Show , Tell Ch. 04

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The story went very well, although…, while he was writing “Charlotte’s Web,” I doubted E.B.White could have ever envisioned anyone retelling his story starring, “Batman “How does Lexi know Batman?” lasted just over a half hour. Once I’d finished, I was given an ovation by the class and then a question, posed by their teacher…, “And who would like him to return and tell another story?”

Twenty four kids jumped up and down yelling, “Me…, Me!”

Since I’d typed the story out, I walked to Elle’s desk as the children returned to their seats, and handed her the document. “Just in case they’d like to hear it again.”

“They’d throw stuff at me if I tried,” she replied, “because I’m not you.”

Then she added, “That was really good.”

“Thank you,” I said, offer her my hand.

She took it and we shook as I asked, “Know what the next book will be?”

“Not yet,” adding a smile, “come in next week and we can discuss it.”

I gave her a sideways look, then leaned close and whispered what I’d been thinking since I got there, “Only if you promise to wear that skirt…, nice ass!”

With that, I walked to the door, turned and thanked the children for being so, “attentive and polite,” as I told the story and then looked at Elle to say good bye.

Her mouth was still hanging open!

“That was dumb,” I said to myself as I walked out of the school.

The following Monday she sent a note home with Lexi. “I have the book. Tomorrow afternoon, 4:00 PM?”

Having already read the note, “I meant to ask…, how did your story go last week in Mrs. Adams class?” my wife’s question.

Lexi, who was sitting in her father’s lap at the table, piped up, “All the kids loved it! They were asking me at recess how I knew Batman and how lucky I am to have a grandfather who tells me stories.”

“Well, that’s a good question young lady…, how do you know Batman?” I asked.

“Cause he knows my daddy,” she explained, “and he told you about him and then you told him about me.”

“That’s right, Little Pumpkin,” her dad said, “your Grampy knows Mr. Batman very well.”

And that was the strange part. At home and throughout the day, my family was the most important thing in the world to me. While I never consciously thought about it, it was true. But…, and it was a BIG but…, I was also thinking A LOT about Elle. Worse yet, I was having those thoughts as I lay in bed, my wife at my side.

I could give you all the clichés about our sex life. How we’d, “…, fallen into a rut,” or, “…, she just not into it anymore,” but none of that was true. What was true…? She’d suffered with back pain since our younger son was born, most likely the outward manifestation from a car accident when she was sixteen. In spite of years of tests, no physician that we’d consulted had ever found the source of the pain. Secondly, she’d had an early hysterectomy, her uterus removed, which led to her bladder dropping, an operation needed to repair that. During the follow up, her gynecologist warned that, “Intercourse WILL be very painful for a while. Your vagina walls contain an unusually large number of nerves, most of which are at or near the surface. This procedure disturbed quite a number of those nerves and it is going to take some time for everything to heal. I’d encourage finding other ways to satisfy each other until that healing takes place.”

We did try other ways and we had been successful in satisfying güvenilir bahis each other. But her vagina never healed well enough for us to have intercourse…, so…

I’m sure there are plenty of guys who’d use these as a reason to cheat on their wives, but I would NEVER do that! Other reasons…? But never her physical problems as an excuse to cheat! It sucked, but it wasn’t a decision that she’d made, an accident and a, “bad roll of the dice,” had done that for her.

And to be honest, I’d had many opportunities over the years since then to cheat. Business women whom I’d met, women whom I’d met socially and even a couple of girls that had gone to high school with a niece of mine. They flirted with me so openly that my niece warned me to keep my distance, “…, or they’re liable crawl in your bedroom window some night and rape you!”

Interesting concept!

But, the more time I spent with Elle, the way she looked at me, the way that she hung on my every word…, shit, let’s get it into the open…, the way she NEEDED (and it was a palpable NEED)… me, was just so fucking intoxicating.

Her ass in that skirt! The way she so openly stripped in her classroom…, stripped naked the first time we’d been alone. The tan lines I couldn’t get out of my head…, and that kiss!

I was in trouble.

I dutifully showed up the next afternoon at a little after 4:00, Elle’s car the only one left in the parking lot, her classroom blinds shut.

That didn’t bode well, a trap of some kind being set because of my careless remark the last time I was in the school?

When I got to her classroom, she was sitting behind the desk, doing what looked like correcting papers. One knock and, “Hey,” as I walked in. Big smile and, “Hey back at you,” as she stood and walked around the desk.

That sprung the trap!

She wasn’t wearing the skirt I’d so callously mentioned the week before, which should have been a relief.

No such luck…

Instead, she was wearing a micro mini skirt! The thing was pleated and couldn’t have been more than twelve inches long…, and probably less than that! Hanging off her shoulders was a blouse that could only be described as a couple of pieces of semi sheer material sewn together to resemble cowl front blouse, ending just barely under her chest which, like her torso, was almost completely exposed! Black high heels completed the ensemble.

Everything was exposed because she was wearing nothing under the skirt and blouse!

Again she smiled, now doing a pirouette, the bottom of her ass visible under the hem of the skirt.

Done with the show, she stood in the middle of the room and asked, “Pilgrim or Hippie?”

The line, “You reap what you sow,” popped into my head, her performance, I had no doubt, due to my, “…, nice ass,” comment.

That was the last cogent thought that I had for the next…, what? Twenty minutes?

Overwhelmed by her sensuality and my own lust, I walked to her, took her in my arms and kissed her, both of us fighting this initial battle with our mouths, lips and tongues.

I quickly added my hands, which went to her ass, pulling her to me and pressing myself against her.

Then I felt her go limp!

My lust turned to panic as I pulled my face away from hers, looking at her closed eyes and slack mouth, feeling the full weight of her body, my arms still under hers, my hands still on her ass.

Then her eyes blinked türkçe bahis open and she whispered, “Oh my God,” as she regained her footing and pushed me backwards into the bathroom that was behind me.

The door slammed shut and I was pinned by her against the back wall. The kisses came faster, her tongue licking my teeth, my tongue, the inside of my mouth… as her hand went to my crotch.

Now it was my turn to collapse, as I spun her around, her back now against the wall, dropping to my knees, my mouth and tongue immediately finding her crotch, the tip of my tongue slipping between her labia, her moan only adding fuel to the fire, as my hands forced her legs apart, my face pushed deeper into her crotch, my tongue reaching still further inside her.

A low moan… followed by, “Oh my God!”

She had her hands on the top and then the back of my head, her moans turning to cries as she trembled under my oral assault. “Oh my God,” again, her body sliding down into a semi squat, where I added one finger and then a second to the attack. “OhmyGodohmygodohmygod!” her cries, my mouth and fingers working in unison as I flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, my fingers now buried inside her as she suddenly stood straight up, her body rigid…, a long moan that was followed by an even longer whimper.

Not satisfied with playing with her twat, I pushed my face further into her crotch, this time my tongue reaching for and finding her asshole. One push on the tip and I’d gotten just inside… when she jumped, or rather twitched so violently that I pulled back, thinking she might have wanted me to concentrate of where I’d been. More than happy to oblige, I started in once again on her pussy, my mouth, lips, tongue and fingers pillaging her until she groaned so forcefully…, I could feel the vibration on my face! The end result from all of that was in her sliding down to a full squat, her head on top of mine, her ragged breathing finally came under control from the orgasm she’d just experienced.

Then, with no prompting, she stood, pulling me up with her, kisses when my face was level with hers, her tongue licking her juices from my lips and chin, until I was completely upright. Her hands went to my belt…, and with that undone, to the button and zipper that held my pants up. With a tug she pulled both trousers and boxers down to my ankles, a groan and another, “Oh my God,” following as she took my cock in her hands and then started to lick and kiss it before putting it into her mouth.

I wish I could tell you that I let her worship my manhood for hours before finally allowing me to pull her upright so I could take her standing up…, which was kind of an idea I had when her mouth first closed on my penis.

But, given the situation, the time I’d spent servicing her and the totally mind blowing pleasure that we’d both derived from those exploits…, I lasted maybe 30 seconds!

She swallowed every drop… keeping me in her mouth, sucking on me, the tip of her tongue flicking the tip of my cock, until I was completely soft, my flaccid penis shrunken to nothing.

And that was when the guilt kicked in!

“What have I done?” I heard myself say.

“What?” Elle asked, her face now resting on my chest, both of us soaked in sweat and smelling of sex.

I wanted…, and needed, to get out of there. Not just the bathroom but away from her and out of the school altogether!

It was güvenilir bahis siteleri obvious, however, that she had other ideas.

Holding me tight, she was nattering on about how, “great,” it had been. How it had been, “better than I could have ever imagined…, and how she wanted to just, “stay here with you holding me until they throw us out!”

That wasn’t going to happen.

“Elle, I’ve got to go. I’ve been here a lot longer that I intended and I’ve got errands to do. And, you’re right…, the janitors could walk in here at any minute now and we don’t want them to…”

She giggled, then giggled some more…, before saying, “Now that would be funny. Me dressed like this and you with your pants around your ankles…,” and she giggled some more.

I broke away from her, pulled my pants up, cracked the door open and then bolted out into the classroom. With no one there, I looked out into the corridor and found no one there either.

Elle called out to me, “Baby, I need your help here.”

Now what? Didn’t want to play games…

She was standing in the open door to the bathroom, her left arm tangled in the thing that she was wearing for a blouse. She giggled again, “I’m stuck!”

Even in my panic to flee…, she was a seriously attractive woman!

And she was stuck, her arm bent at an awkward angle, the material wrapped so tightly that she couldn’t pull the blouse over her head. Looking at her…, I started to laugh and then she started to laugh and we were laughing so hard we ended up sitting on the floor until we couldn’t laugh anymore.

Even though the guilt was piling up like an avalanche on top of me, I took the time to untangle the blouse and then I retrieved the bag of, “Pilgrim” clothes from under her desk. With her now ready to change into her, “normal,” attire, I took the time to tell her how, “incredibly sexy,” she was.

“Now…,” giving her a quick kiss, “I gotta go!”

“Will you come here tomorrow?”

“Going to be in Connecticut tomorrow and the next day,” I told her, “so I’ll try to stop in on Friday.”

That night I felt guilty about everything I was doing. No matter how menial…, I’d betrayed everyone and I wasn’t worthy of the love that I was given just for being myself.

After I’d put Lexi to bed, an extra special story that included her dad, I scrubbed myself raw before going to bed, finding my wife already asleep.

Did she suspect something? Could she sense or maybe…, smell the scent of Elle on me?

Not a good night!

I didn’t feel any better in the morning, the only think keeping me sane the drive to Connecticut and the presentation I made to a potential investor in a real estate deal I was putting together. After taking him to dinner that night, I checked into a local motel, another meeting scheduled at lunchtime the next day with he and his banker.

Laying in bed, I was trying to go over how I could make the investment more attractive to the two of them, without having to offer an, “under the table kickback,” to the banker, when my mind started to wander…, Elle coming out from behind the desk, the way the mini skirt and that thing she was wearing for a blouse looked on her…, God she looked unbelievable!

The way she kissed, the way she moved, the way she tasted and reacted when I attacked her pussy and then the way she swallowed my cock and sucked on me until I was practically inside out…!

Then I thought, “Does she still have the tan lines?”

I hadn’t taken the time to check.

Looking at my watch, it had been less than thirty hours since out tryst and I had a hard on just thinking about it!

What had happened to my guilt?

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