Sisterly Bonds Ch. 05

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Note: All characters are over 18


The younger sister awoke to the sound of her older sister opening her door, holding several items in her hand, several more behind her back. She blinked, feeling some of the tear stains from earlier.

“Wakey wakey, little sis.” She smirked. “I brought some new toys for you.”

The younger sister moaned a little into the items stuffing her mouth. The last thing she’d remembered was her sister strictly tying her back to the chair and leaving her there.

Blinking her eyes, the nineteen year old used what feeling she had to determine that she wasn’t bound to the chair anymore. In fact, she wasn’t bound much at all, save her arms being bound behind her back and her legs bound together with rope.

“I figured you’d been punished enough.” The older said, sitting down next to her sister. Unable to resist and exhausted from the previous night, the younger simply looked at her sister, glaring a little, which caused her older sister to smirk. “So, I cut you loose, but still kept you on a leash to keep you from escaping me.

“MRRHRMPH (why are you doing this?)” the younger sister asked, not for the first time wanting to know the real reason why her sister kept doing this. Weren’t they supposed to be sisters?

“you look so cute like this.” The older stroked her gently, kissing her forehead. “I want to keep you like this for my own personal enjoyment. I think I’ll take you to the BDSM store so I can get you a nice, tight, and gizli ├žekim porno sexy latex outfit to show it off.

The younger sister shook her head on instinct as her eyes widened, not quite realizing that her older sister had removed the posture collar along with the other restraints.

“Oh, you’ll look so cute.” The older sister smirked. “Then, I’ll begin your training. I’m sure by now you understand the sort of things that will come your way should you disobey me.”

“Mrhpmhrph (you’re sick, you know that?)” the younger muttered into the large gags stuffed into her mouth.

“In fact, I think I’ll begin with training you in some simple commands.” The older smirked. “We’ll start with teaching you how to properly how to accept my ministrations. If you learn quickly, you won’t be forced to learn at the party. In fact, if you learn properly, you won’t be made to use it at all. Won’t that be good incentive to work for?”

“something is off here…” the younger thought. “While she seems to be taking this in a whole new direction… there’s something off about it… why is she doing this? This is beyond simple bondage. This also seems unlike her… What do you want to accomplish, sis?”

“Are you going to be good and learn how to use your mouth?” the older asked, tilting the younger’s chin up so she could see her better.

A glare was the response from the younger sister.

“fine.” The older smirked, holding up a small remote, pushing the button glory hole secrets on it. Instantly, the younger felt a buzzing coming from her nether regions.

“whatever she put inside my holes is buzzing!” she thought in almost a panic as she began to squirm.

“I see you need some persuasion.” The older gave a tiny smirk as she pat the younger on the head. “These are set on low. If you agree to submit, I will turn them up enough so that you can cum.”

“Oh god!” the younger thought as she felt the pleasurable sensations coursing through her. “I’m going to regret resisting and she knows it. I won’t give her that satisfaction.”

She screamed into her gag, clenching her eyes shut as the vibrations continued, threatening to tear her mind in half. But, just as suddenly as they began, they stopped. She felt a wetness in between her legs as she looked at her older sister.

“I think you’ve gotten the point.” She said. “I’ll just remove this now.”

She pulled off the cloth tied around the younger’s face, unbuckling the ball and pulling out the large cloth that had filled her mouth to the brim.

“Now, let’s see if you know how to accept me.” The older said, slipping a hand into her younger sister’s panties, two of her fingers entering her slit.

“N-no” the hoarse whisper came from the younger sister as the older silenced her with a kiss on her lips. The younger was shocked, her eyes widening as she pulled away, thrashing a little.

“Well, grup sex it seems you need some more persuasion.” The older smirked, turning the vibrators back on, this time on a lower setting and buckling the ball gag back in. “I’ll see you later.”

“What the hell was that?” the younger thought amidst the vibrations as she squirmed, the wet feeling increasing. “She… she kissed me… what the hell is wrong with her… is this some sick game to her? I… I don’t understand this anymore.”

A sudden knock on her room door alerted her to the presence. She tensed (well, as best as she could while trying to resist the vibrators), hoping that her sister wouldn’t try anything rash.

However, the person at the door of her room wasn’t even her sister. It was another female, this time a redhead, someone the younger sister knew very well.

“Hrrmph? (Carol?)” she asked through the ball gag, surprised.

“Sam?” Carol asked, looking at the younger sister’s, Sam’s, bound and gagged form, a lustful look creeping into her eyes. “Why are you tied up like that? That looks so hot on you. Can I try next?”

“hrnmph (oh no…)” Sam muttered into her gag, realizing this might not be the saving grace she’d hoped it was. She knew Carol was a bit of a masochist, but this really wasn’t the time for her to intervene.

“You gotta do that with me next!” Carol sat down on the bed, rubbing Sam’s clothed stomach, feeling the vibrations. “ooh, are you using vibrators. Oh, Sam, you slut, I’m so jealous.”

“Nrmphmrhrmph (get me out of here!)” Sam muttered irritatingly.

“I should go find some more ropes and tie myself up.” Carol said, her eyes lighting up.

“well, well, well” the older sister said, opening the door. “What have we here?”

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