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I was born in the United States, but my parents are Lebanese. My parents were Muslims, and my sister and I were brought up Islamic. Our parents were relatively liberal; we went to public school and were allowed to play sports and to have non-Muslim playmates. Once we became “young ladies”, we had to wear a veil over our faces in public, and were no longer allowed to wear shorts. Dating was, of course, out of the question. My older sister, Natalie, was promised to the son of a friend of our parents; they were to be married after they both finished college. She had never met him.

I was eighteen, and had just started to become aware of my sexuality. My mother had explained the “facts of life” to be when I started having my period, so I understood the mechanics of sex, but she had never hinted that sex might be in any way pleasurable. Certainly not for females. I had discovered masturbation on my own, but I didn’t really associate it with sex, though I indulged myself nearly every night. I had just started being interested in boys, and I had started vaguely thinking about penises when I rubbed myself at night.

Natalie had just turned twenty; she was two and a half years older than me. I think that the reality of her arranged marriage was starting to sink in, and she was starting to rebel. She used to remove her face scarf at school, and I knew for a fact that she had kissed boys.

It was a Saturday night. Our classmates were all out cruising, or eating French fries, or hanging out, or doing whatever teenagers do on Saturday nights. We had just finished evening prayers. Our parents were watching television downstairs. My sister and I had been sent to bed. (Imagine! Being sent to bed at ten o’clock on a Saturday night at age twenty. Natalie had good reason to rebel.) I had gone to bed like a good little girl, and had been rubbing my slippery little slit for the last half hour. I would tease myself, bringing myself close to orgasm, and then backing off. I liked to see how long I could stand to do this before I made myself come. My fingers were rubbing my clitoris and I was getting close to the point of no return when I realized that someone was standing in the open door. I stopped with my heart in my throat and lay as still as a mouse. I knew that I sometimes made noises, and I was scared that my parents had found me out.

“Andrea, are you awake?” Natalie whispered. It was just my sister! A wave of relief flooded over me, and my heart rate slowed down, even as a damp, insistent feeling throbbed between my legs.

“Yes, I’m still awake” I whispered “What is it?”

Natalie slipped inside, quietly closing the door behind her. From downstairs I could hear the television; my parents were watching the evening news. She sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

“Of course not. What’s the matter?” Of course she was disturbing me; my pussy was wet and my clit was swollen, and as she sat on the bed with me, I became aware that I had kicked off my pajama bottoms, latin sex tapes porno and that my fingers were all slimy from my exertions.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend Andrea?” It was at this moment that I realized for the first time how attractive my sister was. She had long, flowing black hair, a slim figure, and large (compared to mine) perky breasts that were only barely concealed by here white nightgown. My head reeled with lust and confusion.

“No”, I replied “You know that. Mom and dad would never allow it.”

“I know what they don’t allow, and I’m not sure that I care anymore.” She took a deep breath. “Do you ever masturbate?”

I was shocked. Did she know? “Yes.” I whispered.

She lay down beside me on the bed. I felt her warm breath on my face. “Its ok.” She said “I do too, all the time.”


“Yes” she laughed “Almost every night.” This was a revelation for me. I guess until then I had thought I was the only one in the world who did it.

“I’ve done something else too.” she continued, her voice getting softer. “Remember last weekend when I went over to Fatima’s house to study? Well we did study a little, but mostly we fooled around.”

“Fooled around? You mean sexually?” I was amazed that she was telling me this.

“Keep your voice down! Yes sexually, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

“But you’re both girls! You can’t have sex!”

“Silly! That way I’m still a virgin when I have to get married. It’s nice. It’s nicer than masturbating by your self.”

I had never thought about girls before, not that way. Now I could think of nothing else. I wanted to know how you did it.

“It’s just like masturbating, except you’re touching someone else. Do you want me to show you?”

“Yes” I breathed.

“Ok”. She kissed me on the forehead and pulled her nightgown off over her head. I knew that my sister was beautiful, but I had never really looked at her naked before. Her breasts were gorgeous, with large, erect brown nipples, and her pussy was covered with a triangle of soft dark hair. She slipped under the covers with me, and I felt her hands traveling all over my body. Quickly they found the naked skin of my thighs. Her hand snaked between my legs and I grunted with lust and spread my legs for her. She nibbled on my ear as her fingers brushed through the sparse hair above my pussy. “Please Natalie, Please touch me there.” I rubbed my bare ass against her crotch, as she obliged me.

“Oh you’re so wet!” she exclaimed as her fingers found my young slit. “You were busy before I came in weren’t you?” I was squirming with pleasure and the new sensations that her fingers were giving me. “Yes” I breathed, both answering her question and encouraging her explorations.

Her other hand tweaked my nipple, sending a shiver through my whole body, as she softly stroked my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe how good her touch felt. Then her wet finger found my clit, that sensitive little lezbiyen porno button that I had thought only I knew about. Sensation rocked my world, and I moaned aloud as her finger traced tiny circles on my clit. My hips bucked and my stomach spasmed. “Oh I’m coming” I cried aloud. Natalie covered my mouth with her own as I came and came, moaning into her mouth. When it was over she released me with a final kiss. “Oh thank you, thank you!” I said as she licked my juices off her finger. “That was the best one I ever had.”

“That was fantastic” she whispered back “You are so hot little sister, I am really turned on. Would you do it for me now?”

I wanted nothing more in the entire world at that moment. In a second my hand was between her legs, exploring her wet folds as she directed me. I couldn’t believe how hot and slippery she was down there. I traced my forefinger up and down her slit, feeling the wetness under my fingertip. She groaned very quietly, spreading her legs wide for me. The blanket and fallen aside during our exertions, and her large breasts were right at my face level. I couldn’t help myself. I dropped my head onto her chest and sucked her erect nipple into my mouth. “Yes, suck my tit baby” she encouraged me, grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling me to her. I sucked hard on her tit, and she arched her back, softly moaning with pleasure. Her hand brought my little hand up from where it had been tracing a line up and down her pussy. I felt the hard little nubbin under my fingertip, and knew what to do. I started rubbing it, making little circles, like I did to myself late at night, harder and harder and faster and faster. She pulled my hair, smashing my face into her chest, moaning so loud I felt sure that our parents would hear us downstairs and come to check on us.

“Andrea, please, would you go down on me?”

For a second I didn’t understand what she wanted. “Would you mind doing that? Would you lick my clit?”

Would I mind? I loved the idea so much, I wished I had thought of it myself. In a moment I was crouched between Natalie’s legs, licking up and down her pussy. The situation was incredibly exciting to me. I was overcome with my sisters’ smell and taste. My tongue found her clit and I licked for all I was worth. I felt her hands on the back of my head, drawing me into her. I wanted to make her come on my face. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she had given me.

I knew that boys had sex with girls by putting their penises in their pussies, and I had already discovered that it felt nice to slide a finger up my own hole when I masturbated. Now I wanted to fuck Natalie like a boy. As I continued lapping her engorged clitoris, I licked my index finger and slid it up inside her pussy. I marveled at how hot it was in there, and how her pussy seemed to grab and milk my finger.

Suddenly, Natalie sat up, pushing me away. “No! You can’t do that!”

Confused, I pulled away. “I’m sorry.” I stammered “I didn’t mean to do anything, liseli porno I just wanted to make you feel good.”

She pulled me close to her. “It’s ok Andrea.” She whispered in my ear “What you were doing felt really good. I mean incredibly good. But I’ve got to be a virgin when I get married, and I can’t risk losing my maidenhead. So you can’t go inside my pussy.”

I felt bad now that I understood. Natalie went on “But you can still be inside me if you want to.”


“My butt. I’d like to feel you in my ass while you lick me.”

I had never thought much about butts before. The idea that they could be sexual hadn’t occurred to me. I learned a lot that night.

Natalie rolled over onto her hands and knees to give me better access. My sisters’ breasts hung down erotically as she thrust her ass in the air. I ran my fingers up and down her ass, parting her cheeks. She breathed heavily, wiggling her butt in the air. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I found her anus with my finger and she groaned aloud. “Please fuck me Andrea, fuck me in the ass.” I licked my finger and pressed it against her hole. Her body seemed to swallow my finger whole. Her insides clamped my finger tight, like a velvet vice. Her pussy was spread wide and was literally dripping. “Yess” she hissed “That feels so good! Give me more fingers, come on, fuck me hard.”

My head was spinning. I took my finger out of her asshole for a second to rub my own pussy. I was soaking wet! I got my own slipperiness all over my hand, and returned to Natalie’s upturned ass. This time I tried sliding my three middle fingers up her rump. I met more resistance this time. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I started to pull away, but she grabbed my wrist and bore down on my hand. Millimeter by millimeter her asshole yielded and she impaled herself on my hand. At last I was buried in her ass all the way up to the knuckles.

“Oh god! Now fuck me! Lick my clit and fuck my ass hard!” Natalie buried her face in the pillow to muffle her groans. I started sliding my fingers in and out of her asshole. “Harder!” she encouraged me. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t hurting her, but I started slamming my fingers in and out with a vengeance. From the sounds that were coming from her muffled mouth, and the way she thrust back to meet my hand, I gathered that she was enjoying it. As I fucked her asshole, I stuck my head back between her thighs, and started licking up and down her now soaking wet pussy. We were both moving so hard and fast now that it was difficult to find her clit, so I just stuck my tongue out and licked up and down her vagina as hard as I could. Her juices were all over my face. The muscles in my arm were screaming, I could barely breathe, and my tongue felt like it was cramping up, but I kept going. When she came, her entire body shook, and I could hear her sobbing into the pillow. She collapsed onto the bed. My fingers slipped out of her asshole, and I lay down on her, burying my slime covered face in her hair. Natalie rolled over, pulling me onto her chest. My small breasts were pressed against her big ones as she kissed me over and over. “Oh Andrea, that was the best ever! I can’t wait to make you come with my tongue up your butt!”

I couldn’t wait either.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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