Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 04

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It is Saturday afternoon. A snow drizzle falls over the university gym parking lot. Drake (19 yrs.) steps off of the athlete bus. He throws his sport bag over his shoulder and jogs into the gym. He’s wearing college sweats from head to toe with a stocking cap. Drake is a freshman champion who stands at 5’10” and weighs 165 lbs. He is lean and dedicated.

Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “Gents” magazine “Sex Kitten of the Month” (38-24-36). Her sandy-blonde hair is tied into a ponytail. Her white-mesh, halter top, fits snugly. The huge areoles and nipples are seen clearly through that mesh. She sits in her black, 4-door Mazda, sports car. She watches Drake run into the gymnasium.

She whispers, “Dedicated to the wrestling mat. He sent me a sweet text message. Not like those other horny boys.”

Saturday evening inside the gym locker room. Drake is standing naked on the weight machine. His tight muscles are prominent all over his skinny frame. He looks at his weight numbers and then steps off of the machine. His feet quickly step back on it. He then strides over to his locker and grabs his towel.

Drake’s dark brown hair is wet after a shower. He wipes his head with the towel and sits down on the bench. His right hand reaches into the sport bag to pull out his secret bahis firmalar─▒ iPhone. His finger scrolls through Kerri’s nude photos. He shakes his wet brown hair.

He whispers, “I sent her a text message. Got fucking nothing.”

The snow still drizzles down across the parking lot. Drake carries his sport bag and walks toward the bus. Kerri’s sport car pulls up behind the bus and the driver window roll’s down.

She yells, “Hi, Drake!”

He doesn’t recognize her and approaches the car. The closer he gets, the bigger his eyes grow. Drake can’t believe who she is.

He whispers, “No fucking shit.”

She says, “It’s me Kerri. I got your text message. I wanted to answer to your face.”

The heat inside the car hits his face. His eyes look down at her large areoles and nipples.

She says, “They’re both real. Get in.”

He smiles and runs around the car and trips, falling to the ground. She laughs at him.

The snow drizzle drops over the off-campus parking lot. That drizzle hits the dark windows of Kerri’s sport car. All of the windows are fogged up. An iPhone plays, “Female Rap Music.”

The naked bodies of Kerri and Drake are on the back seat covered in black fur. They’re both in the “doggystyle” position. She leans on her hands and both ka├žak iddaa of her legs are closed together. His left foot stands on the car floor and his right knee leans against the smooth fur. Both of his hands are wrapped around her beautiful hips.

His 6 and ┬Ż-inch cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. Both of her knees clamp together which makes her pussy feel tight. He’s been thrusting inside and it’s fucking hot.

She responds, “Uuunnh.. Uunnh.. G-Gawd.. Uuuunnh.. Drake.. Fuck-You’re.. Gu-Good.!”

He watches his shaft pushing-in and pulling-out. Her hot cunt engulfs his cock.

“You too.. Fucking hot” he replies. His hands pull back on her hips and she gives up to his strength.

She moans, “Feels.. So.. Good… Good.. Ohhh.. Gawd… Uunnhh.. Uh-Uunnnh.!”

He says, “Baby.. I’m fucking close.”

His hands grip those hips harder and thrusts inside faster.

She responds wildly, “Oh-My-Gawd-Uhh-Uhhh-G-Gawd-Uh-Uhhh.!!”

Drake’s body stops who then explodes, “Fu-Fu-Fuuuuuuuuuckk.!! Fuuuckk.!!”

He pulls out his cock and leans down to kiss her forehead.

15 minutes later. The big snow-flakes fall onto the front car window which is still fogged up. “Dance/Hip Hop” music plays.

The naked bodies of Drake and Kerri are on the ka├žak bahis black fur covering the back seat. She is laying on her back with knees bent, spread and lifted into the air. He is on top and leaning in between her legs. His left hand is gripping the edge of the seat near her waist. His right hand is placed on the black fur next to her body. Both elbows are locked with his left foot pushing against the door. Both of her hands grip his arms and they look into each other’s eyes.

His cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy and he’s been thrusting hard and deep.

She responds, “Uunnh.. So hot.. Uunnhh. Uh-Uunh.. Gu-Gawd.!!”

He looks down at her jiggling tits after each thrust.

“Gawd.. Uunnh.. Drake. Uh-Unh.. Luv.. Your dick.!!” she says.

He grunts, “Kerri.. Luv.. Your.. Tits.!”

After a few more thrusts. Drake stops and he pulls out, but pushes in hard. He keeps doing this.

She says, “Uunnhh… Drake… Uunnhh… Gawd.!!”

He pushes in and holds it. He explodes, “Fuuuuuuuuhh.! Fuuckk.!!”

Everything stops and both of them breathe hard. He pulls out his cock and his hand yanks off the condom. He leans over to sit on the seat and opens the door. He tosses out the condom while it snows outside. The door closes.

She closes her legs and pushes right over the seat. He leans back on the fur and places his hand on her thigh.

He whispers, “Give me a minute babe. I wanna go down on you.”

She giggles, “Okay, we’re hot together aren’t we?”

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