Runners Unite

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This is my first ever attempt at erotic fiction and hope you enjoy. I do ask that you please send comments, good and bad, so as I can improve. You won’t hurt my feelings.


Sitting incognito behind his Ray-Bans and a Dodgers cap, Robert tried in earnest to read his book. The coffee house was near the film school and had its share of teachers and students, creative types and tech nerds. They came in around 3 o’clock for that afternoon jolt and a few minutes away from the classes.

Robert could easily watch the beautiful girls with ideas of starring roles walk about if he wished but knew this only taxed his mind all the more and chances were they would not be more than fantasy anyway.

He had had his share of conquests and knew he was somewhat attractive but he never considered himself a ladies man. Though he kept in shape with cycling and running, the gym with light weights 3 times a week and other sports as he cared, he never stood out in a crowd. For 29, he was looking young enough.

On this day, like many others, he came here to enjoy a cappuccino and read a best-seller he was sent by a book-of-the-month club. He continually tried to cancel but alas received new books and never returned in the 10-day trial period.

As Robert was well into his forth chapter of a David Balducci mystery, he glanced up at the chatter of a young female voice. This in itself was not unusual. It did though bother him that he could be so easily distracted. Not that any guy would by nature look in the direction of a young woman but Robert was purposely trying to ignore that reflex.

Nevertheless, the woman talking at the counter was exquisite. With the barista flirting like a bartender with his caffeine cocktails, Robert at that moment believed he was seeing his ideal form. She was five-foot seven, just a couple of inches shorter than himself, with a deep natural bronzed skin. Thin but by no means a waif, she could be yoga instructor and his mind was quickly making mental notes.

She looked his way while she waited there by the counter and he boldly returned her gaze, thinking his shades made his stare undetectable. But after a couple of seconds, he lost his nerve and diverted back to his book. She grinned to herself, knowing that guys always liked what they saw in her features.

There was convenient seating but she chose a table directly diagonal to him, facing him just 5 feet away. Robert knew this could either be a sign or his imagination again getting the better of him. He always fantasized of meeting a woman and having casual sex but that never happens-not to a guy like Robert anyway.

As charming and athletic as he was, Robert also was the wise, comforting male friend for most of the girls in his life. He never interpreted signals when they came and often passed when they did because he was too selective. He went on dates often enough but usually never advanced beyond a second date and groping. Robert was usually the one not to call, becoming less interested and cynical as he experienced bad to worse to boring.

Ten minutes had passed and he realized he had been on the same page, reading for show. There was a beautiful woman in his peripheral and he could sit there and fantasize all day, doing nothing or he could leave and be productive elsewhere…..the thought of talking to her never entered his mind.

“Excuse me,” she said as Robert was marking his place in the book and sliding the chair out quietly to leave. He was grabbing his trash and leaving when she said “Excuse me,” again but touching his forehand for his attention.

“Yes, ” Robert said, looking over as she had stood up and was standing next to him. He looked at her, studying her for the first time. Beyond the olive skin was a radiant face of full lips and emerald eyes, shoulder length black hair, silky smooth and parted down the side and tucked behind her ears.

“I hate to ask this and feel embarrassed but you appear normal and I have a bit of a problem and…,” she started as Robert was looking at her with bewilderment. She thought he was being freaked out but he was taking enjoyment in a beautiful woman getting tongue-tied around him. Usually it was the other way around.

“Let me start over,” she said with a grin and instantly he was smitten.

“Take your time,” Robert said. He was glancing over her and her features. She was probably 23 and had a runner’s body of lean muscle and strong bursa escort posture. Her black tank top covered b-cups and delicate shoulders. He quickly looked down to notice her khaki shorts and New Balance shoes-true runners’ shoes.

“I’m Lindsay. Sorry to bother you but, well, could you give me a lift…if you’re leaving that is.” She almost grimaced, hating to have such a request.

“Well, I am leaving…is something wrong,” Robert said, trying to figure if this was a line, a scam, a dream…

“My car died on me and I managed to coast into the parking lot. I think my transmission has had it.

“Well, I believe there is a garage about 2 blocks away, just down there,” Robert said pointing in the direction west. “I’m afraid that I don’t know very much about mechanics but if its your transmission, that will require a look over.”


“…You can try seeing if they can get it in the shop,”

“…They are closed. I just tried walking over there,’ Lindsay said.

“I don’t mind giving you a lift but how far away,” Robert asked with mixed emotions. Still not sure if this was all true.

“I’m about 5 miles away. I would almost just walk but I am slightly fatigued and I have asked the employees here and no one gets off for another couple of hours….I just have thought to ask. I’m very embarrassed right now,” she said with a playful smile.

“Okay,” Robert said and began walking her out to his sedan. “Are you a runner? The shoes and fatigue…just wondering? Oh, and I’m Robert by the way,” holding out his hand.

“Very nice to meet you and thank you sooo much. Yep. Are you,” Lindsay asked, relieved they had something to talk about in the car. “I ran 8 this morning and just don’t have a lot of energy after skipping lunch.”

“Busy day? I can stop somewhere along the way if you need to pick up something quick,” Robert said, now relating to the hunger pains of an endurance athlete.

“Ha! No, I have food at home and don’t want you to do anymore for me anyway,” she said as she studied his driving. A woman can learn a lot from the way a guy drives. The way he handles the traffic, courteous to other drivers, even the speed he takes the turn. To Lindsay, a man that handles his car with care and knowledge may very well know how to handle a woman too.

“Yes, I run long distance and bike,” Robert commented. “Do any of the local races?”

They talked about some 5ks they had both done, surprised they had never seen each other. The 4 miles quickly ended at her small town home as they continued to talk in her driveway.

“Can I make you dinner,” Lindsay said not so much as a question but a suggestion. “I can make some mean pasta. I am really grateful for the ride.”

“It was my pleasure. You were actually on my way home anyway. I don’t want to intrude,” he said with his nice big brother routine, instantly cringing at letting this one get away.

“Don’t want to intrude,’ Lindsay said with a laugh. She put her hand on his knee and made a firm grip. “I was the one who intruded. Please come inside.”

Robert did not miss that sign and felt the blood rushing south before he said yes. He put his hand on hers and said he would be delighted. They sat for a moment in the silence of the car before Robert opened his door and followed Lindsay inside her home.

“Excuse the mess as you can imagine, I wasn’t expecting company when I left this morning,” she said as she was picking up magazines from the sofa to make room for him and motioning to have a seat.

He sat down to her right and looked around at the lightly furnished house. There were some framed posters lying against the wall and a few boxes taped shut along the narrow hallway to the bedroom.

“Just moving in or getting ready to move out,” he inquired while turning his attention to her and purposely putting his arm along the back of the couch and her.

“Slowly moving in….for the last 6 months. I’m in no hurry I guess.”

Lindsay’s lips were glossed over as she had been licking them in the car, out of nerves or arousal Robert did not know. She put her right hand on his knee again and asked if he was hungry now. “Hungry? Sure, I’m always eating,” he said, knowing she could understand the meaning as a runner and but he also hoped she could sense his sexual overtone. She grinned at him as was getting up when he decided to get up himself. She was using his knee as support and fell forward bursa escort bayan as moved.

“Woah, I’ve got you. Sorry,’ Robert said as he held her at the hips and quickly admired her small frame. He held her longer than he knew was needed and Lindsay steadied herself, looked up at him and kissed him forcefully on the lips.

“I hope I’m not intruding again but thought you may like that,” Lindsay talked between her kisses to his bottom lip and right cheek.

“I think I want you, right now,” he said as he lowered his hands to her backside and gently squeezed her firm ass.

She giggled and led him into her bare bedroom. The blinds were closed but the late afternoon sun shone through the sides to make playful patterns along the bad and floor. She put her hands to his face and kissed more erotically this time, moving her tongue over his. She withdrew and asked him to lie down.

“Do you do this often,” Robert dreaded asking but was also somewhat surprised at how fast this was progressing. He removed his blue polo and was unbuckling his belt.

“This isn’t going to be a one night stand, you know….I’m hping to have you come over again,” Lindsay was speaking as she pulled her tank top over head. There was no bra and her breasts were beautiful. B-cups as he thought and her nipples were the size of half-dollars. They were dark and pointed up and out like Hershey kisses. Her abdomen was tight, not quite a six-pack but there was very little body fat. She was probably a size 1. She was careful to remove everything for his viewing pleasure and threw the tank top a him playfully.

She reached down to throw off her shoes and then worked at her khakis. Slowly pulling them off to reveal some pink panties with hearts on them, Lindsay watched Robert to see how he was enjoying himself. Robert’s erection was about to shoot through his dress pants.

He yanked off his shoes and socks, then removed his pants. The head of his cock was pointing out of his boxers and Lindsay seemed pleased. It’s 8 inched were rock solid and already glistening at the point.

“I’m glad you gave me a ride today, Robert,” Lindsay said as she got on the bed and put her head between his legs.

She swallowed his cock to the back of her mouth and coughed but quickly adjusted her position and kept his member there as she started humming. This sensation made Robert’s head fall back in complete ecstasy. He grasped the back of her head out of reflex and then dropped them to the shoulders and massaged the soft bone and muscle, a return of favor for this sucking.

In the quietness of her bedroom, you could hear two things-the far away drone of traffic as rush hour had started and the more apparent wet, sensual rubbing of her lips on his now rock solid gorge. The fluids of her mouth had made his cock shimmer in the light coming through the blinds and she was getting more hungry by the minute, demanding more of his shaft into her warm ravenous face.

She was humming and moaning, back and forth as Robert was transfixed by this reality, this blowjob that had him ramming her unapologetically with thrusts that left her leaning back on her hands but fully intent on not letting him out of her hot mouth. She would occasionally look up at him and gaze as if asking if he’d ever been given better head. His actions in return answered no.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth if you don’t release right now,” Robert warned but did not care for her preference at that moment. Luckily for him, she continued to suck like a vacuum, welcoming his semen.

With a great thrust and yelp like Braveheart, or so Robert delighted in thinking at that moment, he released what felt like 2 tablespoons of liquid lava into her mouth. She did not hesitate to swallow it and continued sucking for several more minutes, not allowing him to go the least bit soft.

“I think I need to show you some appreciation,” Robert said in a quiet, pleased tone. He watched with deep admiration as she laid on her back and removed her panties with a slight wet spot. She spread her legs apart, showing him her nicely trimmed bush. It was thick enough to be grabbed but short enough to see all the definition in her labia.

Robert climbed onto the bed like a wild cat approaching his defenseless prey. He was licking his lips in anticipation of a great meal awaiting him. Never one to truly love the giving of oral sex, Robert could not think of anything else escort bursa he wanted more. He looked her in the eyes for a second, acknowledging her and this act, not yet out of his mind with lust.

With that courtesy, he put his lips down to her sex and grazed upon the wetness. He kissed her inner thighs, treating them like a most special treasure. Robert looked up at her and saw the satisfaction in her grin. He moved up slowly and kissed her navel.

“Thank you for inviting me over today,” Robert said with a smirk. “This afternoon will stay with me for a very long time.”

She grinned and ran her hands through his light brown hair. Almost instructionally, she pressured his head down to keep him on task. He ran his tongue down her body as he approached the bush. He wet his lips and then with his left hand, spread open her pussy and sucked on her beautiful clit. He licked the sides of her pussy and began licking and sucking the prominent features, stopping and going, slowing and speeding up based on her vocal calls.

He enjoyed bringing her to primal grunting and occasional squirms. All the while, he was rubbing his fully erect cock against her bed, the sensation of her sheets against his member kept him hard for her.

For several minutes, he both sucked her clit and put two of his fingers into her. She constricted her muscles around his fingers and made him know that she was going to be a very tight girl for him to enter. As his mouth was becoming fatigued with the cunnilingus, he glanced up to her to see if she was ready for more.

With out word, he got on his knees, approached her and placed his 8-inch cock at her entrance. He thumped her clit with it several times, the flesh of the two and her bush making sweet music. With one gentle thrust he entered her and she exhaled with a deep fulfillment, a gesture of extreme pleasure overtaking her entire body as she orgasmed before the fucking even began in force.

Lindsay’s tightness squeezed around him, holding him in her warm cunt and milking him with her massage. He looked at her and took a picture in his mind. Her eyes were rolled up and she was shaking in her last throws of the orgasm. As she cooled and slowed, Robert began again with long, steady strokes into her. Her bush was tickling his groin. She put her hands on his backside and squeezed his buttocks, bringing him ever more inside her. He ran his hands up her abdomen and squeezed her nipples, playing with them like tiny arcade controllers; they stood on end, about a quarter inch poke from the large areolas.

He pulled out of her so he could position himself on her and began sucking at her nipples and kneading her small breasts. Robert knew to withdraw for a bit and allow her to crave it before beginning again. She put her right on his cock and tugged at it while her left was massaging his lower back.

“I want to sit on you and fuck you….I want to cum all over you, your cock then on your mouth. Let me fuck you,” she said like a frenzied addict. Robert got off her and slid over to his back. She quickly got on her knees and sucked him, running her mouth down his shaft and squeezing his balls with her left hand. He was ready to blow but knew he could stay hard all night. It would just take a few minutes to recover once he came.

She climbed over him and rubbed her bush against his upper thigh, knowing how this must tease him. His prick rubbed against her and throbbed in anticipation. She straddled him and moved his prick behind her, placing the shaft between her butt crack and slowly rubbing it between her firm cheeks. She now had him moaning.

With her wetness smearing across their groins, she reached back for his cock and with a slight lift inserted it into her and started grinding on it. Robert was bucking at her and trying to go in synch with her bounces. They weren’t making any vocal sounds but the bed creaked and their bodies’ fluids broke the silence and they melded together.

“I’m going to cum again,” Robert warned as Lindsay was elated in her ride. She unsaddled and put him back in her mouth and sucked on the head while her right stroked the shaft tightly. He thrust into her and jetted a minute load but carried a great rush to his head. She continued to suck on him even as he went limp.

Both spent, they lay in each other’s arms and watched the last of the daylight and its warmth retreat across the bedroom and out into the evening twilight. He stayed with her that night, no longer capable of more sex but they cuddled on her bed. He took her to her car the next morning and then to breakfast after that. They wanted to fuel up for running and what else may lay ahead.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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