Serendipity Ch. 38-39

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 38 What used to be a normal day – 39 Sam gets her wings

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


38 – What used to be an almost ‘normal’ day

I’d love to say I woke to the same situation Sunday, but it would have to be some kind of world record if I had been able to keep my hard on all night. But I did have Nicole up against me, and my cock had been positioned into the crease of her ass sandwiched between us. Maria had been replaced behind me by Brittany, who was now sitting cross legged on the couch, nursing Maya. She was grinning down at me looking between her glistening pussy lips and her full tits.

Since I heard sizzling but didn’t smell bacon our missing painter was in the kitchen…

“God I have such a rough life…” and kissed Nicole’s neck above her collar. That got an exaggerated groan from the kitchen and giggles all around. I looked back over my shoulder at Brittany and got a quick peck.

“I just realized, no Francis this weekend…”

Nicole snuggled her ass back against my cock, “She called Friday, her kids were in town this weekend. She did say she might have some updates on what that development group was up to. She’d know more Monday.” With a grin she started bringing my hand around to cup her tit.

Brittany snuggled in behind me. “It’s going to be weird not sleeping with you tonight.”


Brittany giggled, “We’re flying out this afternoon for Chicago. Justin has to pick up his passengers first thing in the morning.”

“Doesn’t Sam have her check ride Monday?”

“YES, RIGHT AFTER WE GET BACK.” I heard hollered from the kitchen. “And if you four don’t get in here your breakfast will be cold.” Maya released her mothers’ nipple and cried out. “OK, four and a half…”

We all chuckled at that and disentangled ourselves. There was Sam at the stove in her apron, just like Nicole had been at the apartment in The City.

I waited until she had dished the eggs up and put the pan down before I came up behind her.

I slid my arm inside the apron just under her tits, “You know I remember finding your Mistress like this not too long ago.”

“Mmmmmm, and what did you do?” leaning back to me a bit.

I slid my hands down her ass and put a finger between her damp lips. “I played with her pussy, then fingered her ass before she asked me to plug her ass for the day.” Slipping two fingers into her pussy as she rotated her ass back, I pressed the tip of my thumb against her rosebud, “Too bad you’re leaving this afternoon, I could load you up and plug you before you leave.”

“OH FUUUUUUUUCK!!” she groaned, settling on my fingers and letting my thumb invade her ass for a nice little orgasm, feeling little pulses around my fingers telling me she was even squirting a little. I heard several little moans from behind me as the other girls participated with a nice little communal orgasm.

Sam settled down, then braced herself on the edge of the counter to get her legs under her and lift herself, hissing as my fingers came out from her pussy. She turned / rolled along the edge of the counter to turn around, looked down at her apron at the wet spot, then put her hands on my cheeks and gave me a deep kiss. “Damn you are BAAAAD!”

I washed my hands while she grinned and used the dry parts of the apron to wipe her thighs. The glows and aroma of pussy told me my girls enjoyed the little show. The girls dug into breakfast while it was still warm with little grins all around.

Between bites Sam said, “That’s the last of the eggs and sausage too.”

Maria asked, “You want to watch Maya while I run to the store? I have several stops I need to make.”

Sam nodded, enjoying her sausage.

Maria shut her pumps down, not quite draining her, but enough she had a few hours before she would be full enough to drip. And of course I just hated the way her partially full tits swung and jiggled as she moved with pump extended nipples looking like they really needed to be suckled. She scooted up stairs, then came back down in her jeans and half cup, pulling one of MY dress shirts on. I raised an eyebrow at her. She just grinned and stuck her tongue out at me, making the other girls giggle.

As soon as she was out the door, “Hey Sam, could you give me a hand lifting something into place in the garage. It’s not that heavy, just awkward.”

“No problem.” We began picking up plates, but Nicole and Brittany waived us off. I followed that wiggling ass up the stairs, leaning forward enough to kiss her cheek before getting to the top making her screech and scoot ahead.

I grabbed jeans and was pulling a t-shirt on when she pulled bahis firmaları another of my dress shirts on. I grinned and shook my head. I didn’t have to mark my ‘territory’, the girls were making sure it was marked for me.

Sam got on one end of the sink, and me on the other after I ran a bead of silicone around the rim. It settled into place nicely for only cutting from measurements and no dry fit.

“So what’s this for?” Sam inquired with her hands on her hips and my shirt mostly unbuttoned. I have to admit with all the drawers pulled out it wasn’t very clear.

I grabbed the sink anchors and stuck my head in where the regular drawers would be. “For Maya’s baths…” I said to my own echo inside the dresser as I twisted around to start installing the anchors. I heard her head inside, abandoning me to my project… I thought.

“OH WOW!” I heard behind me. I pulled my head out and came face to… pussy!… with my chocolate pixie. Of course I did the natural thing and leaned forward and ran my tongue through her lips. She grabbed my head for two licks, then scooted herself back, letting me see her crew.

I had Sam, still dressed, Brittany in jeans and open shirt, and Nicole still NAKED!

“What did you do?” Brittany asked, putting hands on hips pulling MY DRESS SHIRT open past her jeweled nipples.

“Just some pieces… I still have to mount the wand,” pointing to the restaurant spray head.

The girls were grinning, “And what are these?” pointing to the cut down drawers.

I picked one up and slid it in the top slot, mostly blocked by the sink. The sides went right on past, what I had left in place made a nice shallow drawer for little things.

“That’s NEAT!” Brittany said. “Wait until she sees this.”

“It’s a surprise.”

That got a chorus of ‘Awwww’ and ‘the look’ so I figured I did something good. I got a quite the kiss from Sam and Brittany, and when Nicole came in for hers I held her tight.

“Do I have any shirts left?” asking as the girls went through the door back into the house.

Nicole giggled at that, “Well they were going to have Maria monogram them, but I told them to hold off.”

From the giggle from Nicole I must have had quite the look on my face. She closed my mouth. I didn’t realize it had dropped open, to give me another nice kiss while I squeezed and groped her ass. Even getting a nice moan when I let a finger dip between her cheeks.

We cuddled while Nicole looked it over. “So where’s the top?”

TOP? WHAT TOP???? “I hadn’t started on it yet, I wanted to see what you thought…”

“Well as long as it’s padded and ‘water proof’,” She grinned.

“I’m not sure how it will stand up, but I was thinking about one of those heavy vinyl table cloths with the kids pictures and stuff on them.” WHERE EVER I COULD FIND ONE…

“HEY! That would work! I think the Big Box Store even had them on sale…”

ALL RIGHT! “So lift off or hinged?”

“Lift off?… With a kid in one hand?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

OKAY, OKAY, “That’s what I thought, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something since ‘I’m just a guy’.”

Nicole pulled back to me, snuggling in tight. WHEW, I GOT AWAY WITH IT! Mmmmm she has such a nice soft and yet firm ass… that fits soooo nice in my hand. “Well as much fun as this is, I better get my supplies while I’m thinking of it.”

“You’ll have to take Brittany’s car, Maria took the van.”

I smiled and shook my head, glad for the subject change. “We’re going to have to think about another vehicle or two…” giving her another quick kiss and escorting her back to the house as her computer phone was going off… had to be Shelly on a Sunday. She was as much of a tight ass on long distance as we were.

So it was off for my shopping trip. First off was the Big Box store for the table cloth and I got lucky and got the last girly one that was there. The craft store for some foam and the lumber yard for a quarter sheet of plywood and some spring hinges and I had all my supplies. Of course by that time Maria was home so I couldn’t work on it with her in the kitchen.

She had started doing the big Sunday evening meal thing, and since Sam and Brittany were leaving a little before supper time, it was going to be a late lunch / early supper thing.

I snuck down to my work room to make a call.


“Good afternoon, thank you for calling The Hotel. How can we assist you?”

“Hey Jake, its Danny.

“Hey guy, what’s up?”

“Is Amy working today?”

“She’s off today but will be in tomorrow. What did you need?”

“Sam’s getting her check ride tomorrow for her next pilot rating. I’d like to do something to celebrate…”

“I’ll mention it to her tonight…”

“Thanks Jake, I’ll check in with her sometime around lunch time to confirm.”

“OK, Bye.”


I made it back upstairs to find the girls gathered around the island. Maria was just about finished, but since she was doing her everybody together meal, we were eating in the kaçak iddaa dining room.

So there I was, sitting at the head of the table, with my girls… ALL IN MY SHIRTS! They saw me looking and grinned, all I could do was shake my head. While Nicole was only wearing my unbuttoned shirt, the other girls had unbuttoned theirs, giving me a nice collection of cleavage shots without actually baring their chests. Of course all the nipples standing out under those shirts was soooo unbearable…

Sam and Brittany wolfed down their meals, and Maria, expecting that put some cookies in a baggie for them to take along for the flight. Of course they were all ready… and waiting on Justin to pick them up, pacing back and forth inside the front door. As soon as I opened the gate for Justin they were out the door, bags in hand. Tossing them in, they were off barely letting Justin come to a complete stop.

We picked up and did dishes. I had to rinse, seems guys don’t know how to wash correctly, much less put things away properly.

Getting a kiss from both, I grabbed the tapes from yesterday and headed down stairs to make copies, putting the relevant parts together on one tape, then made two copies, one for Kate and one to send to Chuck and Christine.

I got back upstairs to find Nicole and Maria leaning back against the couch on the big bed, with Maya in her crib to one side. Maria lifted the cover for me to get between them. I settled in and they both scooted down under my arm letting me drape it over them on each side, and hand on each tit.

I had to grin! A few months ago, before moving day, I would have given my left nut for a day like today. Waking up with four naked women in my house, watching a breast feeding mother feed and then pump, having a gorgeous petite blonde let you grope her and get her off, dinner with all of them wearing your shirts unbuttoned, and finally going to bed with two of them naked on either side of you with a tit in each hand… Nope, no improvement for that scenario.

And finally rolling over, that lactating Mexican mother with her warm tits in your back and her hand on your firm cock. A delicious petite black woman spooning in front of you, your hand on her tiny tit with her hard nipple in the palm of your hand.

And yet this was a fairly calm and boring day… What a life…

39 – Sam gets her wings

Mmmmmmmm back to my usual morning routine! I could feel my cock going down a throat. I cracked an eye to see just that, my little chocolate pixie looking at me as she swallowed me down. I reached down and cupped her chin as she took me down, moaning slightly. I had to grin as she tried to grin with a throat full of cock.

Nicole was enjoying herself this morning, it wasn’t an all out going to the airport throat fuck, but she wasn’t laying back and taking her time. Clamping her lips around me as her tongue worked the underside of my cock as she took me in. She was even able to lick my balls while she had me buried. “OH FUCK…” Gladys is going to have to see this one!

Nicole came up off me, actually letting my cock out of her mouth. “Maria, he’s making too much noise…”

Maria snickered, “I know just what to do Mistress.” She sat Maya to one side and leaned over me, putting her still full tit in my mouth.

“Mmmmmphhhhhhh!” as her milk flowed and Nicole dived back on me. I reached between Maria’s legs to find her wet pussy, dipping a finger in and then pulling it back out to play with her clit. She groaned and fell forward, mashing that hot tit into me and making her spray into my mouth.

Meanwhile, Nicole was going for broke, feeling her nose ramming into my crotch while she played with my balls. Maria staying mashed into my face, moving and gyrating against my lips as her tit flooded my mouth, her pussy over flowing over my fingers.

OH FUUUUUCK!! Nicole was cheating! Her fingers went from my balls to my ass. I would have been shouting I’M CUMMING but my mouth was being flooded. I did scream something into her tit as I spasmed, unloading into Nicole’s throat. She backed off a bit to let me finish in her mouth, working my prostrate like a mad woman proctologist.

I felt Maria flowing and squirting against my hand, then she flopped down beside me watching Nicole work my cock inches in front of her face, my fingers still trapped between her thighs.

Nicole finally released me, rolling back with a huge grin. I was still oozing, and Maria grinned, rolled toward me, and swallowed me down, enjoying working me in her throat, feeling her lips against my balls. I gave her a little squirt. Okay, it was more like she sucked it out of me, giving me a little squirt against my hand.

I shook my finger at Nicole. She grinned back, then leaned forward to lick the base of my cock as Maria had the head between her lips. “OH SHIT!” grabbing her ass and flexing my fingers still between Maria’s thighs

The girls rolled back giggling, Maria still slowly stroking me.

“Do you guys ever get out of bed?” I looked up to see Jean standing there kaçak bahis with a big grin. I just stuck my tongue out and closed my eyes hearing her snicker.

We did manage to roll out of bed, me giving both of them a kiss and a grope. Nicole grabbed her coffee and headed to her computer, while Maria and I sat in the kitchen, her sipping and pumping while I enjoyed my cereal. Yes it was cold milk from the frig, but since I had quite the mouthful before I even got out of bed I couldn’t really complain.

Of course it was soooo difficult to sit and watch her pump. Seeing her nipples pull with every pump, watching her tits shrink as her milk was drawn from her into the bottles. Seeing her finger pointing up between her tits… HUH? Oh, seeing her grin at me watching her…

She finished her coffee as I finished my cereal, rinsing out the dishes. We headed upstairs to grab some clothes, Maria in jeans and a t-shirt, grabbing some other things. Me also in jeans and t-shirt.

I headed around the corner to what used to be my room. Jean had the drywall on the back wall cut back and was ready to frame in for a new door when she got around to it. I found her in the new shower area, getting ready to start setting shower valves.

“So how did we come out?”

“Pretty good,” sitting back on her heels, “We have three on each side, plus the four rain forest heads in the center. And of course the extra wand near the stool.” Pointing to the raised section of the floor with the stool flange in the middle.”

“How long before we have water on the other side of the wall?”

“Probably around lunch, I have two more to set on this side before I can set that one, then put the drywall back on.”

“Sounds good, I have to run out and get some feed lines, forgot to pick them up the other day.”

“OK, why don’t you use a washing machine discharge hose for the drain. Then I can disconnect and move if I need to mud and paint,”

“Will do. Can you give me a hand bringing it up later?”

“Just let me know.”

“OK, have fun.” she grinned and shook her head.

By the time I came back down, Maria had left for the other house, so I made the trip to the garage to finish the lid. Since it was all going to be covered I didn’t have to worry about super fine sanding or finishing. Cut it down to size, cut an extra strip for the back side to let it hinge over the thickness of the sink lip, then a quick sand before stapling on the foam and vinyl cover. Set the two spring loaded hinges and it was all set.

I strapped it to the dolly, and with all the drawers out it was a lot better than I thought it would be, so up the stairs I went. A few trips for the drawers and it was set. I leaned a piece of drywall against it to hide it a bit before heading out for the plumbing parts I missed. I would have most of my projects done for the day… and it wasn’t even lunch time!

I had just got back in the door…


I stuck my head in the office, “Yea babe?” eyeing my naked executive.

“Some guy called for you just after you left, wouldn’t say who he was, said he’d call back in a little while when you got back.”

I just shrugged my shoulders, “No idea, but if it’s important…”

She just grinned and went back to her computer. I headed up and put the pieces on the new baby bath, leaving the other ends for Jean.

Well I shouldn’t really pester Nicole, so it was off to pester Maria! I grabbed a sandwich, getting down to the last of Martins delicious smoked meat and headed over.

It was almost de ja vu, there was Kate up on the pedestal and Maria in jeans and her strapless long line pinning something on the bottom.

Kate stuck her right leg out, the split coming high on her thigh, “So what do you think?”

I smiled at her, “Looks good, not quite what I had pictured, but really nice.”

Maria giggled, and Kate grinned wide. “Maybe you had something like this pictured?” Kate reached down, and for a second I thought she was ripping the dress open, BUT IT WAS VELCRO!

Now the slit was way above her hip, the little valley between her mound and leg showing nicely.

“Now that’s more like it!”

“Are you sure it gives enough access?” she asked, raising her eyebrow and shifting her leg to let a little more of her mound show.

Well since step dad is a lawyer, “So you think it needs some independent testing do you?”

“DEFINITELY!” Maria giggled at Kate’s quick response.

“Well I guess I could test it if I had to.” Maria snickered and shook her head as I stepped beside Kate. With Kate on the platform and me on the floor it was a wonderful view. Her chest at eye level, the sides of her tits obviously not covered by the dress, and the slit in her dress at easy access height.

I slid my left hand in, brushing the back of my hand across her shaved mound.

Kate closed her eyes, kicked her head back and hissed, “Mmmmmmm Yesssss.”

I slid my hand back and forth a bit, then she said with her eyes closed and her head still back, “But does it give you FULL access to me?”

I slipped my left hand out and put my right in, palm against her mound and gave it a squeeze, getting a groan from her. “More…” as she rotated her leg, opening access to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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