Sex Starved: The Trip Continues

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After our encounter at the adult boutique, Mom and I get back on the road. I let Mom sleep for a couple of hours until I felt several needs.

I find an exit with a medium sized truck stop and pull off. After parking the minivan and getting out, I take Mom inside. We separate to take care of personal functions and then meet back in the restaurant.

I chose a booth that will allow plenty of exposure for Mom’s slut-fit as I had become accustom to thinking of the clothing I was requiring her to wear. The slut-fit consists of a sheer white button up blouse open at the neck, a short black leather skirt, and a red garter belt holding up sheer black stockings and four inch red pumps. Not counting the garter belt, there are no undergarments to be found.

As we sit sipping iced tea, I notice the looks and outright stares of the truckers at my Mom and a new idea stirs in my head. We finish our meal, pay the tab and make our way through the store. It seems Mom has adjusted to her new look quite well, having switched from degrading embarrassment to a sort of shy or coy playful teasing when she sees another man, or woman, looking at her. I decide to adjust that attitude as we walk out the door reaching for the hem of the mini skirt and lifting it exposing Mom’s bare ass and hot red garter belts. With a roar of applause and cheers echoing through the building, I lead Mom’s freshly embarrassed face to the minivan.

I do a little digging in the back before climbing back behind the wheel. Once on the highway I engage the cruise control and plan B. Mom appears to be casually enjoying the scenery as we move down the road. I see my first target up ahead and reduce speed slightly. As I approach the rear of the tractor-trailer I move into the left lane. Having gone to the restroom at the truck stop, I am fully aware of just how exposed Mom’s tits are when viewed from above. As I move next to the cab of the truck I slow so I am just barely moving faster than the big rig. I move past and change back into the right lane where I look in the mirror and see the driver flashing his lights in appreciation.

I then speed up looking for my next target. Being a major north/south corridor for trucking puts me in a target rich environment. The next truck is a flat bed and again I move over and then up to the cab. Then I decide to up the ante a bit.

“Hey Mom?” I say as I turn the air conditioner on high.

“Yes, Kevin?” Mom responds.

“You got really nice tits.”

“Well, thank you dear. What made you think to say that?”

“The fact that the truck driver we are next to is staring at them,” I tell her.

Mom turns to look at the truck and verifies the fact the driver is looking down her blouse. She looks like she is about to throw her arms over her chest before I give her slightly different directions.

“Open you blouse and let him get a good look. This guy has been on the road for weeks. Make his day. Show him your tits.”

Mom looks at me and then back to the truck driver before looking straight ahead out the windshield. Without any further encouragement she begins to unbutton the buttons left on her blouse and pulls it out of her short skirt. She opens the blouse and turns in her seat so the driver can see.

“Blow him a kiss now,” I direct. As she does I speed off looking for the next truck, leaving czech sharking porno the last with horn blaring.

“This is very naughty Kevin,” Mom says with a husky voice.

“It could get even naughtier,” I suggest.

We pull up to the next truck and as we approach the driver’s window Mom makes eye contact.

“Do you want me to show him?”

“Absolutely,” I tell her watching her open her blouse again.

“Now play with your nipples. Get them good and hard so he can see what a slut you are,” I tell her. Mom moves her hands over her nipples and they harden more.

“Bring a tit up and lick the nipple. Make it a show for him. Then blow him a kiss off your tit,” I instruct.

Mom pulls her right tit up to her mouth and sticks her tongue out and wets the nipple before sucking on it a bit. Her eyes stay focused on the driver. She makes an exaggerated pucker and kisses the nipple and then blows the kiss to the driver.

“Oh God Kevin, this is so hot. I am so fucking wet right now,” she informs me.

“Show me,” I tell her.


“Pull your skirt up and stick your finger in your pussy and show me and the truck driver how wet you are,” I demand.

“I can’t do that Kevin. Please. It’s okay for him to see my boobs but don’t make me show him my pussy,” Mom pleads.

“You will do whatever I want. Remember? You told me the first day that you would do whatever, where ever and whenever I want. Unless you want me to pull over and leave you on the side of the road dressed like a whore, you’ll lift that skirt and show that man how wet your pussy is from him looking at you,” I order.

Mom pulls her skirt up revealing her smooth shaved crotch. She slides a finger in and lets out a growl.

“Just get it wet, don’t try getting off. Pull it out now and show it to the driver,” I tell Mom waiting for her to obey. “Now put it in your mouth and lick it clean.”

Mom puts her pussy wet finger in her mouth as her other hand rubs her hard nipples. The mini skirt stays in place and the driver can see her wet shaved pussy from his vantage point.

“Here. Try this,” I tell Mom handing her a large black dildo. “Get it good and wet with your mouth first.”

“Kevin, I can’t,” Mom whines.

“Then get ready to get out. I’m sure that driver won’t mind riding you. That is giving you a ride.”

“Do you think he would fuck me?” Mom asks excitedly.

“I’m sure he would after the show so far. Go on now. Be a good girl and show him some more,” I coax.

Mom takes the black dildo and holding it in her hands guides it to her mouth. She licks the head and the shaft like she is giving a blow job. She pushes the head in between her lips and hollows her cheeks as she sucks on the latex monster. Satisfied it is good and wet, she pulls it from her mouth and kisses the tip.

I keep an eye in my mirror to make sure the driver stays in his lane. I don’t want to explain and accident like that to a state trooper or our insurance agent.

Mom eases her seat back a little and puts her left leg on the dash and pulls her right up to the seat. Her feet are still encased in the red pumps and her right foot is pulled up to her crotch, matching the red garter belt. Mom rubs the dildo across her pussy lips several times before moving the head of the czech streets porno fake cock to her opening. She pushes it in just a little and then thrashes around on the seat moaning and whimpering.

I look ahead and see a sign that gets my attention. I quickly speed up and get in front of the truck and indicate a turn with my signal. The driver gets the idea as he signals to pull into the rest stop with us.

“Stop what you are doing right now. Hold the dildo where it is. No more in and don’t take it out,” I order.

Mom is on the verge of a heavy duty orgasm, but has enough presence to panic slightly as she sees where I am going.

“Kevin, what are you doing?”

“Be quite and stay as you are,” I tell her after parking at the far end of the truck parking section. “If you move or change positions I will know and I will leave you here and tell all the truck driver’s you are a slut waiting to get fucked by all of them.”

“Yes, dear. I’ll wait right here for you. Please hurry though,” she asks.

I climb out of the minivan and meet the driver as he is climbing from the truck. I give him the plan and he slaps me on the back with a big grin. I move over to the minivan and open Mom’s door.

“This is Stan. I told him he could watch you finish what you started. I didn’t want him to have a wreck trying to watch while driving down the highway, or while doing anything else either. Now be a good girl and push that big cock into your pussy. Give Stan a good show to remember.”

Mom looks me in the eye and then Stan. Her eyes are glassy with lust and the longing to cum again. She then eyes the bulge in both our pants before sliding the fake black cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Mom says to both of us, “I love big hard cocks in all my hot and horny holes. I love to have them fill me up with hot cum too.”

Mom is working it good, fisting the dong in and out of her wet cunt. I’m a bit surprised by her next request.

“Why don’t you haul that out,” she says motioning her head towards Stan’s tented jeans. “Never know what could happen once it sees the light of day,” she says with an evil grin.

I look at Stan and nod and he wastes no time bringing out his hard cock. Stan isn’t as big as mine but he is rather on the thick side. Mom reaches out for him and pulls him close. I go through the side door and move back to the driver’s seat for a better look. With one hand Mom works the dildo in her cunt and the other is fisting Stan’s meat.

She pulls him a bit closer and let’s go of his cock. She finds one of his hands and places it on her tit. Stan immediately starts to rub and pinch and tease her nipple. Mom’s hand goes back to Stan’s cock and pumps him again. She looks up at him with her lust filled eyes and licks her lips. Stan moves closer and Mom moves to take his cock in her mouth. She works him for a moment before moving her mouth away, using her hand again on him.

“Here’s the deal Stan. I can’t cum until you do. I’ll suck you and then you cum on my face and tits. Then I’ll cum for you. Okay?”

Stan just shakes his head and Mom puts his cock back in her mouth. She is still fisting the big black dildo in and out of her sopping hole and I have no idea how she is keeping from cumming all over it. Stan puts a hand on top of Mom’s head czech super models porno to guide her speed and tempo. He also is twisting and pinching Mom’s nipples as she sucks his cock.

“Oh fuck, babe. Time to drop my load for you,” Stan announces.

Mom moves her mouth and let’s Stan replace her hand. He begins fisting his meat as Mom starts to fuck herself with more effort. Mom moves her head and sticking her tongue out licks the head of Stan’s cock. In seconds he starts to shoot his load, the first blast hitting Mom in the face as he reaims and shoots more on her heaving tits. Mom is pounding her pussy and uses her free hand to diddle her clit to make herself cum.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Fuck. Oh God, yes. I’m cumming for you Stan,” Mom says. Her words cause Stand to pump at least two more good strings of cum onto Mom’s tits.

Mom moves back to take Stan’s cock back in her mouth and licks it clean of all the errant drops of cum. Her left arm lets the dildo fall to the floor as she begins to rub Stan’s load across her face and tits and stomach. Stan is now regaining control and quickly looks around. He stammers a ‘thanks’ and heads off to the rest area building. I close the doors and take off back down the highway.

Mom rubs Stan’s cum until it can no longer be seen on her skin. She finally adjusts her legs, skirt and blouse before returning herself to an upright position.

“Did you enjoy that?” I ask her.

“Very much. How about you?”

I set the cruise control and tilt the steering wheel up before I speak. “Why not come over and find out for yourself.”

“Yes, dear. I need a hot load of cum in my mouth. I wish I had taken Stan’s. His cum tasted different than yours,” Mom says as she carefully pulls my hard cock out.

She starts to lick as I see my target ahead. If I’m not mistaken it was one of the first trucks she flashed. I pull up and adjust my speed to match his and let Mom’s mouth work on my very excited cock. She is half kneeling half sitting on her seat and I reach back and flip her skirt up onto her back. As she sucks me I begin a gentle spanking of her ass.

“So from now on, no hesitation. I know better than you do of what you need,” I tell her spanking her ass harder now.

“You are my cum slut slave to use and have used. From now on you will do as I say or risk being punished. You have one minute to take my load in your slutty mouth. And when I cum, you hold it there, don’t swallow. To time you, you will get one ass whack every five seconds. If you are not done by the time I finish, I’ll blister you ass with my hand,” I inform her.

I begin counting and Mom sucks as if her life depends on it. “Five.” Whack. “Ten.” Whack, I count.

As I near 45 I can’t hold back. “Here it comes you fucking whore. Get ready to take all my hot cum in your slut mouth.” I pull her back and reach under and jerk my cock off into her mouth. Her head bounces slightly as I shoot the first blast hard and then she settles in to take the rest.

“Now sit up and show that driver over there you’re reward for being a good cocksucker.”

Mom lifts her head and opens her mouth so I can see it full of my cum. She then slides back on the seat and turns to look out the window.

“Swallow, now, and then show him it’s gone” I command.

Mom gulps my load down and as I see her opening her mouth to show the cum all gone, I speed down the highway.

We are still a couple of hours away from our destination. I allow her to move to the back for another well earned nap. I just hope we can make it without me thinking of another way to embarrass and use my cum slut Mom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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