Saturday Morning

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Double Penetration

Tess stretched – her body long in the bed. It was Saturday morning, and by her account, too early to be up. She padded downstairs, passing her brother’s closed door and into the kitchen. Grabbing the orange juice container she drank straight from the carton while scanning the counter top. A pink piece of stationary caught her eye.

“Tess and Jon –

Decided to be silly teenagers for a while. Have gone on brief second honeymoon. Have no fear, will be back by Tuesday. Food in fridge, please no parties, and no drinking out of the cartons (tess!)

Love you both

Mum and dad”

“Harrumph,” Tess said, replacing the orange juice. The whole house to her self for the weekend… only had to share it with her slightly recluse older brother… the plans she could make…

She started back upstairs, trying to think of whom to call first regarding the obvious party that would be happening, when she passed her brother’s door, now cracked open. Thinking to wake him up she pushed it open farther and stopped.

Jon was lying, very naked, on his bed. His cock, hard and rampant, was standing straight up and his hand moved at a slow smooth pace over the shaft. His hips lifting with each stroke. Tess watched, transfixed. She had never seen a man jerk off before. Sure she had slept with a good dozen boys in the years since liberating her virginity, but this was something entirely new.

Jon moaned, his hand working up and down his cock at a faster pace. Tess bit her lip, completely enthralled, her own pussy damp. His body arched off the bed as he moaned again, his breathing hard and loud. His hips pumping the air as his cock shot off stream after stream of hot white cum. Tess licked her lips as she watched it land over his stomach, her hands teasing the edge of her pajama pants.

She tiptoed back to her bedroom, hoping that Jon wouldn’t hear. Back in her bed, her fingers worked down her czech experiment porno body until they found her hot center. She spread her pussy lips, teasing her clit. She slipped a finger into her hot hole, her hips pumping her hand. She gasped softly, working her finger in and out of her cunt. Taking her other hand, she flicked her clit, each movement bringing her closer to orgasm. She squeezed her eyes shut as she fucked herself with her fingers. She was so close and then, suddenly her hands were above her head, held there tight. Her eyes popped open. Jon loomed above her, holding her hands tight and high above her head

She pushed up hard against him, feeling his body push back against hers.

“You like to watch? Do you?” He snarled.

This was unlike any side of Jon she had ever seen.

“No, it’s was ju-” She tried to explain.

“It was just nothing! You think you can just tease as you like and have no matter for the consequence? ” He pushed his now rock hard erection against her belly and she gasped.

“Jon, please, just calm down for a minute.”

He pushed again, his cock stiff between their bodies.

“I won’t calm down, I’ve had enough of your teasing to last a lifetime. I plan on taking what is mine!” He grabbed her by the hair, tugging her head up to look at him. He bent down, crushing his lips to hers. She gasped, it was so sudden and he was so hot. He took advantage of her spreading lips to stab his tongue into her mouth, running it along the edge of her teeth, teasing her tongue.

Unwantedly, Tess began to feel her body react, her pussy becoming even more wet. Jon’s tongue battled with hers, pumping her mouth. Holding her hands together with one hand, he tugged her pajama trousers over her hips and down her legs, tossing them aside. He sat her up, as if she were little more then a rag doll and pulled her shirt over her head, czech first porno video revealing her full breasts. He pushed her back down, leaning down hard over her. Her breasts pressed tight against his chest. Now, both naked, she could feel the heat of his body down the entirety of her own. She arched up against him, feeling his cock against her aching pussy lips.

“Jon, please…”

“Such a tease! Even now you want me.” Jon slipped a finger between her legs, running it down the thick lips of her pussy. “I can feel how wet you are.” He slid a finger between the lips, teasing. Tess gasped, her hips pushing up against his hand. His finger slid farther down, finally finding her hot hole and entering. He pumped slowly, feeling her heat rise.

“Beg me, Tess. Beg me to fuck you.”

Tess bit her lip and turned her head to the side, trying desperately to quell the hot fever that was between her legs. Jon added another finger, pumping her pussy, feeling the muscles tighten around him.

“Beg me. I won’t let you cum until you do.” He dropped her arms and started teasing her clit with his free hand, rubbing it in slow hard circles. She moaned softly, arching up against him hard.

“Jon…” She gasped.

He grabbed his cock and slid it around her clit. He slid his cock against the lips of her pussy, slowly rocking his hips, watching as she writhed on the bed. “Beg me Tess. Beg for my cock.” He punctuated his words by pressing the head of his cock into her and then withdrawing. He leaned down to kiss her, whispering against her lips. “Beg”

Tess arched, pushing his breasts against him. Jon leaned down, taking a nipple between his lips and biting gently. He suckled hard, his tongue running over the teat until it was rock hard. Her breathing came out ragged. He bit down harder. “Just beg, Tess,ÔÇŁ He said as he trailed a line of kisses to her other nipple, czech game porno taking that one into his mouth. She pushed up against him, feeling his cock rub her pussy. He bit her nipple hard again, while twirling the other between his fingertips. She gasped hard, almost lifting off the bed.

“Jon… please…”

He looked down at her.

“Please what?” he moved his hips, his cock throbbing against her skin.

“Please…I want…”

He leaned in close, his lips almost touching hers.


“Please… fuck me Jon… please…”

He lifted his hips and positioned himself at her pussy. She moaned loudly, her legs spread wide to receive his cock. He slid in slowly, stopping half way.

“Tell me how much you want my cock Tess… tell me”

She lifted her hips, trying to get more of his cock.

“I want you to shove your cock into me… pound me with it Jon, I need you to fuck me so hard.”

Jon drew back before slamming into her, his cock sliding all the way in. She cried out her pleasure, her body bucking hard. He pounded her body, each thrust harder then the last. She cried out with each deep shove, she body bouncing. He breasts jiggling with each thrust of his body. “Harder. I want you to shove into me harder.” she cried.

Jon started pistoning her tight cunt, his hips hitting hers. The hard sounds of slapping flesh the only sound other then Tess’ moans. He reached down, teasing her clit.

“Cum for me Tess… Cum for me.” He said as he rolling his fingers over her clit. She gasped, arching up against him, her hips bucking madly. He reached down to pinch her nipples, watching her face as she readily accepted his cock.

She arched up hard, pressed close to him as she came over his hard cock. He thrust into her all the way, feeling her tight cunt close over his cock. It took only another thrust and he came into her, shooting his cum into her hot pussy.

Tess purred, happily satiated. She wrapped her legs around him, keeping his semi hard cock still inside her.

“Happy now?” She asked. He pushed up into her, her cock starting to swell again.

“I’ll show you happy.” He said, leaning down to kiss her hard….

(to be continued)

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