Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 03

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My story continues a few years later. After my one oral attention to Richard and apparently crude suggestion to him, we went our separate ways, little knowing that our next meeting would change both our lives permanently.

Chapter 3: Richard returns

My course was a three-year one, at the end of which I was appointed to a primary school in Aldershot. In that time I had a succession of boyfriends, and probably more sex than the rest of the teachers added together! Two of my flings became serious enough affairs to enable us to live together, if only for a short time, but I soon began to realise that I was much too fond of sex too hold down a serious relationship for more than a few weeks.

On school breaks I would go home to Reigate to see my parents and on rare occasions Richard was there too. He had grown more confident and, although we didn’t discuss our sex lives in detail, he informed me that at last he had a girlfriend and that things were progressing for him in the bedroom. For a reason I was to find out later, he refused to tell me who she was. Despite my own current relationship I still fancied him, and at those rare family gatherings I would have dropped my pants in a flash at his word, in private of course!

A year into my job in Hampshire I met a hunk of a soldier called James. We fell in love, made love and conceived a child, all on the first date in the back seat of his car at the rear of the local football club. The child I miscarried after four months, and Jim I lost to a Taliban bullet two years later. He never forgave me for smoking while I was pregnant and, apart from a few happy months shacked up in his barracks, we never really hit it off after that. Shell-shocked at losing him, I remained teaching at the same school, gaining a little promotion in the process. I had also bought my own little terraced house in a secluded lane in a village outside nearby Woking. Disillusioned, I entered a two-year spell of self-imposed celibacy.

Three months ago my brother at last met the girl of his dreams, and was engaged to get married to Clare in July. I first met her at Easter and was immediately convinced that she was not the right woman for him. She confided in me that Richard was still rather shy in the bedroom department, which for her, and just like me, was a quite a priority. She admittedly had the looks, he had been transferred north to a shore position at Rosyth in Scotland and was earning extremely good money, and I suspected she was along for the ride. He however was besotted with her, so I felt it wrong for me to interfere. All the same, I would have been surprised at the time if the marriage lasted a complete year. As it happens it didn’t even get as far as the church.

A furious banging on my front door caused me to stagger sleepily to the window. It was my brother, looking very distraught and soaked to the skin. The sun had barely risen, partly hidden behind leaden July clouds.

“Don’t you keep your bloody phone on at night?” Richard knew only my mobile number.

I unlocked the ancient oak door, “Why, whatever’s wrong Rich?”

I took his wet coat, he had had a long walk, my lane is too narrow for cars and it had been pouring cats and dogs all night.

“Sit down while I make some coffee.” He sank wearily into the nearest chair.

“Nice place you have Sue.” He hadn’t been here before. “Clare and I could have had a place like this.”

As I filled the coffee maker I reacted to the tone in his voice, “What do you mean by could have?”

“We just broke up, wedding cancelled.”

A cup slipped from my grasp, bouncing unbroken on the wooden floor, “Oh fuck, what’s happened?”

I sat down beside him and placed my arm around his shoulders, trying to feign a respectable amount of surprise. It was never going to be a marriage made in heaven, or in the bed for that matter. Even so, two week’s notice was shabby to the extreme.

For a moment he was silent, lost in his thoughts, then he turned to me with tears in his eyes.

“We both went to a party on Thursday and while I was talking to an old friend she was seen going into the garden hand-in-hand with some bloke.”

“Shit! The bitch!”

“When someone eventually told me, I took a look for myself, but they had gone.”

I kissed his hair. “Poor Rich. What did you do?”

He sighed deeply, “I went home, tried her mobile but that was on divert. I was worried she had been abducted or something, especially when her sister rang asking for her too. When I described the man that had been seen with her, she blurted out that it must have been her ex-boyfriend.”

He looked sadly into my eyes, “She’s gone back to him Sue.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“All the time we were together, she never stopped talking about him, comparing me with him, and not only in the bedroom. I guess I should have known.”

Perhaps size isn’t everything after all, I thought to myself. Rather selfishly I sat opposite him with fond memories of that nine-inch cock. Here was I, next czech couples porno to naked in the flimsiest of dressing gowns, alone with my brother for the first time in seven years, and he was once again unattached. Suddenly I had a yearning to hold a nice stiff cock again, and preferably the one within arm’s length!

I stand corrected. Size does matter! Particularly his size. Suddenly I wanted to do all those naughty things we did together back at home. In the years since those horny times I had regularly got myself off to that memorable vision of him shooting his cum on to my pussy and breasts. But now was not the time to get horny with my brother. Step-brother, I kept on reminding myself. As we sipped at our hot coffee I questioned him about his sexual relationship with Clare.

“I know you think I’m a bit backward in that department, but she wasn’t my first proper girlfriend, Sue.”

What I did know was, that at twenty-four years old, he had still been a virgin. And with that cock too! What a waste for us poor girls!

“I’m interested, tell me more.”

“Umm, you know when I did that spell at sea?”

“After the academy you mean?”

“Yes. We had a stopover in Cape Town and I met a local girl, and we went to bed together, first date too.”

“That’s cool Rich, surprising for you.”

He put down his cup and, with a concerned look, asked me if I was okay with him sharing this very private episode in his life. I leaned forward and took his hand and reminded him that I had once shared with him every detail of the night I lost my cherry to my first serious boyfriend David. Not forgetting all the times we had masturbated together watching porn. And of course that delicious first blowjob!

“So tell me about this girl, was she black?”

“Sort of olive really, she had a Dutch father and an African mother, huge breasts and long black hair. I met her in a bar and we got a little drunk, or rather I did. Then she put her hand down there,” pointing to his groin.

“Wow, she was forward. Were you hard?” My head was swimming with fond memories of feeling that big cock for myself.

Richard, now 29, was still young enough to blush, “Bloody right I was, she was incredibly sexy and had been coming on to me all evening. I was still hesitant though, I was worried she might be on the game.” That thought had already entered my suspicious mind.

“I don’t think that would have mattered Rich, not for your first time, There’s a teacher at the school where I work who goes with women like that. His wife’s got a problem and can’t fuck, so instead of having an affair, and nearly with me as it happens, he pays to get rid of his frustration.”

“Well, I can tell you she wasn’t like that. Apparently she had caught her fiancée screwing someone else and wanted revenge. Some coincidence huh?”

“It’s a small world Rich. More coffee?”

“Can I get a shower first? I’ve been driving half the night and feel real scruffy. I brought you a pressie by the way.”

He produced a bottle of white burgundy, my favourite vintage too. My brother might have his failings beneath the sheets but he did have an excellent memory. As my eyes wandered towards his crotch I wondered if he still remembered that blowjob years ago? I had to resist the temptation to follow him into the bathroom and offer to soap his back, distinctly aware that two years of celibacy were beginning to catch up on me.

While he was shaving I fried up some breakfast and later, after I put on some war paint we decided to go for a walk. The clouds were thinning, promising a hint of sunshine. We found a bench in the park, I was distinctly in the mood to hear more of his unlikely sexual exploits.

“So, tell me more about this pros…girl, what was her name?”

He glared at me defiantly, “I told you she was not a hooker Sue. She was called Loren, said she was lonely and simply asked me if I would like to go home with her.”

“Obviously you didn’t do the old Richard routine and say you would think about it?”

“No way! I wasn’t going to refuse an offer like that! I think I was more horny than I’ve ever been.”

I took his hand and laughed. “You might recall I’ve seen you horny Rich, so she would have been a very lucky girl. So what exactly happened?”

“Outside the bar she gripped my pants you-know-where and said she liked the feel of it.”

“Sensible girl, who wouldn’t!” I knew exactly how she had felt. I was imagining his long cock in my own hands, and believe me it took two hands! Down below I felt the first twinge of excitement in ages.

Richard’s eyes scanned the park and he put his lips to my ear as if the old woman walking her dog a hundred yards away could hear us, took a deep breath and whispered, “Then while we were waiting for a taxi she said she wanted to fuck me.”

“So you got the hint then?” I laughed.

Richard laughed too, “Yes, even I am not that dim. We went back to her apartment in some tower block downtown, she couldn’t czech estrogenolit porno wait to get my clothes off. She had me inside her before I had time to get all my clothes off.”

“Wise girl!”

The mental vision of my brother’s cock deep inside a stranger’s pussy was making me feel uncomfortably hot down below, even though the morning was unseasonably cool. Eagerly I asked him to continue.

“So did you just shag her and that was it?”

He looked at me sheepishly, “Actually, it was the reverse, she shagged me. She pushed me down on my back, kissed the end of my dick and got on with it.”

“Just like that? You mean you let her do all the work?”

He grinned shamelessly, “Yep, she said that was what she wanted. So I let her.”

“Didn’t you do anything else, like push her on her back? Some doggie sex? Even oral?”

“Nope, none of that. She didn’t want it. She simply humped herself up and down on me until I came, then she got dressed, made me a coffee and ordered me a taxi back to my ship. Just like that!”

“Fucking hell Rich, can’t you get anything right? Didn’t you even kiss her?”

“Of course I did, in the taxi while she was playing with my cock.”

“But what about foreplay?”

“She didn’t seem to want any. I had a climax and she had one too. At least I think she did, she was playing with herself while I was inside her.”

This woman had to have been on the game, no matter what he said or even believed at the time. Nevertheless he had at last got his cock inside a woman’s pussy, whatever she was.

The dog walker had decided to settle onto the seat beside us, so with a non-too discreet sigh we resumed our stroll around the park and, as the rain threatened to return, we settled for some covered seats outside a little café on the edge of the nearby pond. A bored waitress headed in our direction, reluctantly taking our order for two iced coffees. I grabbed Richard’s arm tightly and pulled his face close to mine, and resumed our conversation.

“My darling brother, all women like foreplay, they like to be kissed, snogged actually. They love their pussies licked, and they enjoy nothing more than being shagged in every position possible. For God’s sake you’ve seen the videos. And if you care to remember, most girls like sucking cocks too. You could at least have asked her to suck yours. Remember you and me?”

He pushed me away with a satisfied smirk, “I already did all that with Frances.”

I stared back in amazement, “My cousin? You fucked my cousin? You really did it?”

He looked away sheepishly, “Uh huh, we didn’t actually go all the way, not the first time, but we did everything else, blow job too.” He turned to face me with a smile, “Not as good as yours though,” he quickly added. So he did remember!

“Shit, she never told me.”

“I wasn’t going to tell you either, it was our secret, but I guessed you would find out one day. That was the girl I told you about when we met at Dad’s that time.”

For ages I had tried to get that sex-mad daughter of my Mum’s brother to go with Richard, they were so well suited, if you believe that opposites attract, even though she was married at the time. I knew they both had the hots for each other, but never seemed to connect up. Then I lost contact when she got divorced and moved to France with some new guy.

“You really are a dark horse Rich, so how did this thing with Fran come about?”

“She was staying over at Dad’s one night when I happened to look in, I think you were away on holiday at the time.”

I looked at him in amazement, “You had sex with her in our house?”

Richard laughed, “Of course not, the place was full of people, but I was about to go off to sea in two days and she suggested I call round to her place first, it was pretty obvious what for.”

“Fran was always very obvious about sex Rich. So why didn’t you fuck her the first time? Don’t tell me you were shy with cousin Fran?”

“She said she wouldn’t do it under her own roof, she considered that to be immoral, but we did do everything else.”

I had to laugh at my cousin’s definition of morality, knowing that she had screwed most of the boys in her class at school, and admitted to me that she had already cheated on her husband more than once. Not that I blamed her, he was a wanker and a wimp. The surly waitress reappeared with our drinks, banging them down unceremoniously on the wooden table, splashing the liquid on the surface. Rich continued as he watched her retreat back inside the cafe, her ass wiggling seductively.

“But you did sleep with her eventually?”

“Yes, we kept in contact secretly texting each other while I was away. She made it obvious we were going to do it next time we met, and that time with Loren in Cape Town had got me wanting more, so as soon as I hit British soil I got us a room for the afternoon in a secluded hotel in town. That was really something else. To this day I still feel a little guilty though, despite czech experiment porno the fact that she was breaking up with her husband.”

“I wouldn’t bother, you wouldn’t have been the first in there.”

“I know that, I just didn’t want her to get caught.”

“Well, I think it’s lovely that you got it on with Fran. It probably did you good to go with someone who you knew you were a bit shy.”

He smiled, “Yes, it took a few sessions with her to get me going.”

“Oh, so it wasn’t a one off?” I was surprised. Apart from her husband, my cousin had always been very much a one-night-stand type of girl.

“Not at all, we did it four times I think, maybe it was five, always at the same hotel, and the last one we stayed together all night, her husband was away somewhere on business. I think I was in love with her at the time.”

The thong I had put on was already soaking from the vision of my brother fucking my sexy cousin, I was quickly regretting not wearing more substantial panties. I asked him if the sex had been good, knowing the obvious answer.

“It was fucking amazing Sue,” he grinned, “I can’t imagine why I waited so long!”

My pussy now beginning to take control of my brain and I retorted boldly, “You wouldn’t have had to wait all those years if you had taken up my offer, Rich.”

He looked away to hide his expression. “I know that, but it would have been very wrong at the time.”

At the time? What did he mean buy that? Had he changed his opinion about us sleeping together? I couldn’t pursue the matter as he was quick to continue.

“Do you know that Frances was bisexual?”

“Of course I do, everyone knew, she even tried it on with me a couple of times. Why do you ask?”

He grinned, “We nearly had a threesome.”

I blinked at my brother, everything was always nearly with him, and at school the girls had nicknamed him the ‘nearly-kid’.

Another couple had arrived at a nearby table, thus doubling the waitress’ possibility of tips. She actually broke into a smile!

When they had settled I whispered excitedly, “When? With who?”

“That one whole night at the hotel, she chatted up the girl who came to turn down the bed, she was very, very sexy, and only in her late teens. I think I actually fancied her more than Frances.”

I laughed, my brother wasn’t so innocent after all. “What happened? You said nearly.”

“Well, Fran and I had just got back from a meal around the corner and we were down to our underwear getting ready for you-know-what when there was a knock at the door and a voice called out ‘turn down bed please'”

“As they do. Must have been a posh hotel, Rich.”

“It was, the Kensington something or other. Anyway, I was about to say no thanks but Fran had already spoken to the girl earlier asking for more tissues and, muttering something about her seeming very nice, went to the door and let her in.”

“That sounds so typical of Fran, every opportunity! Did you have a hard-on?”

“Of course I did, but I managed to grab a towel in time.”

“Just as well, that monster might have frightened the poor girl for life!”

Richard laughed, “Actually she was more interested in Fran.”

“So she let her in then?”

“Yes, the girl was Polish and called Karolina, very innocent looking and clean if you know what I mean. While she sorted the bed she couldn’t keep her eyes off Frances. Apparently girls are into each other quite a lot over there, far more than here.”

“Perhaps Polish men are not so hot in that department. So did they fuck?”

Richard gave me one of his admonishing stares, “God Sue, you are so obvious sometimes. No they didn’t. But there was this instant connection between them. One minute they were just staring at each other, the next they were kissing like mad, hands everywhere. No words said, nothing. By some instinct they just knew.”

I sighed, recalling the numerous approaches I had received from various women, but the spark wasn’t there, I hadn’t been ready. “It happens, Rich. What did you do?”

“I just sat there gob-smacked on the bed and watched.”

“Did you wank?”

Richard grinned, “No I didn’t, I was too shocked, and anyway the whole thing only lasted a couple of minutes.”

“Why, what happened?’

“The two girls fell on the bed beside me, Fran had the girl’s tunic open and her own breasts were out of her bra but when I saw Fran starting to feel her up between her legs, the girl pushed her away saying she was still on duty and had to leave.”

“That was a pity, you should have asked her to come back later.”

“We did, Frances even asked me to show her my cock to tempt her even more.”

I wished he would show it to me I thought. “And did you?”

“Yes, Fran got it out for me and pointed it at Karolina.”

“What did she do?”

“She stared as though she hadn’t seen a cock before and for a moment I thought she was about to change her mind. I wish she had Sue, I was so up for having both of them.”

“I bet! Up being the appropriate word!”

“She bent down and kissed the end, and then ran off. Fran told me after that I should have grabbed her head and forced it into her mouth, but I’m not like that, Sue.”

I patted his arm sympathetically, “I know you’re not dear brother. Obviously she didn’t come back then?”

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