Sisterly Love Ch. 02

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Tyler took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell, the sound reverberating throughout the small apartment on the other side. He rocked back on his heels, and took in the sight of the ceiling. The hallway was pretty quiet, and there was no doubt that the sound he’d just heard was a woman being pleasured. And, he thought wickedly, pretty fucking good if those screams mean anything at all. He cocked his head towards the door in front of him, almost sure the noise had came from there, but then the door swung open and Crystal stepped into view. All other thoughts fled, sexy or not.

She had her hair loose, and the long locks were hanging over her shoulder, the ends curling right where her nipples would be. Several inches of stretchy black material gave into her dynamic legs. Tyler finally glanced up at his date’s face and saw her smile of female satisfaction at his interest. She’d painted her full lips a scarlet red, and outlined her eyes in shades of grays and blacks, lending a smoky mystique to her image. Tyler almost groaned aloud, already envisioning how that shade of red was going to look smeared across her face.

“Hey Tyler,” Crystal said, noting the look of pure male appreciation that had lit his face the moment she stepped into the hallway. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes ma’am,” He grinned. He let her take the lead to the elevator, perfectly willing to do anything that put him in a position to watch the way her hips swayed, teasing him with the smooth rhythm of her ass swinging. He thought about that ass bare, bent over in front of him with his hands pulling her close. “Have anything in particular in mind for tonight?”

” Darling, you can just bet I do,” She threw him a look over her shoulder, her eyes filled with undeniable fire. She used a perfectly manicured nail to push the DOWN button on the elevator, and turned towards him. “But what did you have planned?”

“I thought dinner, then maybe go see a late showing,” He replied as they maneuvered into the elevator. Crystal waited until the doors were closed and then pressed against him.

“Make it a rental at your place and it’s a date.”


Two hours later, Tyler slid the key into his one bedroom-apartment door. They had dined at Sergio’s, a well-known Italian restaurant across town, and had held idle chatter hardcore porno the whole time. But even as they ate their food, an underlying tension had been present, thick with anticipation. Not, he thought wryly to himself, unlike other things he could think of.

That could do without being cut with a knife.

He shoved the door open with a grand gesture. “Madame.”

“Lovely,” she giggled as he showed her to the couch.

Crystal sat back on the couch, sinking into the soft beige cushions, the suede material brushing against her skin, sending electric jolts through her tense body. She smiled up at Tyler, took his hand and pulled him beside her, then repositioned herself so she was facing him, one leg tucked underneath her, pushing the hem of her dress up. Tyler glanced down quickly, and Crystal smiled.

“Is this movie okay,” He asked suddenly, as though remembering the pretense both had used to take the night back to the privacy of his living room. The title Man On a Ledge was emblazoned across the screen. At her nod he hastily punched play on the remote and turned back to her. He flashed her a grin, taking her hand and pulling her closer to him. Heat shot through her as he wrapped his arm around her, and she tilted her head up to look into his face.

Tyler kissed her. His teeth took the painted bottom lip between them and bit gently, illiciting a soft moan from their owner before he claimed her mouth. The blood rushed to his cock as she parted her lips, allowing his tongue access to hers. Tongue slid over tongue as they pushed their bodies closer to each. Tyler rose up and pushed her back onto the couch, quickly positioning himself between her legs, shoving the black material up around her waist. His dick pushed against her heat through his pants, and he moved his mouth lower, biting her neck as she tilted her head back and ran her fingers through his hair. Tyler’s deft fingers found her entrance, unobstructed by panties. He tested her, slipping first one finger and then another inside her tight cunt. She moved her hands from his hair and sat half way up, pulling her dress completely over her head. Instantly, Tyler shoved her back down and kissed her nipples, even as he continued to fuck her with his fingers, her sweet juices running down his hand.

Crystal hd porno couldn’t breathe. The man between her legs was silent as he flicked a tongue over a rock hard nipple. The feel of his fingers banging into her cunt was making her head spin. She pulled at his shirt, and he just reached up and shoved her hand away. Shocked, but intrigued, she watched him. She felt his other hand move between them, heard a zipper and then felt the absence of his fingers. Before she could mourn the loss, the firm head of his cock was pushed against her, and suddenly, he was inside. She groaned, covering the sound of his sigh of relief, wrapping her legs around his waist as he began to fuck her. Thrusting in and out of her slick pussy hard and fast, Crystal felt full to the brim with his dick. He buried his head in her neck.

“Oh fuck!” He breathed, the sound dancing across her skin. “Damn. Your cunt feels so good.”

Crystal couldn’t answer him. She couldn’t speak. Pressure was building up slowly inside of her, screams were mounting in her throat and any second she knew she was going to explode from the heat burning her up. Suddenly, all the pleasure was gone and Tyler was tugging her, dazed, onto the floor.

“Get on your knees.”

She complied willingly, a little out of sorts as she unsteadily positioned herself between his knees on the floor, his throbbing cock just inches from her face. He wrapped a hand in her hair and pulled her face to his dick.

“Blow me now.” Crystal felt an undeniable chill run through her at the order. She wrapped her lips around his dick and began to bob her head. His hand remained in her hair, holding her there in case she try to escape before he was done. She’d never felt so hot in her life than doing what this man had told her to. She snuck a glance up at his face, but his eyes were shut and his mouth was forming words she couldn’t quiet understand, even as she heard them.

“Good girl,” He muttered as he began to move his hips with her mouth. “That’s a good girl. You feel so good on my cock. Mmm.”

He began to move her head faster, pushing her mouth down on his cock until she gagged. Over and over he forced her head down, and then up, causing the wetness of her spit and the stickiness of his precum to make a sucking sound. Listening to latina fuck tour porno it, Crystal could feel the wet between her thighs grow, and feel it trickling down her legs. Her pussy ached with the need to be filled, and her heart pounded in anticipation of the moment it would be. A yank on her hair had her looking back up at her date, and he hauled her off him. Standing up he used her hair to bend her over on her hands and knees.

“Stay still.” Crystal almost protested. She didn’t take orders, but the authority in his voice had her quivering with want. She felt his hands caress her ass, felt the air brush against her cunt as he spread her legs. “Do you want me?”

“Yes.” Slap. Crystal gasped and jerked away from him, the sting on her ass burning. “What the fuck?”

“You say yes sir.” Her immediate reaction was to roll her eyes, but something about calling him sir and doing as he commanded sounded intriguing. “Do you want me?”

“Yes sir!” A sound of approval came from behind her, along with the whisper of clothing being dropped to the floor. “Please?”

Tyler didn’t respond, instead he slammed into her, his cock hard and ready. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back, impaling her on his thick shaft. She gasped, and her gasp rose into a steady scream as her tits bounced back and forth while he increased his speed. She could hear him breathing harder and harder, feel the new frenzy behind each thrust he had. His hands moved and wrapped in her hair, pulling her head back, making her body bow. The other hand slapped her ass, then found it’s way to her clit, where Tyler began to rub. His thumb circled the sensitive nub, her juices acting as lubricant. He pulled out, his cock almost completely leaving her before he shoved the whole length back into her tight hole. She fell apart.

Sobs began to wrack her body as Crystal shook with the force of her orgasm. The world spun and her strength left her. If Tyler’s strong arms hadn’t been wrapped around her waist the second the waves hit her she would have collapsed under his weight. Tyler pulled out, allowing his cum to shoot all over her ass, where it dripped down into her crack. He moved her to the couch and pulled her close.

“What are you doing?” He asked as he kissed her forehead. That was better than I thought, he remarked to himself.

“Making a phone call,” she muttered softly as her fingers navigated her phone contacts. Tyler gave her a puzzled look.

He’ll understand soon enough. She sent him a smile as she pushed the last button.

Dialing… Jessica

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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