Saffron and Sam Ch. 15

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, and he resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first 14 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. Enjoy the story and thank you for reading. JDC


I spent most of my time with studies and flying and have to admit that I didn’t get to see my family much. Saffron stopped over at my apartment one evening and asked why I hadn’t been around to see them. I told her about my schedule and how busy I was, without mentioning the flying. She wanted to spend the night with me and I told her no. This upset her and she left a little mad. I wasn’t going to feed into what I felt was a relationship with my sister that was holding her back. She needed to find someone and get on with her life. It was never going to be me.

I really didn’t see Ally much accepted the airport when I was flying. I finally had enough hours with Buck and did my solo flight and my three airport check flight. I was so proud of the fact that I had gotten my private pilot’s license and frankly was a little consumed by it. I paid Buck another $5000 to train me for my multi-engine certification. This was my 20th birthday present to myself and I really enjoyed it

By flying some evenings during the week I was able to obtain my certification before Thanksgiving. Ally and I did some flying together and she continued to give me pointers. I was doing quite well and Buck told me I was an instinctive pilot. He also told me was quite proud of me, which I appreciated very much. One evening I was at the airport getting in some flight time and he asked a favor of me.

He said Halsey aviation had purchased a new twin-engine refurbished Beech with all the bells and whistles from a company in South Carolina. He asked me if I would be willing to fly down to Columbia with Ally to pick it up because he had a charter that weekend. He said he felt better with somebody accompanying Ally on a flight that long. He also said he would pay all the expenses, which was fine by me. He said we would need to make one stop along the way to pick up fuel for the rest of the trip and that would be all. I told him I would be glad to do that, thinking I might get some twin-engine flight time.

So the weekend after Thanksgiving, Ally and I flew to Columbia, South Carolina to pick up the aircraft. When we landed at the airport, we took a cab to the Holiday Inn together night’s rest before heading out the next morning. When we checked in, Ally ordered a suite and that was all. She gave me a wry smile and said one room would be enough. We got checked in and went out to eat a good dinner at an Italian restaurant and I asked her what her purpose was just getting one room.

“Oh, I just thought I’d save Daddy some money,” as she gave me a devilish smile. “Do you mind?”

“No I just wondered.”

“I think you and I have things to discuss. I enjoyed our night at your apartment and you really haven’t brought it up.”

“I didn’t want to seem ill mannered, so I thought I’d let you raise the subject.”

“Do I always have to make the first move Sammy? I made the first movie to your apartment that night and you expect me to bring it up again. Are you one night stand person?”

“I really enjoyed our night together as well Ally. And no I’m not necessarily a one night stand person. I think we have a pretty good friendship and I just didn’t want to screw it up by pushing the issue.”

“I wouldn’t mind progressing past a friendship Sammy. I like you a lot and we have much in common. I thought this trip would be a good way to get to know each other. That’s why I didn’t complain when Daddy brought it up.”

We talked a little bit over dinner and then went back to the room. When we got there she told me that I was going to have the first shower, since she would take longer and wanted the time. So I took my change of clothes in and took my shower. I had to admit the hot water really felt good and I got dressed in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and went back into the bedroom barefooted. She told me that I could have the left side of the bed and she’d take the right and I told her that would be fine. She went in to the bathroom and I heard the shower go on while I watched the news on television. And after a half hour she came out dressed in a robe, with a towel wrapped around her head. She stopped at the foot of the bed and reached for the remote to shut off the news.

“You know, I was watching that.”

She just shrugged and said, “I thought you might like watching this better,” as she undid her robe and she was completely nude underneath. She had a beautiful body and really looked sexy at this particular moment. “I got your news for you right here bubba,” as she leapt on top of me on the bed. She kissed me deeply and passionately as pendik escort she began tearing at my clothes.

“I hate to tell you this, but this is the repeat of the old news, I’ve seen this before,” she smacked me rather hard on the shoulder and started biting my ear playfully as she grabbed hold of my awakening cock.

“Old news, huh? Seen it before, huh? That’s a good way to lose a vital piece of your equipment Mr. Sanderson,” as she grabbed hold of me like she was going to twist it off.

“Okay okay,” as I winced in pain. “Ally, your beautiful, ” as I began chewing/licking on her right nipple as was sucking with my lips.

“That’s the correct response Sam and don’t you ever forget it,” as she started moaning while pulling the back of my head tighter into her supple but firm breast.

I inserted two fingers into her already wet cooz and began finger fucking her to a very quick climax. This girl could come almost instantaneously with little manipulation. She was hugging me so tightly I thought I was going to break.

“Sammy, would you eat my pussy like you did that first night? No one is ever done that before and it felt so good the way you did it. You know, you are known around campus as one the few and best cunt eaters there are. Frankly I believe it after your last performance. Would you do it again?”

I kissed her gently on the lips and started laying numerous soft kisses from her neck down to her nether region and take my time while I did it. She was pushing on the top of my head as I was going down trying to increase my speed. I retaliated by going slower, teasing her as I reached her navel. I pressed my tongue inside like a spear and continued down to her angry looking pussy. It was drooling and engorged, leaking her juices copiously. As I kissed her engorged monster of a clit and to get it between my lips, she slapped the back of my head and told me to get with it.

“I don’t respond to violence Ms. Halsey. I might get performance anxiety.”

“Just eat me Sammy, quit fucking around. Or you could end up dead.”

“Just don’t hurt me ma’am, I’ll do what you ask,” I chuckled as I began my circular finger pressure on her clit as I sliced my tongue into her juicy box. She tasted as good as she did the last time and I began lapping up her essence. She started bucking like crazy and step and out an orgasm as I drank her girl cum. She grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up to her, while reaching in between us to grab my erect organ.

“I’ll have to use one of your condoms again Ally, I didn’t plan on this.”

She just pulled me inside of her and said, “You don’t need one this time Sam, after our last time I got on oral birth control. I want to feel the real you inside me this time and feel you splashing inside me with your hot cum.”

“I’ll be glad to oblige you ma’am. I don’t like wearing a raincoat when I’m swimming anyway.”

“Just fuck me Sammy, like you did so well that first night. I’ve never had it that good before. I guess it’s because I like you. I’m glad you came on this trip with me. Thank you.”

We were fucking at a pretty fast, but soft rhythm. She was giving me everything she could while we were having sex. It was like she wanted to give me as much as she was getting. It sure felt good and didn’t take me long to lose control.

“Oh Ally, I’m going to come; I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it baby, just come inside me.”

“Here it comes, take it all,” as I unloaded my huge load inside her.

“Oh my God Sammy, I can feel you gushing inside me. I’m going to come,” as she stiffened and shoved her pelvis up to meet me.

As I softened and pulled out, I lay down beside her and we hugged.

“I could get used to this Sammy. You are a great lover and a true gentleman. I’ve never known anyone like you before.”

“Thank you Ally, you’re great in bed as well and also a unique character.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up during the night to make love two more times before we got up for breakfast and to ready to get in the air. When we filed our flight plan she told me we were going to stop in Nashville to fuel up and I had a thought. I told her I had to make a phone call and I when outside for some privacy. I called Charlie’s mother’s number and her mother answered and told me she was glad to hear from me and appreciated what I’d done for her daughter. I didn’t even try to explain that I really had nothing to do with it. I got her new phone number and dialed the number, surprised when a young girl answered the phone. She asked me my name and said that she didn’t think Charlie could talk to me, as I heard her put her hand over the phone mic.

All of a sudden someone got on the phone with me and said, “Sam Sanderson you little bastard, it’s about time you called me, “as I explained I was going to be at the airport terminal about four hours from then. “Well if you don’t have any time to spend with me other than that, I guess I’ll have to meet you out there. I’ll be waiting.”

I escort pendik went back to the flight desk and Allie already had a good grip on everything by having our plans and the manuals for the plane. We completed our preflight check and started the aircraft. We lined up and contacted the tower for takeoff instructions and began taxing out onto the runway. This airplane was beautiful and even had satellite radio and a CD player. She pulled a CD out of her bag and put it in. It was a mix of country music artists.

“Oh God Ally, we can’t listen that all the way home or I’ll die; I don’t like country music.”

“I grew up with country music Sam, so you’re just going to have to survive it.”

“Country music is an oxymoron. Speaking of country music,when we land in Nashville, a friend of mine is going to meet us there for lunch.”

“Male or female friend?”

“Female friend and you’ll like her; she just is brash as you are. But she’s an old friend and I couldn’t be in Nashville and not say hello to her.”

She didn’t look the least bit happy, but she didn’t say anything else. About two hours into the flight I took the controls and was really enjoying operating this aircraft. It felt really smooth and we had good weather. At exactly 4 hours after takeoff we landed at Nashville’s airport. After making arrangements to get our tanks filled up, we went into the main terminal.

As we were walking through the terminal I heard this loud scream and heard someone say, “Hey drummer boy, get your ass over here, “and there stood Charlie in all her sexy glory. She didn’t look all that much different except her hair was done differently and she was in a really short, tight leather miniskirt.

All of a sudden I felt a punch on the shoulder from Ally and she said, OLD FRIEND, oh my God Sam. That’s Charlie, one of the hottest new country music stars. You know her?”

After recovering from the punch Charlie came running up to me and jumped into my arms hugging me tightly for all she was worth.

“What the hell are you doing here drummer boy?”

About that time, two young girls ran over and asked for Charlie’s autograph.”

“Oh my, we’re in the big time now Ally. I can’t believe you want to be seen with little old me Charlie.”

“Knock it off drummer boy or I’ll kick your ass,” as she signed the autographs for the two little girls and they went running back to their parents excitedly.

“I’ve seen some reports on you on the news, so you must be doing pretty well, huh? Country music must’ve agreed with you after all; I can’t say it does much for me.”

“You’re lucky you caught me drummer boy, I just got back off tour. My first album went platinum.”

“Let me qualify my statements Charlie, I don’t care for country music, but whoever wrote songs for your first album caught your talent amazingly. You really sounded good. By the way, thank you for sending that CD to me.”

“What would you expect for my favorite guy. I hoped you’d like it. So what has your love life been like tiger? You didn’t get back with the supermodel (she meant Barb) did you? You didn’t go for the roommate did you? Are you his new squeeze Ally?”

“If you’ll give me time to answer I’ll tell you. No to all your questions; I did live with CC for a while though, but It didn’t work out.”

“You mean that hot little pixie that danced like a sex goddess? What are you doing here Sammy? I mean you knocked my socks off when I got that phone call from you.”

“I flew in here with Ally, we’re ferrying a plane back home for her father’s aviation business. I’ve been working over the last year to get my private pilot license and eventually I’ll have my own plane.”

“My aren’t we the little overachiever now? Are you just going to go into brain surgery now too?”

Ally smiled and said, “That’s what I tell him all the time. I’ve never seen someone take so many classes, regular and online; plus his flight time. He doesn’t have much of a social life.”

“Having a social life is highly overrated.”

Ally was all giddy and said, “I can’t believe I’m sitting here having lunch with Charlie. He said he was meeting someone for lunch, the little bozo. He didn’t tell me it was a country music star.”

“Ally, I’ll tell you something else he didn’t tell you, he’s why I came here. I’ll tell you something else, I can’t believe I’m sitting here with Sam Sanderson. You made my week Sammy.”

Ally looked at me strangely and said to Charlie, “Could I get your autograph on something too?”

“I’ll go you one better than that, here take this,” as she pulled a CD out her purse, pulled out the insert and signed it, “to Ally, remember our lunch in Nashville, Charlie.”

“You need to keep in better touch there, drummer boy.”

Ally asked her, “Why do you keep calling him drummer boy? I need to hear this story.”

“So Sam didn’t tell you we used to play in a band and sing together back home. We sang and did other things together quite pendik escort bayan well.”

I just gave Charlie a stare and flipped my eyes toward Ally and Charlie said, “Okay okay, I’ll behave Sam.”

Ally gave me a medium punch on the arm again and said, “No he didn’t tell me any of this; you wait till I get you alone Sam.”

“One thing you need to know about Sam, Ally, is that he is not one to brag about his own accolades or strong points. He’s too much of a gentleman for that. That’s one of the points that makes him so charming.”

” He truly is a gentleman, you’re right about that. We’d better get the air pretty soon Sam, there was a storm front moving in from the west. I’d like to get out of here.”

Charlie got up and handed me a card with a phone number and an e-mail address as she said, “You better keep in touch with me you little bastard. Don’t make me come out there and find you.” She got up and gave me the biggest hug and kiss, getting me a strange look from Ally. I put the card in my pocket as Charlie hugged Ally and kissed her on the cheek. As I watched Charlie walk away, I watched the sway in her hips that accentuated her sexual appeal. It was really good to see her and it made Ally’s day to meet an actual country star.

When we got to the flight desk, we got the word on the weather and paid our fuel bill. We had a little discussion as to whether we should try to take off or not. Ally thought we could beat the weather, but I was a little skeptical. It wouldn’t hurt me to get a little experience flying in bad weather, gaining a little experience using the instruments. I was still a little concerned.


We took off into calm skies, with me feeling really good after seeing my friend. Allie appeared to be a bit angry, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why.

“Boy I sure can pick them. That girl wants you so much it’s not funny.”

“What you mean by that Ally? She’s always been a friend and that’s all.”

“She might be a friend to you, but she wants you badly.”

“Frankly I think you’re nuts, but what makes you think that.”

“All kinds of things, a girl can always tell what another girl’s got on her mind. Guys are so stupid.”

“She’s just a friend and that’s all.”

“A friend you used to sleep with; don’t think I don’t know.”

“Yes I’ll admit we slept together, we were just friends with benefits.”

“You don’t realize Sam, women like you. You have a charming way about you and you’re a gentleman. Not to leave out that you’re great in the sack.”

“Well she’s just a friend to me.”

We could see that on the horizon it was darkening quite badly and our small onboard radar really started looking nasty ahead. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of a pretty bad storm.

“Do you think we should turn back and set down at Nashville Ally?”

“I don’t think it’s anything we can’t handle together drummer boy.”

I noticed the sarcasm in her voice and realized she must’ve been slightly miffed, if not jealous.

I started seeing lightning popping all around us and the headwinds really causing us to be buffeted about as I watched the look on Ally’s face changed to one of concern. She got on the radio and contacted the air traffic control operator in Nashville and said we were going to start turning back due to hazardous weather. He gave us our altitude and our instructions for a turn and descent. Just then, the whole cockpit lit up as we felt a shuddering and saw sparks fly out of the dashboard. You could actually taste as well as smell the ozone. We had been struck by lightning. We still had engine power, but it looked like our avionics were screwed.

“Well doesn’t this just suck Sam.”

“Ally , were going to have to find some place to set down.”

“Without a radio we’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.”

“According to my calculations we weren’t that far from an airport. We ought to be over Clover Flats somewhere. There are a lot of farms there; we ought to be able to set her down somewhere. See if you have cell phone coverage.”

“I pulled out my cell phone and had exactly 0 bars.”

“Here, try mine,” as she handed me her cell phone. I shook my head when I checked her phone to signify there was no joy.

I began trying to find us a place to land when all of a sudden up ahead lightning struck a large tree splitting it down the middle. It must’ve been old and dead because it went up in flames so quickly you would have thought it was a bonfire. The good thing about it was that the fire lit up an entire field in front of us.

“It looks like we can set down there Sammy that looks long and flat enough to just make it and to be able to take off again.”

“What you mean take off again. I’m just worried about getting down in one piece.”

“Let’s just hope there’s not too large a gully or humps in the field that we can’t make out from here.”

“I think we’ll be fine; I didn’t see anything with my one good eye. Besides, it’s not in the fates for me to die like this. I’m going to die in my bed after a long fulfilling life as a computer programmer and family man; surrounded by my family and several great-grandchildren.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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