Sister in Law Surprise

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No one in this story is under the age of 18.


My wife’s sister is a flirty lady and even a little too explicit at times when my wife is sitting right beside me. I always play it off and we get past it without any problems brewing between me and the wife. My sister in law is in her late 30s while my wife and I are in our 50s.

I will change the names to protect the innocent so I will be calling my sister in law Tiffany for this story. She is a little on the chunky side with nice tits and in her late 30s. We have flirted a little of the past 10 years, but it has all been harmless with the rare fantasy in my head when horny.

A little more background on me, I have had some very kinky experiences in my earlier life and still fantasize about them at times. I also have a unique fetish for ladies in sneakers. I am pretty sure she knows this since my wife has such a large collection of them. I would not doubt if my wife has mentioned it to her over the years although I am always trying to hide it from others.

One day Tiffany came over with my niece and nephew for the week. We had some fun going to the beach and then at the end of the night we relaxed with some wine while the kids went to sleep. After being up for a while watching TV and chatting and my sister in law flirting a little, it was time for Bed. My wife went to the bedroom and Tiffany to a spare Bedroom. I chose to sleep on the couch as I do very often so I can fall asleep watching TV which I can not do in the bedroom with my wife as it keeps her awake.

I am laying there watching and listening to TV. I set the sleep timer so I can drift off and the so the TV will shut itself off. After some time goes by I am in that state between being awake and still hearing the TV but it seems more like a dream than being awake. I start to fantasize a little about Tiffany and can feel myself getting hard in my dream. My dream turns semi erotic and I imagine my sister in law sitting in the hot tub with me and my wife. I am facing my sister in law with my wife by my side. As we are sitting there talking it seems that every now and then my Tiffany’s foot seems to graze my groin. This eventually made my mind wander and I start to get hard in the hot amat├Âr porno tub. I could swear she would look at me each time her foot would graze my crotch. I also started to realize in my dream that every time she would let her foot graze my crotch my wife seemed to be looking away to reach for a drink or look at something.

So I am lying on the couch with this dream giving me a hard on when all of the sudden the dream changes and I imagine Tiffany starting to go down on me. We are no longer in the hot tub but now I am sitting in a chair and she is on her knees looking in my eyes and doing a great job sucking my cock, it felt so incredible. So now my cock feels rock hard and I am in this dream like state imagining Tiffany sucking my cock and looking into my eyes. The dream jumps again and now I am lying on the couch and Tiffany is still sucking my cock. She looks me deep in the eyes and all of the sudden I feel pressure on my anus and in goes a finger. I nearly jump off the couch as she wiggles her finger in just right and starts stroking my prostate. This intense feeling makes me wake up and as I am waking up I still feel everything as I did in the dream. As I open my eyes and start to focus I realize it is no longer a dream.

Tiffany is next to me on the floor and she has my cock in her mouth and her finger in my ass. I start to tell her to stop and try to move but as I do her other hand moves toward my face and in her hand is my 18yo nieces Nike skate sneaker. She covers my nose and mouth with the sneaker so they are inside the sneaker and I am breasting in the smell of an almost band new sneaker. This has my mind reeling. The feeling of her mouth, the prostate massage and now the over whelming smell of these sneakers

I had been admiring these sneakers on and of during the day. I pretty much give in at this point and just take it in. She keeps working my cock and prostate and I can feel myself getting ready to blow soon. Tiffany feels my cock start to swell and stops just holding my cock still in her mouth looking at me. I start coming out of my euphoric state and look down almost pleading her to finish with my eyes.

Tiffany slowly pulls her finger out and takes her mouth off my cock giving anal porno it a few little licks. Then she removes the sneaker from my face and I am almost ready to ask her out loud to finish me off. She reaches down and puts the sneaker on her foot and I notice she is wearing the mate and nothing else. Apparently she wears the same size as my niece. She then moves near my head and swings her leg over my head and plants her bald pussy right on my mouth. The smell is intoxicating and I just automatically start to dip my tongue inside and lap up her juices. I then feel her shift her weight a little and that familiar feeling of her mouth on my cock returns.

We are now locked in a 69 on the couch with my wife in the next room and the feeling is made more intense by the risk involved and the fact we need to be so quit. She continues her intense blow job while I work at her clit and I then slip a finger inside her pussy and start to stroke her G spot. I feel her start to quiver and I know she is about to cum. I work harder at sucking and licking her clit while working her G spot. Her legs start to tremble and I figure I have her right on the edge. I just hold her there and keep her in that quivering state as long as I can. She is so close that she starts to loose her rhythm sucking my cock. I slowly move my other hand around and I start to work hard at her clit to drive her over the edge while I take my other hand and start to push my finger into her anus. I barely get the tip in when her cum floods my mouth. She collapses on me with my cock still in her mouth.

After about a minute she regains her composure and is able to start sucking me again. She suddenly stops and sits up on her knees. She slides down my body and starts to rub her pussy on my cock while holding it in her hand using it to rub her clit and pussy lips with the head. The feeling is awesome and now the way she is sitting has her sneaker covered feet to either side of me and in my view. I love seeing this and she continues to rub her pussy with my cock.

Tiffany looks over her shoulder at me and as I look up and make eye contact she just suddenly drops herself onto my cock and takes me balls deep. My eyes just about roll to the back in my head anal breakers porno and she smiles. She starts to rock herself and ride me reverse cowgirl. She reaches back and puts her hands on the heels of the sneakers and rocks on my cock. I reach forward and put my hands on her hips. After a few minutes she reaches up and moves my hands to the sneakers. She reaches back with one hand and tweaks my nipples a little as she rocks herself. Now I am getting close again with the nipple play her warm wet pussy and her drawing my attention to the sneakers.

She can tell I am getting close and she just sits down on my cock and stops. After a minute or two has gone by she starts to move again but faster and alternating between rocking and circular motions. She does this for a few minutes and she tenses up and cums again. I feel her pussy squeeze my cock and she trembled just a little. She stops for less than a minute and then gets up off my cock.

She now reaches down, pulls a sneaker back off and put it right back on my face like it all started. She gets down on her knees and takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck me while looking deep in my eyes again. She keeps working my cock in her mouth and then her hand wraps around my cock to help. My god this feels so good and naughty. She then does the inevitable and slips her finger back into me to work my prostate. It only took a few minutes of this and I blew my load. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed. Then she pulled the sneaker off my face smiled and left without a word.

The next morning she gave me a little smile and we went about the day as normal. We went to a park with my wife, niece and nephew. Every time I looked over and saw my 18yo niece in those sneakers I had flash backs of last night and it was driving me crazy. After we walked a little while one of the sneakers came untied and Tiffany told my niece to have me tie it for her. I knelt down and she put her sneaker on my thigh while I tied it and Tiffiany watched and smiled. I was actually getting hard over this now. Finally my wife took my niece and nephew a little ahead of us and I asked Tiffany to stop fucking around. She just would not stop and in fact said our next stop is to get my niece and her a new pair of sneakers. I am not looking forward to trying to keep my thoughts out of the gutter as I am forced to take part in this today. I guess we will see what tonight turns out like when they spend the night again one more time.

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