Saturday: Power of Trust

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The Seven Days are a collection of seven one-chapter stories involving fantasies and role-playing with a personal flavor. These are my personal wish lists that I wished I had lived out before I had gotten married. So sit back and enjoy.

MONDAY: Law & Order
TUESDAY: Mile High Club
WEDNESDAY: Forbidden Fruit
THURSDAY: Overlooking the Stereo Types
FRIDAY: Two is Fun Three is Never a Crowd
SATURDAY: Power of Trust
SUNDAY: Out in the Country

* * * * *

SATURDAY: Power of Trust

How great could a job be? For Gary, it couldn’t get better. His uncle had passed away and left him a large sum of money. Gary invested it wisely, and bought his dream: A sports pub. He knew nothing of bars or pubs but he had hired a good manager to run it. His pub, “The Fifth Quarter” was like a toy for him. Lori was his no nonsense manager who had tons of experience in the food and beverage industry and she had literally built it into the success that it was. Lori kept him in line with all the bureaucratic rules that had existed.

Gary loved the big screens in his pub. He loved working as a bartender. He loved meeting people and he loved meeting the girls that came into his bar.

“Quit staring at her ass and fill these drink orders.” Hissed Lori in his ear.

“I wasn’t staring,” Replied Gary, “Boy, you’re no fun at all, if you didn’t keep making me those profits I’d have fired you a long time ago.”

“If I didn’t keep you in line, you’d be in jail for harassment” She retorted. “Anyways, Tom can cover for you, I need you to sit in on the final interview for the part time waitress that we’re adding for the Friday and Saturday night shift.”

Gary quickly finished the drink orders and walked up to his office. Lori had gone back to the bar to bring up the interviewee.

“Gary, this is Michelle Jones, Michelle, this is Gary Barker the owner of this Pub.” Lori said as she introduced them to each other.

“Nice to, ah, meet you.” Gary stuttered as he shook her hand. There was something about Michelle that really caught his interest. Lori went through a few things with Michelle and Gary dreamily asked a question or two. They shook hands and Michelle left the room.

“What do you think?” Asked Lori.

“About what?” Gary asked.

“Where you not paying attention?” Exploded Lori, “Jesus Gary, stop thinking sex all the time with the waitresses, the first time you decide to boink one of them they can sue you for Sexual harassment. Start thinking with you head, and not your penis.”

“Yeah you’re right.” Mumbled Gary “Go ahead hire her.”

Friday night quickly came. The big screens were alive canlı bahis with two hockey games, a basketball game and a football game. And soon, the bustle was over and it was closing time. As they were getting ready to close up Michelle came over to ask Gary for change for the bus. “It’s awful late to be catching a bus, does it even run this late?” Asked Gary.

“The last one comes by at 2:45, it will get me home by 3:30.”Michelle told him.

“Forget the bus, I’ll give you a lift home.” Offered Gary.

“Can I see you for a minute?” Interrupted Lori as she dragged Gary off to the side.

“What are you doing?” She whispered at him.

“I’m offering her a ride home, look at the time?” Gary told her.

“Gary, I’ve told you before, you’ll get into trouble banging the employees, it’s against the law, and it’s a violation of the Power of trust.”

“I’ll behave,” He told her, “Besides you’re not jealous now are you?”

“Don’t make me laugh,” snorted Lori, “I’m the one that has to maintain order around here. Remember, you love this bar, don’t lose it by doing something foolish.”

Lori walked out to her car to head for home. Gary shutoff the lights and set the alarm, and locked up.

“Thank you so much for this,” Michelle said gratefully, “And thank you for hiring me, I need this second job so badly.”

“Second job?” Quizzed Gary “Why do you need two jobs?”

“My no good ex-husband is in jail, but during our relationship he left me so much debt, the creditors are constantly wanting payment.” Michelle told him. “Thankfully my kids are staying with my parents and they are putting them through school for me, while I try to work off my debt with creditors.”

“How much do you still owe the creditors?” Gary quizzed her.

“I still owe thirty thousand,” Moaned Michelle, “That should only take ten years to work off.”

“Thirty grand, what did your ex buy?” exclaimed Gary.

“What didn’t he buy, he had a gambling problem.” Michelle explained, “He would buy stuff on credit card and then sell or pawn off the goods, He had three Visa cards and four Master cards, so guess what, they all want to get paid.”

“Wow.” Said Gary as he shook his head. He turned into the driveway of a small house. A middle-aged man in his sixties was loitering out front.

“Of shit, just what I need.” Groaned Michelle.

“What now?” Gary asked her.

“I sleep occasionally with the Landlord when I’m behind in rent,” She told him, ” I still owe for this month and he’s obviously wanting an interest payment. To make things worse really a lousy lover.”

Gary seized his chance, ignoring Lori’s earlier warnings.

“I’ve got an idea,” Gary told her, “Give bahis siteleri him this instead this will cover rent and interest.”

Gary handed Michelle twenty one hundred dollar bills.

“Oh I can’t. I wouldn’t want to infringe on you, you’re my new boss.” She replied.

“Nonsense. Take it, give yourself some piece of mine.” Gary said.

Michelle took the money and walked over and had a brief conversation with the Landlord. The Landlord took the money and left to return to the house.

“Thank you so much again,” Michelle whispered, “Would you like to come in for a while? Its only a basement suite.”

“I really shouldn’t,” Lied Gary, “I could get into legal trouble, you know employee thing stuff.”

“Nonsense, I’m only inviting you in for a coffee, and to say thank you.” Michelle told him.

Gary smiled to himself. He needed no further encouragement. He followed her inside to her tiny basement suite.

“It’s nothing fancy, put its comfy.” She told Gary. “Coffee, or something more intoxicating?”

“Hmm actually nothing really, Coffee will keep me awake, and well, I really don’t feel like anything alcoholic.” Gary weaved his way through the conversation.

“Well then,” Michelle said with a sly smile as she sat down beside him, “How about I properly thank you for the loan.”

“It wasn’t a loan,” grinned Gary mischievously, “It was a gift.”

Michelle, put her arms around Gary’s neck and gave him a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue darted deep inside his mouth. She quickly moved her hands and began to unfasten his jeans. She continued her kiss as she worked his jeans and shorts past his waist. She broke off the kiss and quickly flipped her shirt and bra off. Before Gary could move, she pounced on him grabbing his throbbing eight-inch cock.

“Hmm this is what I’ve been waiting for.” Michelle whispered seductively. ” A single Mom needs to get fucked once in a while.”

She licked his swollen, purple head, licking the occasional drop of precum from the tip. She skillfully licked his shaft and deep-throated the entire shaft to get an appreciative groan from Gary.

“Why don’t you kick off your jeans, and swing yourself up here so I can return the favor.” Suggested Gary

“Hmm sixty-nine, my favorite number.” Purred Michelle.

She quickly jumped out of her clothes and straddled Gary’s head so he had an easy access to her love mound. She eyed Gary’s cock, licking her lips as an idea came to her.

“How about a friendly bet?” She asked him.

“What kind of bet?” Gary Asked.

“If I get you to come first, then you have to drive me home for a week.” She told him.

“And if you come first?” He asked.

“Then bahis şirketleri you get to fuck me up the ass until you come.” She laughed.

“Sounds like I win either way.” Gary chuckled.

While Michelle quickly resumed her feverish licking of Gary’s shaft, Gary fingered her clitoris as his tongue explored her pussy lips. He spread Michelle’s lips as his tongue dived deep inside of her. Her wetness tasted wonderful as his tongue worked deep, probing and tasting her offerings. Gary then moved his tongue to her clit and slipped two fingers inside of Michelle.

Michelle groaned with pleasure as Gary’s probing was driving her wild with excitement. Her nipples were rock hard, and the muscles in her hips were tightening in anticipation of the wave of enjoyment that was coming. Michelle quickened her pace on Gary’s shaft. But it was too late. Gary’s fingers had found the G-spot.

“Ooohhh fuck.” She moaned as her orgasm swept over her.

Michelle’s legs tightened like a vise around Gary’s head, as he continued his licking throughout her orgasm. He continued to massage the spongy G-spot while his mouth sucked in her clit, stopping momentarily to massaging it with his lips.

“Uh, Oh, Jesus, Aaahhhhh.” Screamed Michelle as another Orgasm electrified her body.

Gary was relentless in his licking. He brought her off three more times, with each time being louder and stronger. Her love juices cascaded down his cheeks and neck. As Michelle collapsed from exhaustion, Gary took his wet slippery fingers out of her pussy and began to lubricate her ass hole.

“Can you spend a minute or two to fuck my pussy so I can feel you inside of me. Then you can fuck my ass all night.” Suggested Michelle.

Gary smiled as he maneuvered Michelle to the doggy position. He slipped his eight inches into her as Michelle groaned with approval. Her blowjob had really got him worked up and he knew his time was winding down before he “lost” it. He finished off with six slow deep strokes before he pulled his cock out of her.

“Just be gentle in there.” Reminded Michelle.

“I’m always gentle.” Replied Gary.

The tip of his cock nudged gently up to her puckered rose bud. Gary took his hand and rubbed his slick cock around the entrance and slowly inserted the head inside. Michelle moaned with pain and pleasure as Gary slowly inched his way in.

“I’m okay now” Panted Michelle as she could feel Gary’s eight inches fully buried up her ass.

Gary pumped his cock with a slow, gentle rhythm. Her sphincter muscles were tightly wrapped around his cock as he rocked back and forth. Gary had never enjoyed such a great feeling. Before he knew it, he came, emptying his load inside of her. He collapsed beside Michelle with a smile.

“Pretty good,” He gasped, “And, oh by the way, I’ll still give you a ride home next week.”

“Hmmm Ride, yeah, a ride, more ways the one.” She winked back, “More ways than one.”

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