She Knows

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My name is Bobo, I am aged 19, I have lately noticed that I am attracted to my cousin Jacqueline who is a year older than me. I never realised it until I started to look at her in a sexual way. I think my obsession is gettin worse, I find myself sniffing her panties after she showers.

It was last day of school and I have just finished it with a game of basketball with my mates down by the street courts in school. As always my mom usually picks me up from school and takes me home. And today like every other day, my cousin Jacqueline was also in the car. Jacqueline usually stays round my house during the weekends when she is free from university.

Jacqueline was absolutely gorgeous; she had long brown hair that reached her pert ass, a nice pair of tits which according to my estimate was about 34D which were perfect for me. Her legs were nice and long and smooth (she shaves her legs everyday). She has size 6 feet; her toes are always perfectly pedicured with a nice white trim just at the edge of her toe nails. She must have known she had all these assets, because she knows exactly how to flaunt them by the clothes she wore.

Today she was wearing a tight white tank top (which made her tits seem even larger), a set of denim hot pants which showed how long her legs were to cap it all off she wore a set of open toed sandals which shows her pedicured toes and feet.

As I got in the car she said to me, “Hi Bobo? Did you miss me?”

“Course I did! Anyway mom, what’s for dinner later on? I’m starving!”

“You’ll have to wait Bobo; it’s going to be a surprise for you!” my mom replied.

“OK fine, it better be good though.” I replied whilst shaking up my creatine shake (I was hoping to build some muscle).

As we drove off Jacqueline said to me, “You really shouldn’t drink so much of that stuff, it’s bad for you.”

“No it isn’t! It’s proven by pro athletes!”

“Whatever you say, I still don’t approve you taking muscle supplements, and too much creatine is bad for you.”

I got pretty annoyed when so I just ignored her and that was the end of that. As it was about a half hour drive home, Jacqueline fell asleep and her head fell upon my shoulder, as I looked at her I noticed her tits bursting to be free from her tank top. I just sat there looking at her lovely tits and just all the naughty thoughts went through my head. I started to think what they would feel like when I squeezed them; what it would feel like to have my cock in between those lovely tits. Just the thought of that gave me a hard on. This was not good! I was in my basketball kit, this meant a LA Lakers jersey and shorts and as people know a pair of basketball shorts is not very good at hiding a hard-on. At this point we arrived at our house and I thought to myself, “Shit this is great, I gotta walk out pitching a tent! Not good, I usually think about Jacqueline when I’m in bed and I usually wank thinking about her before I sleep, but this is not the time to have a hard-on when she is right next to me!”

So with quick thinking, I grabbed my bag, got out the car and ran inside.

“Where the hell are you going? Aren’t you going to help with the shopping?” Mom yelled at me.

“I need to take a dump!”

So I ran inside straight to the bathroom and started to relieve myself. All the images that I had in the car were flowing through my mind as I was wanking.

I must have lost track of time whilst I was wanking because Jacqueline was knocking on the door and calling, “Bobo are you done yet? You’ve been in there for over half an hour now!”

Thinking fast I said, “I have stomach ache, it’s all flowing out! I think I’m going to be done in a bit, just go watch TV or something and leave me to it would you?”

“OK then, I was just checking to see how you were.”

After having done got rid of Jacqueline, I continued to wank and I thought I might be a bit suspicious if I was in the bathroom any longer, so I picked up the pace of my strokes and then at long last the load I had been holding in since the car journey home came out and I shot my load right down the toilet.

On my way downstairs to the living room I saw mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. So when I went in the living room I saw Jacqueline was lying on the sofa watching TV. I sat down by her feet and she was so into the TV programme that she was watching I don’t think she even noticed me enter the room. As I looked at her, I scanned her whole body and she looked great! Then something caught my eye, the way she was laying on the couch I could see her red panties just between her legs.

I was mesmerized by the view, and all of the sudden, “Bobo, Jacqueline, dinner’s ready!” my mom shouted. Then Jacqueline got up straight away and said, “Come on Bobo, let’s go.” And she walked off.

Nothing really special happened during dinner, except for one little moment of magic which sent me through the roof! My mom cooked sweet and sour chicken for dinner, it was nothing special, and we were a Chinese family so anime porno this dish wasn’t really anything special however it was my favourite so it was kind of a surprise for me. What happened just when I thought nothing would happen during dinner; the piece of chicken that Jacqueline picked up with her chopsticks fell out and onto her tits and bounced off onto the table. As I usually take sneak peeks at her during dinner I saw everything that happened.

“Oh shit!” Jacqueline said and she started to rub her tits. The more she was rubbing the messier the sauce was on her tits and her tits were now starting to bounce about due to how hard she was rubbing them.

“Just leave it sweetie, you’re going to take a shower after dinner anyway so you can wash it off then can’t you?” Mom said

That brought me right back down to earth and also made me realise that I had another hard on after watching the show she put on. So not trying to draw any attention to myself I just kept my head down and continued to eat. After dinner my cock seemed to have calmed down a little and now it was only semi-hard which wasn’t as bad as that could usually be hidden by the shorts I was wearing.

After dinner Jacqueline rushed off upstairs to take a bath or have a shower or whatever she did. So at this time where Jacqueline wasn’t around I decided to sit in the lounge and watch a bit of TV. I wasn’t watching anything in particular, I was just flicking through the channels and in no time at all Jacqueline was back in the room with glasses on (she took off her contacts) wearing her pyjamas, she was barefoot, she wore another tank top which said, “LOVE TO SLEEP” and a set of three-quarter length shorts. When mom saw her come downstairs she called from the kitchen,

“Bobo, it’s your turn in the shower!”

“OK mom” I called back. As I walked to the bathroom I gave Jacqueline a hug and I joked with her,

“I’m going to miss you!”

“You better miss me!” Then she gave me a playful spank and she sat back down on the couch where I sat.

The whole point of the hug was just to squeeze her tits between our bodies and also by doing that I felt that she wasn’t wearing a bra!

As I went into the bathroom, the first thing I did was throw my sweaty basketball jersey into the dirty laundry basket. Just then it dawned on me. I went straight back to the basket and searched through the dirty laundry and found the set of red panties that Jacqueline was wearing today. I picked the panties up and they were still warm from her body heat. I quickly found the bit of cloth where her pussy lips would have been, I placed that bit of cloth straight to my nose and I breathed in deeply. The smell was great; the greatest smell ever in my opinion, the smell of Jacqueline’s pussy was enough to get my cock standing on end already. As I was alone in the bathroom, why not have another wank to relieve myself? So I stripped naked laid down into the empty bath tub (which was kinda warm and wet. This told me that Jacqueline took a bath instead of a shower. I wrapped her panties around my cock and started to stroke my cock. All the images of the events during dinner were flowing through my mind and because i was already aroused beforehand, it seemed that I climaxed quicker than usual! All of a sudden hot creamy cum shot onto her panties. After getting over the climax, I wrapped the panties into the towel that she used to dry herself.

Feeling refreshed after the shower, I went back downstairs into the lounge and Jacqueline was lying there again watching TV. Mom was in the room too sitting on one of the one person sofa reading a magazine. Again I sat down by her feet however this time she put her left foot on my lap.

“Can you please give me a foot massage?” Jacqueline said

“Are you kidding me?” I replied

“No, come on, please gimme a foot massage!”


“Are you not listening to me? I am your older cousin you know? This means you have to do what I say! So rub my feet!”

“But mom!”

“She’s got a point you know, you should listen to cousins that are older than you.” Mom replied.

“I have no choice now do I?”

I objected to giving her a foot massage not because I didn’t want to, it was because I had a little foot fetish which meant that if I was rubbing her feet and toes it would more than likely give me a rock hard erection. But I really had n choice now did I? So I grabbed her feet and started to rub her toes starting from the little toe and working my way to the big one. Then I started to move down, I slowly massaged the balls of her feet and then her heel. At this point I was really turned on by her feet, I really wanted a footjob right now (only if my girlfriend Zo├ź was here!) and my cock was semi-erect to hard. When I was finished with her left foot I said,

“Hurry up and give me the right so I can get this done and dusted.”

To my surprise, and pleasure, when she moved her left foot away and gave me her right foot to massage, she placed asyal─▒ porno her left foot on the upper part of my left thigh right on my cock! At first I wasn’t sure whether she did it on purpose or not, but then I realised she was totally oblivious to my hardening cock under her foot. As we were watching quite an action packed TV show about policeman chasing the bad guy which had quite a lot of jumpy bits in, and Jacqueline is quite a jumpy person, so every time there was a jumpy bit that came up, she curled her toes up and moved her foot up and down my thigh. After about 5 minutes into the massage my cock was rock hard due to constant rubbing of her foot on my cock! I could have sworn she knew exactly what she was doing to me; however when I had the guts to look at her, she wasn’t even looking at me to see what my expression would be. Instead her eyes were transfixed on the TV screen; this reassured me that she didn’t know she was kinda giving me a footjob. The only question I had in my mind though was how does she not feel the cock under her foot? I mean I am no superstar when it comes to my tool, however I would say that I am still pretty big. The only conclusion that I came to was that the massage numbed her feet so she can’t really feel anything.

“All done!” I said to Jacqueline hoping she would move her foot off my cock so that I was free to go relieve myself. However she just moved her right foot next to the left and now both her feet were stepping on my cock! So I was stuck there in the living room with my cousin rubbing my cock with her feet. It got to a point when I was about to cum in my shorts so I quickly said, “Stomach ache again! Need to go to the toilet!” so I quickly jumped up and I ran off upstairs into the toilet. As soon as I got into the toilet I pulled my shorts and boxers down and my cock sprang out immediately and as I touched my cock, the load I was holding back shot out at once all over the floor. This showed how horny I was. And what a great orgasm I had, I shot at least 3 loads of long, creamy cum on the floor. After that I had to squeeze the rest of the man juice out. I went back into the laundry basket picked up the towel that Jacqueline had used and I cleaned up the cum that I had shot, after that I put everything back into place and flushed the toilet and went back downstairs again.

As I went back into the lounge everything had pretty stayed as the way it had been before I left. Mom was still reading the magazine and Jacqueline was still lying on the couch watching TV. Just to be on the safe side, I decided not to sit by her feet but instead I opted to sit on the single couch next to the one my mom was sitting on.

Nothing much really happened during the evening, and now it was time for bed. It was about midnight when I stood up and said, “I’m shattered, I think I’m gonna pack it in now and get some sleep. Are you coming too Jacqueline?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling tired too.”

“Come on then, night mom.”

“Night Auntie”

“Night you two”

We shared a room when she stayed round as there were no spare rooms in the house. As we got into my room I immediately went to the other side of the room and went onto the bed. As I was in bed I heard the rattling of bottles and things like that, it was just Jacqueline putting on moisturiser and other types of cream that was meant to be good for her skin, but in my mind there was only one sort of cream that I wanted to see on her face: mine! About 5 minutes later the sounds had died down, Jacqueline turned off the light and she went to sleep.

I don’t know how long I must have slept, it could have been an hour, 10 minutes, but I was woken by some moaning noises. I quickly turned on my bed-side light and looked around and there was a sight that I would never forget! Jacqueline was lying in bed with her legs wide open and her hand was inside her shorts rubbing her pussy! (It was a hot summers evening which was why we didn’t have and duvets or blankets covering us.) Jacqueline had her eyes closed and her right hand was working her pussy furiously and the left hand was rubbing her left tit. Was I dreaming? I slapped myself and the sound of the slap made Jacqueline notice that I was watching. She looked at me and her hands instantly went away from where she previously had them.

“Shit!” she said, “What did you see?”

“You enjoying yourself” I replied

“Shit” was all I could hear her say.

“Do you do this often?” I asked

“What do you mean?”

“Well you know” I replied, “Do you play with yourself in bed often?”

“I try not to” she said to me, “I only do it when I don’t get to have sex; my sex drive is really high you know?”

“But I thought Jaret (her boyfriend) comes round your house every night and fucks you until you cum at least twice?”

“Not anymore, he has to work longer hours and whenever he’s free, he’s always knackered. I haven’t had sex for at least a month!” she said sadly.

“Well, sorry but I can’t help you out there.” As soon as backroom casting porno I said that I said to myself, why did I just say that? Well, sorry but I can’t help you out there.” As soon as I said that I said to myself, why did I just say that? You might have just missed out on your one and only chance to get with the cousin you’ve been dreaming about banging! I felt like kicking myself.

“But you can Bobo”

“What?” I said perplexed

“You can satisfy my sexual needs”

“Are you serious?” I quizzed

She nodded at me, “Course you can, you’ve got a nice big cock, you last absolutely ages until you cum, I think you may be even better than Jaret.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked, “How would you know about all that?”

“Do you really think I am blind Bobo? Do you think I don’t notice you ogling at my tits every time I’m not looking of when I’m wearing a tight top which shows my cleavage?”

Shit! I said to myself, she knows.

“I’ve been analyzing you for a while now, I know that you have a foot-fetish, I know you like to smell my panties when you go into the bathroom. Oh by the way, did you like the smell of today’s set of panties that you sniffed? They were good weren’t they? I’ve worn them all week and masturbated in them everyday. They should smell great. Didn’t they Bobo?”

I just sat there, not knowing what to say, I stayed silent until she spoke again.

“Did you really think I fell asleep over your shoulder today? I pretended to, so I could be sure that you would ogle at them, and I knew everytime you ogle at them you go hard, and today I saw exactly what I predicted.”

“No way” was all I managed to say

“Yes way, then when you went into the bathroom to “take a dump” I was outside all along, and I heard you whacking yourself off. And…”

“Ok! That’s enough” I butted in, “You know everything. So are you going to tell my mom or something?” I dreaded her answer

“No, you know what I really want. I want you to fuck me Bobo”

“No way Jacqueline, we can’t do that, its incest!”

“Hah” She laughed, “That’s big coming from you, and I thought you wanted to fuck my brains out?”

“That’s different! That’s just fantasizing, because I knew I could actually do it!”

“Well you can now can’t you?”

“We can’t, we just can’t. It’s just wrong.”

“Well I can give you a choice. You either fuck me right now or we can forget about this.”

I was about to say that I was going to choose the second option but then she said,

“But if you choose the second one, I will tell everyone including your mom about your little antics in the bathroom with my panties.”

Shit I thought to myself, this was not looking good for me. Then I thought about it in another perspective, she’s actually offering to let me fuck her, something that I’ve wanted to do for ages! Surely it wouldn’t be that bad. So eventually I said quietly,

“OK, I’ll do it.”

“Great, now come over here” She gestured at the space next to her on her bed. I got up and slowly walked to her bed and lay down next to her. She then grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right tit and told me to rub it. As I started to rub her right tit, I could feel and see her nipple harden, as I was rubbing her tit, her feet were rubbing up and down my leg. As I got more and more comfortable in this situation I made my first move, I moved my body upwards, still rubbing her tit, I kissed her in the mouth. Her mouth opened instantly and our tongues met, she was gently sucking my tongue whilst I was trying to explore her mouth. I broke the kiss and said to her,

“Let’s get the party started.”

I on top of her and started to kiss her tits through the fabric of her top, since I have already made her left nipple erect, I thought I’d start sucking her right nipple through the fabric and make it erect aswell, but too late, she quickly removed her top to reveal the most amazing set of 34D tits that I have ever seen! Her nipples were small and round, they were also very pink. They were erect; however they looked so puffy, they looked delicious!

“Come on then!” She said to me, “Are you going to suck them or not?”

I wasn’t complaining I started getting to work immediately. I was squeezing her left whilst sucking her right. Slowly I made my way down her body, and was eventually kissing her stomach. As I approached her pussy, I pulled down her shorts and panties in one smooth motion. On display in front of me now was a bush that was well trimmed. Her pussy lips were already wet, I started to kiss just above her bush and then she said,

“Oh that’s it Bobo, kiss that pussy, I want you to lick it good!”

However I had other plans, I started to kiss and lick down her legs instead.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” She said, clearly she was annoyed.

I smiled at her, “I’m saving the best bit for last”

She then lost that angry look, but instead gave me a very sultry look and replied,

“You’re such a naughty boy. Come on then carry on.”

I was licking her inner thighs; I then went down to her calves and eventually, I got to her feet. I started to suck her toes one by one, starting from left to right her little toe first then working my way through all her toes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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