Room Mates Pt. 04

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Sorry it’s taken a while. Definitely back into Jake and Sammie’s story and planning on more in the next few months. Thank you for all the positive messages. I hope you enjoy “What Happens Next…”.



You know that saying “It’s the quiet ones you have to watch”?

Holy shit! So technically he didn’t get to see a damn thing which was a crying shame and something Jake planned to rectify in about 60 seconds but hot damn!

It would be fair to say that he’d enjoyed a fair few blow jobs in his time, but having Sammie’s lips wrapped around his cock just flew right to the top of the list. Fuck! If they gave out awards she’d win every time.

Just the feel of her lips on him, the shy way she took his cock deeper and deeper… Jake would have sworn she was unsure of herself, which seemed crazy considering his orgasm nearly blew the top off his head! Far and away the best head of his life and based on the fact that Jake was getting hard again already, his cock agreed.

Not only did he agree, but he urging Jake to go to her, pointing straight and true to the wall that separated them. It would take 10 seconds to shift from his bed to hers and take his turn at this game they were playing. And the things he would do to that woman…

Sitting up, Jake pulled the sheet off his overheated body and grinned as he watched his cock swell, still glistening with Sammie’s saliva. He wanted to see her take him again, watch her face as his cock entered her mouth. He desperately wanted to run his fingers through her hair and see her beautiful eyes widen as he spurted on her tongue.

Yeah, Jake wasn’t going to lie to himself, he wanted to pump his cock between her lips and cum on her face. He loved the dazed look on a woman’s face after she’d sucked him off, her lips all puffy from her exertions and her eyes glazed with the unshed tears from his possession. Sometimes that would be all he wanted, the delicious wet suction of a willing woman and his seed dripping down her face. He’d cum, recover and leave. But Sammie, he would never use her like that. Way too much history between them for that, way too much lust and damn it, after her innocent seduction earlier, way too many possibilities.

Jake made his way to the bathroom, pausing at Sammie’s door as he went. If she’d made a sound he knew he would have been in there and inside her without a second thought. That was what he wanted desperately but inherently Jake knew to take it slow. The candles and blindfold told to him that Sammie was either really shy or viewing this like a slow seduction and Jake wasn’t against that idea.

Sure, he wanted to fuck her senseless, bury his cock deep inside of her and ride her until they were both burning up but he figured they would get there soon enough. He considered himself a pretty good lover, the string of ex’s texting him for a repeat performance paid testament to that, and that wasn’t just due to his expert use of his cock. Jake liked foreplay, and loved going down. Having Sammie’s wet pussy directly above his face had been an added torture and he was proud of his restraint for only taking a small taste when what he wanted was to pull her down by her hips onto his mouth and feast on her, rendering her incoherent.

Entering the bathroom he splashed his face and cock with cold water. It cooled his skin but not his arousal. Bracing his hand on the sink, he gripped his cock and started the hard, fast strokes that would get him off. It wasn’t elegant but Jake was a master at wanking. Closing his eyes and picturing Sammie on her knees before him it didn’t take long before he’d sprayed the sink with semen and he bit back the inevitable groan that always came with release.

He usually pictured her when he masturbated but now, having had the pleasure of her mouth on his cock and her taste on his tongue, his orgasm hit him quickly. He hoped he’d last longer when the time came but he grinned as he imagined spilling before he even got inside her! Too many times as a teenager, Sammie would stay over with Rosie and he’d catch a glimpse of her in her cute little PJs and have to dash off to his room to wank. And too many times he’d cum before he’d even got up a decent rhythm. Damn, he’d had to learn to operate the washing machine at a young age to avoid the knowing glances from his mother when she did his laundry!

Smiling at the memories, Jake washed up and reached for his toothbrush but decided against it. He could still taste Sammie on his tongue and he wanted to savour it for a while longer.

Turning, he noticed the bathroom door was ajar and shook his head, Rosie would kill him if she found out he was masturbating into her sink and he’d never hear the end of it. This thing with Sammie was too good to destroy with his sister’s rants and he cautioned himself to be careful in future. He could handle Rosie but Sammie was still obviously skittish and he didn’t want her to be put in the middle of the sibling agreement that would g├╝venilir bahis most definitely happen if Rosie found out what they were doing.

As amazing as Sammie’s blow job had been, if Rosie had heard what was happening AND then seen Sammie leave his room there would be hell to play. So the flat was off limits, at least until Rosie was out of the way. When that happened Jake planned on taking her hard in Rosie’s bed!Taking a deep breath Jake headed to bed, pausing only to press his palm to Sammie’s door.

Sleep was evasive and somewhere around 3am he finally gave up trying. Far too horny, hard once again and his head full of scenarios for his turn Jake couldn’t get comfortable. Propped up on pillows, he stroked his cock, hands slick with lube.

Leisurely this time, he squeezed himself, pulling his foreskin back and rubbing his oiled thumb over the sensitive skin laid bare. Circling his finger and thumb, he slowly stroked down his length wishing it was Sammie’s lips and reached for the scented lube. He didn’t really care that it was Cherry flavoured but he found it tasted better than the plain and Jake liked to taste.

Squeezing more than intended, he shifted as the lube ran down his cock and pooled beneath his arse. Man, he love to take Sammie’s arse. He wondered if she’d be an anal virgin and decided that he’d use one of his turns to find out. Not this one, it was too early in the game to go there and he figured she run a mile but soon. Jake intended to see and taste all of the delicious Sammie Barratt before they finally had sex and he hoped that by that point she’d be begging him to take her.

Of course, if two small licks of her pussy resulted in a sleepless night and two rounds with his right hand he figured that he’d probably be the one begging her, if only to get some relief. Jake gave a snort of laughter, she had him so keyed up after one blow job he’d probably end up with a permanent erection if they did anything else.

As his mind wandered Jake almost missed her moan through the wall. Sitting up in bed, he pressed his ear to it, this was becoming a habit, and waited but heard nothing then


In a flash, Jake was on his feet and headed for the door. His slick fingers slipped off the door handle twice before he staggered into the hall and found himself naked at her door. He swallowed and held his breath, focusing on the sounds within the flat. He heard the buzzsaw snores of his sister down the hall and relaxed a bit. Highly unlikely Rosie would catch him butt naked at Sammie’s door. Inside he heard the faint buzz of a vibrator, probably muffled by her duvet, and a soft sigh telling him all he needed to know. No question at all that Sammie was masturbating.

Wiping his hands on his thighs he opened the door, pushing it gently open and stepping inside. She was too far gone, her head just visible above the tented duvet, her bottom lip clamped between her teeth, her eyes closed. Jake wanted to pull the duvet off the bed and watch, or better yet, replace the vibrator with something else warmer and more life-like.

Closing the door behind him, he crept closer to the bed. She looked so beautiful, her face flushed as she teased herself and he wondered if she’d looked that way earlier when she teased him. Leaning down he saw that she still had her white vest on and grinned, obviously Sammie was as keyed up as he was.

“Should I be honoured or disappointed that you’re getting off without my participation?”

Sammie’s eyes blinked open and she gasped, releasing her abused bottom lip. Jake leant in closer and flicked his tongue over it, drawing another gasp from her but he was immensely relieved that she didn’t freak out. In fact he was sure that she was suppressing a smile.

“I’d think you’d be honoured that you made me horny enough that I needed to.”

“Needed to what Sammie? What exactly are you doing under there?”

“Jake! If I have to tell you then you’re not the man I thought you were!”

Laughing Jake bent to kiss her softly and whipped the duvet from her body. She squeaked but didn’t move, which surprised and delighted him. He knew she was shy but already she seemed to be growing in confidence.

Standing he scanned his eyes down her body, her nipples hard and visible through the skimpy vest, her breasts pushed together by her arms which rested on her stomach. Her hands covering her pussy and fuck, the glint of something silver being thrust in and out of it. He flicked his eyes back to hers and she held his gaze, the buzzing alternating between loud and muted as she fucked herself.

Torn between wanting to watch her face and watch her masturbate, Jake settled for kneeling on the bed between her spread legs. The vibe was only about six inches and smaller in girth than his cock but based on the way her thighs were trembling it packed a punch. He stared down into her as the toy spread her wide, baring the lush pinkness of her pussy, her fingers rubbing circles t├╝rk├že bahis on her clit, never stopping as she thrust the vibe faster and deeper.

A slight pause and the buzzing increased as Sammie sobbed, rocking her pelvis in time with her thrusts. Jake’s cock pulsed in solidarity and he slid his hands up her calves, desperately wanting to touch any part of her.

“Jesus Sammie, this is crazy hot watching you fuck yourself like this!”

Sammie gulped and tried to respond but Jake just grinned and shook his head,

“No time for talk baby, not now. I want to see you cum, keep going. Give yourself what you need. Show me how to get you off.”

Sammie made a series of unintelligible noises as she pumped the vibe and rolled her clit between her fingers, staring down the length of her body at Jake’s rapt face. She obviously liked having an audience as a few strokes later and she shattered, her legs twitching and her stomach undulating as she groaned out her orgasm.

Leaning over her, his hands on her knees Jake almost came himself as she slid the vibrator out of her pussy and he saw her for the first time. She figuratively had the most perfect cunt he’d ever seen, and that included porn stars. A small strip of brown hair, neatly trimmed led down to her pussy, glistening and plump. With her legs spread he could see the creamy evidence of her arousal and was filled with the urge to pump his cock and ejaculate over her, mingling their juices together. Again, probably too soon.

Sammie’s sigh brought his attention back to the rest of her and he sat back on his heels as she stretched her arms, dropping the vibrator onto the bed.

“So Jake…”

“Yes Sammie?”

“Did you enjoy watching me do that?”

Shaking his head, Jake grinned at her, baring his teeth. “I loved watching you do that. But I think I love it more that you can bring yourself off like that with a piece of plastic but you can’t bring yourself to say the word ‘masturbate’!”

“I can too!”

“Say it Sammie!”

“Maybe I don’t want to!”

“Come on baby. Say it for me! Just this once.”

Harrumphing Sammie drew herself up onto her elbows and mock glared at him, “Masturbate! Are you happy now Jake? I was so turned on I… I masturbated.”

“You did! And it was marvellous. Next time I’ll do it too.”

“Next time? That’s awfully presumptuous of you Jake?”

Stroking his hands down her inner thighs, he marvelled at the softness of her skin,

“Considering that you are still dripping baby and I’m still rock hard even after your blow job earlier and one and a half hand jobs, I’d say it’ll be sooner rather than later.”

He brushed his thumbs up her spread lips and pulled her wider as the evidence of her arousal trickled onto the bed. Catching some on his fingers he held her eyes as he brought them to his mouth and sniffed, intending on making a show for her but so aroused by her flavour that he sucked and licked his fingers clean before coating his fingers again for another taste.

“If you want something to suck on…”

Sammie gleefully brandished her vibrator, waving it back and forth. Little minx thought she had him beat did she? Jake caught her wrist, toy and all and pulled her into a sitting position so they were face to face.

Still holding her, he held the vibe between them and licked it. Sammie gasped and he changed the angle, sucking the peaked tip between his lips, his eyes on hers as he started to take the toy into his mouth with far less finesse than she had. Her pupils dilated as he pulled the vibe from his mouth with a pop and proceeded to lick it clean of her juices, never breaking eye contact or his hold on her wrist. Satisfied with his work, he let go of her and turned it on, the gentle thrum of the lowest setting no match for her heavy breathing.

“Anything else you’d like me to suck on Sammie?”

She blinked as Jake lowered the vibe to her erect nipples and touched it to each in turn. Sammie moaned and Jake increased the pressure, rubbing the pulsing toy over the circle of each breast. She caught her lip between her teeth again and Jake shifted, kissing her, his tongue exploring her hungry mouth as he tormented her nipples. Sammie clutched his head and tried to pull him closer but he held position, teasing her mouth with small flicks of his tongue.


“Say it Sammie! Say what you want!”

“I want you to kiss me first and then…”

“Say it baby and then I’ll make it real.”

“I can’t. It’s not my turn Jake.”

Pulling back, Jake switched off the toy and set it to one side. Confused Sammie blinked, her eyes shifting from his face to his erection and back again.

“Technically baby, this hasn’t been my turn either. If you remember, you were getting yourself off while I was trying to go to sleep! I only came in here because you were making so much noise!”

His shrug and grin made her laugh and she playfully swatted his arm,

“I was not! Bastard! g├╝venilir bahis siteleri Take that back.”

“No you weren’t loud Sammie, in fact I had to press my ear to the wall to hear you. But you will be. I will make you scream this place down by the time I’m finished with you.”

Sammie swallowed and blushed,

“And when do you think that might be?”

“Soon. Really soon. If my sister wasn’t down the hall I’d say now but…”

“What if I promise to stay quiet? I was quiet before.”

Undone by the hope in her voice, Jake kissed her again, a quick passionate melding of tongues.

“You were very quiet baby, but that was because you had my cock in your mouth!”

“We… we could do that again… if you wanted to?”

“Oh I want to! I want to so badly. Are you sure Sammie? I mean, if you’d rather not…”

Sammie shifted and kissed him, “I loved it. I never thought I could, but with you… So yes, I want to.”

Jake wanted to punch the air as Sammie pushed him onto his back.

“So if this is now technically my turn, you have to do what I want right?”

She stopped, her mouth inches from his bobbing cock,

“Am I not doing it right?”

“Baby, it’s almost perfect.”


“Just a couple of things. First, would you mind taking off your vest, I really need to see your tits!”

Sammie laughed and rolled her eyes as she pulled the vest over her head,

“So predictable but easily done! Next?”

Jake was too caught in her breasts to speak. Perky C cups topped with dusky pink nipples, he reached for them but she sat back,


“Shit, sorry Sammie. But your tits are fantastic! I just want to play with them for a few days if that’s okay with you.”

She smacked his searching hands away,

“You want this to be quiet, you had better leave the girls alone! I’m really sensitive so any funny business and I’ll be screaming the flat down regardless.”

Jake cocked an eyebrow,

“Good to know! Okay, no tits for now, sadly. What else was it?”

Jake really wanted her on her knees but the floor in her room was wood and he’d feel like a bastard for asking. Next time he had her in his room, plushly carpeted, he would cross that fantasy off his list.

“Oh yeah, I remember. I’d like you to say it.”

“Say what? I already said masturbate tonight. What more do you want from me?!”

Sammie sat up, hands on her hips, totally naked before him, a mix of anger and amusement on her face. Jake loved that she could make him laugh in the midst of such a sexually charged atmosphere. Sweet shy Sammie had a feisty streak, something he planned on seeing more of. Reaching out to flick a nipple, he swallowed her shriek with his mouth.

“Oooo, you really are a screamer. That’s sexy. I want you to tell me what you’re about to do to me.”

Sammie stared at him like he was stupid and for dragging out the time before she took him in her mouth, Jake wondered if he might be.

“Use your words Sammie. I want to hear you say what you’re going to do. To a certain part of my anatomy…”

“Why?” Again with the stare. Just shut up Jake and let her have her way!

“Because it really fucking turns me on when you say dirty things Sammie. You have no idea how long I’ve thought about us being in a situation like this and it’s better than I could have imagined. Just humour me Babe… please!”

Sammie shook her head but he saw her smile as she pushed him back onto his elbows,

“Okay Jake. Get comfortable because this may take a while…”

“Baby, I sincerely doubt that!”

“Ssshh! If I tell you to last, you’ll last okay! I’m going to play with your cock,” Jake groaned, “I’m going to kiss and lick your big, hard cock,” he hissed and she bit back a grin, “and then I’m going to suck you off. I’m going to take you all the way into my throat and get you all wet and then I’m going to give you the blow job of your dreams.”

Jake bucked beneath her and she licked him gently. “I haven’t finished Jake! While I’m sucking your big hard cock, I’m planning on playing with your balls, squeezing them as I blow you and then maybe I’ll suck on them for a while as I stroke you with my hands. And then…”

Sammie’s next words were silenced by Jake pulling her up and filling her mouth with his tongue,

“Dammit Sammie! I’ve created a monster! That was fucking awesome, but seriously baby, if you keep talking like that I won’t last long enough for you to do a damn thing and I really want you to do everything you just described… Like now! Please!”

Faking a sigh, Sammie slid down his body, hovering over him.

“Okay Jake, seeing as how it’s your turn I’ll shut up but you owe me big time for this!”

“Whatever you want Sammie! Anything! Just please… I’m so close already!”

Gripping the base of his cock in her hands she capped him, bobbing her head as he filled her mouth. And moments later as he came on her tongue, his fist crammed into his mouth to silence his yell Sammie swallowed and wondered whether she should tell him that sucking him off would have been her choice as well. Nah, maybe later. She’d think of something he could do for her next. After all, it was her turn.

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