Shower with a Friend

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Alex is a CIA agent embedded with a SEALs squad to look for a bioterrorist weapon. Against her better judgment, she has become intimate with the squad’s officer, Bryce. She is nearly thirty, but has never given a blow job before. She wants to rock her new boyfriend’s world, and earn an A+ at fellatio, so she studies up on the fine art. Her performance in the shower is the most romantic blowjob her boyfriend has ever experienced.


I wake up in a haze. Did I dream that hot sex with this man?

There’s a big arm cradling the back of my head.

Nope, not a dream.

I ease out of bed, careful not to wake him. I need a shower big time.

The hot water is amazing. I start with my hair, my favorite jasmine shampoo. I’m thinking of Bryce, his tongue, how good he felt between my legs. Who would’ve thought that my Shrek would be a tender lover? I need more of him.


I wake up and Alex is missing. I have big plans for her; I need her back.

The shower’s running. My dick jumps to attention.

“Need help?”

“How could I resist?”

The hot water is good, but she’s even better.

“Help me wash my hair?”

I want to help wash her everything.

I put my hands in her hair and start rubbing her scalp. She smells like flowers. She’s all woman.

She leans against me and looks up, “I love having my hair washed.”

“Really? How much do you love it?”

“I love it almost as much as I love your penis in my vagina.”

I start laughing.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing important, never mind.”

“You’ve got a pretty big grin on your face. It must be important.”

“It cracks me up that you still use proper words for our sexual anatomy. I mean earlier I had my dick pounding inside your pussy yet you talk about my penis and your vagina. Nothing wrong with it, just cute.”

“Do most women say, um, more vulgar terms?

“You mean like pussy and dick?”


“Hell yeah. Especially in the moment. Then the c-word comes out too.”


“No, honey, that’s pretty tame. I mean cunt.”

A blush crawls its way up her neck into her cheeks.

“Women say that? You’re kidding me.”

“Absolutely. When they’re talking dirty they do. No holds barred. You’ve heard the expression freak in the bed?”

“Yeah but I thought that meant having oral sex.”

He chuckles, “Well that’s part of it. There’s also getting tied up, anal sex, swapping partners, you name it.”

“I’m not that girl. Is that what you want?”

“I want YOU, my penis and testicles want you, vagina, bahis firmaları clitoris, and all.”

“Very funny. I have to tie you up and spank you now.”


“So are you going to wash my hair or are we going to keep talking about my use of the English language?”

“If I wash your hair, what’s in it for me?”

“Maybe I should show you.”

She gets a devilish look on her face and starts running her tongue down my chest. She gets to my abs and claws at them, hard. It’s raw, territorial, and fully possessive.

Then she reaches down and gives my dick a solid smack. Ow!

Reacting on pure instinct, I reach down and give her a sharp slap on the side of her breast.

She lets loose a squeal, “Ow that hurt!”

“And it hurt when you slapped my dick.”

“I’m sorry. I thought you’d like it.”

“How could a guy like getting his member whacked around?”

“You guys ‘beat off.’ I read about slapping and thought it was supposed to be kinky. Pleasure/pain, that sort of thing.”

“I’ve heard that about titty twisting, too, but have I done that to you?”

“No. That sounds awful.”

“Exactly. So I’ll make you a deal. You don’t slap my dick again and I won’t twist your titty. We good?”


“Now where were we? Oh, right, my dick could use an apology.”

I slip down onto my knees and gaze up at him. He’s ruggedly sexy and impossibly broad. Is this happening? Am I really having sex with this man?

“Are you ready?’

He’s still washing my hair, but he’s about to lose his concentration. I’ve been studying up for this, and I’m determined to get an A+.

I take his dick between my hands and tickle my face with it. I slide it across my forehead, massage it in small circles on my cheeks, and glide it gently down my throat. A quick kiss on the tip. Then I lift it up and run my tongue along the bottom, from the rough underside of his balls all the way up to the tip. I do this a few times till he’s groaning. Time to start a little hand action.

I rub firmly up and down his shaft while I’m sucking on his head—I suck hard, like my life depends on it. His groin tightens.

His hands stop moving in my hair and he’s leaning against the shower wall.

I lift up my breast and press the tip of his dick into the middle of my nipple, like I’m trying to shove it inside. I glance up and he’s staring down at me, lips parted, eyes half-mast. I’m hell bent on making this man come unglued.

“How ya’ doin’ baby? You gonna shoot me a nice big load?”


I can barely speak.


Please kaçak iddaa don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop.


“You gonna watch me lick it off?





“You gonna watch me suck it all down?”




“Keep your eyes on the prize, baby, because you’re about to feel good.”


She cradles my dick between her tits, letting the remaining suds slip it side to side. Once all the bubbles are washed away, she starts sucking my dick like she means it. She’s shoving it all the way in, and her throat is cradling my tip.

With her other hand she plays with my balls. Then she’s rubbing my taint.

“Oh God baby, like that.”

She grabs a bottle of oil off the floor and pours it all over her hands.

Oh yeah.

She’s slip-sliding all over my cock, and her slick fingers under my balls are driving me crazy.

Catching me way off guard, she reaches back and pushes one slippery finger right up my ass. NOT what I was expecting. I’ve done this to girls, but never went for having it done to me.

I’m about to tell her to pull it out when she starts wiggling her finger. Damn, that’s good. She’s still sucking my dick and rubbing my shaft, and this extra pressure is pushing me over the edge. Her finger’s so little, I need more pressure.

“Put another one in.”


Bryce isn’t going to last much longer. I put another finger up his ass and starting rubbing him like crazy. He’s got his hands tangled in my hair and is slamming his hips forward and back, forward and back, so he can get the rhythm he needs in my mouth. And it’s a hard one. My jaw is starting to ache and my throat is getting sore.

Finally his balls tighten, his ass squeezes around my fingers, and his dick grows bigger. He grabs my head, jerks it hard against his pelvis, and lets it fly as deep in my mouth as he can. He spurts out in big knots, making me choke despite swallowing it down as fast as I can.

He pulls back and there’s an explosion of seed left on my tongue and his dick. I lap it off him, then open my mouth to show him.
“Baby that’s so good. Thank you.”

As slowly as I can, I let it dribble down my chin then drip onto my tits. I rub it around my areoles. Then I put my fingers in my mouth, and moan like I’m licking off the most delicious crème brulée. And the truth is, he does taste delicious. He tastes like musk and steak and a flavor uniquely Bryce.

His eyes are glued to me.

“You have to stop,” he warns, “or I’m kaçak bahis going to get hard and fuck you up against this shower wall.”

“Sounds like fun.”


Best. Blowjob. Ever.

I never would’ve guessed that Alex could do that.

She doesn’t know what she started. I’m going to need more.


He grabs two towels from the shower rack and pants, “I’ve got to lay down for a minute. Catch my breath.”

I laugh, “You and me both.”

After a few minutes, he rolls to his side to face me. “How did you learn to do that?”

I roll toward him to mirror his body, drops of water still trickling between my breasts. “Do what?”

“That spectacular blow job, licking cum off your tits, the whole thing. I never expected that from you. I’m not complaining. But I can never go back.”

I laugh. “Long story or short?”

“Long, I think,” he says, absentmindedly rubbing his forefinger down my cleavage.

“Ok. The truth is that was my first time.”

“Your first time what?”

“Giving a blowjob. Performing fellatio. Whatever you call it.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. My ex didn’t like oral. On either side. So we never did it. And I never thought much about it since I wasn’t dating after him. Then I met you and you were like sex in a pair of camos. You pushed me to want to do things I’d never done before. So, being a nerd and all, I started researching. There’s tons of stuff out there about what men like, don’t like, can’t live without, whatever. I tried to imagine what would feel good to you.”

“You researched how to give a blowjob for me?”


“That’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

I pop him in the face with a pillow. “You’re used to more experienced women, and I want to stand a chance.”

“Well you’ve definitely passed that threshold.”

“Anyway, you said long version, and I’m not done.” I cup his cheek, forcing him to look me in the eye. “When I took you in my mouth, I imagined that I was making love to you, exposing my feelings for you, promising that it was you and only you I need inside me.”

He was silent for a minute. Making love with a blowjob. That was intense. Making love in general was intense. “All that work paid off babe. You’re definitely the best.”

I don’t miss the fact that he dodges my comment about making love. I hope I haven’t gone too far. But it’s out there and too late to take back.

He gives my nipple a playful tug. “Come on. Let’s get back in the shower and rinse that soap out of your hair.”

“I can think of some other things we can do in the shower.”

“More stuff you’ve been reading about?”

“No, stuff I imagine when I see you in your BDUs.”

“Dirty stuff?”

“Very dirty.”

“Then we’d better go clean off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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