She Likes to Look Up Pt. 02

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Cartoon Porn

She likes to look up Part 2

I’m a short, tiny, white girl, tiny feet, a cute tiny butt and tiny titties. I am eighteen, almost finished high school and I love boys. I was a virgin up until a couple of months ago. I enjoyed sex with my boyfriend, but only oral sex. I was so inexperienced, still a virgin, and only gave blow jobs, I enjoyed sucking his cock. I’m sure he came in my mouth 100 times before we broke up, our relationship became boring.

I tried to date after the breakup, but never got past the, “just friends” stage, sometimes I would give hand jobs, just so they would take me home. I know I gave great blow jobs, I saved them for special guys.

Finally, I met a great guy, he was very tall, not the type I date. I’m not sure how it happened, but the first night I met this boy, I gave him blow job, maybe I was horny or just lonely. He brought me up to his room, and we had every type of sex you could think of, I let him do whatever he wanted, I was happy to lose my virginity to him.

I know it’s not love, but I enjoy him and we have been having great sex ever since.

He’s a high school basketball player, tall, in great shape and a lover that never tires.

He travels with the basketball team for tournaments, it’s terrible, I miss him and when he comes home I welcome him with open arms. I try not to smother him, I let him use me, it’s exciting.

The last time he returned, I met him in his room and he shared me with his best friend. I’m not sure if they planned it, or how it happened.

I arrived at his room really, early and before he could say anything, I knelt down and started sucking his black cock, that is our ritual, one I started after his first trip. I didn’t tease him, I used my hand to guide it to my mouth and gently sucked him. I fed his cock deep into my mouth and then my throat. I pulled my head back and licked the tip, I pushed my head forward and his cock was in my throat.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, hugged him and let his cock slide down my throat, I sucked him until he was hard. The big black cock was sliding into my mouth, it wasn’t long before he started to cum in my mouth, I always swallow.

His best friend walked in on us, I was too busy to notice him.

I swallowed, looked up and realized we had an audience, I wasn’t embarrassed, I just said, “oops.” I stood up and met his best friend. They laughed, we just started talking, he was a cute white boy, another basketball player.

My boyfriend introduced me and told me his friend was shy, never had been with a girl, I was surprised.

He asked me if I would give him his first blow job, he knew I would do anything he asked me to do. I looked at him and then at the hard on between the white boys legs. I smiled and looked at both of them.

I led him to the bed, I sat on the edge and guided his hard cock to my mouth.

I looked up at him, it took less than a minute, I sucked the tip, then licked him, before I could take him into my throat he started cumming all over my face. I put his squirting cock in my mouth and sucked him, I let him finish in my throat.

I sucked him until he was soft, my mouth was full of his cum. I kept him in my mouth and he started getting hard again. I stared at his face during the blow job, he has a great smile.

I went to the bathroom, washed the cum off my face and spit the cum from my mouth into the sink. I walked back into the room, they were smiling and following me with their eyes. I decided to take his virginity.

I told his friend to lay on the bed, I played with his white cock, and then straddled his hips. I hadn’t had sex for over a week.

I guided the tip to my pussy lips and lowered my myself down. I felt the tip pressing into me, I wanted him in me, but he was too big and I had to take my time.

I felt the stretching, his cock was the thickest I have ever seen or felt. I slowly took more of the cock, at one point I lifted up and just had the tip in me, I sank back down on to the cock, I wanted to be fucked until I had an orgasm.

I had control until he put his hands on my hips, he pulled me down and started pumping into me, I leaned forward and put my hands on his chest. I wasn’t ready for his size, I grunted and my eyes were watering.

Ow! I tried to lift up but he pulled me down. Half of his cock was in me and he was pumping deeper. I didn’t want to stop but he was stretching me too fast, “stop, it hurts,” I whispered.

He stopped, I relaxed and his cock slid deeper, he felt good, I started grinding my hips, I wanted to take all of him. I felt him push deeper and then his streams of cum.

His cock was softening and sliding deeper, he still felt good.

I rolled off of him, I could see my boyfriend sitting in a chair, he was smiling, I opened my arms and legs, he came to me. He mounted me and started fucking, I was crazy for him.

I ended up letting them both use all my holes for at least an hour, his friend had to leave and I spent the night with bahis firmalar─▒ my boyfriend.

We spooned all night, I felt his cock poking me a couple of times and I let him do what he liked to do best, poke my butt hole. The first time he took his time, I was exhausted from having sex with two guys and then being awaken all night with his penis pushing into me. I did enjoy being close.

I woke up in the morning with a sore ass, a sore pussy and a big smile.

My boyfriend said he didn’t plan what happened, but thanked me for breaking his best friend’s cherry. He said he was really turned on when he watched me suck the big, white penis. I just smiled but didn’t offer to give him any more sex shows. His comment was, “next time maybe I’ll get a picture.”

I smelled like sex, I still had dry cum on my face and hair, we showered together. I was walking a little funny, my crotch was sore, but it usually is when I spend the night.

We ate breakfast, he dropped me off at my house, and we made plans to get together that night. There was a keg party in a field, and they were always fun.

It was a typical Saturday, chores and then a nap, I wanted to get ready for tonight. I dressed in a cute short skirt, high top sneakers, I like to look cute and sexy, when you’re short and have small titties, you have to work a little harder to be noticed.

Usually there are a few kegs and a bunch of drunk high school kids. All you need to bring is a cup, if you bring extra cups, you can trade them for a blow job. I’m not a big drinker but this is a party, I didn’t drive and I’m with my boyfriend, the perfect recipe for a good time.

He picked me up in his old pickup truck, that’s where I gave him his first blow job, every time I get in the seat I reminisce and smile.

I have tiny titties so I just wear a thin sports bra, it keeps me from displaying my nipples, boys seem to like staring at girls hard nipples, if I wanted to be noticed I don’t wear a bra, just a t-shirt.

This was a large field, everyone parks wherever there’s a spot, usually not too far from the kegs. Before I got out, I slid my thong down my legs and hung them on the mirror, otherwise I knew I would lose them.

I walked over and started talking with my girlfriends, he walked over to his buddies. I finished my first beer and started walking towards the kegs, it was getting crowded, it was a good party, a good mix of boys and girls.

I knew where my boyfriend was standing, all I had to look around, the basketball players stood about a foot higher that the other party goers. I tried not to hang around and crowd him, I let him hang with his teammates and friends.

The girls stood in a cluster, eventually the boys would build up their courage and come over and start talking to them, they would pair off. The same girls would get really drunk, the boys knew them and would hit on them, drunk girls are easy.

I was on my second beer, it went down fast, I walked over to the kegs, I had to nudge my way thru the boys. I stood around the kegs and started talking, this was fun, but nature calls and I had to pee.

One of the boys volunteered to walk me into the field, sometimes there were trees to hold onto while you squatted, otherwise you needed something to hold onto. Usually one of the girls would walk with me, but I knew this boy, so I let him lead me into the field.

I walked towards the pickup truck, I was going to hold onto the truck, but as we walked closer I heard grunting, there was already a couple laying in the back having sex. I walked to the back, the tailgate was down, and there was a girl laying there with her legs spread, I could see a head bobbing between her legs.

I knew my friend would get a hardon and start getting frisky, normally that would be fine, I’d end up giving him a blowjob but, I did not want my basketball player to catch me giving random boys blow jobs.

I grabbed his hand and kept walking, I felt his other hand on my ass, I just kept walking. We came to an opening, I held my beer in one hand, his hand in the other, I squatted and started peeing. This is why I wear a short skirt and no underwear.

I finished relieving myself, I took a drink out of my cup, stood up and stepped backwards, I am experienced enough not to step in the puddle I just made.

I turned around and got a long kiss, I like kissing, but I knew I was already with someone. I broke the kiss and said “we have to get back.” He kissed me again, and moved my hand to his hard penis, I instinctively squeezed it through his shorts.

He kept kissing me, I decided to give him a reward for walking me, I hope a hand job would be enough.

I pushed my hand into his shorts and wrapped it around his cock, he pulled his shorts down, I started stroking him. We kept kissing, I put my beer down, and used both hands to stroke him, I quit kissing and moved to the side.

I squeezed and stroked, he tried to push my head down to his crotch, but I just kept stroking. I ka├žak iddaa felt the cock jerk and saw the first stream. I squeezed the head, he was grunting, I was smiling. I have soft, tiny hands, boys love when I play with their cocks. I stroked him until he finished and was soft, I was tempted to suck him but didn’t, the night is still young.

I picked up my beer, I wiped my hand on the inside of my skirt, grabbed his hand and headed back. I was getting drunk and horny.

I made it back to the kegs, I rinsed my hand off with a little beer, filled my cup and went looking for my basketball player.

I went right to him, I tugged on his hand, I asked him if he wanted a beer? He was still nursing his first, he hugged me and answered, “not yet.”

I told him, “I’d be back.” I walked back to my girlfriends, they were all getting drunker, my best friend walked up and kissed me, “let’s get a beer”, she said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the kegs, I love her, she has been my best friend a long time.

We hung around the kegs, everyone would fill their cup, chat a little and keep moving. I know my girlfriend was alone and would love to meet a new boyfriend. I asked her if she wanted to meet the basketball team.

I dragged her over to the basketball players, there had to be a few guys that could interest her. She started smiling as she saw their heads above the crowd. She’s attractive, friendly and the boys love her.

I didn’t walk over to my boyfriend, I put her in the middle of the guys and introduced her to them. She looked up and started talking to them, I walked away, I knew they would enjoy her company, she was sexy and easy to look at.

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to watch another sex show, he thought for a minute and smiled. Okay, but only if you want to, I smiled, lets invite those two up to your room, I pointed to my girlfriend and his best friend.

I pulled them out of the circle and we walked toward the kegs. I asked my girlfriend how big the biggest penis she’s ever seen, she laughed, “maybe six inches.”

I pointed to his friend’s cock, “it’s at least eight inches and really thick.” I smiled at her, “maybe we’ll get to see it later.”

We all had one or two more beers, I asked them if they wanted to get cozy above the garage, I explained it was our love nest to my girlfriend, she was ready.

We drove over, my boyfriend was the only sober one, when we got there, we grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat around the table. It wasn’t long before the conversation was about how tall they were, I pointed to the crotch of the white cock and said maybe we’ll see one. I told my girlfriend to sit on his lap and kiss him, she slid over to him and started kissing him.

I knew they were both horny but he was timid, he barely felt her breasts, she is not shy and started undressing him. I suggest they to move to the bed, she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bed. He was shy, it took her a few minutes to get him to lay down.

They started kissing again, she started taking off his shirt, we just watched, I was hoping it would be a great show.

He slid his shorts down, his cock shot straight up, it looked bigger than I remember. We all stared at the big white cock.

She stood up stripped down, she was standing beside the bed naked. She crawled onto the bed and lay beside him, her hand went down his chest to his cock, she kissed him and was stroking his cock. They kissed, he was pumping his hips, I knew he would cum fast so, I started giving them direction. She spread her legs, and I grabbed his hand and put it between her legs, he just held his hand over her crotch. She covered his hand with hers, “use your fingers,” she said.

She started grinding against his hand. I walked to the other side of the bed, I pushed his hand harder against her crotch, I pressed his finger into her lips.

I knew he didn’t have a clue, I pressed his hand tighter against her and his finger deeper into her, I slid my finger into her besides his, she was getting juicy. We fingered her until she had an orgasm, I knew he would cum quick once they started having sex, so I gave her a quickie.

I crawled between her legs, I kissed her mound, I moved his hand and covered her slit with my mouth. I was excited and wanted to kiss her pussy, I licked and sucked her clit, he watched while I licked her clit and lips.

She had another orgasm, I smiled. I told him to kiss her pussy, he took my place, he put his head between her legs, he started licking her.

I wanted to watch them fuck. I reached over and grabbed the tube of KY, I squeezed some into my hand and lubricated the big white cock.

I pulled it towards her pussy, he laid between her legs, I guided the tip to her opening. I held onto his cock, he started pumping into her, he was big. I heard her grunting, I wanted him to get all the way in her before he came.

I knelt beside him and pushed on his ass, “harder,” I said. He started pumping his whole ka├žak bahis cock into her, she wrapped her arms and legs around him. She lifted her knees up and started pumping back. I knew this was the biggest cock she’s ever had, kept grunting, she was having the best sex of her life.

He pumped faster and started to cum, she hung onto him. I pushed his ass and said, “stay in her,” she kept pumping her hips. She finally quit, he was on his elbows, and was pulling out of her.

I asked her if she could fit his cock in her mouth? She just smiled.

“Put your cock in her mouth, make her suck it,” I said. He crawled up her body and I guided the head of his soft cock into her mouth, he forced it past her lips. It was messy, shiny and wet, but she took him in her mouth.

He was shoving his cock into her throat, she choked and wrapped her arms around his waist, I’ve never seen anything this sexy. Finally, he crawled between her legs, he missed her pussy a few times and she guided him in. He pushed his whole cock in her, I heard her grunt.

I sat back and watched, I looked over and saw my boyfriend, I wondered if he wanted him to be next. I walked over to him and kissed him, I straddled him, “is it your turn to fuck her?” He was squeezing my ass.

“I Think I have what I want right here,”

“No, I want to watch you,” he lifted my hips and put me on his cock, I let him have my tight pussy, he took it slow and we kissed. I could feel every inch of him sliding up into my pussy. I let him bounce me on his cock, I kept kissing and groaning in his mouth, he came in me. I relaxed and kept his cock in me, I kept talking, “your cock felt big.”

I crawled off of his lap, his cum ran down my legs, I played with his cock, I wanted him to fuck my girlfriend.

I pulled him over to the bed, and kissed his hardon, “she’s ready for you.”

I pushed her lover off of her, my boyfriend crawled between her legs. He pushed her knees up and poked at her a few times, his cock went in, she stiffened up, he was half in her.

“I’m sore,” she said.

He didn’t stop, he kept pushing into her, I was smiling, I loved watching them.

I walked over to the other side of the bed and started playing with the half hard white cock, I wanted him to take her again. I could hear her sloppy pussy, she was taking his whole cock, he was pounding her hard. She wrapped her arms around him, I could hear her grunt. He came in her and collapsed.

He rolled off of her, I pushed her on her side, her butt was pointed at me. My hand rubbed her ass cheeks, my fingers slid down the crack of her ass, my finger slid over her butt hole. It must have felt good, she pushed her butt towards me.

My finger slowly slid into her, it is skinny so it didn’t hurt, her crinkled butt hole felt tight. I was getting horny, I pushed my finger deeper. I started using a second finger, she kept pushing back. I motioned to the white boy to lay behind her, he crawled in behind her.

I grabbed his cock and pulled it toward her ass cheeks, I put the tip against her crinkled little ass hole. I pulled her ass cheeks apart. I’m glad she was drunk, I held onto his cock until the tip disappeared into her.

I heard her grunting, she never said no, I’m sure she’s never had a cock in her ass, and today she was getting a monster. His hands were on her hips pulling her onto his cock, he was slowly pushing deeper.

I moved her and my boyfriend to her face and kissed her, we’ve kissed before but never has girl sex, she kissed me back and groaned in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her neck and kept kissing her, I slid my hand down between her legs and fingered her clit.

I knew she loved sex and had many lovers, but never serious boyfriend. Her body jerked every time he pushed into her, I could see her face tighten, “ow, it hurts” she said. I kept fingering her, she started her orgasm.

I watched her face, her orgasm lasted forever.

Her lover kept sliding into her ass, she started pushing back, her ass was stretched and relaxed, she was enjoying her first anal.

I was looking at her face, I felt a familiar poke from behind, I think someone wanted my butthole. I pushed back and felt him slide up my ass, he filled me and all I could do was take the big cock up my ass.

He fucked me for a long time, finally I felt the spurts, we all relaxed, I had a sore ass.

I turned around and looked at my boyfriend, I kissed him, “you like my butthole, don’t you?”

He smiled, “yes I do.”

He tried to push my head down to such his cock, “no, it’s too nasty, maybe later.”

He was disappointed and started playing with my titties, he pinched the nipples, we kissed. His hand moved down between my legs and his finger slid into my pussy.

“Don’t you want a rest?” I looked down, he had a huge hardon. I let my body slide down to his crotch, I slid my lips over the head and sucked the nasty wet, black cock. I held his arms so he couldn’t push my head down and force his cock into my throat. I wanted to be a tease, I would let him have my throat later.

I kept sucking and taking more of his cock into my mouth, it always feels good. I lifted my head and said , “where do you want to cum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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