crossed more tightly, pulling the flannel of my boxers tight against her groin.

Up top again, she raised the T-shirt more, letting it catch bahis firmaları on her small, erect nipples. The pressure of her lift pulled those sweet globes upward, prolonging the moment before they slipped out. I groaned aloud when they finally did-their perfect shape and prominence struck me like a blow. The shirt was over her face or she would have laughed at my stunned expression.

With a quick motion, she finished taking it off and tossed it aside. Her hands went to her midriff then and her fingers spread. Achingly slow, they began to caress her hips, her belly, and her waist. I could hear them whisper as they slipped across the clear firm skin.

At last, she reached her breasts and her hands turned upward. Amanda cupped her breasts as if she were offering them to me, still swaying in time with the music and lifting each one slightly as she danced.

All of my attention was on those pale orbs of perfection in front of me. Her small nipples were fully erect and the dark pink areolas crinkled with desire as well, almost beckoning my lips. Instead, Amanda answered their desire by pinching each one with her thumb and forefinger, tugging the tight little tubs forward, letting them go, and then flicking each one with her thumb. Her lips fell open at that point, and I could see a sheen of sweat on her forehead. Like my own, her breathing became deeper as she started to arouse herself more and more.

Letting go of her breasts, she brought both hands to the base of her throat and then trailed her fingertips down the sweet valley of her cleavage, following the line all the way down past her navel until she came to the waistband of her shorts. Instead of dipping inside as I longed to do, however, she ran her fingertips down the outside of the fabric. When she reached her mound, her hands went flat again and she caressed herself there, curling her fingers onto the inner part of her thigh as she continued to move with the music.

As turned on as she was, and as lost in the music, she couldn’t help but see the effect she was having on me. My cock had raised itself to full mast thanks to the power of her erotic display, and it stood throbbing against my belly. I saw her smile again, and her eyes rose to capture mine.

“Do you like?” she drawled.

“Love it!” I answered with a lustful grin.

“Good…it’s about to get better!”

This time, her hands went up to her belly and her fingertips slipped under the waistband of my boxer shorts. There was no doubt where she was headed, but she was determined to prolong my agony and her buildup. Both hands disappeared under the plaid fabric, and I could tell they were past her mound and tracing the outlines of her pussy, maddeningly out of my sight. A deep inhalation was followed by a long, slow, gasping release as she pleasured herself.

Leaving her hidden treasure for a moment, Amanda slid her hands around to her hips. When she reached the widest point of her beautiful curves, she pirouetted gracefully and continued to move her hands. Her ass danced in front of me, flexing delightfully as she stroked the firm flesh and rocked along with the song. Ever so slowly, she began to push down. The small of a woman’s back has always aroused me, and I watch hers emerge as she shimmied her hands lower and lower. The waistband was stretched tight across the swell of her hips, and she swayed her hips from side to side to let me enjoy the sight.

I barely noticed that she was pushing down again, but suddenly the shadowy crevice between the perfect cheeks of her ass came into view. Quicker now, she pushed down one side and then the other, rocking herself hypnotically until the waistband was lodged at the point where her thighs met her ass. She looked quickly over her shoulder to make sure she had my full attention and then bent at the waist.

With tantalizing agility, she pushed the boxers all the way to her ankles in one steady motion. I didn’t see them arrive, though, because my gaze was drawn to the three inch gap her movement revealed between her thighs as she bent over. Smoothly shaven labia revealed themselves to my hungry eyes. As she lifted one foot and then the other to step out of her shorts, they flexed but did not part. All I could think of was running my tongue along that line, opening them up and tasting the nectar of her arousal. I saw her smile flash as she watched me lick kaçak iddaa my lips, intent on the vision in front of me.

When she stood up, I was disappointed, but not for long. She turned to face me and I saw for the first time her full body-every flawless inch bathed in soft yellow light. My cock twitched against my belly and I had to take a deep breath to calm myself.

“What were you thinking when I was bent over like that, Steve” Amanda asked slyly.

“How much I wanted to lick your pussy!” I said urgently.

“Good answer. I was hoping you’d say that!”

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life!” I assured her.

“Lay back,” she said commandingly.

I laid back as instructed. My feet were still on the floor, but my body was stretched sideways across the double bed. WIthout hesitation, Amanda climbed up and set her knees just on the edge of the mattress. She let herself fall forward until her hands rested beside my shoulders, and I reached up to stroke her arms. Sinking down a little bit, she laid herself atop my body, her head on my chest and her breasts pressing firmly into my stomach. She kissed my nipples, then moved herself up a little bit and kissed my neck. My hands went to her back and stroked her smooth skin, feeling the play of her muscles as she hovered over me.

Amanda’s breasts trailed up to my chest as she rose a little higher and kissed me softly on the lips. My hands slid down from her shoulders to her waist. As I caressed her lower body, she raised the upper half again, her breasts tantalizingly out of reach as she moved forward. Her knees passed my shoulders, though and I soon forgot the disappointment of not getting to lick and suck her nipples because her mound came into view just a few inches above me. Another quick shift of position and she was right over my tongue, her smooth labia beckoning.

I couldn’t wait any longer-with both hands, I grabbed her ass and pulled her down the last few inches while my head lunged upward. My tongue snaked out to lick from her ass to her clit, not penetrating her, but getting her ready for more. She groaned happily above me and raised her hands to rest on the wall beside the bed. Her knees widened a bit and she lowered herself down to grant me access to her treasures.

As her scent and her taste invaded my senses, I groaned against her sensitive folds. I wanted to plunge my tongue inside her, to suck her frantically, to lash her clit with my tongue-anything to get more of her and drive her crazy. Age brings patience, though, and I knew that as excited as she was, it would be better to take things one step at a time.

With that in mind, I licked each side of her pussy teasingly, then once along her furrow to open her up a little bit. My hands clamped down on her ass and my fingers trailed along the very top of her thigh, almost touching her labia and her tight little rosebud. As her excitement grew, her pussy began to open itself to me. Licking more firmly down the crease, I teased her inner lips as they swelled. I sucked each one into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, then switched to the other side for balance. Finally, I broadened my tongue and licked from the very bottom of her slit up to the very top, stopping short of her clitoris but causing a purr of pleasure to rumble deep inside her. I answered with my own as her juices began to flow and I lapped up every drop.

When I thought she was ready, I stiffened my tongue and began to plumb her depths. Over and over I plunged my tongue as deeply inside her as I could reach, twisting my head to touch as much of her as I could reach. This created a double pleasure for Amanda because as I fucked her with my tongue, my nose was pinned against her clit, slipping back and forth across it with every motion. Her hands came off the wall and twined in my hair, pulling me almost painfully up into her and her hips began to rock in time with my intrusions.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” she moaned as her body began to tremble.

Sensing she was on the verge of exploding, I left off my deep exploration of her core and moved up to surround her clit. Softly at first, I sucked the whole area while my tongue traced slow circles around that most sensitive spot. Amanda hissed in pleasure and and continued to drive herself against me.

My hands were still holding her ass firmly, so I felt the trembling turn into kaçak bahis twitches as uncontrollable spasms began to race through her body. That told me it was time, and I redoubled my efforts. I sucked harder and fluttered my tongue directly onto her clit. I let go of her ass at that point and moved my hands to her breasts, palming them firmly and then clamping her nipples, tugging them and then letting them go. Each pinch brought a gasp from her lips, and each time I let them go, the blood rushed in and stimulated her even more.

Within thirty seconds, she was done for. Her hands wrenched my head up into her and her whole body froze in position, an explosive “God!” bursting from her lips. I stopped sucking and licking, keeping myself still to let her ride the waves of orgasm as they tore through her.

Deep, shuddering breaths told me she was still feeling it for almost a minute. Eventually though, her hands relaxed minutely and I knew she was ready for more. Using the leverage of my body, I twisted and pulled her compliant form so that she collapsed sideways, ending up on her back with her head on the pillows. I followed her motion and ended up back between her legs, my lips hovering over her pussy and my hands resting on her inner thighs. Looking up, I saw that she was smiling down at me through half-closed eyes.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” she said in heartfelt tones.

“You’re not done yet, beautiful!” I told her with a wicked grin.

In response, she widened her thighs and grinned seductively back at me. I took her body language as the invitation it was and returned to her pussy. Careful to avoid her clit, I sought out every drop of her delicious nectar, licking her slowly inside and out to gather every trace. Amanda’s body writhed in pleasure, and from my quick glances, I saw that she was lying back with her eyes closed, her lip caught between her teeth again as her hands toyed with her nipples.

My cock was still rock hard, and being trapped between me and the comforter was not an ideal situation. To ease my constriction, I moved up so that I was on my knees. This gave me a greater range of motion with my hands, and I used that to full effect. I placed one palm flat on her mound and slid the middle finger of my other hand along her slit to lubricate it. When it was glistening, I eased it inside her. God, she was tight! As slippery as she was, her pussy clasped that single digit like a vice! Twisting it both ways, I began to pump it in and out of her. Happy moans from the head of the bed told me how much she enjoyed this new sensation.

“God, Steve…give me more!” she groaned after a minute.

In response, I added my index finger to its neighbor. Side by side, they filled her slick, tight pussy while my thumb trailed along her labia. Her hips began to jerk upward to meet my strokes, and I knew I could make her cum again. Turning my palm upward, I curled my fingers along the top of her pussy, each outward stroke grazing that soft ridge of flesh. My thumb lay beside her clit, and the back and forth hit both her G-spot and her clit just right. In just a few seconds, her thighs began to jump and twitch.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” she burst out. “I’m going to cum again!”

I didn’t answer aloud-I just pumped her faster and pressed down on her mound more firmly. That was all it took. Her back arched off the mattress, her hips tilted up, her fingers gripped her breasts savagely, and her pussy clamped down on my finger in spasmodic waves. I kept them still inside her as she trembled her way through another orgasm, watching the crimson flush spread from her breasts to her throat. Her mouth was open wide and she was taking huge, gasping breaths while her peak went on and on.

Ever so slowly, her hips came down on the mattress again. I withdrew my fingers gently and spread her copious lubrication on my cock while I waited for her to be ready. Sweat darkened her hair and I could see its sheen on her torso as well. With my free hand, I caressed her thigh softly. When her eyes finally opened, they were a little glazed, and she had a loose half-smile.

“Oh my fucking God!” she said in a soft, happy voice.

“That’s a great idea!” I answered suggestively.

“What?” she said, slightly puzzled.

“Fucking,” I replied. “Are you ready for me?”

She giggled, then replied. “I think so…” she managed to say. “I’m so high right now!”

“This,” I said firmly, knee-walking forward to position my cock at her entrance, “will definitely make me feel the same!”

“Come on, then,” she said with another giggle, holding out her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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