Sharing A Room Leads To More

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Elise stepped out of the bathroom and gestured down at herself.

“So…” she asked, doing a twirl for Craig who was already making himself comfortable in the bed.

“Ha, looks better on you!” He chuckled, pulling back the corner of the duvet so she could climb into bed.

Elise should have been sharing a hotel room with her best friend Jen, while Craig was in the next room with Dan after a night of drinking and dancing in the city. Dan had to cancel at the last minute, leaving the three of them to carry on with their weekend away as planned.

Well, almost as planned…..

Just before 1am, Elise caught sight of Jen on the dance floor with her tongue down some random stranger’s throat. ‘Fuck’ she thought to herself, ‘we’re sharing a room! What’s she playing at?’ As Elise looked on, it was clear that Jen was planning to do more than just grope this guy in the dark… which was how she’d ended up sharing a room with Craig. Unable to get her bag or her pjs, she’d borrowed a t-shirt and boxer shorts from him too.

It wasn’t a big deal, they’d been friends for years. Most people thought they were more than that and were surprised to hear they weren’t a couple.

Elise snuggled into the stiff budget hotel sheets as Craig spooned her to warm her up. It was almost 4am and the walk back to the hotel meant that the buzz from the alcohol had almost worn off. Elise closed her eyes and breathed deeply, wrapped in Craig’s smell from the tshirt she’d borrowed.

“They’re still going.” Craig giggled at the rhythmic sound of the bed next door bumping into the wall. “She always has all the fun.” Elise replied sleepily as she felt Craig’s hand resting lightly on her hip. She started to doze off as she felt his thumb tracing small circles on a patch of bare skin above her waistband.

“She doesn’t have to be the only one having fun…” he murmured, slipping his warm hand onto her waist under her t-shirt.

“Craig we can’t.” Elise replied, without removing his hand. “Why not?” Elise felt his hot breath against the back of her neck as he leaned in closer, gently kissing her behind her ear. bahis firmalar─▒ Elise tried to form a reply as he continued grazing her neck with soft kisses, “well, it’s you and me…” she countered, tilting her head involuntarily as he moved further down her neck. His hand brushed against the underside of her firm right breast. “What does that matter? Everyone thinks we already have anyway…”

“Yeah, but…” Elise gasped as Craig ran his hand slowly from her breast down to her thigh.

He was leaning over her side now, his breath brushing her cheek as he kissed the side of her mouth. “Come on. Who’s going to know?” He breathed, kissing her again. Elise turned her head a little towards him, so his next kiss landed on her lips. She melted a little at the soft moan he let out as their lips touched.

Elise rolled onto her back as his lips touched hers again. She didn’t want to make things awkward in the future, but at the same time, she couldn’t deny the heat building inside of her at his touch.

Craig’s pace quickened as she rolled towards him and returned his kisses. He felt a familiar ache in his groin as he hardened. He reached down between her legs, gently cupping her mound through his boxers. Elise let out a quiet moan as she wriggled under his hand. He slipped his middle finger through the opening on his boxer shorts and ran it between her legs, groaning when he felt how wet she was already.

Elise was done with the teasing, she rolled over to face him, wrapping her leg over his to pull his cock towards her. She kissed him hard, her tongue slipping between his lips as the heat within her increased. Craig pulled his t-shirt over her head quickly and grabbed at her ample breasts. She’d worn a very fitted dress to the club that left little to the imagination, he’d found himself glancing at her full breasts more than once.

She gyrated against him as he kneaded her breasts in his warm hands, pulling lightly on her nipples. It was messy and hurried, hands and lips everywhere. Elise didn’t notice him remove her underwear or even his own, but suddenly the head of his thick cock was pressed ka├žak iddaa against her opening, straining to be let in.

She let him roll her back so that he was on top, their lips barely parting as he entered her. Elise ran her hands over every bit of his bare flesh that she could reach as he worked his length inside of her. She groaned against his lips as he reached his hilt, pushing her hips into him to meet his thrusts.

He mumbled her name as he broke from their kiss, pressed his swollen lips to her neck and ran his tongue across her throat. Elise gripped his hips and arched her back, feeling his momentum build. She whimpered as he licked her again, her nipples hardening against his chest. She couldn’t focus past the feeling building in her core, the tight need that could only be satisfied by orgasming around a thick cock. Craig looked at her, her chest flushed as she came close to breaking, her breathing nothing more than short gasps. He slowed his pace and she looked at him, pleading with him not to stop.

“Craig I’m so close…” she breathed, “please..” That one word was all it took for him to unleash himself on her. He pounded into her over and over, her clit grinding against his pelvis with each deep thrust.

Elise cried out as she came hard, her muscles contracting around his shaft as he continued to fuck her, using his last few thrusts to empty himself inside her.

Exhausted, Craig pulled out and flopped onto the bed next to her. Elise cuddled up to him, fully sated and bleary with sleep. He pulled her into his arms and held her against his damp sweaty chest.

Elise woke to find herself still naked, limbs tangled with Craig’s. “Morning,” he mumbled sleepily, kissing her on the nose. Without reply, Elise tilted her head up and pressed her lips to his. Craig pulled back, “I thought last night was just…”

Elise cut him off, pressing her lips to his again. Craig ran his broad hands down her bare back as he returned her kisses, his tongue probing her mouth greedily. Elise reached between his legs and began stroking his cock. As he hardened in her hand her phone started ka├žak bahis to buzz on the nightstand. “Ignore it.” Craig groaned quietly against her neck.

Elise nudged him onto his back and sat astride him, positioning his cock against her slick opening.

Her phone started buzzing again. She glanced at the screen. “It’s Jen.”

Craig pushed his cock against her urgently, kneading her breasts in his hands to return her focus to him. Elise moaned quietly as she slid slowly down onto his hard cock. Craig grasped her hips as she began to fuck him.

Her phone buzzed again.

“For fuck sake.” She grumbled, grabbing hold of it to answer the call. Craig frowned, but continued to hold her hips, rocking her back and forth over his cock.

“Morning!” Jen chirped brightly, “I’m up and alone if you want to come and get dressed and stuff?”

“Ok, in a minute.” Elise squeaked as Craig started circling her clit with his fingers.

“Are you ok?”

Elise bit her lip, wishing she hadn’t answered the call.

“Yeah you just woke me up thats…..” She opened her mouth silently with pleasure. Craig grinned and reached for the phone.

“Thanks for the wake up call! We’ll see you in a bit.” Craig ended the call without waiting for a reply and tossed her phone on to the floor.

Elise bit her lip again, trying to hold in the moan that was building with each lap of his fingers around her clit, as she continued to rock back and forth on his cock. She quickened her pace, knowing she wouldn’t last much longer. Craig grabbed her hip with one hand and cupped her breasts with the other. “Fuck El..” he groaned, closing his eyes as she rode him harder. “Fuck!”

Elise was panting hard, skin flushed, beads of sweat on her chest as she felt him swell and spasm inside her. As she felt his heat fill her in bursts she came, her muscles pulsing, drawing every drop from him. Craig looked up at her, watching her try to steady her breathing. He stroked her thigh.

“What now?” Whispered Elise.

“Well for a start, you should probably shower here before going next door!”

Elise winced, they probably smelled awful. A mix of sex and sweat clung to them both.

“And then?”

Craig shrugged, “Breakfast?”

Elise snorted with laughter as she slid off of him and walked to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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