Sibling Love Ch. 1

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The attraction was there. Jenny knew that her older brother Will wanted her. She had just turned 18 and her brother was 19. They were always very close since they were children and had often played house together, him being the husband, her being the wife. But now, Jenny often found herself thinking about Will late at night when she was in bed. She would think about him touching her body, shoving his warm hard cock into her dripping pussy. She often touched herself while thinking about him, rubbing her clit until she took out her vibrator and put it inside of her honey hole, pretending it was his hard cock slamming in and out of her.

She had seen his cock a few times while taking baths together as children. Jenny had found him very attractive now. At 19 he had a hard body, dirty blond hair, and sexy blue eyes. She was becoming a very sexy young lady herself. She had blond hair down to her waist, big tits, a nice ass, and a body that all men would die for. But she had only had sex once, and wouldn’t be very experienced if it weren’t for X-rated movies and magazines. She knew what she wanted from Will, but really didn’t know how to get it, but she knew she would find a way. She just had to.

One night Jenny walked past Will’s door and heard sounds coming from inside. She pressed her ear to the door and heard moans, not from pain, but from pleasure!

She listened for a few minutes when she heard Will call out, “Oh Jenny, suck your big brother’s cock, oh baby it feels so good”! He was jerking off and thinking about her while doing it! This was too much for Jenny. She began rubbing her pussy through her lacy black thong. She heard Will call out again saying, “Oh Jenny, ride big brothers cock like a good little sister, oh Jenny baby I’m going to come in your sweet pussy!”. This drove Jenny mad and she began to finger herself as hard and as fast as she could, pumping two then three fingers in and out. Just as she began to come, she let out a high pitched moan which startled Will, and he must have heard her because the moaning stopped and she heard him start walking toward the door. So Jenny ran as fast as she could to her room before she was caught. Little did Jenny know that Will knew she was outside his door fingering herself. He wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. All he could think about was his sister’s body.

He always jerked off while thinking about the one day, when they were playing house in their tree house. He had asked Jenny if they could do what adults do in bed, and she told him yes. They laid on the floor of the tree house and Will lifted up Jenny’s little plaid skirt and took off her underwear. He began to kiss and glory hole secrets porno lick her small tight pussy, fingering her tight hole. Soon his penis became very hard, and he asked Jenny if she would put it in her mouth and suck it for him, telling her to lick his balls and cock, and then put it in her mouth and suck it up and down. So Jenny sat on his face and he licked her pussy while she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. She took one of his balls in her mouth and this made him call out to her telling her what a wonderful little sister she was, how she tasted so good in his mouth. She began to moan and grind against his face, and she told him that she felt something was going to happen inside her. Well Will knew that she was going to have an orgasm, so he sucked her hard clit into his mouth and ran his tongue over it, making her cry out. She came on his tongue as his hot spurts of come filled her mouth. They decided never to let that happen again because they though it just wasn’t right anyway. But Will knew he had to taste his sister’s pussy again.

The next morning, Jenny went downstairs wearing only her little lacy black thong and very tight, white tank top. Her back was turned as she was doing the morning dished. Her parents had already gone to work. Will knew Jenny was up and crept half way down the stairs to watch her. He loved to watch her do the dishes half naked. He loved the way her ass wiggled, and how her tits jiggled when she walked. Sometimes her nipples would be hard and he would think about sucking on them. Well this morning her nipples were rock hard, and you could see the sweet things right through her barely there tank top. This gave him a major hard on and he began to masturbate on the stairs.

He though about how good her ass looked, and how it would feel if he could slide his hard prick up and down her beautiful crack, and then bend her over the sink and sink his cock into her tight puckered ass hole. This caused him to come all over the stairs and he let out a moan. Jenny turned just in time to see her older brother run up the stairs with a big boner sticking out of his boxers. She knew she had to fuck him.

The plan she came up with was to write him a detailed note on what she wanted. She would tell him everything she needed. After she had put on her white silk thong and nothing else, she began writing the letter. It said:

Dear Will, I know how much we both want each other. I want you to come to my room tomorrow morning naked. Take a shower before and shave the hair off your cock and balls, I want you nice and clean for me. Then come to my room. I grup sex want you to eat my pussy. I’ll be nice and wet for you. Lick my wet slit and then lick my ass hole. I’ll suck your cock if you want. I want to get you really horny. Then after hours of foreplay, I want you to fuck me with that big cock as hard and as fast as you can, make me scream and moan. Then I’ll let you fuck my ass. The oil to grease my hole up will be on the bed stand. Then sink your warm cock into my ass hole and fuck me nice and slow. Pump it in and out of me, getting faster and faster. I want you to shoot your load deep inside my ass, and make me come too. Then we can sleep in each other’s arms because mom and dad are going away for the week and we can make love during the night, and in the morning, all week if you want. Well, see you tomorrow morning big bro. your loving sister, Jenny

And then she walked to Will’s bedroom door and slid the note under it. Will saw the note and hurried to get it. After he finished reading it he had a major hard on. He would give Jenny all that and more. He wanted her badly, but he could stand to wait until the morning. Both fell asleep dreaming of fucking each other.

Jenny woke up first and shaved all of the hair off her pussy and made sure her ass hole looked nice. She changed from her white silk thong into a red silk thong and red silk robe, which barely covered her ass and tits, which were almost bursting out. She brushed her hair and heard the shower turn off. She knew Will was ready. She sat at her mirror and waited for the knock. He knocked and she opened the door. There stood Will naked, his cock jumped at the sight of her. He picked her up and laid her on the floor where he began to kiss her, letting his tongue play with her tongue, licking at it playfully. He began to untie her robe and pulled it off of her. The site was beautiful. Her nipples were rock hard and her tits had to be at least a D. Jenny stradled Will’s hips as he took one of her nipples in his house and began to suck it. Causing her to grind against his hard cock. He bit it playfully and scraped his teeth against it, making her moan and grind her pussy into his cock some more. She then cried out, “I want you to eat my pussy and ass hole big brother, please, I’m wet and juicy for you!”.

Will sat her against the bed and spread her long legs wide, bending his head to smell her sweet cunt. He gently licked her cunt lips and pushed his tongue into her pussy hole, making her moan. He gently traced his tongue around her clit, pulling the skin over it back to gently lick it and suck on it. She started to buck her pussy against his face and he hd porno knew she was going to come. He sucked her clit harder and flicked his tongue across it again and again. Soon she screamed and shoved his face into her pussy as her love juice poured out. He then told her to turn over so he could eat her beautiful ass hole. He spread her ass cheeks and began to flick his tongue against the puckered opened, thinking about what it would be like to fuck that hole right now.

He pushed his tongue inside her, making her scream with pleasure. He knew he needed this ass soon, or he was going to blow his load on her carpet. He told her he needed to fuck her ass, and she told him to hurry, because she needed it too. He lubed her hole up and rubbed some on his cock. He gently fingered her ass hole with three, then four fingers to get her ready for his massive cock, it had to at least be nine inches long and really thick. He slowly brought the head of his cock to her tight hole and pushed gently against it, slowly entering half, then all of it into her tight backside.

Her hole closed tightly around him and it felt like he was being swallowed. The pleasure was unbelievable. He moved inside of her slowly at first so he wouldn’t hurt her, but she began to slam her ass against his cock harder and harder. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock in and out of her tight ass hole, and then screamed when he was near to coming, “Oh Jenny baby, you ass is so tight and sweet, I could fuck it all day, why don’t you sit on big brothers cock and fuck it with your ass hole?”. At that he sat down and put her on his lap, with her back to him. He guided her hips to his hard cock and slowly inserted his cock into her ass hole. She fucked it up and down for a while, but soon became tired. So Will laid her on her side and spooned her while shoving his cock in and out of her ass. He knew he was close to coming, and as is first spurts shot out, he rubbed Jenny’s clit and she came too.

They laid on her bed for a while. It was 4:00, and they had all day and night to play. Will sucked his sister’s nipples as she held his head in her arms. They talked for a while, and Will began to kiss Jenny. He licked at her tongue, making them both grow very horny. Jenny knew she wanted his cock in her pussy. She pushed him between her legs and told him that she needed her pussy fucked. Will rubbed his cock against her wet slit and then pushed it into her honey hole. She moaned and whimpered and he pumped in and out of her. He pushed harder and harder and went faster and faster. She began to scream, “OH WILL, OH WILL!”, and “BIG BROTHER I’M COMING!”.

As Lily came Will shot his load deep into her pussy. Afterward, they took and shower together and then a nap to get ready for the night of love making that awaited them, and little did they know that it would continue on into the next day and the next, and they would share much, much more.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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