Silent Seduction

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It’s the end of another very long day. As I walk into my house I kick off my heels, reach under my silk blouse and undo the front hook of my lace bra and slither out of it. This is my daily ritual. I love the feel of my naked breasts against my shirt and I can never wait to get home each day for just this sensation. As I walk through the kitchen to get a glass of wine I flick the play button on my answering machine. Your voice is the first one that comes through the speaker. Standing in the open door of the fridge my nipples harden under the silk of my shirt, a reaction to the combination of the chill and your voice. I swear I can feel your husky tones stroking over my skin. Just hearing you leave a simple message makes me hot. I pick up the phone to call you back and get your machine.

“Hey baby…I got your message. And now here I am missing you…hot for you…and you are not even home. Call me when you get in. Or better yet just come over.”

I start to drink my wine and sit on the couch. As I sit down I fold my leg under my ass and my skirt hikes up my legs and reveals the edge of my lace topped stockings and the garter attached to it. I am still worked up from hearing your voice and wishing you were here. My silk shirt continues to tease my sensitive nipples and I lean my head back thinking about your mouth on me, your tongue laving my breasts, flicking gently over my nipples, nipping my breasts with your teeth. I am starting to stroke the inside of my thigh with one hand while I sip more wine. It must be going to my head. I don’t remember ever being this hot before, just from thinking about a man. My wineglass is empty so I set it aside and begin running the fingers of both hands over my almost painfully erect nipples through my top. I am so wet that I can feel my thong beginning to dampen between my ass cheeks and I lower one hand to the crotch of my lace panties. God…I wish you were here.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. I know my face is flushed and my nipples are hard, but I answer the door just as I am, secretly thrilled at the prospect of someone knowing how horny I am. When I open the door and you are standing there it’s like a wet dream come true. I smile slowly and step back to let you in the door. As soon as the door is closed I turn to you and just stand there waiting. You have a knowing, smug look on your face.

You can tell just how turned I am. I reach behind me and flick the lock. You step toward me and your eyes drop to the obvious showing that my nipples are making against my blouse. I close the distance between us and rise up on my toes to close my mouth over yours. You grab my hips and jerk me closer, pressing your hard cock bahis firmaları against my mound. I moan into your mouth and you press me back against the door, the better to grind your bulge against my swollen pussy. Your hands start to work undoing the buttons on my blouse. As you reveal my tits to the cool air, my nipples harden ever more painfully. I know what is coming and I can barely contain my excitement. First you knead my breasts as you continue to stoke my tongue with your own. I shudder as you run your thumbs over my nipples. My back arches when you tweak them and pull gently. My breath rasps against your mouth and I am on the verge of begging when you lower your head to take one nipple in your mouth. The wet heat of your mouth is extraordinary and violently pleasurable. I come almost immediately. I know that this is something that you love about me…my ability and tendency to orgasm from nipple play alone.

You keep gently licking and sucking my tits as I recover from my first orgasm of the night. I arch my hips and grind my pelvis against you and thrill to the moaning this move elicits. Your tongue and teeth go back to work on my nipples in earnest and I grasp your head to my chest. Your hands begin to slide my skirt up my hips, uncovering my stockings, black lace thong and matching garter belt. You slide the index fingers of each hand under the garters on the front of each of my thighs. As you bite my left nipple you snap my garters. It’s just enough sting to make me even hotter for you. Your knee spreads my legs slightly and one hand cups my pussy softly as the other travels back up to tweak my other nipple. I am amazed that my legs are even still holding me up. I feel your middle finger slide under the narrow strip of lace and slip easily into my sopping pussy. I reach down and rub the ridge in the front of your jeans. I can feel the heat of your hard cock radiating into my palm. You suck hard on my right nipple and my hand clenches on your cock. Simultaneous groans erupt from our throats. You step back, taking your crotch just out of my reach. You pull my thong to the side and slide two fingers inside of me flicking my clit with your thumb. My hips jerk forward, shoving your fingers deeper. You curl your fingers against my G-spot and press hard circles on my clit, pushing me over the edge once again.

As I gasp for air and writhe in ecstasy you lift your head, stare deep into my eyes and lick my cunt juice from your hand. At this point my clothing is so disarranged it seems the best thing to do is discard them. Soon I am only wearing my thong, stockings and garter belt. As I begin to remove the stockings and garter belt you stop me and I know you want me kaçak iddaa to leave the stockings and garter belt on. I remove my soaked thong and drop it to the floor. You seem thoroughly overdressed and somewhat uncomfortable in your jeans.

I strip your t-shirt over your head and run my hands slowly down your chest to the waistband of your jeans. I slowly undo the button fly, stroking my fingers below the fabric, against your sensitized skin. I begin to kiss your chest slowly working my way down to your abs. I run my tongue along the ridges of your muscular stomach. As I work the jeans off your hips and kneel between your feet the tip of your member becomes visible. I stare at your face as I flick my tongue over the head of your cock. Your eyes flash and heat. Your fingers clench on my shoulders and I feel your thighs tighten under my hands. I continue to lower your jeans and your dick springs free and taps against my lips. Obviously it’s ready for some attention and I know just what to do.

I wrap my hand around the base and squeeze gently. Keeping my eyes on yours I slip just the head of your cock into my mouth and flick my tongue over the frenulum while lightly sucking. I slowly slide my mouth just a couple of centimeters down and then back up your shaft, keeping the suction going. Each time I slide my mouth further down your cock, until the head is pressing the back of my throat. I begin sliding my hand up and down your cock, following the motion of my mouth. Your head is thrown back and your fingers are buried in my hair. I cup my other hand around your balls and start kneading gently and pressing my middle finger against that sensitive spot just in front of your asshole. With every motion of my hands and mouth your breathing becomes harsher. I can feel your nuts tightening, but I don’t want you to come yet. Since you still the motion of my head abruptly I guess you feel the same.

I decide to do something I have never done with anyone before. I drop my hands from your cock and balls and I slide my mouth slowly off you until just the head of your dick is inside my mouth. I slide my hands down and begin stroking your thighs, looking at your face. You know what I am giving you and I can feel your cock jump at the prospect of fucking my mouth.

Your hands are very gentle as you hold my head still. You stroke your thumbs across my cheeks and keep your eyes on mine as you slide your cock slowly forward into my mouth. You know I am trusting you not to choke me with your cock and not to hurt me. Your cockhead touches the back of my throat and I flick my tongue along the bottom of your shaft. As you pull out slowly I increase the suction more and more until just the head kaçak bahis is in my mouth and then lick the hole. You slide your dick back in my mouth, faster this time, but still only as far as you know is comfortable for me. Your speed picks up with each stroke and you close your eyes to enjoy the sensation. On each stroke I vary the suction and tongue play. Your eyes open again to watch me take each thrust of you dick into my hot, wet mouth. I know how hot it makes you to see my play with myself so I begin to pinch my own nipples, moaning around your cock. The vibration must feel good because you groan and pull out of my mouth quickly. My hands keep busy on my tits as you stand me up and kiss me deeply. I know you can taste your pre-cum on my tongue and it turns me on even more.

Your dick presses against my stomach and I grind against you. I know you want to fuck me so I pull away, grasp your cock lightly and lead you to the couch, but before I can push you down and begin to ride your cock you take control.

You sit me on the couch and slide me forward until my pussy is perfectly placed at the edge of the cushion. You spread my legs as wide as they will go and open my pussy lips to expose the pink inner snatch and my fully swollen clit. I close my eyes as I realize that you have no intention of fucking me yet. Your mouth closes over my clit and I gasp at the sensation. Your tongue dances over my cunt lips and into my sopping pussy hole. I am so hot for you that after only a few minutes I begin to writhe in ecstasy. Even as I soak your face in my juices you continue to eat me out. I know what you want, but I won’t give it to you yet.

Abruptly you raise your head and jam your cock into my pussy. After the orgasm my cunt is so tight that the invasion of your large, hard prick is almost painful. My hips thrust upward hard, involuntarily as I come yet again. You take my hand and place it on my clit, silently instructing me to play with myself. You begin to massage my breasts and tweak my nipples as you trust slowly in and out of my cunt. Over my own heartbeat and the harsh breathing of both of us I can hear the slap of skin against skin as you ram you cock hard into my cunt. You pick up the speed and begin to pinch my nipples harder. My fingers rush in hard circles over my clit and I begin to moan and gasp. I can feel my orgasm coming…stronger than before…and I scream as the release overtakes me. You thrust hard as my pussy clenches around your cock and suddenly I can feel the cum spurting out of you dick and coating my pussy walls.

You collapse on me and try to recover. After a few minutes you raise your head and give me a kiss. I can still feel the aftershocks of my enormous orgasm and each time my pussy clenches your still hard cock jumps.

“I need a minute, baby. But don’t think I am done with you…not by a long shot.” I know that is just what you wanted to hear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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