Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 10

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The day after

Sally Czarwitz woke slowly to bright sunshine. She still didn’t feel completely rested. What time is it? she wondered and glanced at the clock where green numbers shone out, “6:55”.

What time had she gotten to bed? She remembered struggling home in the morning, passing her father watching football in the living room and passing out in bed. It must have been close to noon. For that matter what day was it? She looked at the lighted “PM” light. So it was in the afternoon. She couldn’t have slept overnight and all day could she?

She had had a few hours of sleep between collapsing in bed with her friend, Sarah’s, father and waking up to have sex with him and then again before waking in the morning for a shower and sex again. And she’d had sex with Mr Horton and that amazing Greg. What a night!

Her phone beeped to tell her it had a message waiting. It was from Sarah and there was voice-mail too. Sarah wanted to talk about last night. Sarah had invited Sally to a swinger’s party with her parents and that’s where the previous night’s activity had taken place. She said she wanted to discuss what they might do “today”. By that she meant more sex. Both girls were nymphomaniacs — after cock wherever they could find it.

She put off returning the call and went downstairs. It was Sunday and her dad was watching the end of the afternoon NFL game. Her mom greeted her, “well good morning, sleepyhead. You must have been up with Sarah all night.”

Sally had told her parents she was spending the night at Sarah’s and Sarah’s father (actually Sarah’s stepfather) had told them she was spending the night implying it was at their house with Sarah, not saying she was actually spending the night with him after the swingers party. Her parents knew she was sexually active but had no clue how active that was.

“I guess I didn’t get much sleep,” she confessed. “I’m still a bit tired.”

“I’m trying to decide whether to order pizza or cook some burgers. Not going to cook much else. What do you feel like.”

“I don’t know, burgers I guess. What about Dad?”

“As long as he doesn’t miss any of the game he won’t care.”

“I’ll make the burgers if you’ll cut up the tomatoes and onions. Otherwise it’s pizza.”

Sally considered and offered an alternative. “I’ll cook if you cut.” She felt that forming some patties and watching them sit under the broiler for a few minutes was the easier of the choices.

While waiting for the patties to cook she called Sarah.

“Sally, I wondered what was taking you so long.”

“Sorry. I’ve been sleeping.”

“Pretty amazing evening huh? I’m tired myself but I’ve been up all day. Too excited to sleep. You must have spent all night up with my dad. He’s taken with you, you know.”

“I got some sleep last night.”

“Did you get much sex. I had plenty.”

“I noticed. I had my fill. I’m here making dinner with my mom.” That was to let Sarah know that Sally couldn’t discuss much detail.

“That’s nice. Who’d you fuck? Tell me all about it.” Sarah clearly didn’t get the message.

“Well, I’d like to but My mom is here slicing tomatoes and onions.” The tomatoes and onions was just to make it sound reasonable to her mother.

“Yeah, so.”

“That’s right I’m fixing dinner with my mom.” She had to resist yelling the last three words.

“Okay, why do I …,” then she realized what Sally was telling her. “Oh, ‘With your mom’.”

“Right! Maybe some other time. Can I call after dinner to talk about when we can get together?”

“Sure, but I might go to bed early. How about we get together tomorrow. Your place or mine?”

“I guess you can come by in the morning.”

Where to Go? What to Do?

In the morning they swapped tales of Saturday evening. Sally talked about Greg’s great technique and Sarah described Todd’s. Then they laughed and compared the variety of penises on display.

“Didn’t I tell you men were better than boys!” Sarah exclaimed.

“I have to admit it was a revelation,” Sally admitted. She realized that all the boys in her address book had learned most of their sexual techniques from her and what she told them. She hadn’t even realized some of what the men had done was possible. For that matter she wasn’t even sure what they had done so she couldn’t possibly teach it to the boys on her list. She just knew she had really, really enjoyed herself.

Sally had to ask, “Did you do it with Mr. Horton?” Mr. Horton was a teacher at the high school who Sarah had invited to the party.

“We were really tired when I got home.”

“I can imagine that, he gave me a workout.”

“He stayed in my parents’ bed and I woke up in the early morning and snuk into bed with him.” She giggled lightly. “I was naked.”

Sally covered her mouth in delight, “And.”

“I started playing with his cock under the covers.”

“Ir’s a nice big one.”

“Thick, for sure, not so long.”

“That didn’t seem to matter when he did me. So, didn’t he wake up?”

“I think he was awake the whole time. His cock got really hard güvenilir bahis and then he jumped me!”

“Jumped you?”

“Yeah,” Sarah laughed, he grabbed me, turned me over and was on top of me, fingering my cunt like crazy. I was so wet.”

“He didn’t say anything? Just got on top of you?”

Sarah laughed again, “he said something like, ‘I guess it’s time for some of that legendary cheerleader ass.’ I bet he’d been rehearsing that.”

“Yeah, it’s not the sort of thing you’d expect him to say.”

“Well, the next thing I know his cock was inside me and he was pumping away.”

“Wow, no prelude or anything, just right to fucking.”

“He gave me a right good fuck alright!” she laughed. “Afterward we showered together and I really soaped up that big dick and brought him off.”

“He’s a great lay. That thick penis of his feels really nice. It really stimulates a cunt.”

“Yeah it does. I came twice. How was my dad?”

“It was fun. We fucked a couple of times, took a shower, I had three or four orgasms. He seems to like me.”

“That’s an understatement.” Sarah had had sex with her stepfather once but then her mother had cut them off. “I like his long cock.”

“Yeah but those hanging balls are fascinating too.”

Nudity around the house was frequent at Sarah’s home. “They look funny, bouncing back and forth when he walks.”

“I’ll have to pay more attention next time I see them.”

Sarah moved to the point she was most anxious about. “So, let’s go out and get us some more men!”

Sally had had a bad experience with two guys who had picked them up at the beach and was reluctant to go out trolling for strangers. She didn’t want a repeat of that abuse and humiliation. She expressed her concern to Sarah.

“That was just once,” Sarah replied.

“Two guys, not just one. Eight if you count the others at their beach house.”

“Well you enjoyed Saturday night. Those were strangers.”

“I assumed that since your parents were letting you go, there wouldn’t be any bad experiences. They wouldn’t want you to be humiliated. I basically took your parents’ word that they guys at the party could be trusted. Also, since that was a swapping/sharing party I could be pretty certain the guys would be skillful in pleasing women. Otherwise they’d get no action, especially given the ‘no means no’ rule number 1.”

“Easy to say after the fact.”

“I thought of all of that before I agreed to come.”

Sarah knew that Sally had exactly the kind of personality and mind to do exactly that. “So! still just once.”

“Those guys we met at the mall were no prize either. I’d have much rather spent time with one of my ‘boys’ as you call them.”

“What about Jason?”

“Okay, one good: one out of four. Even he wasn’t really much better than my ‘boys’.”

“You brought him to the party.”

“Only because he was older and I could count on him to come despite the age of the women and that he wouldn’t be able to fuck me. Probably the same reason you invited Mr. Horton.”

She had hit the nail on the head. Sarah had run out of arguments. “So, you going to stick with ‘your boys’? Isn’t there some way we can get men?”

“Not sure. You could call Mr. Horton. I bet He’d do you again!”

“I don’t think I want to call him at the school and I’m not sure he’d talk about it while he’s there.”

“Well I have his cell number.”

“You do?”

“Sure, I’m putting him on my list of guys to call when I want sex. You want me to call him for you?”

“Maybe later. I want to go out and get a man today. With you, if I can persuade you.”

The two of them sat, thinking.

Sarah broke the silence, “Maybe I could find the guys, try them out and then let you know.”

“That might work.”

“Don’t think I’d like doing it alone.”

“Maybe I could go with you but stay out of it until you checked the guy out?”

“You think that would work?”


Silence descended again.

This time Sally spoke up, “Maybe there’s some place we can be sure of finding trustworthy guys.”

“Kind of like the party.”

“But without your parents’ approval. Some other way of knowing.”

“Yeah, but where?”

More silence.

Sarah spoke up, “How about the water park?”

“That was great when we were young. It’s all ‘boys’ there.”

“There are some men.”

“Yeah, Dads with their kids.”

“Exactly, dads with their kids. What could be more trustworthy.”

“Dads … , Kids … , implies married.”

“A lot are divorced and it’s their day with the kids. Besides I’m not looking for soul-mates or life partners, just a fling. Married, Divorced, I just want good sex”

“What about the zoo or amusement park?”

“Can’t show off our bodies there.”

“Well …” Sally was thinking that she didn’t have that much of a body to show off.

“Remember how all the older guys would check us out when we went to the water park but we weren’t old enough for them to fuck us?”

“I think most of them were checking you out.” Sarah had a great body and türkçe bahis a cute face. Her boobs had grown to full size and her figure filled out before she was in middle school. Sally’s figure hadn’t changed much since middle school either. It was flat as a board and about as shapely.

“Oh, come on, you have a lot going for you. Just wear one of those bathing suits we bought for the beach.”

Sally hesitated. Sarah pleaded. Finally Sally gave in, “I guess. Even if I don’t get any sex, I’ll enjoy myself.”

Water Park

At the park it was clear that some men were noticing them. Most had a wife or girlfriend along with them. A slightly chubby guy, around 40 was following them at a distance and trying to hide the fact that he was taking pictures of them. Sarah turned to confront him and after a brief chat the two of them went off. Sally thought he was bit creepy but Sarah would “do” anything with a cock.

Sally walked around on her own trying to decide what to do when she noticed one man with three children playing in the children’s area. He watched intently as the boy (around 7), a girl (4 or 5) and a small child, probably a girl, who was still unsure on her feet romped in the fountains and waited for water to pour down from the buckets mounted above the area. There seemed to be no woman with them. She watched for several minutes as the children came over to him, said a few words and returned to their play. He had a strong looking face with a large nose, small mouth and dark eyes with prominent black eyebrows. His black hair was well groomed and his face showed an afternoon stubble. His body was average with a slight paunch and his chest was covered with black curly hair. His arms and legs showed some muscle definition but he clearly didn’t work out regularly.

At one point the youngest toddled over to him and he called the other two. The three of them walked into the men’s room. Clearly no woman was involved “and who could be safer” Sally thought. She sat next to the play area and watched for them to emerge.

As they came out, Sally went into the play area and stood under the bucket as water poured out onto the crowd of youngsters. The youngest of the three children was swept off her feet. Sally had noticed that happened every time the bucket spilled. The girl always seemed happy to have fallen and then washed several feet away from where she had been standing and always had trouble standing up. Sally helped her to her feet and asked, “Are you OK?” Then as Sally had observed every time, she toddled as fast as she could to where her (presumed) brother and sister were talking animatedly with their (again presumed) father.

Sally watched until they had completed their accounts and went back to playing in the fountain. She walked slowly over to the man, “Cute kids.”

“I agree,” the man smiled, keeping his eyes on the children.

Sally sat down next to him, “Come here often?”

He sensed the come-on and glanced at the speaker. He concluded the young, skinny girl was most likely interested in babysitting jobs. “Almost every week. More often if it’s hot and they want. We have annual passes.”

“So they like it here?”

“Sure do. We spend most of the time here.”

“The youngest seems to like getting washed off her feet,” Sally laughed.

“Yes, the first couple of times she came running over crying then I went out with her and she started liking it. I stopped worrying about her getting hurt after the first dozen times.” He made a short, quiet laugh.

Sally laughed in response. She decided to approach the question of the mother. “Their mother’s not here?”

“She died about a year ago.”

A strong sadness permeated the conversation. “Oh, I’m sorry. And Sorry I brought up a sad memory.”

“That’s okay, I’m getting over it.”

“Must be hard taking care of three small children alone.”

“I get a lot of help from their grandparents. They watch while I’m at work and one or another will always take them if I need.”

He was surprised that the girl hung around now that he had made it clear babysitting assignments were not likely forthcoming. “Oh, that’s good!” she exclaimed.

They sat in silence until the next bucket of water washed over the children and they came running over. As the youngest trailed behind, she asked Sally, “Who are you?”

“I’m Sally, who are you?”

“Charlette, I’m two, one week ago,” Satisfied, she turned to her father and attempted to compete with the other two children to describe just how exciting and well planned her latest pratfall was.

He complemented each with a “well done”, or “that must have been fun” and they ran back to the water.

Sally giggled, “Don’t they ever get tired of it?”

“Well the oldest, Jared, usually wants to go on a water slide but I don’t think he’s old enough to go alone and I can’t leave the other two.”

“I could go with him.”

He hesitated and Sally knew he was thinking that he didn’t know if he could trust her. “You could come along with the other two and watch. I’d go on the slide with Jared güvenilir bahis siteleri and you could stay with them.”

He thought briefly. “That might work. I’ll wait and see if Jared asks again.”

She still remained sitting close to him. He didn’t understand why and began feeling a bit nervous at the silent pauses. “So what brings you here?”

“I came with a friend but she went off with some guy so I’m just wandering.”

“Oh, you didn’t come with your parents?”

“Oh, I’m way older than needing my parents.”

“Way older?” he wondered. She hadn’t volunteered her age. “How old are you then?”

“18” she said to his surprise, see!” She proudly fished her drivers license out of her beach bag and showed it to him. “I just graduated.” She had hoped he would ask so she could get this out of the way. Now he would know she was “legal” but she wasn’t sure how to introduce the topic that was uppermost on her mind: “I want you to fuck me.”

“Just graduated. So what are you doing next?”

“I have a scholarship to Stanford and I’m spending the summer relaxing before I have to leave home and hit the books.”

“I see, what are you doing with your time. Or are you spending it all here at the water park?”


She decided that now was her opportunity. How to approach it? “It’s kind of a secret.” she said.

“Oh, a secret?”

“Do you want me to tell you?”

“If you want?”

“You promise not to be upset?”

“Why would I be upset?”

“That would be giving the secret away. Only if you promise first.”

Now she had him curious. Why would he be upset about how she was spending her summer? “Okay, I won’t be upset.”

She plunged ahead with the full revelation. Putting her lips to his ear she whispered, “I’m finding guys to fuck. You want to be one?”

“WHAT!” He exclaimed in surprise more than upset.

“I’m finding guys to fuck. You want to be one?” she repeated in his ear, giving it a quick nibble.

The kids were back with their stories of their latest adventures and he calmed down as he listened to them.

As they finished and before they ran back to the fountains, Sally tried another bold move, “Jared, your dad says you’d like to go on the water slides.”

The boy immediately switched gears, “Yeah dad can I? I can go alone. I’ll be okay.”

“I can go with him,” Sally interjected.

“Yeah, dad, she can go with me, I’ll be fine.”

She looked at the father and smiled sweetly.

The two girls were already in the fountains so his father told Jared, “Okay, after the next bucket drops.”

“Yeaaaaa!” he ran back into the fountains.

“You manipulated that,” Jared’s father said with a smile.

“Oh?” Sally responded sweetly. She wasn’t trying to be manipulative. It just seemed to be coming out of instinct. Being nice to the kids was being nice to the father. She had no idea how it would play out but she had at least made her intentions clear. Now she’d let him make the final play. But she could do everything possible to influence it and speed it up.

She stood in front of him and grabbed his hand. “Come on!” she pulled him up and led him into the target zone for the spilling bucket.

He hadn’t really noticed her before, now he did. “Not that great looking,” he thought, “quite plain.” But, was it her mouth, too big but very sensuous, or her brown eyes with a hint of gold? It wasn’t the figure or the non-existent breasts, except for those huge nipples stretching the fabric of her top. Maybe it was the soft looking pillows between her legs, pointed at by the multi-colored pattern of her tight fitting suit bottoms and showing a slight cameltoe. Most probably it was just the lingering memory of her suggestion or, rather, invitation to fuck. Whatever it was, she was exuding sexuality, and it had been since before Jill died that he’d had sex.

He followed her into the spraying water. His children saw him and came to his side as the bucket emptied. He grabbed Charlette and held her as the water washed over them, falling down with her on his stomach. They all laughed.

Jared was anxious to get to a slide, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” He grabbed Sally’s hand. She held back until his father and sisters could catch up. His father couldn’t help but notice how the dampness allowed her dark aureoles to show through the damp top and her nipples stood out large and hard in the chill of the evaporating water. The splash had pushed her bottoms slightly into her slit and she didn’t bother to pull it out. She smiled at him. His cock began to stiffen.

Jared led Sally up the stairs for “Demon Falls”, the tallest slide in the park, a steep, straight drop to the landing area below. She loosened her bottoms, knowing what would happen as she hit the bottom, feet first at high speed. Jared went first and she followed. As she wanted, the crotch of her bottoms slid away from her genitals so she could flash Jared’s father as he watched. Of course the park employee monitoring the slide at the bottom could see too but she knew this was a prime assignment for the employees because they knew what the slide could do with bikini bottoms and tops. She smiled at the employee as helped her out of the pool, his eyes on her crotch. She adjusted the cloth only after she was out and walking to the exit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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