She’s Not My Daughter Ch. 02

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Needless to say it was a long, and interesting night at the apartment that night. Sandy got home just a little time after Jesse and I finished fucking in her room. My girl friend came home, she made dinner and we all ate. Sandy was forced to change her outfit twice because it was way too sexy, and my lady wouldn’t let her out looking like that. I wanted to tell he that she would just take those extra pieces off the minute they left the house, but I just decided to listen and kept my mouth shut.

I learned a lot about Jesse, after they ran out after dinner. I did notice that she changed her outfit some though before leaving. She had a different skirt on, this one was longer, those solid white stockings, and those ugly black and white schoolgirl shoes they wear.

Seemed Jesse’s Mom was single after a really bad divorce, and she didn’t really have a father figure in her life on a steady basis. That’s why she dresses like she does when they go out. No comment on my part, my momma didn’t raise no fool.

Well my lady was tired, at least that’s what she said after my making a move, and went to bed. I stayed up since I was wide awake talking on the net with friends, then looking at some porn since I was still horny from my quickie with Jesse.

Well I have some hearing loss from my illness, and I don’t hear out of my right ear anymore. So I didn’t hear them come home being by the computer. Yes, you guessed it they were drunk. Sandy was so hammered she couldn’t barely stand, but still giggling hr ass off.

I helped get her to her room, got her into bed. Leaving the waste basket as her option if she was going to hurl. I forgot all about Jesse. She was at the computer now watching the porn I had left on when they came in.

She had a leg over the arm of the chair, skirt up and was rubbing the hell out of her pussy through her panties. I was quite a sight to see, as I walked over. She looked up at me saying. “Looks like Daddy didn’t get enough pussy today.” she giggled. “Were you a bad Daddy jacking that big cock of yours off to porn?” she said pouting her lips. “Did my bad Daddy cum yet?” as she reached up to rub my crotch. We heard a cry of “Jesse” from Sandy’s room as I leaned down to kiss her. I told her she better go up and stay with her in case she gets sick. I picked her up out of my chair, and smacked her ass hard sending her towards Sandy’s room. “Hey!” she yelped turning around. big ass porno She put her hands on her hips, then pursed her lips, and looked me sternly. “You better save that load for me.” she said then waving a finger at me.

“I have a place you still need to cum in Daddy.” as she put that finger in her mouth and sucked it like a cock. She turned and went upstairs to Sandy’s room.

Needless to say it was a long night even though it was only a few hours until everyone got up. I went up and laid down next to my girlfriend, she stirred a little and rolled over to put her arm over my chest with her head against my shoulder. I was horny as hell, but managed to fall asleep.

Next thing I knew it was morning, and I was exhausted so I just laid in bed with my eyes closed listening to the usual morning chatter. The girlfriend was running around getting ready for her commute, her daughter Sandy was screaming about something because she was going to be late for class, and Sandy’s best friend Jesse was just laughing at both of them.

“What do you think is so funny Jesse?” my girlfriend asked.

“Ohh nothing, just you two are going to run each over if your not careful.” she laughed again. “You both have plenty of time.”

I didn’t bother to open my eyes, for fear of being asked a question, from any of them. I was sleeping on my stomach the covers kicked down to the bottom of the bed, just had on a t-shirt with some boxer briefs. The heat in this place was always blasting , so I rarely ever slept under covers. I felt a hand caress my ass. It was a quick feel, and then a playful smack. I just thought it was the girlfriend, her way of saying see you later.

It got really quiet in the apartment then, they must have all left. I heard my tone for a text message go off on my cell phone and reached over for it. I read the text.

Hey Babe. Sorry I didn’t say bye, but I am running late. Love ya. Cya Later.

I put the phone back on the night table just as the tone went off again. Geez, what now I thought.

BTW Jesse in still there, so don’t go walking around with your big cock out. LOL

Put the phone back again, and laid on my back closing my eyes. It was crazy cause now all I could picture was Jesse naked on that bed yesterday, telling me to fuck her. My cock started to get hard, as I played out the scene in my head again. I must have fallen back asleep big tits porno for a few minutes, because I didn’t even notice Jesse get into bed with me. She was laid down propped up on an elbow, with her other hand she was rubbing my hard cock through my briefs.

“You must be dreaming about something good.” she smiled at me. “That big cock of yours is all hard, and you were smiling in your sleep.”

Jesse then pulled the waistband to my briefs down under my balls, springing my cock out. She grabbed my shaft then stroked it up and down.

“Now wait Jesse ..” and she cut me off mid-sentence, putting her finger to my lips.

“Shhh .. lay back and enjoy.” as she kissed my chest, kissing her way down my stomach towards my hard cock.

“I was thinking about sucking your cock all night. I couldn’t wait for them to leave.” she held my shaft tilting my cock to her mouth.

“My little pussy is so wet right now.” she whined.

“Does Daddy want to play with his little Baby’s pussy while she makes him happy?” as she shifted up on her knees her tiny little ass pushing out.

I felt her licking around my cock head with that soft tongue. All she had on was a white thong, with a white silky camisole top that barely covered her breasts. In fact in this position I could clearly see those beauty’s as the camisole could not hold the weight of them.

“Please play with my pussy.” as she then took her first suck on my hard cock. “Make me cum Daddy.” and she wiggled her ass at me diving down again on my cock.

Jesse was sucking my cock so good I was lost. As I reached over to caress that pretty little ass, she moaned around my cock in her mouth. She was soaked, her pussy juices were dripping off that thong. I easily slide a two fingers in past those pussy lips, and deep into her little cunt.

“Ohh yeah that’s it.” she stopped her sucking to moan. “Just finger bang my little pussy, bang it hard.”

She dove back down on my cock, bobbing up and down like a horny little bitch in heat. I pumped her wet pussy, sawing my fingers in and out.

“Ohh god, ohh god, fuck it, please fuck it I gonna cum Daddy.” as moaned as I felt a rush of her pussy juice all around my fingers.

It was so hot it set me off, and I felt my cock swell up. It throbbed in her mouth as she sucked up and down, and I was almost there ready to blast my cum.

“Ohh I feel blacked porno you throbbing, your gonna cum.” she licked the head jacking my shaft. “Cum in my mouth, shoot it in my mouth, feed me your cum Daddy.”

That was all I needed to hear to set me off, and I grabbed her head with my right hand pushing my cock in deep. I fired the first blast of my cum into her mouth as I pushed her head down. I was still pumping her little wet pussy with two fingers of my left hand, and just buried them all the way wiggling them deep inside her. The second blast fired out just as she screamed out a very loud “Fuck my pussy.” from my finger action on her pussy. My cum shot on her lips and chin, and she dove back onto it with her mouth sucking hard. I pumped the rest of my cum in her mouth as she moaned around my cock.

“Ohh that’s so good. Your cum tastes so good.” she said taking her mouth off my cock for a second.

“I came so hard, my pussy can’t stop twitching on your fingers.” and she licked up more of my cum as it came out of the tip.

“God, I love your big cock. This is so hot, so naughty.” then again she dove down and sucked me into her mouth. Sucking me softy trying to keep my cock hard.

“Yes Jesse, I’m trying not think about how naughty.” I said.

“Why?” said in between sucks of my cock. “At least I’m not like your step daughter.” she laughed then went back to sucking.

“What do you mean Jesse?” I wondered what she was talking about.

“I mean I’m not Sandy.” she giggled then back on my cock.

“Tell me what you mean Jesse.” and I smacked her on her ass.

“Mmmm .. I like. Well Sandy has been listening to you and her Mom fuck for a while now.” she looked up at me licking my ball sack, still with my cum on her chin.

“Sandy even watched you guys one night. She told me all about it, and your big cock.” and she wiped the cum with her finger licking it clean.

“Then she goes back in her room and plays with her pussy.” she went back and sucked on my balls hard.

“You want to see?” she said popping up to her knees on the bed.

“What do you mean see?” my cock was throbbing still.

“Come on I’ll show you.” and she giggled jumping off the bed, then taking my hand to pull me off.

Jesse took me to Sandy’s room where we just fucked yesterday. She opened Sandy’s laptop, put a password in, then connected to the net.

“Promise not to tell.” she giggled at me.

She opened a browser, and it went directly to a chat camming site. Now I love porn, but I had never been to a cam site that was free before. Jesse went to a link, and there was Sandy’s picture. She had her own page, she was a cam girl.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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