Same Time, Same Place Pt. 02

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Group Sex

We are in your town. We’ve had a lovely dinner, some wine and alcohol with our meal. It’s now time for a walk, and perhaps, some dessert….

You are wearing a black dress, it’s very snug and accentuates every curve perfectly. It’s not too long, and not too short, giving me a glimpse of your thighs, leaving me desperate to see more of you. We share a warm loving kiss, and embrace. My arms are around your lower back, and yours are around my neck. We hold the kiss for a few more moments, then pull back a little to look into each others eyes. Your beauty takes my breath away, yet I still manage to say “I have missed you..” You giggle in response, “I know you have, I can tell…” and it’s then I realise our lower bodies are still together, and you can feel my stiffness through our clothing.

It makes me smile all the more, “you know, I don’t think my erection has stopped since before, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

You give me a little wink, “I may be able to help you with that…if you’re a good boy, but let’s walk for a while and talk.”

It’s your town, so I hold out my hand to you, and let you lead me to where you want to go. I like when you lead, with what you want, and at your pace. Giving you that space will help you stay relaxed and comfortable with me.

“Do you like it here? Are you glad you came?”

“Of course, I love being here. I love to see new things, and have new adventures”

“That’s good…” and you pause for a moment. “but do you like being here – with *me*?”

I stop us walking, and turn to look at you. “Meine Liebe, you are the ONLY reason I am here. The rest of this…” I gesture to our surroundings, the quiet streets, the closed cafe’s, beautiful architecture, the moody street lighting… “the only reason this is any good, is because you are here. You make all of this exist for me.”

Your big eyes go out of focus for a second or two, tempobet yeni giri┼č and your face breaks into a huge smile. I put one hand on your cheek and pull you close for another soft kiss. My other hand runs down your back and to your bum, where I let my hand linger for a moment. I can feel the curve of your cheeks, and the crack between them. I move my hand around a bit more and feel no panty line, so you must be completely naked under your little dress. I begin to tremble a little bit knowing I am so close to your female intimacy, and I steady my big warm hand against your ass, holding you firmly. We are still kissing, small soft kisses, which are becoming stronger, and longer. I feel your heart beating fast against my chest as we stand so close, our bodies touching each other.I pull away from you slowly to look at your face, your eyes are half closed and you reach your head up towards me to kiss again. “Hey, let’s go find somewhere a bit more private, so we can continue…” “Yessss” you whisper back, and we share another kiss.

My hand is in yours as we walk further along, your city is beautiful, and while I look about, I remember how good your ass felt under my hand, and so I put it back there, feeling your ass cheeks move sensually as you walk. My hand moves towards your ass crack, and I begin to wedge my hand slightly into it. It’s nice and warm there, and squeezes my hand a bit as you keep walking beside me. I so much want to be in there right now, I’m dreaming of where else my hand might go…

We soon make it to the river, where we stop against a railing to have a look over to the opposite shore, and I continue to rub my hand all over your ass, each smooth cheek in turn, massaging gently as you smile blissfully. My hand moves down to your smooth milky things and I begin to move under your dress, up towards your named ass. You’re enjoying this, and take a small step tempobet giri┼č back, move your legs apart, and arch your back in anticipation of what we both know is about to happen. You look back over your shoulder at me, with a lustful expression on your face. “K├╝ss mich, lover. Kiss me.”

And I do. You turn your head more to face me while we kiss, your body stays sideways to me, as you stick out your bum, ready for my hand. I keep rubbing, under your dress, moving now between your thighs, as we continue to kiss deeply and lovingly, our lips and tongue dancing. My hand moves further, and I can feel the heat and wetness of your pussy as I glide along it from beneath. You break off the kiss as your head raises to the sky with a gentle moan. Your neck is exposed and I kiss it as you move your head to give me the room I need. I kiss your neck, your ear, taking your earlobe into my mouth for a warm gentle suck. You moan more and more at the attention I give you, while my finger slowly slides back and forth along your slit.

I love it when you cum, and I love being the one to make you cum, so while my right hand is preparing your pussy for entry, and my mouth is giving affection to your face and neck, me left hand has been rubbing your tummy, and has moved up your chest to uncover your large beautiful boobs. You are completely exposed now, and at my mercy. I wonder if anyone is watching. I hope they are, and I hope they are enjoying it as much as we enjoy being together like this.

You gasp as my finger stops its gentle teasing, and I insert it, followed by a second finger, moving them slowly and carefully inside you, as I push them deeper, past the first joint, easing them in a bit more to the second, while I massage your full breasts and tease your nipples. You continue to gasp, and pant, and we press our lips together and kiss again, you moan while we kiss, and whisper “more, more.” tempobet g├╝venilirmi Your juices are now all over my hand, and running down your leg, forming a small puddle of drops beneath you. I slide my two fingers right up to the knuckle, and pull them out again, only to push them back in. My cock is raging hard against my clothes, and I push it against your hips as you gyrate with my finger movements.

“Oohhh” you let out, uncontrollably. And another, your head is back up again, your graceful neck exposed, so of course I kiss you there, under and behind, anywhere I get the chance. I’m still playing with your hard nipples, and your breathing is hard and deep, your pert ass sticking out, your back arched, your hands on the railing, your head up to the sky. I see you like this and want you so much, to sink my cock into you, to be inside your body making love together. I know I must wait until you are ready to go that far… I hope it’s not too long.

Your gasps and moans are louder now, and I know you are close. I increase my finger movements, and I am now finger fucking you quickly, deeply, and very very thoroughly. Your warmth and wetness feel amazing on my fingers, and I can feel you begin to clench on me, slightly at first and then much harder. “come baby, come for me.. ” I whisper in your ear. You turn to kiss me again, hard, deep, one hand on my head, pulling me to you as you balance with the other hand against the railing. Your pussy is clenched against my fingers now, and you start to shudder, and buckle as you cum hard on my fingers. Your moans are so deep as you keep kissing me. Your strong orgasm has made you weak, and you begin to lose your legs beneath you. you fall slightly but I am ready, and hold you steady.

You still pant, your face flushed and red, the pleasure you experienced showing in your face. We hold each other, our faces side by side, cheek to cheek, and I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste you. A beautiful sweet taste, that invigorates me and weakens me with desire for you at the same time.

No words need to be spoken. We have already said everything we need to say with our actions.

The night is not over.

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