Serendipity Ch. 15

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Two steps forward, one step back

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

15 – Two steps forward, one step back

Sunday was almost a dream. We woke together, but just the two of us again. Well almost together. I woke to Nicole with her head propped on her hand watching me. “Good morning gorgeous, how’s my little chocolate pixie this morning?” She just leaned forward, kissed me, and leaned back still looking at me. “What?”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Know just what to say to people.”

“I don’t, it depends on the people I’m saying it to.”


“It’s not what you say, it’s the people you say it to.”

“Now I’m really confused.”

“I say what I think, I say what I feel. I say what I’m going to do. If they are people like me, it resonates. If they aren’t, it pisses them off. Either way I guess you could say it was the right thing.”

“Did I say I was confused before? Danny you always seem to know what to say to people.”

“Oh babe, if that were only true. Did I say the right thing to the first remodeling contractor, or the heifer in Vegas? And what about the guys at The Software Company other than Bob?”


“Because they were what I call close minded self centered assholes. I would even bet there will be several ladies back in Vegas that won’t come back once things are finalized because I didn’t do something the way they wanted. Or they don’t like one of my rules or the security precautions. Partially because of the way I did something, but most likely because they can’t get away with something, so they will feel slighted.”

Nicole’s eyebrows lifted and said, “I’ll be right back.” She rolled out of bed and scooted to the living room. She reappeared a second later and kneeled beside the bed. She removed her collar and laid it out on the bed beside me, then revealed one of her new ones in her hand. Nicole looked me in the eye as she put the new collar on without even looking at it, and then leaned forward to kiss me. “I love you Master. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” And she went back out.

I looked at the collar, running my fingers over the edge. I lifted it to my nose. It had her sent. Not her perfume or shampoo, but her SCENT. Almost as if I was nuzzling her neck. But right now I smell bacon and my tummy says it needs a refill. I found her in the kitchen in an apron. From the back it showed the center of her ass like a bad hospital gown.

“You know you leave your ass showing and I might have to play with it.” She just wiggled her ass and continued to finish the eggs. I came up behind her and ran a finger down her ass. Her only reaction was to spread her legs while she put the eggs on the plates and put the pan back on the stove. I reached down a little further to her wet lips. That got me a moan and a slight shudder. I brought my wet fingertip back up to her rosebud and circled it slowly, not wanting to cause any discomfort with her tender pussy.

That got me a whimper. “Do you want to cum for me?” She nodded slowly. “Put your legs together and cum for me when I put my finger in. She was shuddering trying to keep from cumming as she brought her legs together. I leaned up close and breathed in her ear. “Cum,” as I pushed my finger into her ass and reached around her chest with the other arm. Trapping one tit against my forearm while I cupped the other and caught her nipple in my fingers. It was good and bad that I had my finger in her ass. Good because it kept her from falling down, bad because it drove it further in her ass making her cum even more.

“You know it’s hard for me to decide what is more beautiful. You or you orgasming.”

“Master?” still impaled in my finger in her ass.

“Yes little one?”

“Since my pussy is still a little tender, can I fuck my ass on your cock tonight like Tiffany did before?” clenching her ass around my finger.

“You’re probably going to need your plugs to do that. Starting with the little one pretty soon in order to open you up far enough for this evening.”

“Yes Master. And Master?….” standing a bit, but not enough to lift herself from my invading finger.

“Yes little one?”

“I want to have it put in me….”

“Like a good little sex slave?” and pushed on her rosebud a little.

“YESSSSS Master. I am yours.”, sinking down as far as she could on my finger, almost supporting herself on it.

“Let’s eat breakfast and then get moving. I think we need some short dresses like the top you wore yesterday, but maybe a little bit longer so a g-string isn’t needed?” wiggling my finger in her ass making her gasp.

“I’d kartal escort like that Master. It was nice to feel a breeze up my dress and over my nipples from time to time!”

“Then let’s eat and get moving!”

“Yes Master,” getting her feet under herself and lifting herself off my finger. She grabbed a paper towel to wipe her ass and brought my hand to the sink to wash me off and lick it dry.

She came back out of her room with her top and skirt on and all three plugs in her hand. She put the bigger two in my brief case with the phone, lubed up the little one and handed it to me. “Lift your skirt and bend over the back of the couch.”

“Yes Master.” She grinned, as she complied I started pushing it in. It went a lot easier than the first few times. “God I can’t wait for that to be your cock Master!” I pushed it home, and then gave it a nice little tap. “eeek!” as she grinned back at me over her shoulder.

We made a quick stop at a dress shop down the street, Nicole didn’t find exactly what she was looking for, but settled for something close enough that would cover her plug and was inexpensive. Then we were off for another fun day, just the two of us. First stop was the zoological gardens, not my cup of tea but Nicole was flitting from one section to another. What I thought was going to be a few hours wound up being almost all day. I couldn’t complain though, watching her flitting around like a little kid was magical. Of course the little glimpses down her dress at those delicious nipples did much for my stamina.

“So are you about ready to get out of here?” leaning over to let me look right down her dress to see tits, nipples, belly button, and even a hint of her shaved mound if I looked.

I laughed, “The question is, are you?”

“Well my tummy say’s it getting empty and needs more than food cart stuff.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well when we went to get my new collars I saw a new restaurant, and a new dress shop just down from Jakes store.” And she proceeded to unbutton two more buttons, opening her top well below her tits. A good breeze or leaning the right way would show them off nicely to more than just me.

“Well since you put it that way I guess I could be coerced into some more shopping. I had an idea I wanted to run past Grace and Melody if they are in anyway.”

“And just what might that be?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“My ever suspicious little chocolate pixie. I was thinking with everything we bought the other day, you still need something more ‘formal’ if the occasion should arise. We do still have the possibility of a wedding or reception at the house. Since they are familiar it would be easier to get something here rather than start all over again in Vegas.”

“I guess I could be talked into that. But will you feed me first?” as she pouted and turned to let her tit and nipple show completely.

I gave the obligatory ‘yes dear’ and we were off. I parked at the far end of the lot, and Nicole looked at me. “Why are we stopping all the way out here?”

“Because you need to bend over the seat, kneeling on the door frame, so I can put the next plug in.”

She started to reach around almost out of instinct. “I forgot it was there.” She got out and did just as she was told. “Please plug me Master.”, and put her ass as high as she could get it to receive her plug. “Thank you Master.”, was all she said as it slid home. She was all tensed for the flick of the plug, so I just flipped her skirt back down.

The gentleman at the door seating us and the waiter enjoyed her half open dress almost as much as I did with her tit and nipple doing their best to escape her dress, and her squirming on her plug didn’t hurt either. I don’t think our water glasses ever got less than ¾ full before they were topped off. I made it through the meal with the usual guy noises.. uh huh, oh?, and really? While Nicole went on about all the plants and things we saw today. Or should I say she saw. I spent more time enjoying her flashing me than I did looking at the displays.

We went into the family restroom for her last plug. I flipped her skirt up and played with the end, turning and twisting like I was having trouble with it, watching her ass open and close as it came in and out past the bulge. Them I grabbed the large one and began twisting it back and forth against her ass. It took a bit to get it in, and I think Nicole had a little orgasm when it slid past the bulge as her asshole almost sucked it in itself. I know she hissed as I slid my fingers in her pussy as the plug seated itself in her. She collapsed against the sink and looked at me out of the corner of her eye as I licked my fingers off. That little grin of being bad and enjoying it.

There was almost a collision of the waiters at the register, but one of the waitresses beat them to it. With a ‘have a nice evening’ along with an ‘I wish I could get away with that!’ under her breath as we left. Not sure if it was the braless or low cut, but she was maltepe escort bayan definitely looking at Nicole. We were off to the dress shop again.

As we approached the store, Nicole spotted ‘HER’ dress in the window. A wide beaded collar with two pleated strips down to a mid-thigh skirt. “OH Master, wouldn’t that be almost perfect?” and dashed into the store. After going back and forth with the sales clerk she was pissed. I seems that the dresses were only available with collars that matched the dress, they were not detachable. If she wanted a white collar it had to be with a white dress.

“Sorry babe, it’s getting close to closing time, let’s go see if Grace and Melody are still there.”

“Okay.” She wasn’t happy.

We were just walking through the door when we were attacked by two wild women.

“Oh Master Danny, Mistress Nicole, thank you, thank you, thank you!” and we each had a woman climbing on us kissing us like there was no tomorrow. Not just Master and Mistress, a good sign.

Nicole managed to dislodge Grace first. “I take it the other night was a success?”

“Oh Mistress Nicole, I forgot how much I enjoyed being with Master and a Mistress.”

“A Mistress? That was quick!”

Graces eyes flashed open. “I’m sorry Mistress Nicole, I was not clear. A Mistress in testing. Master allowed us to service him in turn while the others tested Miss Shelly’s endurance.”

“And I take it things went well?”

“Oh YES Mistress! Since Melody and Suzanne were more experienced, they started with Miss Shelly while I got to service Master!”

“And did you enjoy yourself?” she asked with a grin.

“Almost too much Mistress. I came so close to cumming as soon as I had Master halfway in my mouth. Then Master did the most wonderful thing. He stopped all of us and made it a free weekend. No permission needed for anything. He even said the more orgasms the better. If we were to evaluate how Miss Shelly would work with us that would be the best indicator! I started cumming as soon as I had him back in my mouth, and when I pressed him to the back of my throat I almost passed out!”

Nicole mockingly shook her finger at the girls. “And I suppose you two took advantage of your Master didn’t you?”

They just grinned. “Enough that we had to take several breaks. During one of the breaks Master explained to Melody and I some of Miss Shelly’s past experience. He said there would very likely be some differences in the way we did things compared to the way Miss Shelly did things with her Master for almost twenty years. Anything associated with working out the differences was allowed, with no restrictions.”

“It sounds like a wonderful evening.”

“So wonderful Mistress Nicole, Master even had us bring out the blankets so we could all curl up together in front of the fireplace. And it’s a weekend thing! We’re heading back as soon as we close up shop in a few minutes! But you didn’t come here to check on our weekend, did you Mistress Nicole?”

“Very observant of you little one. We were dress shopping a few doors up, but with less satisfactory results. Master Danny was also looking for some new jewelry for me but hasn’t elaborated.”

“What dress were you looking at Mistress Nicole?”

“I was looking at the one in the window a few stores up with the wide beaded collar, but they only have it with the collar matching the dress. I wanted different color dresses but with a white collar as I should. I was hoping for something with a little more access for Master Danny and the sales girl was not an enlightened woman by ANY means.” And she giggled a little.

“Um Mistress Nicole, what exactly are you looking for?” Melody asked meekly.

We turned to Melody, our quiet little one. “Well Melody, if I were to describe my perfect dress, it would have a nice wide white beaded collar of course. The vertical pleats a little narrower and thinner to allow access and let my nipples show when I want to, and easily removable of course. For the skirt, a little shorter and thinner is necessary, but add side slits all the way up to the waist band for full access.”

Melody thought about it a bit. “Mistress, I think I could do that. It’s been a while since I did any seamstress work, and it might take a few fittings to get the right fit. But I’d be willing to try. But Mistress Nicole….”


“We should have left for Masters house a little while ago. We need to go unless you can call Master and see if he will allow us to work on this for a little while more.”

Nicole turned to me with a pleading look. “Yes, I’ll make the call while you ladies figure things out. I need to speak to Grace about your jewelry yet as well.”

I called Jakes home, and a female voice I didn’t recognize answered. “Hello.”


“Yessss? May I help you?”

“Suzanne, this is Master Danny,” I heard a sigh on the other end.

“Master Danny, how wonderful to hear from you. What can I do for you?”

“Well Suzanne, I’m at the shop escort pendik and need to ask Master Jake if I can detain the girls for a few things I’d like to get taken care of before I leave for Vegas?”

“Hold on a second Master Danny, I’ll ask. Master is testing Miss Shelly’s dictation skills.” I just grinned at the picture that brought to mind! “Master says it is quite all right. Just be ornery and remind the girls what they are missing.”

“I will pass that on. Give him my thanks and go enjoy yourself.”

I turned to find Grace a few steps away awaiting permission. “What did Master say Master Danny?”

“He said it was OK for you to stay a while and to tell you both you were missing him testing Miss Shelly’s dictation skills.”

She got a dreamy look and squeezed her thighs together. “Oh Master Danny, she has such a different way of sucking Masters cock. I can almost cum just from watching her.” We started to walk back over to Melody and Nicole. “What did you have in mind for new jewelry?”

Melody and Nicole stopped talking as we came back over to them. Melody looked at Grace for a second until she nodded and smiled, and a look of relief. “Nicole, lower your dress so I can explain to grace what I’m looking for.”

“Yes Master.” She lowered the top of the dress to her waist, clasping her hands behind her back and thrusting her tits out.

“Mistress Nicole has the lovely collars we picked out the other day.” Her nipples hardened even more thinking about that. “But she does not have what I would call a ‘Formal’ set. What I’m thinking about is a nice white elegant beaded collar with a nice white loop in the middle. From that loop, three white chains. One to each nipple and one hanging straight down where I could fasten a nice jewel. But instead of going to a band on her nipples like all her others, going to a flat or slightly conical disk like a fender washer on each nipple. I think that would really look good and show off her nipples even more by covering her areola a little. What do you think?” We all looked at her nipples thinking of what it would look like.

“Danny!” Nicole groaned.

“Could you ladies imagine how much more it would show off her delicious nipples? Everyone would be looking at them.”

“Dannyyyyyyy!”, she gasped and she had a nice little orgasm, barely keeping her feet under her.

Grace looked to Melody, “Get Brittany.” Melody nodded and left. “Master Danny that is not something we can do here, but there is a young lady that works at the jewelry kiosk around the corner. If we’re lucky she is still there.”

“How will she feel about working on something like this?”

“Brittany is a free spirit. What I would call enlightened but unattached. It’s too bad you have to go all over to get everything you want. It would be nice to have all this in one store.” Turning to get us something to drink.

Nicole and I looked at each other wide eyed, realizing what Grace had just said as she turned to get us some water. We knew what each other was thinking, and neither of us said anything in response.

Melody came back with a petite but chesty young redhead dressed in dark clothing. What we might call Goth today. “This is Brittany. She works at the jewelry kiosk around the corner. She also makes custom jewelry.”

Brittany was looking between me and my topless chocolate pixie standing there with her chest stuck out and bands on her huge nipples. “Did Melody tell you what we’re looking for?”

“Only that you needed some special erotic jewelry that I might be interested in doing.”

“Are you aware of the girls’ relationship with the owner of the store?”

“They have told me of it, but I’ve not experienced it directly. I’m not sure if I want to.” She looked a little worried.

I smiled at her, “You have nothing to fear. Everyone here is here by choice and can walk away at any time.’ That relaxed her. “But at the same time, none of the girls will hold back on what they feel or choose to do. Will that be OK?”

Now she smiled, “I think I can handle that.”

“Master Danny?” Grace asked. Brittany looked startled. I think it was the first time she had heard that from Grace in that tone.

“Yes little one?”

“The front door is closed and the curtains are pulled. Do we still have to wear clothes?” Now Brittany’s mouth dropped open.

“Of course not.” I barely finished my words and she and Melody were stripping down. While they had g-strings and lace bras to remove as well as their outer clothes, Nicole simply undid two more buttons and her dress dropped down around her ankles.

The girls had finished stripping and were rubbing their tits now that they were free of bras. “Master Danny, may we remove yours as well?”

“I have no objection, but you have someone else to ask as well.”

Grace looked shocked at her mistake. She turned and dropped in front of Nicole with head bowed and knees spread. “Forgive me please Mistress. I am not used to having a Mistress yet. May we undress Master?” Definitely shocked when she dropped back to Master / Mistress by default. Brittany was totally dumbfounded.

“It is quite all right little one. I know it has been quite a change for you two. I think I would enjoy watching you undressing Master instead of doing it myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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