Sister-in-Law Katie

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It is probably not all that unusual that a married man might have a close plutonic friendship with a sister-in-law. I had six sister-in-laws, the youngest 36 and the oldest 56. Katie, 51, is my favorite, maybe because she stayed with my wife and me for two years before she got married. I’m 64 by the way.

Now, no matter how careful you are or how modest you are around the house, when you have a sister-in-law living with you there will be times when you accidentally see things that make you blush. You say excuse me and carry on. Then, there are things that are sort of pushed upon you that you have no control of, like my wife wanting to see Katie model her latest swimsuits. I tried to excuse myself but my wife insisted they needed a man’s perspective. There were three of them, two full body swimsuits, brown and yellow and one bikini, blue. Katie blushed and she looked apologetic whenever our eyes met. My heart was pounding. If my wife knew what she had started she might have had second thoughts about having me present at the modeling session. After that little show-and- tell, whenever I masturbated it was with a vision of Katie in that bikini. Now don’t get me wrong I never made a move on her, but like I said we have always had a special friendship and seeing that much of her up close just added to the mystery that neither one of us ever voiced.

Katie was a cutie but was quite ordinary body wise. To be truthful, I actually thought her body a bit odd in that her hips were high and a bit wide. How wide… wider than my wife’s….and my wife’s hips and ass are perfection. The standard I judge every female in that department and few women measure up. In defense, Katie’s high hips gave her long legs and they were quite sensuous and shapely. Her breasts were average, smaller than my wife’s 34D. Her eyes brown as was her hair that she never let get very long.

Katie had been married for 18 years, with one child, when she caught her husband cheating on her. It was devastating to her, and to me, and I wanted to kill the dumb ass. In addition to numerous hours on the phone with my wife, Katie spent quite a few hours on the phone with me. She seemed to know when to call when I was alone and I often wondered how she knew. Then I figured it out, my wife’s church meetings and such. While consoling her, the only advice I could give her was to decide if she could live with the hurt and pain, as the son-of-a-bitch had cried like a baby and ask for forgiveness. Good old Bobby! He worked with the bitch and actually had the nerve to tell Katie that it was exciting because the bitch could orgasm multiple times. Isn’t that, as a man, what you strive to make your own woman do?

In the end, Katie stayed in the marriage. I lost a little bit of ground with her when I happen to mention that she could call me for advice anytime in front of Bobby. This was months after Bobby’s cheating and the advice I offered was on a totally different subject, trivia really, but she apparently caught some flak. Nothing was ever said, but you could tell I had fucked up and we seldom talked more than a few minutes on the phone. The years continued to pass. Typically, we only saw each other a dozen times a year, at holidays, occasional visits, and her visiting our grandchildren across the street from Alice and me, but our hugs and private words were always tender and telling.

Then Katie, at 50, got sick….. a rare bone cancer type…. sick. It was/is treatable but never curable and again the family and I were devastated. While visiting Katie in the hospital with my wife and our three-year-old grandson, while my wife was in the bathroom with him, I told Katie how sorry I was she had to go through something like this. She answered me by saying, “What about your problems.” She had had years, I suppose, to be concerned about my health problem which is not part of this story. The months ticked by with the operations, chemo-therapy and general therapy, but time passed and she eventually returned to work.

Katie called one evening to speak to my wife and she was not there so we chatted like we always did for a few short minutes, then, said our goodbyes. On this occasion, I said, “I love you”. Now, you might say that a close family would not flinch at such a statement, but I saved, “I love you”, for my wife, children and grandchildren. When my mother and mother-in-law say such things, I am forced to reply in kind, but only with a “ditto” or “you too”. It was not three minutes before Katie called back, laughing, to ask me if I had realized what I had said. I laughed and replied that I had realized what I had said and actually apologized. She told me that now she was hurt in a joking tone and that it is not unusual for family members to say I love you. She said she loved me. And all was quiet for very long moments.

“I guess you know how I feel about you? Of course, love you Katie.” I finally said tenderly.

“I know, Press. I know!” She replied. “Can I tell you something?” Not waiting for a reply. “I look at the world in a totally different light now. I’m not well and I’m never going to be fake hospital hastane well again. I’m happy enough but there’s something lacking. Do you know what’s lacking?” This time she waited.

“No. Tell me what’s lacking, dear lady.” I replied, knowing full well I was going to hear something I wouldn’t like because I couldn’t do anything about it.

“My dumb ass husband cheated on me. I never refused him, Press, never. It’s been years but I can’t get it out of my system. I’ve never wanted to repay him in kind. That’s not me. But I’ve only been with one man, I’m 50 years old, I’m as fragile as thin glass, and I might be dead in five years. I’m only getting older and I’ve never been with another man.” She was crying now. “Please don’t judge me! I feel like I need to know what that is like! That’s what is lacking!”

“Why are you telling me this, pretty lady?” I queried. “If you have such a desire should you not be telling the lucky fellow you have in mind for this thing?”

She was laughing now. “I thought I was?”

Another long silence.

“So, I guess you’re waiting for me to volunteer? You know I have been faithful the last 40 years too. I consider you second only to Alice. I have never spoken the words Katie, but you know how I feel about you. If you are serious about this, I am there for you?”

“I am serious…… this second….. this moment……. talking to you….. I am dead serious” She replied. “I made the decision when I heard you say I love you. You’re the only man I would ever consider doing anything like this with. It could be our secret! I know you will protect my honor.”

Another long moment of silence.

“Can you take me somewhere where it is safe?” She asked, almost in a desperate toned whisper.

“Let me think about it……. No! No! I’m sorry, not think about it. Let me look around and find a place….. a hotel or motel that is in a safe place, okay.”

“It needs to be soon, Press.” She requested. “Before I have a chance to back out.”

“How about next Friday?” I asked. “And if you back out, you know that will be okay.”

“Next Friday?” She repeated.

“We’ll discuss the details soon.” I replied, and added. “I love you, Katie.”

“I love you too.”

Once something like that is spoken there is never a backing out. If not Friday, some day in the future it would happen. I gave the problem a bit of thought and as I live close to the border of North Carolina I figured that would be the place to go. Katie might incur an extra 30 minutes of driving time but she would feel more secure, so it would be worth it. Now, you might be thinking a motel is a motel, but not so. As important as privacy, I was looking for a motel with a bed higher than most. I have fucked my wife, Alice, for years, standing at the foot of the bed due to my own medical problems and to keep my weight off of her sore hips. I figured it could be just as important in Katie’s case. I had to inspect each room of the motels that I had zeroed in on to make sure of the bed height. I was satisfied with the fourth motel I checked out and reserved a room, for two nights to alleviate any check-in problems, undue notice or suspicion, behind the main building to ensure that our vehicles were not seen.

Katie and I agreed to meet at 9 o’clock at a McDonald’s about 6 miles from the motel. I arrived early and watched her exit her car. She moved slowly and cautiously. We sat drinking coffee for about 30 minutes, as I wanted to give her every opportunity to change her mind. There was no mention of our clandestine plans, just everyday conversation, and I finally suggested she follow me. I arrived about 40 seconds before she did, enough time to exit my car and walk to the door of our room, number 10. I stood watching her as she parked beside me and exited her car. As she always did during visits, meeting for the first time of the day or evening, she smiled warmly as she walked towards me, but there was a look of exhaustion in her eyes. For the first time, I unashamedly acknowledged she was sexy. I turned and unlocked the door, holding it open wide for her to enter, then, closed it, locking the deadbolt and putting the security chain in place.

In the darkened room, we stood facing each other and I moved in close and took her hands in mine, placing my forehead on hers.

“Would you think bad of me if I told you I have fantasized about something like this over the years?” I asked her.

“If you will not think bad of me, though the fantasy I have had is probably not as X-rated as yours. She replied.

“I think that might have something to do with, women are from Venus and men are from Mars.”

We stood there long moments in the quiet semidarkness, until she lifted her face and I kissed her, not a passionate kiss, but a lingering, soft tender kiss.

Breaking our kiss, she asked. “Can we just snuggle in the bed for a while?”

Her question reminded me of a country song, “This dream’s On Me”, and I softly sang the chorus to her. She told me I was sweet and backed away from me and walked fake taxi porno to the bed side table, switched on the light, and began to disrobe. I was thrilled to see that light come on. I began to disrobe, following her lead. She removed it all as if we had been doing this for years. As she stepped out of her panties, I stepped out of my briefs and noticed her staring at my erection and hoped that that was a good sign, that maybe it would surely be something new and exciting to her.

I watched her pull the bedding down, positioning the pillows, as I had watched Alice hundreds of times. I was a bit disappointed not to see a mound full of hair, seemingly waxed, really, and I wondered if it was possibly the chemo or Bobby’s desire. She entered the bed and positioned herself on the right-hand side of the bed, looking from the foot, and next to the lamp. I walked around to the other side. As I entered the bed, she rolled to her left side and I spooned close against her, my erection poking her between her thighs and bottom of her ass.

“Press, do you take a pill for that?” She queried.

“I haven’t had to yet.” I replied. “I’m only 64 you know and it gets regular exercise.” Not willing to tell her that most of the exercise was masturbation.

“And with no foreplay you’re right out of the box ready to go?” She said jokingly.

“I would prefer to say…. when the penties come off, I’m ready to go.”

I held her close for a long time, maybe 20 or 25 minutes without so much as a word.”

“Katie, you haven’t gone to sleep on me have you?” I whispered lowly, willing to let her sleep if she did not answer me.

“Course not.” She quietly replied. “You have been very patient. Thank you for gallantly fulfilling my fantasy, so now, let’s do something about yours.”

“We’ll snuggle a little while longer.” I said tenderly.

“A back rub would be nice.”

After subduing my guilty feeling, my right hand began to massage her back and explore her body. I draped my left arm over her head to entice her to hold my hand……. she did. It was a new body to me, but truth be told, I explored Alice’s body every time I could get her naked. The female body has so many toys to play with and I am intoxicated by them all. I soon worked my way down to the middle of her back, then, around the front to cup and caress her breast. It took a while as I was in no hurry. When I finally thumbed her nipple, it was firm and I heard soft moans every time I stroked them, in turn. I began to kiss her neck and shoulders, my hand exploring over her ass, pulling my middle finger lightly up the crack.

“You’re making me dizzy.” She moaned. “You know, I actually thought about not coming today. I was so afraid you would find me unappealing. A silly thought, I suppose, but I still thought it.”

“I agree. That is silly.” I agreed. “I have always been very careful never to give you the impression I was eyeing you sexually, but believe me you’re very appealing. It that the only reason?”

“I told you it was silly……… squeeze my ass hard……… yes! I love that! But yes, there are other reasons. I’m causing you to cheat on your wife. I’m cheating on Alice with her husband. I’m probably going to die soon and I’m going to hell. And on top of everything else I’m causing your cock to go limp.” She exclaimed, and reached behind her to grab my cock.

“I told you any time you wanted to back out you could.” I replied. “But I hope you don’t. Don’t think about anything except what you want right now. What you told me you wanted.”

“It’s been seven months…… seven long fuckin months.” She cried out. “And he acts like I’m catchy!”

I’d never heard Katie use such language, but I never had her stroke my cock to bring it back to life either. My hand had not explored her mound or her pussy yet, but after her diatribe, I was certain her state of arousal had dropped, as mine had. I didn’t know if she ready to consummate the union at this moment. I wasn’t going to give her any more time to think, or talk, and I reached to displace her hand on my cock with my own hand. I began to earnestly probe for the entrance to her treasure. It required her to lift her right leg. Doubt entered my mind briefly, uncertain if she was going to cooperate, but her leg finally lifted, her knee bent and I felt the head of my cock enter her. I was home and I maneuvered myself lower, offering her my right hand in exchange for the left. We gentle pushed and shoved together. It popped out once but she quickly guided it back into her. A bit more, tender pushing and shoving, and I heard her give a satisfied sigh.

“Your pussy is tight, Miss Kate.” I whispered.

“I think maybe it’s your size.” She quietly replied.

“No, Sugar, you’re tight!” I assured her, as I began a slow deep penetrating rhythm.

“Thank you for pursuing me.” She said. “And don’t you dare apologize.”

“You are an understanding lady.” I replied. “We will consider it a gentle prod.”

“I need to fuck, lord knows, I do! I’m not dead yet. But I didn’t think I’d ever like family stroke porno to be fucked again.” She stated. “Your cock is sooo good! And you’re precious.”

Our talking ceased and I lovingly cradled her as best I could as I fucked her, changing the rhythm and penetration occasionally. I was very much attuned to her whimpering and moaning and I was quite content in the moment. She kissed or bit on my right hand and arm with the alternating rhythm and seemed quite pleased when I stuck her deep. I was certain she was leaving teeth marks on my arm. Unsure of her ability to take much physical punishment, I reframed myself as best I could, but I became quite intoxicated by her joy of sexual intercourse, her tight pussy, and I found it difficult not to ratchet up the rhythm. She soon maneuvered around enough so we could put our faces close together. When she was not near delirium, her head flung back with her mouth open, we stared into each other’s eyes. It was the seemly delirious times that distressed me, but gave me the most delight. Her mouth open moans sounded more akin to pain than pleasure. Except for possibly really hurting her, the wounded animal moans made me desire to disappear up inside of her. I was simply astounded that down-to-earth, business mannered, Katie, could let her hair down like this. Could it be that Bobby had never seen this dark side of her.

I didn’t really pay much attention to how long we fucked like this but it was a good while, and again, I was enjoying the hell out of her delirious moments. Occasionally, I slowed nearly to a stop, to rest my back, but her close-face lustful stares of want quickly brought me back up to speed.

“I need to get on top!” She exclaimed, snapping me back to reality.

I pulled slowly out of her and rolled to my back. She, painstakingly slow it seemed, maneuvered around and lifted her leg to straddle me. She reached to take my cock, positioned it, and settled down onto it. Her skin was moist to the touch and the edges of her brown, short hair were visibly damp.

“Oh fuck, Press, it’s big!” She whispered. “Give me a second.”

I am certain she was referring to thickness rather than length. My cock is only slightly over 6 inches, about normal, from what I’ve read. I do think it’s thick as Alice thinks too. One child, Katie? Two kids Alice? Little cock Bobby? Got to be something!

I watched her wiggle her ass down on it, but she took it all with much pleasure and began to lift herself up and down in a very slow rhythm.

“Fuckkk, fuckkkk, fuckkkk!” She mumbled, repeatedly, seemingly to go on forever except for when she was calling on her creator.

As she rode my cock I began to appreciate her bare pussy as I watched my shaft appear, disappear and appear repeatedly. My attention alternated between her face and our union. Her words keeping my cock rock hard. I played with her ass with my right hand and fondled each breast with my left, concentrating on the nipples, thumbing and pinching them lightly.

She increased her rhythm just slight and too soon, for me, she put her hands on my chest as her ass began to cycle in a tight forward and backward motion, my cock pushed deep into her, she, holding it deep. Her words became mumbled and indistinguishable as her body began to tremble. What little bit of belly fat that she had began to shake like Jell-O, in fact, for the first time bringing to my attention that she actually had a little belly fat. She became silent for a moment and then her anguished moan began low and increased in volume as the orgasm gripped her, nearly doubling her over.

She dropped to embrace me, as her knees flexed, rocking her back and forth on my cock. I was concerned she might have stressed her body…. hurt herself. I hugged her gently and my hands coursed over her back and down to her ass…. waiting… but she fucked on! Then, with my right hand I smacked her ass with a glancing blow, sounding louder than it would have felt. I did it again and then a third time. She slowed her rocking and it was like an instant replay. She pushed my cock deep inside of her as she lifted her torso. Her muttered words again indistinguishable, her body trembling, silence and then a growing anguished moan as she came again. This time she just collapsed on top of me and I held her tenderly as she breathed heavily in my ear.

“What the hell was that?” She exclaimed, as her breathing approached normal.

“The actions and sounds of a woman in need.” I replied.

Long moments of silence. Half of my cock was still inside of her but we both lay still.

“Would you like to do it from behind? Can you?” She queried.

“I can, if you can kneel at the edge of the bed comfortably.”

With distress, I felt, she maneuvered off of me and stood by the bed waiting for me to rise. When I was standing beside her, she gathered the pillows and proceeded to position her bare posterior at the edge of the bed, lighted brightly by the lamp, and I moved in behind her. A bit more maneuvering, wriggling of her ass, spreading of her legs and me voicing concern as to her comfort, I gently began to penetrate her once more. A little bit more pushing and shoving, a bit of “we can do this” moaning on her part and we were coupled once more. I began a very conservative rhythm to let her naturally tight, post orgasm, pussy become accustom to my cock.

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