Sex Secret

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I have a secret fantasy…I often masturbate thinking of it and make myself come.

I get undressed and climb onto the bed. I imagine I’m in a glass house and several people are outside observing me. There are digital cameras broadcasting my every movement across the glove via the Internet.

Knowing I’m being watched gets my juices flowing. My pussy gets hotter and wetter as I think of all the people who are aroused watching me touch myself…

I lightly touch myself all over, starting at my neck. I flick my nipples and twist them until they’re popping off my boobs. I rub my belly, my legs, my ass, carefully voiding my hot, hungry pussy, teasingly!

Then, very lightly, I circle my clit with my finger, barely touching it. I rub my entire pussy front to back. I trace my pussy lips, dip a finger or two into my hole, lick off the juices and put my moistened finger back to work on my clit.

While bahis firmalar─▒ one hand plays with pussy, the other searches out other erogenous zones: boobs, neck, belly , the insides of my thighs, and finally my asshole.

Touching myself feels fantastic. I feel my clit get hard and grow to the size of an acorn. I am amazed at how wet and silky my pussy feels.

I use the tips of my fingers on my right hand to simulate a tongue running circles ’round my clit, every so often dipping into the well of honey just beneath it. I take my time and enjoy how it feels, each movement increasing my arousal.

I roll to my side. The first finger of my left hand tinkers briefly with my pussy hole – just enough to wet it. Then it shyly tickles my asshole. I feel it almost spasm in response to lefty’s teasing. My right hand continues to concentrate on the clitoral area.

My state of arousal is obvious to ka├žak iddaa those watching me. I know they’re there but I don’t look. I just imagine their hunger, their desire to smell, touch, taste…

As my lefty tickles my asshole and it begins to pucker, I start rocking my hips slightly. I feel my asshole open and draw in good ol’ lefty. I ease my finger in slowly, as far as I can, into my ass. Righty begins to work my clit a little more feverishly.

I roll onto my back again, my left arm underneath me. My nipples are sticking out almost 1/2 inch. My clit is like a huge, hard marble rolling under my fingertips.

I slide the middle finger of my left hand into my pussy. The flesh wall between the first and middle finger is thin. One can feel the other. I’m really working my swollen clit and rocking my hips now.

IT FEELS SO GOOD! I start moaning. My excitement steadily building, surging. I’m feeling ka├žak bahis the familiar edge of orgasm. My fingers are relentless.

Suddenly, the first wave hits me. I get weak all over. I feel both my pussy and my ass clamp down on my fingers. My pussy is dripping wet.

It is then I wish you were there, watching and touching, urging my orgasm to overcome me. Sliding your dick and balls deep inside me, sending me over the edge and rocking my world.

I call your name and to my delight, you’re there with your hard, huge cock in your hand. You slide it in, inch by inch, savoring the strength and softness of my pussy.

I hear you say, “Great show, my god, you’re one magnificent woman!” And I go over the edge, wave after wave of orgasm slams me as you slide your cock in and out of my pussy’s death grip on you.

I scream your name as my pussy juices squirt all over your cock and balls, dripping down your thighs and oozing to your ass. I feel your cock shudder and the heat of your cum as it hits the depths of my pussy.

We collapse in each other’s arms. The lights go out and the camera’s are turned off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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