Sheela Explores New Ways of Luv Art

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With a low gasp Sheela leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip of Rohith’s hardened cock, extending her tongue out so it darted into the tiny slit of the bluish glands at the tip to flick up a tangy tasting little drop of seminal fluid that had already seeped forth.

“Ooooooooooooh!” the exited honeymoon groom groaned.

Gripping his pulsing penis between her thumb and forefinger at its base to pull down on the foreskin, she gazed hungrily at the completely exposed, blood-filled tip and the tiny opening at the top of the penis staring back at her like a single all-seeing eye. Then with a soft moan of surrender to her irresistible urges, she dropped her head lower and let her lovely lips envelop the rubbery honey coated mushroom shaped head.

Rohith gasped out a low cry, his animated face turning a deep pink as he raised his head to watch the voluptuous naked woman’s sweet curving lips holding his erect cock warmly. He could feel her tongue swirling wildly around his tingling cock-head and sending unbelievable charges of shock rippling through his loins. He couldn’t understand why or how this was happening to him, but he never wanted it to stop. If it was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up. But he knew it wasn’t a dream. It was really happening. His beautiful newly married bride was naked and kneeling on the bed, her big cushioning breasts bouncing and swaying softly as she nibbled hungrily on the end of his aching cock like a youngster with a lollipop.

And as his excitement almost overcame him, Rohith suddenly lunged his buttocks up from the bed in a gesture of instinctive aggression that drove the palpitating rod of his penis all the way to the hilt in Sheela’s totally stretched mouth.

The obscenely sucking young bride could feel the hubby’s fingers crawling eagerly over the flesh of her naked body as her head rose up and down over the surging shaft that invaded her lips. Though Rohith’s sudden seizing of the offensive had almost gagged her, she took a congenial delight in his merciless use of her mouth and she wriggled her buttocks in lewd encouragement as his hand drifted lightly over her up-thrust ass-cheeks. Then again he thrust his hips upward, impaling her mouth even deeper with his pummeling cock-shaft until she was certain she would really choke.

She gagged again, struggling to regain her breath on the out stroke before once more he pumped hard between her lips. Then the hubby’s hands moved up to the back of her neck and he seized her by the hair to hold her face against his loins as he rammed eagerly upward again and again until he was battering her nose with his shattering upward thrusts. She was able to bahis firmaları taste the honey as well as the flow of pre cum from the hard penis

The shameless bride moaned in wanton desperation as she felt his hands tense and the jerking of his buttocks suddenly increase in velocity and force. His pelvis was surging up and down in a disjointed rhythm to ram his expanded cock deeper and deeper up into her luscious sucking mouth. She could feel it pulsing against the sides of her cheeks and she realized with a sudden rising nervousness that the end was fast approaching. He was going to cum in her mouth. And she knew there wasn’t a way in the world for him to stop it.

Feeling her own body trembling in excited bliss, Sheela dropped one of her hand to reach down between her thighs, and thrust her middle finger inside her squishy pussy. After drenching her finger in her hot cunt juice, she found the already lewdly swollen bud of her clitoris and began to stroke back and forth swiftly across it. And despite her ignorance of these sexual acts, she began to work even harder to please her hubby with the obscene ministrations of her lips and tongue.

She twirled her tongue around the lust-bloated glands at the end of his cock, tightening her lips around the thick hot shaft like a rubber band, scraping softly with her teeth to elicit little incoherent gasps and cries from his throat. As Rohith has told her before, she knew that she couldn’t expect her hubby to control himself when she was giving oral to him. So if he was going to climax, she was ready for it. She began to long for his cum and just the thought of it squirting into her mouth and spilling down her throat made her more excited.

Great swirls of heat were building deep in Rohith’s loins as he again raised his head to watch the new bride’s face with his cock sunk deep up between her oval shaped lips. He could see tiny droplets of sweat rolling in thin rivulets down the side of her body as she bucked and writhed like a she-demon. The muscles of his stomach tightened as he arched himself up from the bed, ramming farther and farther into her throat as he pulled her head down even tighter with both his hands. And then suddenly it began. His cock gave a series of violent jerks and the dam burst in obscene torrent as the wetly searing droplets of cum came squirting forth in a volcanic fountain of release.

Sheela groaned as she sucked up the heavily spewing stream, her finger continuing to work in rapid frenzy up between her thighs. She gurgled as the slick male semen squirted down her throat, clasping her lips in a tight elastic ring around the wildly lurching member, her tongue swirling kaçak iddaa swifter and swifter around the throbbing head. In her delight, she was determined to suck him dry, to completely milk his youthful essence.

And as she threw herself whole-heartedly into her task, Rohith’s guttural groans of pleasure only drove her to greater effort. Drop after drop of his life-giving sperm surged up from his hard penis and down her throat, the excess dribbling from the corners of her mouth.In spite of all her efforts to prevent wasting it, it seemed like an eternity before the hands holding her head finally fell away and the throbbing cock gave a final spurt of its salty hot fluids and stopped. Then it slipped from her mouth and Sheela raised up to gaze through lust-glazed eyes at her hubby to whom she’d just given pleasure like an *apsaras*.

Rohith stared dazedly back at her, his eyes descending her glistening torso to the shaved mound of her pubis, where he could see her hand still pressed tightly over her genitals.

“I’m sorry,” he groaned. “I couldn’t hold it back. You were sucking me too good. But I will get it up again for you. We will fuck the whole night.”

“Ohh.yess, Darling, and I love you” said Sheela.

Rohith reached over to the head of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Grabbing her ass, he lifted it and placed the pillow beneath it. Sheela wondered what he was going to do. Her blossoming tits, their rosy pink nipples already fat with desire, panted with a rising fever as he hunched his broad shoulders beneath her thighs. He lifted her ass up and licked his lips. He looked closely at her pussy lips and noticed the clitoris looking like a dainty rosebud, soaked and pulsing before his eyes.

Rohith took Sheela’s hand and guided her fingers to her pussy. Her cunt was feeling hot and juicy. Rohith helped her to spread her cuntlips with one hand and guided the other to ran lightly over her glistening pussy groove. She ran her hand right up against the sucking mouth of her pussy and groaned quietly. That felt so good. Her fingers slipped and slid up her wet cunt slit. She made it go slowly, nosing its way through her delicate tissues. She wade it go higher and higher. It was almost there now… almost touching the livid pink bud of her joy button.

“Aaaaaaaah,” she sighed. She pushed her finger up just a little bit higher and it pressed against the trembling bump of her clit, making her hotter. Sheela could feel the gush of her steamy cunt cream. It ran out of her clutching pussy hole and filled the sweet cleft between her puffy soft cuntlips. Her clitty throbbed fiercely, captured by the probing fingers of her hand. “Ooooo,” kaçak bahis she moaned. She didn’t know why she was so incredibly horny. Her clit felt like it was on fire, throbbing and burning in excitement. Her pussy mouth spumed wildly, begging to be filled with the rock hard cock.

She grabbed Rohiths’ hand ,shoved it down, almost roughly, and buried it in her steamy cunthole, groaning and tossing her head in passion. She held his fingers in place with one hand and reached for her throbbing clit with the other. Her fingertip pressed against the little love bud, flicking it eagerly. “Oooooh,” that was it. Just a little more and she would come. Her body jerked upward. Her hips trembled wildly. Her legs splayed out and shook obscenely. She could feel Rohith’s fingers slashing in her wet, horny pussy hole.

Her fingers tweaked at her clitty, nipping at it sharply. She rolled it between her fingers and her pussy creamed hotly. She felt the wonderful, familiar waves of orgasm start to build, higher and higher. She opened her mouth and her tongue stabbed out at the empty air, searching for something. Her pussy trembled and ached. She felt like her whole body was on fire, burning with a white-hot lusty heat. Her pussy hole snapped wildly. It clutched and squeezed at the probing fingers, sucking it in, deeper and deeper. She panted. Her heart pounded wildly. Her whole body was poised on the brink of orgasm. She gave her straining clit one last roll with the tip of her finger and her pussy exploded. Juice shot out around the probing fingers, leaking out of her pussyhole wetly, drowning his fingers in her hot, steamy love juices.

Rohith suddenly changed the position and plunged his tongue into her pussy without warning. Sheela let out a wild scream and crushed her thighs to his face as he began devouring his wife’s pussy with harsh greed. God, she was luscious! Hot and succulent and sexy, her hot sweet dripping cunt started jerking in fierce spasms of joy against his mouth. “Suck it, Darling, oh, oh, oooooo! oh, God, my pussy is — eeeeeeeeeeeee! Eat it, oh, grooooooooovey!”

Sheela dug her heels into his back and fucked his plunging tongue with frantic thrusts of her thrilled cunt, gasping and panting and raving. She pounded his shoulders deliriously and arched her back like a bow as a shattering climax rippled through her loins. “Fuck me now!” she begged in tears. “Fuck me now!” But Rohith was concentrating on the fragrant hot honey pouring into his mouth from her juicy cunt, sweeter and sexier. He dug savagely deep with his tongue, lapping the juice up. Sheela was tugging at his armpits desperately now, begging that she wanted to be fucked, she was so hot she was going to explode if he didn’t ram his cock inside her. Rohith sat up, after giving his dearly loved wife a final lingering suck on her sweet pussy-flesh, his prick long and surging with lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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