Sister’s skirt

Sis do you really think that I look girly enough ?

“Bro you been sneaking my panties for yrs. I seen the gay & tranny porn on your computer.Guys will ask you to dance.Try to kiss you and get a free feel.One may even you know want to go all the way with you”

“Sis I ain’t gay and I aint kissing no dude”.I was a 22 year old virgin. I had some sex fun with both girls and boys in HS then in college too.I had long hair and guys often mistake me for a girl from a distance. I wore panties as a c***d and my sisters dresses too but I had never really gone outside as a girl. I kissed a gay guy in HS and he sucked my little dickie a few times.My sister and her GF played with my 2 inch cock a few times.I came off on their faces and then they made me lick it off and eat it.I liked girls and had some sex fun but not intercourse.I eventually bought my own girl clothes but never went out in public.

“Honey you look so cute in your skirt and outfit. I bet you are dating some sports hero.LOL. Modern men are more open to dating girls you.So what if you have a 2 inch dickie.Guys want their cocks sucked and a pussy to cum off in.I been telling you since you were 16 yo.Be a girl.Date guys. Take care of their cocks.Anything can happen tonight. I know you are not gay but let your inner girl come out.You are a very sensitive guy with a girls mind and instincts.Mom told you a few wks ago.”Dannie.I bet you bring home a handsome BF this summer.” You got mad but blushed and clicked your tongue like a gay guy does.Have fun.Flirt with guys. I bet after one hr you tell me that you are having fun”. I wet my panties. I had to go put on clean white panties with lace trim.I left my bedroom and my sister stood there. I blushed.
“OMGoodness.I bet you just came off in your panties” I blushed again. I whispered to her.”It was just some pre-cum.” She laughed saying, “I bet some guy plugs your pussy tonight. You will moan like a bitch and love it and love him.”

We got to the party and many people were there.You can smell the MJ ,beer and perfume.We got asked to dance immediately. Each guy guessed that we are sisters.We both laughed saying yes we are sisters.About 5 guys were always near us.My sister is a pretty girl and did most of the talking.Soon enough I talked a little. We smoked some MJ and danced with guys.I danced a few slow dances butt did not let the guys near me. I quickly sat down.Butt sis was right.I began having fun.These 2 dudes asked us to dance and we went outside to this lovely back yard. Music was playing. We slow danced with T & J 3 times. I noticed my sister put her head on his shoulder. OMG. I think she likes him. J pulled me closer but I resisted then his hands went around my hips and his face was next to mine.I began to give in.My sister was kissing T and making out heavy. J. was holding the top of my ass cheeks squeezing me.My sister sat down with him so I sat next to her. J was looking at me funny. I thought he wants some pussy tonight or at least a BJ. Well not from me.My sister handed me my girl bag. I looked inside to discover condoms,anal lube,panties and tampons. I recall reading a tg forum saying lube your asshole and put a tampon in there to keep your hole moist. I have all I need to get laid tonight butt I don’t want to get laid like a girl.Sis handed me the car keys saying she is going home with T.

”I am getting laid tonight.I hope he has a big cock.J likes you why not take care of him” . She kissed me and off she went.

Well J lost interest in me.The bastard. I was then dancing with the Captain of the college football team.We talked,laughed,smoked MJ and danced. Then some slow dances.His hands were on my butt and my arms about his neck.He wants some pussy tonight.He kissed my cheek a few times then my lips then he french kissed me and I let him.I was giving in unsure of the consequences.We kissed a long time .I really liked kissing him. My little cock leaked in my panties.I was smart in that I had a mini slip under my skirt.We found a dark spot in the yard and lie down on a lawn chair.He dry humped me and I loved it. I felt his hard cock through the thin material of my skirt and held him close to me.He pushed his hard on above my pubes. C must have thought that was my cunt. It thrilled me. It was big and stiff. I changed that night.My skirt hiked up as he humped me.I got scared afraid he wood learn my tiny panty secret. I also did not want other guests to see us.

” Lets go somewhere where we can be in private.”He had his hands on my panty covered butt as I held his hard cock.I followed him home in my car. I briefly met his Mom and he told her to go to bed which she did.We made out a long time and he felt my little tits in my padded bra.
We smoked the MJ. Then we lay together on the couch.I removed his pants then fished out his cock from his undies.He was hard,handsome with a perfect crown. I never felt another cock but this was awesome.I was thinking and feeling like a girl. I wanted to suck his cock and eat his sperm.I wanted to please him and me. I was transforming into a real girl like my sister had said.
“You sit still honey while I get comfy.” I put pillows on the floor and moved in to mouth him.I sniffed and tasted the first cock of my life. That bone was soon in my mouth as I rubbed his jewels.Delicious.His cock.The smell. Taste. Hardness. I thought of this event.Kneeling down ,dressed as a girl,sucking the hard cock of this handsome young man.I adored his manly smell. I reached in and rubbed my hard dicklette. I took her out.She leaked wildly. He moaned & groaned as I sucked his man meat.I have power over this cock.I made him hard and he will soon spit up my creamy reward.Girls are so bitchy yet they have it all. Sexy lacey clothes,lingerie and cock..cock cock.I tastes pre-cum. Yumm. Not bad at all. I was in a mad cock crazed girl moment.I sucked in 3 or 4 hard inches. I eased off.Smiled at him..Blowing on his wet hot hard on to kool this b**st off.I was no longer a teen boy jerking off to TG porn in my sisters panties.I am now a young woman sucking on the cock of her BF. Knowing that I wanted to get laid too.
“Danielle.I am going to cum” The happiest words of my life. Then the 2 long sperm ropes hit my tongue and the back of my mouth.I moved my tongue all around his exploding cock and sucked him. I gulped some down.Taste was sour creamy but almost sweet.His warm cum filled my mouth and went down my throat into my tummy.I sighed aloud. MMMMM. He held my head in place. AHHHH.I sucked and licked slowly. I got out a few more sperm drops.I kissed his cock a few quick times clicking my little tongue and pursing my lips.
“Danielle.That was beautiful. Danielle.You are beautiful”.
I smiled up at him still kissing the softening cock . I had read that if a man kisses you after a blowjob then he really likes you. I smiled again then seized the moment.I drizzled his cock sperm on my face then went up to kiss him with sperm on my face and in my mouth.I kissed him softly 2 times then probed his lips open feeding him back his own sperm.I kept my eyes open in this delightful cummy kiss.I sucked his tongue then he sucked my tongue. I was in denial for yrs but now I know that cock is why I became a girl.

I was still dressed and we went up stairs into his sisters room We each had to pee. I lubed my butthole putting in my tampon.I removed my skirt and top.The room was dark. He was naked while I was still in my lingerie .I lie with him as a bitch lies with her stud.My little dicklette was soft. I held his cock and we took a nap on his sisters bed in her BedRoom {BR}. I woke up still in my girly lingerie. C. was totally naked. I looked , rather stared at his soft pinkish cock. I now knew my summer plans were to get his cock in me and be his part time {prefer full time} GF. He stirred. I reached over and played with his cock. It hardened in my tiny hand.

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