Sapphic Serenity Ch. 02

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Disclaimer and Author’s Note: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older. This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them. They know who they are and I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome, flames will be laughed at, I promise.


Chapter 2- Getting In The Spirit

The weekend was surprisingly tame, considering that we spent all our time together in the house, naked and brushing one another’s hair. We seemed to have lapsed into a routine of comfort, or at least I finally joined my mom there, because that’s where she already was from the looks of it.

We sunbathed and swam, ate light meals and talked. We watched movies snuggled under a light sheet on the couch and I was pleased to note that I did not experience any more of the peculiar arousal I’d felt that last night and following morning. There were a few brief hugs, but no further kisses, except for pecks on the cheek. Had she noticed my awkwardness? Was it her who had changed how things felt for my benefit? To be honest, I couldn’t tell.

It was Sunday afternoon. We’d had a light lunch on the patio and take a nap in the lawn chairs. Mom woke me and asked if I wanted to do some yoga with her in the downstairs gym. I shrugged and acquiesced happily, since I loved a good yoga workout. It didn’t bother me that we were both still naked, I seemed to have acclimated to that particular situation.

Well, I thought I had.

Down to the basement we went. It was a large, well-lit space with various workout machines, mirrors on the wall, a heavy bag, a speed bag and mats on the floor. Standing in the middle of the room, we began by helping one another stretch. It sorta came out of nowhere, but I began to notice her body again, in that weird way I had the other night. Her athletic, curvy figure, flat stomach and incredible breasts just sang to me. Seeing her perfect ass when she bent over to touch her toes made my mouth dry. Her pussylips peeked out from just below the cheeks, a secret that I yearned for.

Mom then smiled and faced me, lowering herself down into a perfect split, her feet out to the side and pointing up. Her flexibility was amazing, but I know she’d always been that way, it was something I had inherited, much to my delight. She smiled up at me and took my hands, tugging down on them ever so gently and encouraging me to imitate her.

I smiled and did my own splits, now mirroring her, my hands in hers. Our bodies were so close I could feel her warmth, our nipples less than half an inch from touching.

“You okay like this?” she asked cheerfully. I nodded readily enough, hoping she wouldn’t notice me biting the inside of my lip. We clasped one another’s forearms, as we had countless times before in this position, the only difference being that we’d always been wearing unitards or something before. I was so acutely aware of her magnificent body that I didn’t always hear what she was saying to me. We began rotating out torsos slowly, holding one another for support. Stretching out our obliques and our lower backs, it was a good warm up. The problem was, I was afraid I was getting heated.

Our bodies moved closer, millimeter by millimeter, while we did the slow stretch. I don’t know why it happened, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t my mother who initiated it. Had I really wiggled my body closer to hers? Why, when we were so close already?

I could feel my feet and inner legs pressed to hers now. It took every shred of will to not tremble at the contact. As I rotated myself so that my head was hanging back, the last distance between us closed…

My pussy pressed to hers.

I know I shivered. Pretty damn sure mom did too. Who the hell wouldn’t have? She pulled me gently upright and our breasts met. We stared into one another’s eyes while our hands glided up to rest on each other’s upper arm. Breast to breast, stomach to stomach and pussy to pussy, our faces inches apart, we stayed put for an indeterminate amount of time. I’d never felt anything like it in my entire life.

Please, God, don’t let me get wet. Please, God, don’t let me get wet…

Mom was the one who finally spoke, breaking the thunderous silence. In her typical fashion, she smiled and put me somehow (or at least somewhat) at ease. The back of her hand came up and caressed my cheek gently.

“Guess we didn’t quite think this through,” she said in a soft voice. “Are… are you alright?”

I nodded. Well, I barely moved my head, but it was supposed to be a nod, my eyes never leaving hers.

“Sorry, if this is weird, baby,” she added, a glimmer of worry in her eyes. “I really didn’t-”

“It’s fine, mom,” I breathed, amazed to hear my own voice. “You’re my mom, nothing with you is weird.”

Neither of us seemed to know what to say for a few moments that felt like a few thousand years to me. Was my completely naked body really pressed to my completely naked mother’s? ankara escort How the hell did this happen if neither of us planned it?

“It’s okay,” I said again, assuring her as I put my arms around her and hugged her tight. “You’re my mom and I love you.”

If I thought our bodies couldn’t press any closer once I had hugged her, I soon found myself proven wrong, because she hugged me back. Our breasts were fully squashed into one another, bellies flat together. Our hairless pussies kissed, sending an electric tingle though me and I hoped I didn’t shudder too obviously at it.

“I love you too, darling,” she murmured, her lips next to my ear as she stroked my long blonde hair. “I’d never hurt you. It’s so unusual… your body feels so much like mine…”

“Well, I am your daughter,” I whispered back, knowing what she meant because I felt it too. “We know how alike our bodies are. It’s very…”

There was a brief pause as we both found the word we wanted to use.


We’d both said it and we both meant it. When this moment ended, I had no idea what would happen, but that was a million years away to me right then. We’d figure it out.

“Do you mind staying like this?” she asked softly, her lips to my ear. “I won’t mind if you don’t.”

“I want to,” I replied, hearing my own voice and being amazed by the response. “I don’t mind at all.”

She then brought her head back and looked at me, her eyes cheerful again. Her resilience was so inspiring to me that I felt better right that moment.

“Well, might as well see what we’ve gotten ourselves into,” she quipped, giving me a peck on the nose and then looking down at our boobs, squashed together so comfortably.

“Best… pillows… ever…” she declared, rubbing her tits back and forth against mine. I giggled and did the same, our nipples dueling and sending incredible tingles and thrills through me. I know it was having an effect on her too, because her little buds hardened up, just like mine were.

“I’m no lesbian, but I’m pretty sure I’d never get tired of rubbing my boobs like this,” she mused, looking down at the tight canyon our mountains formed. She then looked around the side of my body and down. “And that amazing little butt of yours…”

She reached down and grabbed the cheeks in her hands, giving them a squeeze as she pulled me closer. I laughed and squirmed, reaching behind to do the same to her. We were so busy squeezing one another’s butt cheeks, I don’t think we dared to notice how mashed together our cunts were. The lips sort of met and mingled and our clits may have brushed and pressed. But we didn’t dare notice. We didn’t dare.

We laughed as we writhed and wrestled for a little, bleeding away the tension, even if we were secretly getting ourself worked up. Her skin was warm, and quite a bit damper than it should have been for the small of amount of exercise we’d done. Not that I could judge, because my skin was pretty flushed as well, with a thin sheen of sweat to mark my condition.

We finally settled down, returning to hugging one another but staying as close as we could. Our chests were heaving and I could feel her heart fluttering in her chest, just as she could no doubt feel mine. She finally sighed and then moved somewhat, slinging one of her legs over mine and then taking my other leg and wrapping it gently around to rest at her behind. Scissored together like this, we had much more support than when we’d been in the splits. Body to body still, we began just caressing one another’s hair, arms and back, pressing our foreheads together, trying to compose ourselves. I’d given up on hoping she wouldn’t notice I was wet, which was fine, because I was acutely aware of her pussy being rather sticky too.

“One of the stranger workouts I’ve had in my time,” she said finally, sighing and smiling at me. “Worked up a sweat and need a shower now, even though we didn’t do any yoga.”

“Yeah, that was kind of a bust, no pun intended,” I quipped, smirking at her and squirming my boobs a little to emphasize my joke. She giggled and nodded. “We’ll try again later, I guess. I’ll shower down here, you can use the upstairs one, right?”

I nodded readily, not sure why I felt a tinge of disappointment. I’d showered with mom before, at the gym or in the backyard before swimming. Maybe this was her subtle way of saying some space was required so we could safely extricate ourselves from this situation? I knew she was wet, did she need to masturbate?

“Okay, darling, a kiss and then we get up…” she declared, her mind made up. I nodded and pressed my lips to hers without hesitation. She kissed me back, our arms wrapped tight around one another. Our mouths may have opened very slightly, but nothing serious, like tongue or anything. It lasted a good six seconds and she broke the kiss and beamed at me.

“Nice,” she mused, licking her lips quickly, as if to taste them. “Been a while since anyone’s escort ankara kissed me that good.”

“I was about to say the same thing,” I agreed, releasing her and standing. “No guy I’ve kissed at school has been that good.”

“Well I’m flattered,” she said humbly, placing a delicate hand on her collarbone. “And to be honest, I can’t even consider it a waste, baby. You’re a wonderful kisser.”

“Thanks, mom, your are too.” I said easily. “Okay, off I go.”

I turned and made my way out of the exercise room while my mom headed to the shower that was off the side of the gym. I don’t know why I did, but I paused. I stood silently at the bottom of the stairs for a few moments until I heard the water running. Slightly against my own will, I crept back and moved over to the side of the shower room. Inside, I could make out my mom’s lovely body on the other side of the glass.

I watched as she showered the sweat off her body, then used a loofah and moisturizer all over. Kneeling beside the corner, I stared intently, ready to dart out of view in case she turned around. I watched her hands rub the lotion into her amazing behind and felt that naughty tingle that I had no business feeling. I pulled my head back out of sight as she turned around partially, leaning forward against the back wall and letting the strong shower jet splash and dance off her ass cheeks. Slowly I looked around again, relieved that she hadn’t seen me.

I thanked her silently for buying the anti-fogging glass for the shower door, since I could see her clearly, except for the water droplets spattered across it and a layer of steam. Her eyes were closed as she let the water beat down on her, her back curved down to present her cheeks as an offering. I bit my lip as she squirmed beneath the jet. One of my hands glided over my breasts, giving them a massage and pinching my nipples before traveling further down, finally reach my sticky puss. I teased the lips as I watched her, sliding a finger up and down between them. The delicious shiver nearly made me sigh loudly, but I restrained myself.

One of mom’s hands began caressing her breasts. She let out a low moan and then moved the hand down between her legs. She shuddered as she played with herself, her neck arching. I matched her technique, now sliding my fingers inside my pussy, eyes still locked on her. God, it felt so good. Watching her pleasure herself was the most erotic thing I’d seen in my whole life.

She turned around and faced the jet now. Leaning her upper back against the wall, she tilted her hips forward, letting the jet now pound her pussy directly. She moaned and panted, massaging her lips and clit, her other hand clutching her breasts or tweaking her nipples. I shuddered as I noticed that I did things just like she did.

We pleasured ourselves the same way.

Mom was panting louder and louder as she fucked herself furiously. I was a sticky mess as I did the same, digging three fingers into my cunt while teasing my clit. Finally she couldn’t take any more and let out a long, low moan. She collapsed onto her ass, still rubbing her pussy furiously as she came, the jet pounding her.

I let out a (hopefully) silent scream as I came right after her, my pussy bubbling over with my juices, bathing my fingers. I bent forward, resting my head against the gym mat, squirming and writhing almost uncontrollably. I was cumming so hard…

I laid quietly for several moments, unable to move. Slowly I opened my eyes, focusing on my mom. She was still sitting in the shower, letting the water bombard her, her lovely breasts rising and falling slowly. Apparently she’d cum every bit as hard as I did.

Then she started to stir.

I quietly and as quickly as I could pushed myself to my hands and knees, taking a moment to regain my equilibrium. Then I rose and turned to pad away before she got out, grimacing slightly as I stepped in a sticky droplet of my own cum. I hoped she wouldn’t notice. That would be really awkward to explain.


Up to my room I went and then into the bathroom to take a shower. I kept the water cool, to help myself calm down, the cascade sending welcome relief to my overheated body. It pattered down on my face when I heard my mom at the entrance to the bathroom.

“Honey?” she called quietly. “You still in the shower?”

“Yeah, mom,” I replied, hoping I sounded casual. “Hannah called when I came up, so I didn’t get in right away.”

Oh, okay,” she said simply. “What did she call for?”

I paused for a second, having not expected her to make an inquiry as to the nature of my fabricated phone call. “She… just wanted to know if I wanted to go to a movie later.”

“Ah,” she mused. “You gonna go?”

“I said you and I were having mom-daughter time,” I answered, glad I didn’t have to lie about that. “She understood, so yeah, skipping going out.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you,” she said cheerfully as she came in, still standing ankara escort bayan by the door. Thankfully, the glass on this shower stall was frosted, so she could only see a blurred outline of me. “But you didn’t have to do that if you really wanted to go.”

“Oh, no, mom,” I said with complete honesty. “I’m having an amazing weekend with you. This is exactly what I want to be doing.”

“Thank you, baby,” she purred, clearly pleased. “Dammit, I have to pee. Mind if I?”

“No, go ahead,” I said simply, not bothered by it. “‘sides, not like I’ve never seen you pee before.”

This was true enough. We had a cottage up north and if we were walking around in the woods it wasn’t uncommon for us to just pop a squat as the need came and pee.

“So what else shall we do tonight?” she asked as she seated herself. “Pop in a movie? Board game?”

I thought about it for a moment, pausing as I cleansed myself. “How about the air hockey table? Been ages since we did that.”

“Oh, that does sound fun,” she mused, sounding pleased. “Let’s do that, shall we? I’ve got some craft beer in the fridge and tequila, we can get shit-faced and play air hockey!”

She finished up and left without another word, leaving me to conclude my badly-needed shower. I dried off and almost got dressed before remembering this was our naked weekend. I finally went down to the game room and found mom there, having already set up the beer, tequila and snacks, which consisted of tortilla chips with spicy salsa and mango slices. She was just firing up the air hockey table when I arrived, winking at me as I walked in.

“Ready to have your cute little ass handed to you, darling?” she asked, her eyes bright with excitement and amusement. “Even your dad couldn’t beat me at air hockey, and he was Canadian.”

“We’ll just see about that,” I replied as I approached, taking up my little air hockey paddle and staring at it for a moment. “Are they just called paddles?” I asked quizzically.

“I think the technical term is ‘mallet’, at least that’s what your dad told me,” mom answered, putting her hand over various sections of the surface to see if the air was blowing. “So what do you say? Beer is for drinking, but you do a tequila shot every time the other person scores?”

“Fair enough,” I answered, shrugging. I’d have been just as happy to take a shot if I scored, but mom planned this all out after I suggested it and if there was one thing mom knew how to do, it was make sure people had fun. “Who goes first?”

“I’ll put the puck in the center and it’ll just drift to whomever it wants, I guess,” she said. “That’s as fair as it gets.”

She then came around from her side of the table and offered me her hand. “May the best air hockey player win.”

“Thanks, I will.” I said, smirking. She giggled and leaned in, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. Our breasts bumped together, but neither of us showed any sign of noticing. She then wiggled back to her own side and picked up the puck. She carefully placed it down in the middle of the table and we watched intently as is slowly drifted across the surface…

Mom’s hand flashed out and her paddle smacked the puck. Before I was ready it had shot past my defense and down into the goal pocket. I look up at her wide-eyed and she grinned. “Take your shot, darling.”

I sighed and poured myself a shot, picking up a lemon wedge while I was at it. I knocked back the shot, grimacing for a moment as I chewed on the lemon wedge. Mom giggled as she watched, leaning on her hands on her side of the table.

“Not gonna make this easy for you, babe,” she said casually, winking. “You wanna win, you’re gonna have to earn it.”

“It was only one goal,” I retorted, putting down the shot glass. “Wouldn’t be the first time in history someone came back from a one goal deficit, you know…”

“Deeds, not words, baby.”

I nodded and retrieved the puck from the pocket and set it on the surface before looking down the table. I couldn’t help but notice my mom’s lovely, big full breasts hovering over her end, her hands spread wide enough to make sure they were prominent.

“You trying to distract me with your tits?” I asked, trying to frown but failing.

“Moi?” she asked innocently, looking up at the ceiling as if she were wearing a halo. “Would I ever do anything like that?”

“I’ve done it to distract people, so I’m pretty sure you would.” I replied. “Arms out to the sides? Tits squarely in everyone’s vision. Yeah, I’ve mastered that tactic.”

“Oh,” she said, pretending to look embarrassed. She moved her arms closer to the center , now using them to squeeze her boobs together, making them look bigger and even more amazing. “Better?”

I sighed and returned my attention to the table, watching the puck slowly drift around…

I shot it and banked it off a side, but mom was ready and sent it back. I caught it and returned fire. The puck clacked back and forth between us about ten times before it clattered its way into her goal.

“Yes!” I said triumphantly, jumping in the air, all thoughts of humility forgotten. Mom laughed as my tits bounced. “Still convinced this is gonna be easy there, mom?”

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